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In a remote, sound proof, room just a couple of miles away from the centre of Japan, a man had been gagged, blindfolded and stripped naked, sporting several bruises and wounds, his face was covered in his own blood from being a punching bag for his torturers amusement.

But the man held on strong.

He refused to return the money and go back to being a nobody, a loser, a person who was just like everybody else, he believed it was his right, to have that kind of money.

The sound of the door being opened in front of him, made him stiffen, bracing himself for more 'persuasion ' when the blindfold was taken off him and his eyes were hit with an extremely bright light, he felt his eyes burning at first, but his eyes adjusted quickly, good enough for him to finally look around and his eyes landed on a man, a very young looking man who was clearly a foreigner, the man didn't even look to be in his early 20's.

Perhaps a newbie?

Clearly the man most not be that experienced if he's so young.

Maybe he could trick him, into freeing him.

"Return the money and we will let you go," The man said, in a commanding tone of voice and the other man sneered.

How dare this youngster, demand anything from him, doesn't he know who he was?

"And who the hell are you?" The man spat out, despite the broken jaw.

Lidio actually looked amused and decided to answer the man.

"That's right, I haven't interested myself yet."

He gave a mock bow.

"My name is Lidio. Lidio Vozza and I'll be your host, for this evening"

The man visibly paled at the last name as the light highlighted Lidio features.

It was at that moment the man realised, he was screwed.

Lidio own son had come after him!

If the boy was anything like his father, all the beating he had up to now, were bites compared to what the man could do to him since Lidio himself had an infamous reputation of getting 'creative'.

A scream ripped from of his throat when Lidio made contact.

Ch: The two sisters.

Maria walked through the halls cautiously, last night she was forced to go home since she wasn't prepared to go, rogue, luckily she had enough sense to come home very late at night when everyone was fast asleep and snuck in but that didn't stop her from dreading what would happen in the morning.

It terrified her when her dad said nothing at the breakfast table and she walking through the halls of LME feeling eyes on her, whispering about what happened last night, asking questions and rumours flying around, nobody had yet to come up to her to get some solid facts.

Meanwhile, Lory, her grandfather was reviewing the newly discovered 'information' that had been revealed last night, who know the friend that Maria made all those years ago and judging by what his son was telling when he first heard that Maria made a friend was when she was five years old.

It never once crossed his mind, that her childhood friend could share a relation to the Hizuri family until it was practically glaring him in the face, years later, when the small boy had grown into a man, his features had been fully developed and a part of the boy heritage came to light.

The man looked so shockingly similar to Kuon that it had him and many others doing double takes, just to make sure, their eyes weren't playing tricks on them.

Lory thought, no, he was certain that somewhere in the man DNA was Hizuri blood that came from either Kuu or Juliena side of the family, he didn't have track down, both of their family history to see if anyone was still alive and follow each person within the last hundred years to see if they might have married into another family or maybe been disowned, the best source of information was from the man own mouth or even his parents.

The man had promised to come back, but he had yet to show his face.

His mind went back to how the man presented himself, talked and even walked, it was a clear sign of high nobility or someone of similar circumstances, Maria had unknowing made a friend with a very important individual who had a relation to the Hizuri.

He just hadn't figured out, what that relation was.

While the family themselves, had decided to stay in Japan by the off chance that they could possibly be discovering new family and had decided to take some jobs while Koun was still in semi-shock at the similarities between Lidio and himself while Kyoko was wondering if she should talk to Maria or not to find out more.

Lory stared hard at the security screen showing Maria, clearly looking uncomfortable which he didn't blame her for, having finally understood why Maria had kept Lidio a secret for so long and know his son would have no doubt chased the boy off.

Lidio was Maria, first and still, the only friend who was currently around her age and losing him, would have broken her heart.

He himself didn't want to see that kind of heart break.

#Scene change#

Maria sighed, as the whispers kept on coming and showed no sign of stopping, how she wished she could just go somewhere quiet, away from the stares and whispers and her mind briefly recalled the topic of discussion.

