Chapter 7: Realization

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When I woke up again Toby was there. He was staring at the machine that the nurse forgot to take out of the room. I could tell by his expression he knew what it was.

"SO THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE HIDING. THIS IS WHY YOU GOT SICK" he shouted his voice full of hurt.

"I only hid this from you because I didn't want to be the reason you felt like this" I cried out.


"Wait… I thought once you knew you would understand. I didn't sleep with anyone. Your dad raped me the night before I ran away".

"So that's… going to be my half siblings..." his voice broke from the shock that filled it.

"Yeah that's also my proof of what he did to us both. This is the other reason we can't be together" I sadly proclaimed.

We sat in silence for what felt like an hour but in reality was only a few minutes before he asked me to explain. So I told him about everything except the email something had told me to keep that to myself. I had no intention to let anyone know about it. As I finished talking about what he did the nurse from before came in.

"You have a visitor" she said looking entirely confused.

When the person came in at first I was scared seeing them all dressed in blue. I then looked up and saw it was my brother.

"Caleb" "Beatrice" we spoke at the same time.

"Okay I take this as my que to leave" Toby said before walking through the curtain.

"Who was that" Caleb asked "will he report you? I just said your name and you're supposed to be missing."

"That was Four my instructor. He can't report me, the head leader here is our godfather and he won't let them. They would have to go to him to report it anyway" I said trying not to laugh at the idea of him reporting me.

So me and Caleb caught up and he told me that there was a nine-year-old girl named Cassie there that confirms my fears. If Cassie was there she would be dealing with the same type of abuse that Toby and I went through.

"I'm sorry" he said "I didn't know how bad it was. I should have tried to help you and Tobias. I knew it was happening and I should have tried to stop it" he cried choking over his words.

"You couldn't have. If you did you would have only gotten hurt. Just look out for Cassie and Mom Cassie is Toby's little sister, they took her away from the factionless sector.

"I will try it's hard when he is doing this to all three of us. I'm taking it for Cassie trying to protect her, but I can't do everything. You just take care of my niece or nephew even if you didn't ask for them" he said and that's when I knew he had known what happened.

We talked for hours and he said he was going to try and get out with Cassie and Mom. He never told Mom why I had left and once they had gotten engaged he couldn't. They never received the emails either. We kept talking until the nurse came in and asked him to leave.

I cried when he left knowing he had to go back to that monster. I knew it was my fault. If I had never left he wouldn't be in this position. I would still be there and no one else. If I had never run away they wouldn't have started taking the faction less kids either. I will be the only one in this mess. I should have thought of this.

He said he would go after my family and friends if I told or left. If I had stayed I could have kept them safe, But I could have lost my child.

The nurse tells me I can be released tomorrow when Max signs me out. I go to sleep happy to be getting out of here. Throughout the night I toss and turn because of the constant nightmares. This one however takes a different turn as I see a 9-year-old female version of Toby, my mom, and Caleb being abused then yelling at me blaming me for their misfortune. I awake trapped in a silent scream.

Time passes too slowly as I sit in the dark waiting for when I get checked out of here by Max. What feels like forever passes before I hear the curtain being moved as both Max and a new nurse come in to let me know I am free to go.

After I changed into my own clothes from the hospital gown they changed me into when I arrived I headed towards Toby's apartment.

When I knocked he quickly let me in and hugged me. I went to sit down on his couch and he asked me if I was okay.

"Toby" I said "my brother when he was here yesterday told me Cassie is there too. I know we guessed that that's what happened, but I had to tell you for sure. Also I should probably let you know that I have family here."

"Wait who" Toby said confused

"Well if you didn't know my mom she wasn't born in erudite she was a dauntless born. She had two siblings, one her brother who passed away, but not before he had two kids with his wife and a sister who we both know. Well, her sister is Tori and her brother George was the Pedrad's dad. Also I figured out that when I was born Max was made the godfather of my brother and I."

"Wait so Max is your godfather, the Pedrads are your cousins, and Tori is your aunt. Your uncle had passed away and you're only just now learning about all this?" Toby asked.

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