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Finnick Odair - District Four Victor

"Now what moment would you say was the key to your victory?" Caesar Flickerman asks me curiously. As the Hunger Games creeps ever closer everyone seems to want to relive my victory with me. I can't say it's been an easy, or even pleasant year, but I reply with the same answer I give every time someone asks me this stupid question.

"As soon as I go reaped of course! I knew from the second they pulled my name I would be their victor. I'm not exactly a loser." I turn to a woman I the front row of the audience and give her a charming wink, she starts rapidly fanning herself. Caesar laughs at my answer before asking the commonplace follow up.

"My dear boy, always so confident! I love it! What moment in the Games was the key to your victory I'll say." He leans in closer and I get the slightest scent of wine coming from him. Did he take a few drinks before the interview without me? Appalling!

"That's easy, when Mags sent me that trident I knew. The other careers weren't even expecting it, how could they? I mean Amelia got away but you all saw what I did to her in the finale." I start chuckling for the crowd. A flash of Amelia's bright red hair charging at me sword first blurs through my vision.

"I think we actually have that as a clip! Yes? Yes, we do! Roll it!" The lights quickly dim and a screen behind me become illuminated. Just like in my head she rushes at me and we brawl for a few seconds before I trap her sword in my trident blades and twirl it far away. The blade clatters to the ground and I watch myself stab her through the heart. It's slightly undignified, a 14 year old boy killing an 18 year old girl who did everything right. Her one flaw was volunteering the year I was reaped. Poor thing.

"That was a good kill." I say to Caesar with a smirk. "She was a beauty though." The crowd boos at my compliment of her.

"We love you Finnick!" A woman screams from the center of the crowd, they're so damn easy to play.

"I love you ladies too." I blow them a kiss and per usual one of them faints. I turn back to Caesar. "She was a pretty face. Emphasis on was!" The entire audience shares a laugh with me. It's easier to just play along I think.

"You're so cheeky! No wonder you're the favorite!" I nod in agreement. My stay life has certainly been a fun whirlwind between my suitors and my interviews. Neither of which I particularly enjoy, but at least the suitors can't actually do anything, I'm barely 15. "What can you tell us about this year's arena?"

Now there's a sore subject. I know they're doing another aquatic arena, the head gamemaker's daughter told me that much a few weeks ago, and something about organic stones and ice? Who knows, even Feradre doesn't get told much by her mother Ariash.

"All I can say is that without a doubt it'll be a good show. Mrs. Evus won't disappoint, she was definitely the right woman for the job." I leave off the bit where I know sensitive information. I can't let all the mentors have an unfair advantage, just me and Mags.

"Well we're all looking forward to watching you go from victor to mentor. That's all the time we have today folks." He stands up and grabs my hand. "I wish you all the best. Finnick Odair ladies and gentlemen!"

I suppress a smile. I don't need luck, I have secrets and I am the best.

Symphony Spinner - Gamemaker

Silently I click away at my laptop, observing. I've been in the gamemaking business long enough to know that the most important thing you can do is to watch out for yourself and let everyone think you're a total dumbass. That's how I've managed to outlive the past 3, wait make it 4, head gamemakers. To think it all started with that idiot Zion. I can't believe it's already been 8 years since the 58th Hunger Games and his death.

No one in the Capital was particularly thrilled that it was the Treiglad boy who came back. How did both tributes from District Two make the final battle and die? We just needed one of them! One easy to control ignorant slave to obey our will. After Maximus came back from the arena Zion pleaded with so many people for so long not to just have Max assassinated. I can picture it like it happened yesterday.

"You've got to be kidding me! Max won! It's not my fault that Caius bled out first! What did you want me to do? Electrocute Max from the ground? Send down a team of peacekeepers to help Caius win? You're not going to touch him. He's out victor and you all have to deal with it. His life is already shit enough in District Three. I've been selling him myself. But having him killed? You've got to be kidding me! I'd kill myself before I let you touch him."

That sentence was all the reason Snow needed. Zion and Caelreth didn't even suspect a thing. I had been giving Zion his shots ever since the Games started and no one batted an eye as I delivered the lethal dose of neuroinhibitors. People really believed that Zion, a sociopath with memory problems, killed himself.

'He must have taken an extra shot' They would say. No one even looked into me or suspected a thing. But Snow was certainly pleased. I've killed every gamemaker in Snow's way for almost a decade now without so much as one acquisition. I've pitted people against each other, even to the point where I had the Jovenes siblings putting each other in prison for a crime that they didn't commit.

I peer across the top of my screen at Ariash Evus, the current head gamemaker. Does she know what I've been instructed to do if she fails? Does she even care? Has she already accepted that her job will claim her life, like so many before her? The masses blame stress of fame, but no one ever looks at the quiet meek one.

She holds file open staring a hologram of the cornucopia while chatting with three or four other people debating what type of material it should be made out of and how accessible it should be.

"What if we stock it with snorkels only?" A husky man in khakis suggests.

"That's a horrible idea. You can leave." Ariash motions for the door and we're short yet another intern. I'll probably have to kill him later. I tap a few icons on my screen and pull up his file. He's allergic to bees. That'll be easy.

Another day in the office. I sigh.

She hasn't misstepped ever since their meeting but I know better. Every gamemaker is exactly the same, just like the victors.

They all think they're so damn important and everyone should worship the ground the walk upon. As if they aren't all murders. Yet I know one thing that they never realize until it's far too late.

No matter how many people you kill there's always someone stronger waiting to kill you.

