Hey there everyone! Sorry for the fact that this is not an actual new chapter for the story, but another note in regard of its continuation. I will get straight to the point, this series will be reworked a slightly bit in order for me to continue it. After much thoughts and some discussions with everyone in my discord, I have discovered some of the major problems that keep me from continuing this story and series as a whole, and I have come to the decisions of eliminating them from the plot in favor of new, and better ones (mostly toward the end of book 1) so that I can continue this amazing series.

The new first chapter of the Prince of Olympus has already been updated and replaced the old one, if you guys don't know about it yet. I will start reworking every other chapter of it as well (chapters will be replaced instead of a whole new version of the Prince of Olympus is published).

Keep in mind that the chapters themselves will be reworked in term of dialogues and story-telling only, meaning that the story will stay and remain the same as before, and there will be no major changes to the main plot of the story (except for the ending of book 1, as it is the main reason why this story has been left on hiatus for so long). I will also make sure to clean up all the grammar errors as well as typos, and added a lot more details into each paragraph and storytelling to fit my style now. The story will be more polished, and detailed!

That will be all. Before I ended this note, I also would like to announce that I have decided to expand my works to AO3 as well, under the name YagamiFanfiction (the Prince of Olympus is the first story to be updated there, so if you want to have an easier time keep track of the new version, it will be the place you want to be). From now on, all of my stories will also be published and updated there, even my deleted stories, so make sure to drop a follow or kudos if you can!

That's all I wanna say. Make sure you check out my p/atreon, iamyagami if you can, and feel free to join my discord community (the link is in my profile) if you want to keep track of me and my works live! I am always there so I can always answer all the questions that you might have, as well as keep you up to date with all of my stories.

See you in the next updates folks! the next chapter of this series will be updated as soon as I finished replacing all the old chapter of Book 1 of the series with new, more detailed and more polished chapters.