Warning: Lemon in this chapter

"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Jutsu/Power/Technique.

"Kurama" Demonic being Speechs.

'Kurama' Demonic bieng Thoughts.

The Prince of Olympus

Book 2: Sea of Monster

Chapter 1

"WHY DID I AGREE TO THIS?!" Aphrodite shouted angrily as she cut down yet another puppet with cloth wrapped around its face; however, ten more identical puppets replaced its position as keeping Aphrodite, which, she wasn't feel surprise in the slightest "We're fighting on the fucking moon!"

"Can you just shut up for a minute?" One of her companion jumped down from above and landed roughly on a pair of puppet, completely shattering them under her feet. It was none other than Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon "and should I be the one who said that?" She notched an arrow into her bow and shot it straight through the head of the nearest puppet, taking it down.

"Why did Naruto have to invite you here?" Aphrodite scolded as she stood back to back with the Huntress, Vinculum gripping tightly in her hand "This is supposed to be our date!" While saying that, Aphrodite couldn't help but feel weird about this situation. Before she would never think about a day where she stood back to back with the goddess she hated the most in a battlefield like this.

"This is the moon, my domain" Artemis scolded as she dropped her bow and removed the quiver, as this kind of weapon of her seemed to have no effect on puppets, which were circling around them with a huge numbers "Shouldn't you the one who should not be here? A weak pathetic goddess like you is not suit for place like this"

"Oh, talk the one who eat the dirt twice!"

"It was because I didn't think that you can fight and use Rasengan!" Artemis cried back "Plus, I won twenty eight times out of twenty nine matches remember!"

"You wanna fight now?!"

"Watch out!"

All at once, the puppets fired energy blasts at the two goddesses from all direction. The two lowered their body before taking a strong leap, shooting into the air away from the explosion before returning back to the moon surface and fought the lifeless human shape puppets again.

Not too far away from them was a battle between Kurama and a gigantic rock monster. Even the strongest being among the Bijuu was having a hard time with it because of its durableness and regeneration, making the golem came back every time Kurama struck it down.

"Are you sure bringing them with you is a good idea?" While being grabbed around the waist by the Golem, Kurama couldn't help but ask loudly.

"This is a great opportunity for Aphrodite, plus I believe that Artemis wouldn't want to stay at home when she heard about our moon's condition after this battle is finished."

The man who said that was no other than Naruto himself, the Prince of Olympus, Olympians God of War, Heroes, Nature and Loyalty as well as many more titles but he didn't like to read all of them out. Naruto was currently fighting against a man who was characterized by his pale skin, shaggy white hair, attractive facial features, and six magatama designs tattooed on his collarbones to resemble a necklace. His entire body was being covered in yan-coloured chakra shroud with six magatama markings on his collar, dark markings over his eyebrows and lower eyelids, and a single horn shaped like Kaguya's extending from his forehead. The shroud constantly radiates flickering flames of chakra, and his clothing and hair continuously billow upwards as if caught in a strong breeze.

This man, he was Toneri Otsutsuki, a descendant of Hamura Otsutsuki, who was guiding the moon into crashing down to his Earth, aka Elemental Nations.

He was also the one who kidnapped Hanabi and captured Hinata, who was being held in a golden cage floating next to him.

"What is she to you anyway?" Toneri asked with an amuse tone, that arrogant smirk never left his face.

"Hinata is a friend." Naruto said shortly with his eyes harden "And I will stop at nothing to protect them" Naruto stomped his foot onto the ground and leaped forward.

"Hm, ridiculous" Toneri brought his hands together and made a handseal, all around him the floating rock stopped moving and shot down toward Naruto, who then dodged by jumping and changing his direction at the last moment.

Toneri gritted his teeth in anger when Naruto, who suddenly popped up out of nowhere before completely ruined his wedding with that little group of him managed to dodge all of his attacks without so much of a trouble.

He was in Tenseigan Chakra Modo and Naruto was in his base form, and yet Toneri couldn't land a single hit on him.

It didn't take long for Toneri to realize that if he didn't quickly take out Naruto, his winning chance was zero.

"You're not normal" Toneri said and outstretched his arm, focusing a tremendous amount of chakra into one of his Gudoudama and grasped it in his hand to create a giant golden sword of pure chakra "For that matter you need to die" And he brought it down.