Maximus Treiglad - District Three mentor

"So who's turn is it?" I ask wearily. None of us really want to mentor this year. We've been on a shitty streak and who wants the responsibility of fixing it? I sure as hell don't.

"Well, let's look at this logically." Beetee says. I have to fight the urge to barf. If I had a nickle for every time he said the word logic I wouldn't need to be a victor to be rich. "Who mentored last year." I internally groan as Drake answers the question.

"You and Wiress." My shoulders slump as Beetee pops the bubble of disappointment in the room.

"Then it's obvious Drake, you and Maximus will mentor this year." He leans back in his chair with challenging eyes, as though his reasoning is the end-all be-all of these types of decisions.

"I'm not really feeling it." I say plainly. "My real life is depressing enough without this mentoring bullshit." Wiress jumps up from her seat speaking quickly and just loud enough to be annoying.

"Did you fight with your sister again? I heard the racket a few nights ago you're keeping everyone in the village up. It's quite rude." She falls back into her seat and starts shivering clutching her knees close to her chest. I open my mouth to retort with an insult, but Wiress is the last person I want to spark a conversation with. I'd have better luck getting a cement wall to fall in love with me than I would actually explaining something to her.

"That's personal." Is all I grant her.

"So then it's settled. You two will mentor." Beetee quickly stands up before either of us can argue and heads towards the exit. "Don't for the reaping tomorrow. I'm expecting you both to be on your best behavior." He leaves.

"Of course Dad." Drake says with venom in his words. Drake might be 37 but sometimes I swear to god he acts like he's younger than me. But I realized a long time ago that's just how he copes.

That and the occasional batch of morphling, not that I'm judging him at all. I've shot up my fair amount, but no one needs to know that.

"I fucking hate Beetee sometimes." Drake says as Wiress leaves the room.

"Yeah well he's not wrong. Technically it is our turn. Also, you should be a little more respectful to Beetee. He's the only living mentor in District Three who has actually managed to bring someone home. As high and mighty as you pretend to be he's succeed three times where you've failed." My words are laced with contempt and anger. Every now and then I just really enjoy saying mean shit to Drake. It's just how our relationship is.

"Fuck you Max." He says carelessly. "He's lucky. He didn't do jack shit for me in my games, and if I recall correctly he never did anything for you either." My heart skips a beat as I relive being alone in the arena for a moment. Drake isn't wrong. Beetee never sent a parachute my way during my stay at Ohio State.

"Still better than you." I wink at Drake and start to leave the room. He'll be angry for maybe an hour but get over it. After all we're working together. "Also I get dibs on the boy this time." The door shuts behind before he can protest.

But it doesn't matter. Boy or girl. It's just another year with another pair of bodies.

Ariash Evus - Head Gamemaker

"God I always hated that intern." I say under my breath. I head over to Symphony Spinner, one of the most experienced gamemakers in my team. She's been doing this as long as anyone.

"Good help is hard to find these days." She quips with a small smile. I chuckle at the cliche.

"You could say that again. Regardless, what do you think? About the cornucopia I mean. I've decided I like the idea of making it solid ice but I'm not sure what to fill it with yet."

"Snorkels sounded like such a good idea I'm surprised you want a second opinion. That being said, last year with all the spiked maces was certainly interesting." She stares at her computer screen and struggles to find more words.

"I want it to be memorable. I want my games to make a difference." I want to be impressive. The only reason I'm seeking one of my underlings opinions is because she's been here for almost a decade. It's quite impress really. She's so unremarkable and none of her ideas are fresh.

"That's your problem Ariash." She says rolling her eyes. I clench my teeth and resist the urge to backhand her.

"I'm sorry. Excuse you?" I say through a gritted smile.

"Everyone wants to be so successful and wants their Hunger Games to be so perfect and spectacular. You want to suck Snow off vicariously through the Hunger Games. I get it. You're not the first." Her tone in nonchalant, which only adds to my rage.

"I think you've forgotten your place Symphony." I tell her with an aire of superiority.

"No, you came over here and asked me a question. Remember Ariash? Or do you have memory problems like Zion Tzorin?" My face flushes with the mention of Zion. He was the first in a string of Head Gamemaker suicides I'm determined to stop. I stand silently leering down at the red haired woman beneath me. "If you want my opinion put nothing in the cornucopia or put everything. One or the other don't try to make is so special. Takes away from the bloodshed." Her slender fingers start tapping away on her keyboard.

"Maybe you should take the rest of the day off." I tell her.


"Leave, before you 'disappear' like every third other person who works here." She glowers up at me and flips her hair from her eyes.

"Of course boss." She slings a bag over her shoulder and starts sauntering out. "Always a pleasure Ariash."

Once the doors shut behind her I sit down and begin hacking her computer. She really should have turned it off. My fingers fly across the keys as I type in my security codes and delve into her personal files. All the things only she has access to.

It takes me a few minutes but I finally find a folder that doesn't belong. It's labeled 'Personnel files' and within I find complete bios and information on everyone who's worked for President Snow in the past 8 years. Gamemakers new and old and every intern in between

One folder in particular sticks out. It holds the complete files for Zion Tzorin, Erika Damascus, Gregorovich Younger, and Agrippina Milo with the word deceased written in bright red block letters across the top. All head gamemakers who killed themselves in the past 8 years. Naturally my file is in next to them. My heart stops for a moment as I read the block letters across my information.

To be terminated upon completion of Hunger Games.

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