She couldn't remember what Lidio looked like as a child but seeing him so grown up, all the baby fat gone, his voice deep and entrancing, coming in like prince charming and sweeping her off her feet.

It had taken everything she had from falling unconscious before she even took his warm hands, Lidio was gorgeous and the fact that he wasn't ten years older than her, made it even more appealing to her.

He was defiantly boyfriend material but she didn't know what she felt for Lidio was love or not, lust? Defiantly, but love?

She wasn't so sure and she didn't know his feeling towards her either, she was too scared of taking that leap from friends to something more and she didn't know if Lidio wanted to be something more as well.

"You know, your blushing," A male deep voice said, with a slight hum to it and all sound in the room practically grounded to a halt as all eyes turned to the man that was now seating opposite Maria, he seemed to have just come out of nowhere.

Maria looked up slowly and blushed even deeper when she saw who was in front of her.

"Your face matches the same shade of your the rose. How cute" Lidio said, while Maria was too embarrassed to say anything.

Meanwhile Lory had seen Lidio appear from the camera's and had sent a quick text to Kuu while making his way to the cafeteria, knowing the whole family would be there in under ten minutes.

But before Maria could open her mouth to say something, they were interrupted by a group of actresses who were a bit too interested in Maria male friend.

"Maria, you didn't tell us. Your friend was such a hottie." A female actress said, her eyes were almost predator in nature while the two behind her were both glancing at Lidio and blushing. "Introduce us"

Maria felt a spark of irritation and Lidio wanted nothing more than to bolt before they managed to regain their composure before it got out of hand and she was about to open her mouth when she froze and saw a muscle bound man coming towards her and immediately paled in fear.

The actresses were confused by Maria reaction before everyone around them noticed what Maria was looking at and instantly had the same reaction.

Fazio Vozza came into the room, he wore a black suit that did nothing to hide the muscle underneath as his whole form extruded power, dark shades over his eyes and he walked forwards as if he owned the place with two guys in similar suits trailing behind him, their weapons hidden inside the guitar cases they were carrying.

It was at that moment, everyone had the same thought.


The man stopped in front of the table much to Maria horror and the actresses immediately scrambled to get away, the man turned to his son and smiled.

"It seemed you got here before me, son," Fazio said, in Japanese with a slight accent in his tone and many people paled another shade when they realised who he was addressing, it was obvious from looking back and forth from the two.

Fazio and Lidio exchanged Italian words with each other.

Lory had managed to finally make it to the cafeteria, just in time to to hear Fazio call Lidio 'son' and the mysterious of where Lidio had gotten some of his features from and his dark skin colour was solved at that moment.

He approached the man, ignoring the feeling that he should be running while the Hizuri started arriving one by one.

He was going to get some answered today.

"Excuse me," Lory said and many were shocked to see the LME president himself, approaching the powerful looking and dangerous man.

The man turned to Lory slowly and Lory could feel the man's eyes on him, judging him, but Lory hadn't gotten this far by cowering under intimidation and stood his ground.

"Are you the boss of this place" The man said, guessing correctly, the way Lory held himself was a defiant give away and Lory confirmed that this man was indeed a foreigner, he addressed him differently as 'boss' instead of 'president' which only foreigners called him that.

"Lory Takarada, nice to meet you," Lory said, and Fazio shook his hand and Lory took note of the strong grip just like how Lidio shook his, last night.

If there was any doubt about the two relationship, there was no doubting about the relationship between the two, now.

"Fazio" Fazio answered, not saying his last name as well, just like his son and Lory wondered why the last name had to be hidden like that, it must hold a lot of importance.

Everyone heard collective gasp from the two who had been silent until now and were now looking at Juliena who made herself known, the two were saying something in Italian but they all could hear the shock and disbelief from their voices while the woman herself was wondering why the two were currently staring at her in such a way and so did everyone else.

Fazio eyes finally landed on Juliena and he froze also, he slowly made his way to the woman while Kuu found himself tensing, ready to spring into action, just in case something happened.