"Naruto!" Hinata cried out when she saw her friend didn't make any attempt to dodge, not to mention he was standing perfectly still with his eyes closed while the enormous sword being brought down to his head, most likely would cut the moon in half.

Naruto, right at that moment opened his palm and materialized a gudoudama within his palm.

His symbol of power...every gods and goddesses had one godly weapon, Naruto was no exception.

The day Naruto first used it; which was so powerful that any living being all over the world could feel it. His godly weapon was more powerful than any godly weapons made in the history, to the point the Fates had to come to him that day and banned him from using it to fight forever.

However, Naruto wasn't one who could normally follow order.

"Screw the Fates and the Ancient Laws." Naruto muttered with a bloodthirsty smirk as the Gudoudama formed into an all black katana within his hand "Nunoboko no KEN!" Naruto roared and grabbed onto the hilt before slashing upward. (Small information, Naruto thought the original form of Nunoboko was too bulky to his liking, so after numerous attempts Naruto finally be able to reduced the size of Nunoboko and changed the shape into a black katana as well)

The result, was unimaginable. For such a small sword, Naruto just created one of the most powerful air-pressure force the world had ever seen, so big and powerful that all the Shinobi could see and feel it from Earth. The moon shook violently as the force travelled upward toward Toneri, who widened his eyes in shock when his golden blade was completely shattered under the pressure.

And at the last moment, the force crashed onto Toneri, who cried out in pain and the chakra around him blown away in a second.

Naruto turned around with a victorious grin on his face and did a movement of unsheathed his sword, while in truth he was deactivated it. Dramatically the moment Nunoboko disappeared, Toneri fell down to the ground roughly, completely blacked out.

"IDIOT!" Artemis cried out and tried to knock him on his head, but Naruto dodged to the side and grabbed her wrist.

"Ah ah, no hitting" Naruto said with a cheeky grin. He already got enough with Sakura's knocks on the head, so more or less Artemis wouldn't be able to knock him without him allow it.

"Father and the Fates banned you from using that sword, didn't they?" Artemis asked angrily "You could have destroy the moon you idiot!"

"Well, I aimed upward, so the force travelled to the space." Naruto said sagely "So you don't have to worry, no planet is going to be destroy, not on my watch"

"But still..." Artemis was cut off when Aphrodite suddenly appeared and threw herself onto Naruto again, crashing her lips onto his in a passionate kiss. This, of course made Artemis' eyebrow twitched violently.

"You're so amazing with that attack Naruto!" Aphrodite let go off him and said brightly.

"Hehe, thanks" Naruto smiled back at his lover.

"For that matter, you will receive a reward tonight my love" Aphrodite moved her head closer to Naruto's ear and whispered seductively to him, making the Prince of Olympus wolf-whistled excitedly.

"Oh, I can't..." But his face as well as Aphrodite' face was grabbed by Artemis, who then separated away with a scold.

"Alright alright, enough of this, can we go back to Earth now!"

Line Break

It's nearly been a year since Naruto became an Olympian God, ten months to be exact.

His life was now circling around his duties at the Olympian God of War, Loyalty, Heroes and Nature. It was hard, at first but Naruto managed to overcome the stress of working nonstop in the end by using the help of his clones. The amount of power he held now was actually hard to imagine, even for someone who already got more powers than he could ask for like Naruto. He could make Nations fight against each other for the simplest kind of reasons; he could blow the fighting spirit into soldier just by his present in the battlefield; at the god of nature he could create the entire forest, absolute control over the flow of nature energy as well as nature spirits, who now gossip him.

With him now become the god of Heroes, Naruto was now the only Immortal who was allowed to daily visit Camp Half-Blood and actually became an advisor of Camp alongside with Chiron. This domain of him helped Naruto bypass one of the most sacred rules of the Ancient Laws, which was Gods was forbidden to take part in mortal's affairs as well as lending the young demigods his help in training as well as Quest.

Turned out that Luke was the Lightning thief. Naruto always knew that Luke had some problems with the Gods, especially his father; he would never think that the boy who everyone came to like at Camp could be a traitor.

In order to prevent Percy from interfering in his plan again, Luke takes him in the woods to "look for something to fight."

