Hello readers and welcome to my collection of one-shots starring Jenny and Vastra! Strax will also occasionally make an appearance, as well as the Doctor and another other characters I deem fit. All these stories will be based on prompts given to me, so if you have an idea just itching to be written, just shout it out and I'll see what I can do. Enjoy!

Prompt: Cuddly Cat like Vastra

The front door of the house swung open, and in walked Jenny with bags of groceries in tow.

The brunette was muttering curses under her breath as she angrily removed her hat and coat. She had just found out that her favorite brand of tea has been "discontinued." Just thinking about the blasted word was enough to make her see red. How dare they do this to her! God save the poor bloke responsible for this blasphemy, because Jenny was about to hunt him down and unleash the wrath of a thousand angry, tea-deprived Englishwomen upon his arse!

Still seething with rage, she then made her way into the living room to check on a certain prehistoric reptile.

It turned out that Jenny was not prepared for the sight that awaited her inside. Sitting on the couch before the fireplace was a highly distressed Vastra, who was tangled in a chaotic web of yarn that criss-crossed her entire body. The Silurian hissed profanities while trying to tear the accursed material off her body.

"Oi! Have you been snooping around in my knitting bag again?"

Vastra's head instantly snapped up and she replied sheepishly, "Yes, I was bored. And um...it would appear that I've gotten myself into quite a debacle."

"No kidding!" Exclaimed the human sarcastically, one hand on her hips. She shook her head in slight amusement at the situation. "You daft lizard...I swear to God, you act more like a little kitten than a lizard most of the time!"

The Silurian's tongue flicked out in disapproval as her eyes narrowed at her wife. "How many times must I remind you that I am nothing alike that furry mammalian ball of flesh you keep comparing me to?"

Jenny merely snorted in mock surrender, replying with, "Yeah, yeah, you just keep telling yourself that ma'am!" Waving a thoughtless hand in the air, she began to head to the kitchen with the groceries.

"Wait, Jenny! Aren't you going to come here and help me?" Vastra implored rather desperately.

The human glanced back at her wife for a brief moment. "Nope, for I have to put away these groceries and prepare tonight's dinner." With a wry smile she added, "Besides, you're a grown lizard woman aren't you? If you can get yourself into this mess, then I'm pretty sure you can get yourself out of it."


It was too late. Jenny had left the room, leaving a helpless Vastra behind to fend for herself.

The Silurian sharply scolded herself for letting something as pathetic as yarn to restrict her. She is a warrior, so she must be better than this! Vastra could almost hear her sisters laughing now in their graves at her incompetence. Her eyes proceeded to search around the room for anything at all that she could use to free herself. Eventually, they landed on pair of scissors sticking out of Jenny's bag.

"Ah perfect!"

Some time later, Jenny came back into the room with tea and biscuits.

"See? I knew you could do it without my help. Perhaps you're not so daft as I thought."

Vastra simply smiled at her human and graciously accepted the cup of tea she gave her. She made room for Jenny on the couch before pecking her lightly on the lips. Once settled, Jenny then pulled out a copy of Jane Eyre for their daily afternoon reading. The Silurian moved down until her head rested comfortably in Jenny's lap. As the brunette began to read, Vastra closed her eyes and listened to her wife's soothing voice.

Two hours and six chapters later, Jenny finally closed the book with a sigh and put it aside.

Her eyes fell on the plate of biscuits that held nothing but crumbs, before landing upon the sleeping Silurian in her lap. The sight of her wife's peaceful slumber brought a smile to Jenny's face, and she couldn't help herself from stroking her head crests lovingly. However, her hand stilled when she felt the Silurian staring to stir.


"Sorry, my love, I did not mean to wake you," apologized Jenny as she slowly retracted her hand away.

Vastra, however, wasn't going to have any of that. "Oh no, it's alright! I was actually enjoying that...it felt quite pleasurable even."

"Pleasurable is it?" asked the brunette with a raised eyebrow. "So does that mean you want me to continue?"

Vastra nodded in response as she took hold of Jenny's hand and placed it back on her own head. Jenny was more than happy to resume with caressing her wife's crests. The human's eyes widened when the Silurian suddenly released a loud, satisfied purr which sent vibrations throughout her body. Jenny's smile broadened as she chuckled in delight.

She then leaned down to Vastra's ear and crooned, "I can hear you purring loud and clear, darling. Does my scaly little kitten fancy being touched on her head?"

"Less talking and more stroking, if you please."

Jenny rolled her eyes playfully, but otherwise complied with her wife's wishes. No matter how many times Vastra denied it, she will always be her precious cold-blooded scaly kitten.

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