Percy POV

Percy was now sitting on one of Chaos' space crafts that were making its way towards his home planet, Earth, and more specifically Camp Half-Blood where they would be residing.

All he had to do on the trip was lay back and relax and occasionally make sure his soldiers were behaving, but the trip wasn't too long, only 6 hours. The Commander was just trying to sort through his thoughts about arriving on Earth.

What he had Chaos was true, he had made peace with what had happened on Earth before he left but that didn't mean that he had forgotten it enough to reveal his identity the first day they were there. He inwardly shook his head. No, he would wait until he was sure he was actually wanted this time around.

Suddenly Percy was brought out of his thoughts when the person next to him nudged him in his side, Theseus, of course. His brother almost made it his life goal to annoy him. "What are you thinking so hard about, Perce?"

Percy sighed, "I'm thinking about what will happen once we're on Earth."

Theseus nodded and was for once, serious, "I know what you mean, that's probably why I'm keeping my hood on despite being dead for millennia."

Percy gave his half-brother a wry smile, "That's right, King."

Theseus smirked, "Don't look at me, Orion is the one who came up with the nickname."

When Orion heard his name he looked at his two half-brothers and said, "Don't you dare bring me into this, Theseus!" then smirked "I can't wait to see Zeus' reaction to your name."

Theseus ignored the last comment, but raised his arms in surrender, as high as he could be strapped into his seat that is, "I speak nothing but the truth, Tides."

The Commander smirked and gave a faux contemplative look, "I wonder where you got that nickname from?"

Theseus continued, "It couldn't be from the fact that you are a son of Poseidon and spent so much time with the Moon Goddess can it?"

Theseus and Percy started laughing at Orion who just glared at them, "Yeah, yeah, laugh it all up."

"Don't worry, we will!" Percy said. "I'm going by Costas, by the way, just as I do on any mission."

They nodded and mock saluted, "Yes, Commander Costas!" then smirked. "Do you want to prank Camp Half-Blood when we get there?"

Much to Chaos dismay, but also hidden amusement, the trio always caused the most, excuse the pun, chaos within Headquarters with their pranks. Whenever they got caught (which was rare) they would just shrug, smirk and say "the sea can't be restrained."

Percy smirked at his brothers and said, "I agree, but we should do it after we meet up with our brothers at camp so they can help us."

"Good plan," Orion nodded. "We can show the campers that we aren't just stiff soldiers with the help of our brothers."

Theseus was about to say something when he was interrupted by the overhead speaker, "We'll be breaking through Earth's atmosphere in 15 minutes."

I looked around at my troops and saw that many, especially the ones that had been killed, were very nervous so I said, "Listen up!" they all turned towards me. "I know that many of you are nervous about this mission because this will be the first time for most being on Earth since you've been betrayed or perhaps died from those on this planet and haven't made peace." Percy looked at his soldiers and said, "I know that I am nervous, but we are the Army of Chaos and we will show them that we are strong, stronger than before and are ready to do our duty to Chaos!"

Everyone gave a yell and then they heard from above, "Make sure you are all buckled in, we will be landing at Camp Half-Blood in 5 minutes."

I sat down next to Theseus, who looked slightly pale, "Don't forget to put on your hood, King."

Theseus looked at me and gave a small smirk, "Yes, Costas."

With that the whole ship descended in silence.

Poseidon POV

All the Olympians had decided to welcome the Army of Chaos, so a minute to noon we all flashed down to Camp Half-Blood. I waved at my children, but then looked towards the sky where I knew I would first see any sign of the Army of Chaos.

Would Percy be in the Army of Chaos? Is Commander Costas, Percy? Those questions had been running through my head since Chaos had told us that we would be receiving aid from them. I also wondered if any of my other children were in the army, since Chaos did say many had been dead.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I saw a large space craft in approaching Camp Half-Blood from what I assume was the direction their headquarters was in. Instead of standing on the grass as we had been doing to watch their approach, we all retreated to the pavilion and waited for Chaos' space craft to land and the first soldiers to land.

I didn't have to wait long, because 30 seconds later a door dropped open with stairs and three people walked out with the Olympians meeting them halfway.

Out of the three figures to descend Chaos' space craft, only the middle soldier was wearing a hood to hid his identity which he didn't mind but knew Zeus would be upset about.

When they each reached the middle Zeus said, "You are the Army of Chaos?"

The middle soldier tilted his head, "Well our soldiers are within the space craft, but yes we are."

I had to know if one of them was my son, so I asked, "What are your names?"

The female on the left of the hooded soldier said, "I am Paula, section 1 leader, mortal blessed by Chaos."

The male on the right of the hooded soldier stepped forward and said, "I am Alex section 2 leader, mortal blessed by Chaos."

It was then that the hooded soldier stepped forward, "I am Commander Costas, demigod from Earth."

I smirked, I knew that this had to be Percy. Not only was he going by his middle name, but he was a demigod!

"Who is your godly parent?" Athena asked Commander Costas.

Alex and Paula smirked and I could only guess that Costas was as well, until he said, "Where would be the fun in telling you?"

All of my fellow Olympians and the immortal campers looked disgruntled at this, but let it go. Hermes said, "Where will you be staying?"

Costas reached into his pocket, which caused many to tense until he clicked a button which reformed the space craft into a cabin, "The cabin is larger than it looks on the inside."

"Sort of like Harry Potter?" one of my sons said.

I could almost hear the smirk in his voice, "Where do you think I got the idea when I created it?" He then then looked at my son. "If I do say so, it's pretty awesome."

"Chaos was impressed when Costas showed him his design 200 years ago," Alex said. "He said he was glad that he and his brothers were focusing on something more productive than pranks."

"King, Tides and I just like to…liven things up at Headquarters," Costas said with a shrug while looking at our group.

Near Hermes I could hear the Stolls say, "Awesome."

Costas nodded and then reluctantly looked back to Zeus, "So as you can see we have our own lodging, but if it's alright with you we will need to eat with you."

Here Chiron spoke up, "That shouldn't be too difficult."

He clapped his hands together while Paula and Alex made their way back to the cabin/ship, "Great, I just get everyone organized-"

Zeus interrupted, "Wait, you didn't tell us you name."

Costas looked at my brother and said, "Despite what you believe Costas is my name…sort of and you'll have to get used to codenames. My brother's codenames for example are King and Tides." Tides, another indication that this was Percy.

My brother got red in the face, "King?"

I smirked as Costas said, "It seems that Tides me a drachma," he looked at the crowd. "We bet on how Zeus would react," then he turned back to Zeus. "His codename is due to his…history before he died on Earth."

"Died?" Hades asked.

"I believe that Chaos made you aware that there were people who were formerly deceased in the Army of Chaos?"

"Yes, but it's still surprising," Hades replied.

"Well, there are quite a few formerly deceased in the army, so you might want to get used to it. Whether they reveal themselves to you is up to them," Costa said. "Now, I really must get everyone settled. Dinner is still at 6PM, correct?"

Chiron said, "You are correct."

Costas smiled, "We will see you then, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask." Just before he went into his cabin, he looked right at me for a few moments and then went in.

When the door closed everyone started chatting before Zeus yelled, "SILENCE!"

I coughed, "Drama King," which made my kids laugh.

He glared at me, but I just kept an innocent face, "Now, I believe that we should think over what has happened today and then tomorrow have a meeting with the immortal counsellors on what they observed of the Army of Chaos."

Everyone nodded in agreement, "Good," with that all the gods and goddesses departed.


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