Hunter Spell

Author's Note: Usually, I put these at the end of the chapter, but this story being what it is, I thought a little explanation might be needed beforehand.

First and foremost: I blame this one entirely on Facebook memes. There are a few floating around with Harry Potter Supernatural crossovers, including one that involves Dumbledore introducing the brothers as the new Defense teachers. I saw it, and the idea got stuck in my head, evolving into...well, this.

Where we are: This is AU Book 5, OOTP, for Harry Potter. He gets the Winchesters and Cas for defense teachers as opposed to Umbridge. Which is...interesting, to say the least. For Supernatural, this is AU Season 6, from about the 4th episode, 'Weekend at Bobby's'. In this story, the boys are stranded in Scotland after flying there to threaten Crowley and discovering they are too broke to fly home. Sam is not soulless, and Cas is not working with Crowley. Also, there wasn't a year break. Cas has told the boys about his involvement with the war in Heaven, and they wound up wandering into the magical world because they were looking for a warded place where they could take a break while they figured out what to do. The Winchesters can see and interact with the magical world because their status as archangel vessels gives them power. They are technically Wizards, albeit very unusual ones. Dumbledore hired them to prevent the Ministry from assigning a teacher to the Castle and gaining a foothold at Hogwarts. The Ministry permitted it, because they think Sam, Dean and Cas are too harmless and ignorant to cause problems.

So...on that note...let the fun begin!

Chapter One: Enter the Defense...Teachers?

Harry sighed as he settled into his seat at Gryffindor table. He had an urge to bang his head on the table, or just fall asleep.

The summer had been...trying. Dudley, the Dementors, the trial...he'd nearly been expelled from school and locked up for saving his bloody cousin's life!

He'd liked being at Grimmuald Place, spending time with Sirius and Remus, and yet...the atmosphere of the house had been gloomy, the place was filthier than any other place he'd ever stayed. And that portrait, it just wouldn't shut up. And while it had been great spending time with his godfather, his best friends and the Weasley clan...well, it had also been a good deal more crowded than he was used to.

And the Order meetings...he swallowed against the feeling of resentment that ached in his throat. He knew the meetings were all about Voldemort, and the fact that he was being excluded made him angry. He knew things about Voldemort that they probably didn't. He'd had the visions, had been having them since last year. He'd been at the resurrection spell. His blood had been used to revive the bastard.

He'd been the one to see Cedric die.

He was the one who'd already faced Lord Bloody Voldemort three times, four if you counted his infancy, and gotten out alive all four times. Sure, part of it had been his mum's sacrifice, which was now useless, but he'd done his fair share of fighting in all those encounters.

And still, they treated him like he was too young, too ignorant to be allowed in on Order meetings. Dumbledore and Snape and Mrs. Weasley and even Sirius insisted on keeping him in the dark.

Even the fact that the others his age, and the Weasley twins, who were technically adults, were kept out didn't soothe him much. They hadn't faced Voldemort. They hadn't lived through the graveyard. They didn't have people watching them all the time, expecting them to kill the darkest wizard of the age, or turn into his clone.

His thoughts were broken by applause as the Sorting ended and Dumbledore, standing at the podium. "Welcome, new students. And welcome back. Now, before we begin our most excellent Feast, I would like to introduce our new Defense against the Dark Arts teachers, here for a year from America."

Teachers? More than one? Harry sat up straight and craned his head towards the staff table.

Three men were standing up at the end. Harry stared in surprise, and from the murmuring that flooded through the hall, he wasn't the only one.

None of the three were dressed in robes, even though the Feast was a school function. Two of them were wearing jeans, shirts and trainers, and casual jackets. The third was wearing a Muggle business suit, with a longer tan coat thrown over it. They all looked out of place, jarring.

"Professor Sam Winchester, teaching First and Second Year." This was apparently the tall guy on the very end, the one who looked like he might give Hagrid a run for his money in height, with long brown hair, cut neat, and a friendly open face. He smiled a little as he nodded to the students. For some reason, he reminded Harry a little of Remus.

"Professor Dean Winchester, teaching Third and Fourth Year." This was the shorter guy with the green eyes and the spiky brown hair in the leather jacket. He looked intense, not nearly as friendly as Sam. In fact, he looked like he'd almost rather not be there. But he looked tough too, with an air about him that reminded Harry of Kingsley and Moody.

