The Twin Son.

This is merely an idea I've had since a two months back.

I died and when I opened my eyes, I saw a very different Juliena Hizuri in front of my eyes...Wait! this woman is not Juliena but in fact, her twin sister!? Neither knowing about the other and I end up stuck in the middle? At least it can't get any worse...Wait!..spoke too soon, I just caught sight of my new father who's the boss of an Italian Mafia group. HAHAHAHA...Help me.

Anthony black was 24 when he committed suicide.

He was working several jobs at once in a desperate attempt to support his mother and him, if anyone were to describe the guy, they would have said he was charming and would give everything his all, he would never go to out with colleagues or involve himself too deeply with others, they even highly doubted he had tasted Alcohol in his life.

He would always be the one willing to do any extra jobs that nobody else wants to do and because of that, he was the considered the best employee to hire.

And another thing.

His Mother hated him.

It was as clear as day if you were to walk into the run-down house, the things the woman so shameless said about her own son whether he was in the room or not, would make many do a double take.

Clearly the woman was mentally ill and Anthony took the insults like it was a regular occurrence having been forced to hear his own mother, call him useless and no good.

Even in some cases, if the woman had a bottle of beer in her hand, she would become violent and throw it at him an then when he bled, she would start laughing and continue insulting him.

Truly shocking stuff.

But despite all of this, Anthony never called the police for crazy people and have her taking away, it would make his life much easier but Anthony nature was too nice and the thought that a son had to call the police to take away his own mother was a thought that disgusted him, or anyone no matter how abusive the mother was.

That mother was the reason he existed in the first place.

But that still didn't mean, that Anthony saw her as his mother, nobody could see such a woman as their own mother, if they did, they too were just as crazy as the woman.

A mother bond towards their child is both strong and yet delicate, the child may forgive you the first few times but after the tenth time, you know the connection is lost and it would take a complete turnaround to gain the trust of the child back.

Anthony was passed the point of caring.

Apparently he got really sick one day as a child and his father had driven back from work when tragedy struck, a stolen Lorry appeared out of nowhere, being chased by the police and his father car was in the way so the Lorry bulldozed over it and crushed him before he even had time to get out.

His mother health took a turn for the worst and she blamed him for everything, cursing the day he was born and she stopped going to work, Anthony found himself taking up small part time jobs to cover the bills and he couldn't even go to Highschool but he would occasionally visited the nearby library and read up on what he was currently missing out in school so if his mother health did pick up, he would have the education to get a well balanced job.

When others his age had the latest clothes or phone, he was wearing old clothing and couldn't even afford to buy new ones, coming home to a mother who would do nothing but glare, insult him and throw things at him.

Everyone had a breaking and last week, he had reached his.

He wondered what his life would be like if he born into a loving home, a home that let him be whoever he wanted to be, be greeted with smiles and hugs, being told they loved him and be allowed to be just like everybody else.

That was his dream.

Then he returned back to reality and he wanted to kill himself and that's what he had been planning to do for the past week.

He had gone to the convenience store and brought a sharper than normal kitchen knife, something that cut through his skin with ease, he ignored the odd looks he was getting and went home.

Already his mother was shouting at him and insulting him calling him a useless piece of shit but she paused when she saw him take out a brand new knife and open it.

It gleamed in the light as he twirled it.

It was then it occurred to her what was about to happen when the knife was now pointing at Anthony's stomach.

"Drop it, boy! Don't you dare stab yourself, you piece of shit! Don't you dare run away from what you've done" She growled, moving to wrestle him to the ground.

It was too late.

Anthony had plunged the knife into his stomach without hesitation.

Several times.

As the knife became overwhelmed with blood, he heard his mother scream and his legs giving way from under him.

At last, he would escape this hellhole.

The bitch should be happy that he was dying right in front of her eyes.

"Damn it, Anthony! Don't leave me! You were supposed to bury me not the other way around!" His mother voice cried out, for once showing motherly love and shading the 'I hate you skin' that she wore for more than ten years.

Anthony wanted to chuckle and tell the woman to go fuck herself.

The woman was too late to have him calling her his mother, there was no way in hell, he would ever see her as anything but a woman who had tormented him for so long.

He was finally free.

Anthony Black died that day in his mother arms.





Anthony felt like he was being pushed through a straw, everything smelled horrible and he was covered in something slimy as he was brought into the light.

He opened his mouth and screamed.