There he summoned a pit scorpion to poison Percy. Luke also told Percy of his bitterness and desire for revenge, as well as his allegiance to Kronos, the one who behind it.

To say Naruto was shock was an understatement, he could never think that the King of Titan would be the one who pulled the string from the beginning.

Before losing consciousness, Percy killed the scorpion and wood nymphs managed to bring him back to camp, for Chiron to heal.

Luke's betrayal was a surprise to many campers and counselors, especially to Annabeth, who reacted with great sadness at the loss of another childhood friend.

Naruto was never a Hokage, but from the look of it, being a god was kind of like being a Hokage. He had to deal with his people as well as the traitors.

Speaking of Hokage, Naruto and the two Olympian goddesses accompanied him on the mission to rescue the Hyuuga sisters finally arrived back to Elemental Nations. This was, at first was his date with Aphrodite as he finally found himself some free times to ask her out on a date, a small trip to Elemental Nations his homeland. Naruto asked Caitlyn, his other girlfriend to come with them as well, but unfortunately Caitlyn was very busy with a music concert so she couldn't come with them.

However, when they arrived Naruto received information of Hinata and Hanabi were captured by a mysterious group of Shinobi. Without the need to think Naruto immediately signed his name into the rescue team, which consisted of Sakura, Sai and Shikamaru. Aphrodite happened to be a nice addition to the group, because aside from her 'cat fight' with Artemis this was the first time the goddess of love could take part in a real battle.

They met Artemis on the way. She was here for hunting and he couldn't help but ask her to come with them as well, since the moon was falling down the Earth and Naruto joked that it was more or less her fault.

Saved Hinata and Hanabi, stopped the moon from destroying the world, it was quite easy with his current power.

"I'm off" Artemis said curtly before leaving the area.

"Yeah, go run away" Aphrodite shouted after her before huffing in annoyance "What is her problem anyway?"

"Well, I think Artemis clearly not happy with the fact that I nearly blow up a moon, hers or not" Naruto said with a chuckle before wrapping his arms around Aphrodite' waist, bringing Aphrodite close to him "C'mon, let's me show you around my home."

Aphrodite grinned and kissed him on the lips.

"Lead the way, my handsome god"

A year was all it took for him to finally accept Aphrodite, both mentally and physically.

Line Break

"Sasuke was here?" Naruto asked in surprise. He was at Ichiraku ramen of course, with Aphrodite sitting his next to him trying not to touch what she called the unhealthiest food ever. Kakashi and Sakura were sitting in front of them, with their respective bow of ramen in front of them and Sakura was carrying Sarada, her one months old daughter in her hands.

"Yes, when a meteorite is hurdling toward the village, he appeared and destroyed it with Chidori" Kakashi nodded "he also said that without you here, he will be the one who protect the village"

"Well, figure he would say something like that" Naruto chuckled.

"Hey, isn't Sasuke your best friend, the one who is as strong as you?" Naruto nodded his head, making Aphrodite widened her eyes "I still can't believe that" She then looked at Sarada and asked the mother "Your daughter with him?" she asked in perfect Japanese, having trying to learn the language for sometimes now.

"Yes, her name is Sarada" Sakura nodded her head with a smile.

"Can I hold her for a moment?" Aphrodite cooed excitedly with her arms outstretched "She is so cute."

"Of course, Aphrodite-sama" Sakura smiled and gave Sarada to the goddess, who squealed softly as she held the little girl in her hand "Aw, I want to give you my blessing right now little Sarada" Aphrodite giggled.

"Don't ever think about it Aphrodite" Naruto warned her lightly.

"Oh, don't worry; she is still too young to get any of my blessings."

Naruto could only shake his head; he had seen and heard Aphrodite's magic capable of, blessings or curses, both of them were absolutely dangerous to the one who was bestowed them.

After finishing dinner, Naruto and Aphrodite returned back to Mount Olympus, which was very late in the night since Naruto took her to various other places around Konoha, including his old apartment, his first training ground, the Hokage office and many more...since this was the first time Aphrodite came to Konoha, she couldn't help but come to enjoy the village where her boyfriend was born.

"Should I consider that a date?" Aphrodite asked as she pushed the door of her palace open and walked in, with Naruto following behind her.

