For some reason I had this idea to post another side to this story. This side of the story follows through just like the other one, but is different after Lucy meets Natsu. I call it the darker version of the story. I hope I did a good job on this version because I did it in one day. ^~^

Red or Blue (The Dark Version)

Lucy sat there at her desk as she listened to the teacher talk. She blinked slowly and as she opened them she saw a shadow. She blinked again and it was gone. Strange, she must've imagined it.

The teacher stop talking and walked to the door. He looked out the window and sighed. He went to go open it but Lucy shot up. She seen it again the same figure that she saw earlier.

"Ms. Heartfilia is there something wrong?" He said as the figure moved away from the window. For some reason she had a sense of dread when the figure came to the window. She saw the thing smile metrically as it disappeared.

"N-no." She looked around for an excuse when her eyes landed on the clock. "I was going to warn you that the bell is going to ring for lunch." She let out a little laugh as the teacher smiled at her.

"Thank you for telling me. Okay class is over. You may talk until the bell rings." He said while he walked back to his desk. The bell rang and everyone exited the classroom and the feeling of uneasiness disappeared.

"Red or Blue?" Levy asked as they sat down at their table.

"Uh?" Lucy looked at her blue haired friend. "What? Are you asking me which one I like better? You know the answer Levy, it's blue." Lucy said knowing.

"No. Red or Blue paper?" She asked again.

"Blue." Lucy said spectacle

"No! You're suppose to say no paper." Levy said. Lucy gave her a weird look. She sounded like she was scolding a puppy for peeing on the floor.

"What's this about Levy. Why would you ask me an obscured question like that?" Lucy asked looking at her friend weirdly.

"You haven't heard of Aka Manto. It's a story about a spirit who'll ask you if you want Red or Blue paper. Normally he shows up in the last stall in the bathroom. If you choose red, you'll be ripped to shreds. If you choose blue, you'll be strangled until you turn blue." Levy explained. "So whenever someone asks you red or blue, say no paper."

"Okay." Lucy said. She looked up her friend but froze when she saw the dark figure again. It was standing behind a random girl with a big smile as the girl talked to her friends. It laid a hand on the girl's shoulder and the girl got up at the touch of its hand. The thing led her out of the lunchroom and to the bathroom. Lucy had a bad feeling as she watched the brunette leave the lunchroom.

She felt a cold chill run down her spine as she heard a faint whisper say, "Red or Blue paper." She froze and looked over at Levy who was eating her sandwich. She let out a sigh and brushed it off, but then she heard a female whisper say, "Blue paper." And she instantly felt dread creep up on her. She felt that it was hard to breathe so she stood up and looked around. Levy looked up at her distracted friend and stopped eating.

"What's wrong Lu-chan?" Levy asked. She watched as her friend gathered up her lunch and putting it in her book bag. "Lu-chan, are you okay. You look pale." When she got no reply she started to get worried for her friend. "Lucy?"

"Oh sorry, Levy. I'm okay I just need some fresh air." Lucy said. She didn't let her friend say anything as she exited out of the back door. She didn't realize how dizzy she was until the cool autumn air brushed against her skin. She shivered, but she wasn't cold the wind felt off and that's what made her shiver.

"It's okay, Lucy. You must be hearing things. Yeah that's right. I'm just he..." She paused as she looked up and froze. There standing in front of her was the thing. His wide sadistic smile smiled at her as it stalked closer and closer. It's red cape swayed in the wind around its shadowed body. Fear was all over her body as she stood there. It was now in front of her the smell of fire drifted through the air. She turned and ran back into the building never looking back.

Lucy came through the door to find everyone leaving the lunchroom. She found Levy and sighed. "Are you feeling any better Lu-chan?" She asked as the walked to their Algebra class together.

They sat down before Lucy answer. She signed, honestly she was still shaken up at what happened when she went outside. But she didn't want to tell Levy, she didn't want to scare her for something that was probably her imagination. "Yeah, though it was chilly." Lucy said shivering. She found that the room had turned an icy cold, but no one else had felt it change.

The teacher walked in with a grim face and everyone became deadly silent. She stopped in front of the chalkboard and let out a cry. "Kids, I have some news." She said as tears rolled down her face. Everyone whispered to each other, but other than that no one said a word. "T-today we found Annie dead in the girls restroom. We came to a conclusion that Annie committed suicide. She had choked herself while everyone was at lunch."

Everyone whispered quietly as the teacher broke down again. Some of the kids had tears running down their faces, others had tears that weren't yet shed. Lucy shook her head not because of the death, but the reason why Annie died. She didn't die because of suicided. She died because of that stupid shadow thing that's been lurking the halls.

She had this weird sensation to get up and go to the restroom. That is when she realized that she's been holding it and had to use the restroom. Lucy stood up very quietly as everyone grieved and walked to the teachers desk. There she found the teacher still crying. "Um... May I go to the restroom?" Lucy asked softly.