It was a baby scream and what worse was that his eye sight had become shit.

"Congratulation Ma'am. Your son was delivered safe and sound. He's a healthy baby boy" A woman voice called out and Anthony recognised the language to be Italian.

Have I finally gone crazy because even though I can hardly see anything, I swear, I'm staring into the face of a fictional character. Anthony thought, in awe at the giant woman looking down at him.

"He looks like you, Madam." The nurse said, pulling him closer to her and cooing. "Let's get your baby cleaned up."

Anthony cursed that he only took read enough Italian books to only pick up a couple of words so far, that, and he was currently a baby.

Unlike many others, he wasn't going to go into denial or spend years before they figure out they had been reincarnated and must likely have a fit realising they were dead and their lives were over.

As far as he was concerned, he didn't have a life before.

He had accepted the fact, he had committed suicide after all everyone has to die sometimes but he hadn't heard of a case where a baby was born with memories of their past life, maybe in Manga, Light Novels or even Fan fiction but never reported in real life.

He was taken out of his thought's when he was suddenly dunked into warm water, making it hard to breath before getting pulled out and suddenly thankfully that he could barely see a thing with his current eyes because something told him what he was currently wearing would strip him of what little pride he had as a man.

He was held carefully and moving again, probably back to that room with his new mother, it had occurred to him that he should have seen Kuu Hizuri or at most Kuon by now.

But he hadn't seen hid or hare of the two even with his crappy eye sight, all he could hear was people speaking in Italian and men in black suits with what he hoped, where fake weapons.

He was handed to the lady and he came up close to a very tired woman who could very much be Julian Hizuri double, her eyes shone with curiously and motherly love, it was then he noticed, the red streaks in her hair.

He stared, Juliena defiantly did not have streaks in her hair!

"He's going to be a fine heir, Mrs Enimia Vozza," The nurse said, much to Antony shocked at finding out his new mother name.

There was no way in hell, his new mother wasn't related to Juliena Hizuri, they were basically clones of each other!

His mind want into over drive at what could have happened, was it kidnapping at a young age? Put up for adoption? a girl got lost and the family only realised when they were inside their own home?

Judging from the lack of Hizuri he saw, it seemed they didn't know about her or she didn't know about them or better yet, she didn't know about her relationship with one of them which was the mostly likely the latter option.

"I can already tell, he's going to grow up to be just like his father. He's skin is slightly darker like his father" the Juliena clone said, hugging him closer to her chest and smiling down on him.

Speaking of father...

"Mama, would you like to have your husband with you now?" The nurse asked, glancing at the baby with a worried look, worried about the baby appearance.

The baby didn't exactly look like his father and people would have thought the mistress of the house, cheated on him.

She was understandable wary, especially with the husband reputation.

You just don't want to anger this guy or you'll end up wishing you were dead.

Enimia gave the personal nurse a determined look, she had stayed faithful to him through thick and thin.

"Bring him in." She said and the woman nodded and went to get the husband and it didn't take long before the sound of heavy footsteps approached the room, followed by much heavier breathing.

Enimia smiled, seeing her one true love coming closer to her to see his new son, she hadn't hidden their child from him and Anthony for the first time got a good look at his new father.

He wanted to scream.

The man was a foreigner!

He looks Caribbean with his dark skin and there was bulging muscle popping out of his shirt and the man was tall.

Ridiculous tall!

So tall that it put Kuu Hizuri to shame and reminded him of one of those guys you know you had to cross the street to avoid them at all cost.


This was his new father!?

He paled in fear as deep dark eyes looked at him with uncertainty and extruding a powerful 'fuck with me and die' aura that would make most men piss themselves in fear.

"He's got your cheek bones and his skin is so much darker than mine" His wife chipped in, with a look that said "This is your baby, I did not cheat on you".

Serious!? I would have thought I looked like a similar baby version of Kuon considering I came from you. Anthony thought, glancing at the muscle bound giant that was his new father.

Something in the man's eyes must have showed that he didn't really believe it either because Anthony wasn't surprised when a month later, he found something sharp and pointy pierced into his skin, taking blood from him.

Then days later, his father proudly proclaimed that he was his son while Julian clone shot a hard earned glare at him making the man look down sheepishly.

Anthony had decided his new family was interesting.

And scene!

Just another idea that I had since I've thought of, I'm still deciding if he would be two years older than Maria or 18-year-old when he's revealed to Lory and the others. Review/Fav and follow!