"And last, but not least, Professor Castiel Winchester, teaching Fifth through Seventh Years." This was the guy in the suit and coat. Dark brown-black hair as messy as Harry's own, and intense blue eyes. His face was practically expressionless, though he did look a little surprised when he was introduced. For a second. Then his face returned to an impassive expression.

That was going to be his Defense teacher. He looked like a Muggle businessman. Even so, there was something in his eyes that made Harry's instincts whisper that he couldn't discount the man, even if he did dress like Uncle Vernon's business friends.

"Please join me in welcoming our new Professors." Dumbledore began to clap, and the rest of the staff followed suit. So did the students. Harry joined in, eyes still on the three men.

Moments later, the feast appeared, distracting him. Harry helped himself and dug in. In spite of a month of proper feeding by Mrs. Weasley, he was still thinner than he wanted to be, and shorter too. Fortunately, he had much more of an appetite than he usually did.

He couldn't help glancing up at the Head Table now and again, watching the new teachers. Four years had taught him caution in the matter of Defense professors. He noticed Snape glaring at them, and considered that a point in their favor. Over at the Slytherin table, Malfoy looked similarly disgruntled.

It was halfway through the meal that he looked up and saw something odd happen. One of the men, Dean, finished with his plate. The taller guy, Sam, was still eating, and the third man, Castiel, still had a full plate. As he watched, Dean deftly snatched Castiel's full plate and set his own empty one in it's place. He transferred some of the food to Sam's plate, then began eating again. And Castiel did nothing to stop them. In fact, it almost looked like he'd been waiting for it to happen. After a second, Dean switched silverware with him as well.

It was...strange. He filed it away to think about later. When dessert arrived, he kept an eye on the Head Table. He saw Castiel eat all of one cookie. Sam didn't eat anything on the dessert table, and Dean ate enough to rival Ron.

Afterward, Dumbledore dismissed everyone. Ron and Hermione left to attend their Prefects meeting. He went up to the Gryffindor common room, still mulling over their new Defense professors and their odd behavior.

He wondered what Ron and Hermione would make of what he'd witnessed in the Great Hall.


"What the hell...damn it, I thought it was bad when there were only a handful of this place is crawling with Sabrina-wannabes." Dean flopped on the bed in the dorm-style room he, Sam and Cas shared.

Cas's brow furrowed. "I don't understand..."

"TV reference." Sam was leaning back in his bed, studying a thick book he'd picked up from the library and making notes. "Sabrina is a teenage witch. It was a popular show back home, especially in the early 90's."

"Ah." Cas's eyes sparked with understanding. "It's a reference to the students, all of whom are adolescents."

"Exactly. And all of whom are witches. We normally hunt witches." Dean scowled.

Sam huffed. "Dean, we've already been over this, like a hundred times. These aren't witches like the ones we usually go after. They're actually born with magic, they don't make demon deals or pray to the forces of darkness, and their spells are completely different. As a matter of fact, their spells seem to be all Latin based and pretty basic. We went through all this when the Headmaster asked us to take the job here."

Dean snorted. "Yeah, I remember the snazzy tour and the floating feathers and crap. But dammit, Sammy, why the hell are we here?"

Castiel frowned. "We already discussed this. If you're suffering memory loss..."

Sam grinned. "Relax Cas. Dean remembers. He just wants to hear it again." He looked over the top of his book at his brother. "We're here because we flew to Scotland to help Bobby threaten Crowley, and then discovered that we're too broke to buy plane tickets home. And Cas is here because he's got Raphael breathing down his neck, and he was looking for help, and he hasn't zapped us back because he's trying to stay under the radar, and a long flight like that with two passengers would pretty much be a beacon."

"Okay. I get why we're in Scotland. But why did we agree to become teachers at this freakin' school again?" Dean glared at his brother.

