Ok. First story ever. As always, helpful reviews would be nice.

This story came to me when my dad made a joke about Superman not being that great because he has x-ray vision and voila, it was born.

I want this to be a multichapter fic but don't count on it.

Guess I have to do this...

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that pertains to Justice League, except for this story.

Let's get one thing straight. Superman is not a pervert. He is not and will never be.

No, he just happened to fly by and see...THAT. If anyone where to ask, the excuse would be that he was sweeping surrounding buildings using his X-Ray vision to spot an illegal deed of evilness in the making and had just stopped to check something out.

He TOTALLY didn't plan to see Diana (Wonder Woman) about to step into a tight black dress that just looked SO awesome in so many ways. It clung to the right places and was just long enough that it was modest enough for Superman's upbringing (which if none of you knew, was in the middle of nowhere). He swore if took all his willpower to not let himself start drooling. Because that would be bad for everyone, himself very much included.

He of course knew that she was getting ready for a gala and diplomatic meeting with the Vice President in the next two hours but that didn't matter at all. So NO, Superman didn't plan on seeing his coworker changing. OBVIOUSLY. He only just hovered there for almost an entire minute until he realized that he was getting a couple weird looks from some people below him. And a full on BatGlare from the one and only Batman, who was, of course having a romantic relationship with the woman currently being molested by Superman's eyes. That's how Batman at least saw it.

"Clark..." came out with a growl.

The Kryptonian flinched and very stiffly turned his head to look at his colleague. He gulped nervously, feeling himself shrink under his gaze. His indignant thoughts about how he was a man and could look at any girl he wanted (who wouldn't kill him) were incinerated and pounded into the ground by Dark Knight who was currently hovering in his Batjet. If looks could kill, Superman would be dead by a million times over.

The Boy Scout tried to answer but he had to clear his throat, hoping he didn't sound too scared.

"...Yes?" he squeaked. No such luck. Damn.

"Don't you have a mission to finish and a date to get to with Lois? Batman asked contemplatively, the threat imminent in his voice.

Superman just nodded as if he was trying to cut the air with his face and flew off as if death was chasing him. And in a way, it was.

After the blue and red idiot left, Batman smirked. I love doing that.

His smirk twisted. Maybe I should suspend Clark's account for the rest of the month. Or maybe Dami and Jason would have fun at his apartment. Hmmm…so many choices. And Batman flew off to do Batman things (while plotting revenge). No one messed with Batman.