"Well, if you consider that little dinner, which you didn't eat anything at all then yeah, maybe" Naruto chuckled as he turned his girlfriend around, putting his hand on her back and pulled Aphrodite toward him

"I must admit, it is very interesting" The goddess removed Naruto's jacket with a sly smile "Remember what I promised while on the moon?"

"Something about giving me a reward?"

"That is a promise so I think I will have to keep it, don't you think" Aphrodite giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Warning: Lemon start (Don't read if you don't want to, you won't miss anything important)

"I taught you well" and he leaned forward and kissed Aphrodite, their mouths locking, tongues darting into each other's mouths. The goddess of love moaned softly into Naruto's mouth, which increase even more when one of his hands fell to her ass and pulled her upward, bringing the beautiful goddess up and let APhrodite wrapped her legs around his waist.

Naruto brought Aphrodite toward the bed and then laid her down, he then let her remove his shirt, their lips separated for just a moment so that Aphrodite could pull his shirt off of his head. The love goddess licked her lips as Naruto's delicious lean yet muscular body was finally revealed to her eyes, no matter how many times she looked at it, she could never get tire of his muscular chest followed by eight pack abs.

"You should take a picture, it would last longer" Naruto teased her before bringing Aphrodite up to his eyes level. Not to be outdone the blond grabbed her T-shirt and removed it by tearing it apart from the neck down, leaving her upper body in nothing but black bra which barely be able to hold back her giant tits.

"Impatient aren't we?" Aphrodite cooed excitedly when Naruto's hands found its way toward her huge tits, her tiny black bra simply sliding to one side, letting the huge, pale orbs slip free and her small, hard, pink nipples captured between his thumb and fingers.

At the same time Aphrodite snapped her fingers, making the rest of his clothes disappear, leaving her lover completely naked, his big cock springing free before it was grabbed by her hand.

"You're the one who being impatient here" Naruto chuckled when he saw the rest of Aphrodite's clothes disappeared as well, as naked as the day she was born. The sight of her extremely erotic body was enough to make Naruto's cock grew to its full length and as hard as a rock. Not to b outdone Naruto removed his left hand from her chest and moved down to her bald fold, thrusting two fingers inside and began to finger her.

"For being such a powerful god, you can use my body as you see fit and fuck me however you please" The goddess whispered sultrily into his ear, her hand never stopped stroking his length. Naruto then removed his wet fingers from her pussy and put it beside her mouth, which she took in and sucked gently, swirling her tongue around them.

"Well then, you can start with sucking my cock first" Naruto suddenly removed his hand from Aphrodite's mouth and stood up onto his feet, his hands grabbed the base of his cock and positioned it on top of Aphrodite's face, who then moaned softly and brought out her tongue to lick his cock.

Aphrodite moaned out as her hands sliding up and down his massive erection. She then got onto her knees and bent at the waist, sticking her round ass out and and held up his big cock as she sucked and slurped at the purple head, opening her lips as wide as she could to suck in as much of his cock as possible. All too soon she felt the knob bump into the back of her throat but instead of stopping, she forced herself further down.

"God! Aphrodite" Whenever the two of them had sex, Aphrodite truly lived up to the title of the Goddess of Lust as she always managed to bright it out of Naruto. His cock traveled further and further down her tight throat before she suddenly pulled back, licking her tongue up and down his length before stopping at the base between his cock and his ball, nipping and sucking the spot while her hand kept on stroking his cock. Her other hand played with his ball and kneaded them gently in her hand.

She clearly knew just the way to please him.

Aphrodite the pulled back, gathered a large amount of saliva into her mouth and spitted thick streams of spit down over her boyfriend's cock before taking him back into her mouth, she crammed more and more of the thick tool into her mouth down her throat and, eventually her nose touch against his skin as she managed to swallow his whole dick down, deepthroating him skillfully without even gag once.

"Shit!" Naruto groaned out in pleasure as he stayed inside Aphrodite's mouth for several seconds. If not for his Iron will he would blow his load right there, but of course Naruto managed to hold his ground against her.

Aphrodite then repeated the process over and over again, each time she did so she did it more forcefully and faster, swallowing him down before pulling back while sucking all the way like a vacuum. Naruto's legs weakened at the pleasure and had to bend his body slightly so that he could put his hands on the wall to support his body.