Sam returned to his book. "You agreed because they said they'd pay us in gold coins, which will come out to more cash than we've ever seen in our lives, and might actually allow us to be comfortable for a while, without hustling and credit card scams. Which has the added bonus of keeping us under the police radar back home. I agreed because they have a fascinating collection of reference books we've never even seen, and their magic system looks a hell of a lot simpler than the stuff Bobby's taught us. Cas agreed because he needs a place to rest up and hide out while he figures out a non-kamikaze method of dealing with Raphael, and this place has some of the best wards he's seen anywhere on the planet, plus Raphael probably wouldn't look for him in Scotland. And, in case you've forgotten it, we all wanted a break. Six months since the Apocalypse, and Cas has a civil war to deal with, and I'm still dealing with the crap in my head from falling into the Cage. Plus, added bonus, we just found out that being angel vessels, specifically archangel vessels, means we have the potential for some powers of our own, which it might be useful to learn how to use. It's certainly a trump card for hunting, and we both agreed we'd like to explore it."

"Right, right. I get it. But still man...witches and wizards...and that black haired dude that was near, he gives me the creeps."

"That was Professor Snape." Sam's brow furrowed. "He was a little hostile." He shrugged. "Maybe he's just naturally bad tempered."

Cas frowned. "There was a sense of malevolent energy in the Hall, but it was too weak for me to pinpoint it."

"Great. Perfect. Well, when you do find it, let me know. I'm gonna need something to punch before too long." Dean sighed and threw an arm over his face.

Sam blinked, then set his book down. "You guys do know what you're supposed to do, right? And what you're absolutely not supposed to do?"

Dean grunted. "Teach the kids the family business. Self defense techniques, how to identify and kill monsters. And no guns. And there's all these freaky spells." He scowled at a thick leather folder. "Don't worry Sammy, you wrote me up a freakin' syllabus. I'll use it."

Cas nodded and picked up a similar folder. "I have one as well." He read through the file Sam had made for him, and his brow furrowed. "Sam, why do you have me teaching Enochian techniques, and why are there question marks?"

Sam sighed. "'re just now looking at that?"

The angel shifted. "I was...making arrangements with my commanders, contingency plans. And scouting the local area, in case I need to order a retreat to earth for my supporters. And checking for additional dangers." His head cocked. "There are some rather unsafe creatures in the forest..."

"Yeah. The grounds-keeper looks after those. I asked after I discovered the giant spiders. And apparently, some of them are examples in the Care of Magical Creatures class they have here." Dean grimaced, and Sam's expression screwed up into an unpleasant frown.

Sam shuddered a bit, then turned his attention back to the angel. "The Headmaster suggested we introduce some of our own techniques. One, to give our students a little variety in their training. Two, to add realism to our cover story of being foreigners. And three, because we're all more comfortable with our own work, and it'll look better if we're confident. I put the question marks because I wasn't sure you actually could teach most of your Enochian spells. Some of them seemed okay for humans to use, like the banishing sigil, but stuff like that tracking spell you used on Balthazar..."

"It can be modified for human or angel use. Most Enochian spells and sigils can be." Cas looked down at his folder again. "I see I'm supposed to intersperse this with...O.W.L and N.E.W.T techniques?"

Dean spluttered, laughing. "What?"

"O.W.L is Ordinary Wizarding Level. N.E.W.T is Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test. Apparently, they're competency exams. I understand the first one's basic stuff, the second one's harder, stuff like non-verbal casting, casting without a wand, higher level spells that take more focus. That kind of stuff."

Dean snorted. "Sam, you're such a nerd."

Sam shrugged. "Just wanted to be prepared. You get the easy part, just explaining hunting with a few minor additions thrown in. I have to lay the groundwork for these kids education. Especially all the new ones."

Dean grinned. "That's what you get for actually paying attention to your Latin, bitch."

Sam smirked back. "Jerk."

Castiel looked up. "It might be wise for both of you to rest. Tomorrow is the first day of classes, both teaching and learning. It would be best if both of you were as prepared as possible."

"Says the angel who doesn't need sleep, or education. Or being prepared." Dean huffed, then wriggled the rest of the way onto the bed. "Don't suppose you'd be willing to knock us both out."

Cas made a soft, exasperated sound. "Normally, I would be against such a frivolous use of power. night only." He raised his hand.

Moments later, both brothers were sound asleep. The angel watched them for a few minutes, then picked up Sam's book and his own syllabus and began reading quietly.

Author's Note: And...we're off! Thoughts? Opinions?