Lory watched the interaction with Juliena and Fazio very closely, he was reminded of why Lidio himself had looked at her for a long period of time and wondered if the person who held the Hizuri genes was connected to Juliena somehow judging by how the two man (Bodyguards?) were currently staring at her and the leader himself was practically frozen in front of her.

Fazio took off his glasses slowly to get a better view of his wife look alike, he was sure he would only see someone who looked a bit like his wife when he heard the news but to find someone who was so identical to her just so surreal.

He took note of the difference such as there was no highlights in her hair, the way she held herself gave him that she was still a very important woman but not Mafia important, she didn't look at him with love like his wife did but in confusion and there was no hint of recognition in her eyes.

It was a completely different woman.

"May, I ask. What your name is?" He asked, finally finding his voice while his son know what was currently going on in his father mind while Maria was looking back and forth in confusion.

Juliena didn't know why this bulky man was asking her what her name was but replied anyway.

"Juliena Hizuri"

The two behind, mutters increased instantly.

Fazio turned to the two and sent a warning look and they immediately shut their mouths before the man turned back to his wife look alike. "And I assume, this man is your husband" pointing at Kuu and than Kuon. "And he is your child" it wasn't a question but a statement.

Juliena replied, yes, proudly and something flashed in the man eyes before he straightened himself and muttered. "Well, who would have thought, that two people could look so a like" which reached everyone ears and Lory and the Hizuri were now staring at the foreign man.

The conclusion was clear.

There was a Julian look alike, they didn't know about!

Juliena herself was just as shocked at the revelation as the rest.

Lory was about to ask, who it was when Lidio decided to let his presence be known and said, in Japanese. "Dad, did you tell mom that you'll be coming to Japan before you left?" he asked.

The man instantly bristled, it had never crossed his mind until now and the two bodyguards behind him paled considerably and felt sorry for their boss.

" W-Well..." before everyone eyes, the man want from powerful, strong boss to just a man who was afraid of his wife.

Lidio gave him a look that he had gotten from his mother and said. "You do know, she will come after you, once she comes back and finds the house empty without even a note?" he asked and carried on. "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she was heading to this very building right now, ready to kick your ass"

"W-Wait" The man stuttered, yes, stuttered.

"FAZIO! I WILL KILL YOU!" A feminine voice said and the males in the room cringed, they know a angry woman from just a voice and the man himself paled and sent his son a pleading look, the fact that his wife had said it in Japanese meant that she wanted people to realise what was coming.

Lidio gave his father a look and want to cover Maria eyes, from what was about to happen, his father had quickly sent a look to his bodyguards, but both of them started inching away from their boss.

They weren't suicidal.

That's when they all felt the killing intent and most of them froze on the spot in fear, others even passed out from the fear.

It all happened too fast for normal people to see, all they saw was a blur before Fazio was sent crashing into the wall with a sickening crack.

All eyes widened at the downed man, who they thought wouldn't be sent flying so easily.

What monster could have done this?

They all got their answer a second later in a form of a high heeled boot accompanied with a slender woman body, pink highlights in her blond hair and her finger in a short purple dress that only reached her knees.

"What a kick," Fazio said, completely fine and not for the first time did he regret teaching his lover Martial Arts, he slowly got to his feet, only to meet a fierce glare and the man cowered.

Lidio came to his father rescue by placing his hand on his mother shoulders and the woman turned towards him, her glare was still in place at first before she saw who was touching her and her eyes instantly softened.

"Mom, it's not dad fault," Lidio said in Italian and the man shot him a grateful look. "I told him that he needed to see something that concerned you and once he heard it was about you, he rushed over here immediately"

Enimia was touched and Fazio took a step forward and planted a kiss on her lips which she returned before she turned to her husband and asked. "So what was it that you needed to see?" she asked, complete oblivious to how everyone was staring at her, now that her face was in view.

"You just need to turn around," Fazio said, gently knowing she would probably get the shock of her life.

Enimia turned around slowly.

Her eyes met with the same identical shade of eyes as her own.

Juliena Hizuri and Enimia Vozza looked at each other.

They both fainted.

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