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Prompt: "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" ~ a la Tumblr

It was noon when Jenny made a pot of tea to be served alongside a platter of crackers, cheese, and ham for her daily luncheon with Vastra. Strax assisted her with setting everything up in the living room before retiring into his private quarters for a nap. Jenny settled into one of the plush chairs in front of the fireplace and poured herself a cup of warm tea as she awaited her wife to join her.

No less than five minutes later, Jenny was taken by surprise when a pair of scaly hands covered her eyes in a playful manner.

"Jenny, darling, I have a question for you," purred Vastra, who had sneaked up from behind Jenny.

Jenny's lips curled into a delighted smile as she replied,"You do? Well then, I'm all ears." She removed one of Vastra's hands and brought it to her lips to kiss the palm tenderly.

Vastra then retracted both her hands and moved to sit down in another chair adjacent to that of Jenny's. Next, she made sure that she was looking directly into Jenny's eyes, who signaled for her to speak with a slight nod.

"Did it hurt?"

"Did what hurt?" Jenny's eyebrows furrowed in perplexity at the unusual question. As far as she knew, her body was feeling right as rain with no discomfort whatsoever.

That prompted Vastra to clarify with, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, I mean."

Without warning, Jenny spit out her tea before gaping at Vastra, her eyes wide with disbelief. "Virgin Mary, where in the world did you pick up that phrase?"

Vastra, interpreting Jenny's reaction to be a negative one, turned a darker shade of green from embarrassment and found herself to be tongue-tied as she tried to apologize. That quickly changed to confusion, however, when Jenny suddenly burst into hysterical laughter for some unknown reason. All the Silurian could do was stare in bewildered awe at her wife as she continued to laugh her head off for the next five minutes or so.

"Jenny, why are you laughing?" Demanded an exasperated Vastra, with eyes narrowed and arms folded across her chest. " I honestly don't see how any of this is remotely funny, when I'm trying to be romantic!"

"I-I'm so sorry, Vastra, please don't take this personally!" Gasped Jenny in between fits of laughter until her stomach began to cramp. It required every ounce of willpower she possessed in order to finally sober up again. She then proceeded to explain, "It's...It's just that I've never took you as the type that would resort to using such soppy pick-up lines. Why, if I had a shilling for every time a bloke used that on me to get inside my skirt, I'd be richer than Her Majesty Queen Victoria! I just thought a lizard lady like you might have a bit more class than that."

Taking notice of Vastra's crestfallen expression, Jenny offered her a doting smile and reached over to gently squeeze her hand. "Aww, turn that frown upside down. You made a good effort, Vastra, I'll give you that. Though, if you want to really woo me, you're gonna need to come up with something more original."

Her words did little to make Vastra feel better; The Silurian saw it as a challenge of sorts, causing her to leave the room in a huff with her pride more than a little wounded at having her romantic prowess compared to that of testosterone crazed monkey boys.

Sighing, Jenny refilled her cup with some tea and resigned to spending lunch alone afterwards. Knowing Vastra, Jenny was confident that her wife won't stay vexed for very long. A small smile formed on her face as she shook her head; Poor Vastra...she was only trying to do her absolute best.

Just as Jenny had expected, Vastra couldn't keep the grudge for more than a day and returned to their bedroom that evening as she was preparing for bed. Jenny had already changed into her nightgown and was sitting at the vanity, pulling pins out of her hair. Their eyes met in the mirror, and judging by the Silurian's improved self-assured demeanor, it occurred to Jenny that perhaps she was able to find another way to woo her.

"So you've come back. Go ahead and lay it on me."

Vastra didn't need to be told twice as she moved closer, wearing a bold grin on her face."Did it hurt...when you fell in love with me?"

Jenny removed the least remaining pin from her hair, allowing the dark luxurious locks to cascade down her back like a curtain.

She was caught off guard by such a profound question, which made her speechless. A period of silence followed between them as Jenny wracked her brain for an answer to give Vastra. The Silurian, meanwhile, gave herself a mental pat on the back and was willing to wait patiently for as long as Jenny needed.

Eventually, Jenny breathed out in finality and spoke,"No. No, I don't think it did."

One of Vastra's eye ridges raised up in curiosity. "Oh? Why is that?"

Jenny then went away from the vanity to walk towards Vastra, flashing her a radiant smile as she draped her arms over her wife's shoulders. In response, Vastra's arms instantly wound their way around Jenny's petite waist to draw her in closer.

"Because, my dearest lizard, falling in love is only painful when the other person doesn't love you back," explained Jenny in a rather philosophical tone, gazing into Vastra's deep blue eyes as she did so. "Believe me, I've had plenty of firsthand experience when it comes to that. But you... it didn't hurt at all when I fell in love with you, because you were there waiting to catch me and I landed right into your arms. This, to me, is where heaven really is."

At that, Vastra touched Jenny's forehead with her own, humming contentedly, "Hmmm... I suppose I can't argue against such a compelling case. Serves to prove what a divine catch you are, my lovely angel."

The couple shared a romantic kiss before falling into bed together amidst their joyous laughter. As long as they have each other, it will always be heaven no matter where they are.

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