The teacher looked up at her and smiled sweetly through the tears. "Yes you may. You know you are a very sweet girl, please keep it that way." The teachers smile faded as she looked at the others and motions Lucy to come closer. "He strikes again. Remember say 'no paper'"

Lucy left with no question asked. She stopped in front of the girls bathroom that had yellow caution tape blocking the door. She sighed and walked down the hall. Guess I have to go to the bathroom on the other side of the building. Once she reached the other bathrooms, the sense of dread crept up her spine. She shivered, but remembered that she had to go she stepped through the door.

It slammed shut behind her as she walked up to the first stall. The toilet was clogged, so she moved to the next one. It was also clogged, but worse as water flowed over the rim. She looked at the last stall and shivered it was the only one left and she didn't want to use it. But life was cruel as the wave a having to pee hit her again and in she went.

She sighed out as she sat down. She went to get toilet paper but realized the roll was empty. A breeze made her shiver as she caught a glimpse of red. She looked up and held in a scream there standing in front of her was the Aka Manto with a wide grin.

"Red or Blue paper?" He asked. The red cape hiding most of his face and body from view. The smell of campfire wafted through her nose as she looked him up and down. She went to answer, but remembered what Levy and her teacher said.

"N-no paper." She said in a small voice. The thing must have heard her as it slide the hood off revealing a tuft of pink hair. Wait pink hair? Lucy thought as she sat there staring at the boy. He was handsome young man, the same age as her, with tan skin and slalom colored locks. She started to get uncomfortable being on the toilet while some stranger stared at her. He had a harsh stare as he tried to figure her out.

He grabbed her harshly by the wrists and pulled her off the toilet. His face was too close for comfort as he glared at her. He reached behind him and opened the stall door. He forcefully pushed Lucy out the door not caring that he had knocked her to the floor.

Lucy quickly pulled her pants up and tried to get up. The figure stopped her by straddling her. He pushed her shoulders down to the ground making her hit her head on the floor. He moved in close to where their noses touched and the smell of blood and fire wafted through Lucy's nose. "I wanted to kill you so bad, but your damned friend Levy had to quiz you."

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked in a sacred voice.

"She knew I was coming to get you. She couldn't do anything to protect you from me expect to tell you about me." It said. It's hot breath made her shiver. "You know there are more of us out there. Your friend Levy is one of us." It said as it licked his lips. She was going to ask another question, but he licked her cheek . It let out a satisfied moan as a shiver ran down her spine. "You even taste good."

Lucy shivered again as a tear ran down her face. "Don't cry because after school I'm going to take you as mine." He said. "Only 10 minutes left and I don't care what Levy said."

"Lu-chan are you in here." Lucy heard Levy call out. The doorknob jiggled, but it was locked and fear was rising again as Levy tried to open the door again. "Dammit Natsu you leave me no choice." She heard Levy say. She watched in horror as a ghost Levy appeared through the door. She was a light blue with no legs and was transparent.

"Levy! Help me!" Lucy called out to her ghost friend. The said girl looked over at Lucy and sweetly smiled, but her eyes held something that Lucy couldn't tell. "Please."

She giggled a creepy laugh. "Sorry Lu-chan I can't help you. Your fate has already been decided for you." Levy said while giving her friend an evil smile. "Besides you're Natsu's now, there is nothing I can do but watch you die." Levy laughed every evilly.

"Levy." Lucy whispered as tears rolled down her face. I can't believe I'm going to die. I still have much to live for. She thought.

"Shh. You'll be okay. You'll have a new family that'll love you more than that asshole of a father." Natsu said grimacing. Lucy couldn't believe what she was hearing. This thing was actually concerned for her, but before she got comfortable by the kindness Natsu had picked her up by her shirt and laughed. "Don't get to comfortable, you still don't know what I'm like."

He put her down to where her feet touched the ground, but where he also was still holding her up. "Are you ready to meet your fate." He said. He glanced over a Levy and nodded. She floated over towards the door and unlocked it. Lucy didn't feel relieved yet and he fully set her down and let go of her. He dared her run for it, but she didn't dare yet.

The school bell run and Lucy took off running. She heard them evilly laugh behind her as she made it to the front doors. She ran past students and made it to the sidewalk. She didn't pay attention as she ran out in the middle of the road. She heard a loud beep to her right, but it was too late as the car hit her head on.

Lights flashed before her eyes as one last thought lingered in her mind before she died. I shouldn't have ran. But she didn't feel pain as she opened her eyes, all she saw was black. She heard an evil laugh and appeared the dark figure again. "Congratulations Ms. Heartfilia. You are one of us now." He said before she lost consciousness.

Lucy Heartfilia an eighteen year old girl was hit by a car at 2:43 after school on Friday October 30th. The police are now on the lookout for the person who committed the hit and run. Lucy's father, Jude Heartfilia, says. "She was the only family I had left. Now I have nothing to live for." Her friends and family are gathering around Saturday October 31st to mourn the lost of the girl.

I hoped you enjoyed this version and tell me which one you like. I'll post more chapters for Her later on this week and hopefully continue to update. ^~^