Then, after several more minutes of cock sucking, Aphrodite finally broke down Naruto's iron wall and without warning he came hard into her mouth. Aphrodite tried to not spill a drop of his delicious come but in the end it was too much for her to handle as some spilled out the corner of her mouth, running down her chins and dropped down to her large chest.

"Man, feel~ so good" Naruto moaned, his orgasm finally eased down.

Aphrodite sucked the last of his cum within his length before pulling back, using one of her hand to keep stroking his still hard cock and the other to wipe her chin clean.

"How was that?" Aphrodite asked, licking her finger in an erotic manner.

"Freaking awesome, I can get never get tire of this" Naruto grinned down at her.

"Duh, I'm the goddess of sexuality remember?" Aphrodite smiled up at Naruto, who then lowered his body down to kiss her on the lips again "Correction, your sexuality goddess" The goddess purred softly between their mouths.

Naruto then laid down the bed and let Aphrodite climbed onto him, grabbing his cock the goddess then positioned it at the entrance of her pussy before lowering herself down, impaling herself with his dick.

"Ah~" Aphrodite gasped in pleasure as Naruto's cock finally sheathed inside of her. Her walls clenched tightly around his hard member like a glove several sizes too small "Fuck! Always so big!" Aphrodite moaned out and put her hands onto his chest, raising her hip for a moment until the tip of his cock was what was left inside of her, Aphrodite then slammed herself down again, her bubble ass hit against his hip and made an erotic sound of flesh hitting flesh.

She then repeated it, over and over again, rocking both of their worlds with pleasure by sheathing and unsheathing Naruto's cock into herself, fucking him in the cowgirl position.

Naruto put his hand on her hip, helping her slide up and down, his cock disappearing and reappearing into her cunt. He watched her big tits swayed as she moved faster, smiling as she reached up and took hold of them, massaging her large tits and pinching her own nipples, putting on a show for her lover.

Her lower pulled her further down on to his cock, the entire shaft sliding inside her in one go as he took advantage of her extra lubed pussy to bury as much of his cock into Aphrodite's pussy as possible.

"Oh fuck yes!" Aphrodite screamed out and fell down onto his chest, feeling her Naruto's dick deep inside her, wondering if he was going to push through into her womb as he felt so big. "Fuck me Naruto! Fuck me!" she cried as Naruto wrapped his arms around her body to keep her still, fucking his cock into her with his feet supporting on the bed. All concerns about going slow vanishing as she pushed herself down on to his cock.

"Aaaahhhhh - - oh my God - - cumming - - uuuhnnnnn - - cumming again!" she cried as her orgasm tore through her body and mind.

"You're so good Aphrodite~!" Naruto moaned out loudly and moved his head to the side to capture her lips, her large tits squeezed tightly between them as Naruto's grip around her body tightened, his hip never stopped moving.

They stayed like this for several more minutes before Naruto turned them around and grabbed the underneath of her thighs, bringing them up and continue to pound his hard member into her.

This time, it didn't take Naruto long to feel his release slowly coming, even if he wanted to hold it back and savor the moment with his lover, Naruto got his own limit and the way Aphrodite's wall tightened around him every time she went through an orgasm was too much to handle.

"I'm coming" Naruto said breathlessly, his thrust became faster.

"Inside...I want it inside!" Aphrodite cried out and Naruto only did just that

The blond collapsed on top of Aphrodite and moaned out as his dick throbbed and twitched inside of her fold, releasing rope after rope of hot sperm into the love's goddess womb. Aphrodite moaned in lust as she felt herself being filled up by Naruto, her whole body shook with pleasure as she once again experienced yet another orgasm.

After a couple of minute, when Naruto's orgasm finally died down he stood up and pulled his dick out of her fold before stroking it, shooting a few last ropes of his sperm onto her tone flat belly, supporting his body with one hand.

"That was amazing...you never lose your tough, Naruto" Aphrodite said with a smile.

"Yeah, you too Aphrodite" Naruto breathed. It didn't take long for his strength to replenish "Ready for round two?"

"Are you really asking that?"

It was so good to be a god.

End of chapter 1

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