Help Gibbs, I need you

Chapter 2

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Abby had fallen asleep in Gibbs' arms. He had gently laid her back on pillow and he wrapped the blanket around her. He sat back on the coffee table and just gazed at her. God she was so beautiful. Her eyes were red from crying and he knew she was worried about her mother. He just sat there watching her sleep. "What can I do for you Abby?" he thought. "How can I take this pain away from you?" Then an idea hit him. He knew just what she needed and he knew he could at least ease her pain for the moment. He quietly stood up and kissed her on the forehead. He adjusted the blanket around her again and walked quietly into the kitchen reaching for his phone.


Abby was walking and walking toward Gibbs' house. She had to get to him. She needed him desperately. Finally, she got to the door of his house. It was unlocked as usual. Abby quickly opened the door and ran toward the basement. "Gibbs, Gibbs, where are you? I have something to tell you. Where are you?"

Gibbs opened the door of his basement and stepped into the kitchen to meet her. "I'm right here, Abbs. What's up?"

" I have something to tell you. I love you," she gasped. "I love you with all my heart."

Gibbs stepped back and stared at her. He raised his eyebrows and his eyes began to twinkle. "What make you say that?"

"Life's too short Gibbs. I don't want to keep this to myself. If you don't return my love I understand but I had to tell you." Abby looked at him with anticipation in her eyes. "I hope you love me too and not like a daughter or a puppy. "

Gibbs took her in his arms. His blue eyes twinkling and a smile crept on his face. "Well, let me see. Do I love you? Interesting question." He put his hands on her cheeks and pulled her into a kiss. The kiss was long and passionate. When he pulled away Abby just looked at him spellbound. "Love you," He kissed her again. "Nah!" He said sarcastically winking at her. He saw her eyes blink and she displayed a look of shock on her face.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs, how could you kiss me like that and then say you don't love me." Abby was angry. She was fuming at him. Gibbs kissed her again. He tried to kiss her anger away.

"Now if you don't know how things are you are not as smart as I thought you were." He grinned wrapping her in his arms.

Abby looked into his sparkling blue eyes and then she couldn't help but grin. "You don't love me like a daughter, right"

"Nope." He smiled kissing her again.

When Abby woke up she could still feel his lips on hers but it was still a dream or was it. She wanted so much for it to be real. She wanted Gibbs to love her. Then she realized that she was not at home. She was on Gibbs couch. She was wearing his red hoodie and was wrapped in his blanket. She shook her head. "Was it just a dream or did Gibbs really kiss me?" she thought. She sat up and looked around. "Where is he?" She then heard him talking in the kitchen. She stood up and followed the sound of his voice into the kitchen.

"That's right McGee. I need two tickets to New Orleans tomorrow morning first thing. I don't care how much it costs. Abby and I have to get as quick as we can. Why?" He cleared his throat. "I'll let Abby tell you when she is ready." He looked up and saw her standing at the end of the table. He smiled at her and signed "Hi". "Yes, Vance knows. Just call me when you have the tickets." He hung up the phone and got up from the table. He walked up to her and wrapped her in his arms.

"What was that all about?" she asked.

"McGee is getting us tickets. We are flying down to New Orleans tomorrow. You need to be there for that oncologists appointment."

"You're going with me?" Abby asked surprised.

"Of course I am. I promised you that you would not face this alone." He kissed her on the temple. Abby looked at him puzzled. "What's the matter now?"

"Gibbs this may sound strange but did you kiss me earlier."

"I always kiss you Abbs." He smiled.

"No I mean a real kiss."

He smiled. Then he kissed her again on the lips. "Yes, I think I just did it again."

"And I said after we find out about my mother, we have to talk." He nodded. "I'm going to just say it Gibbs. I love you. I think I always have." She blurted out.

Gibbs stood looking at her. Her face looked so hopeful. She really did love him. He pulled her to his chest. "I love you too, Abby. Are you sure you could love me? I'm broken Abby."

" Broken?" she smiled. "You're not broken just a little bent. So am I. Remember I know all that. We have been together for years. I know all of your quirks and I know you can be a bastard to others but never to me." He looked into her eyes and she saw tears fill his blue eyes.

"So your saying, you don't care about my past."

"That is what I am saying." He picked her up in his arms and twirled around the kitchen. Abby could not help but giggle with excitement. " I have no right to be this happy. My mother could be dying."

Gibbs lowered her down still holding her firmly in his arms. "Yes, you do. Your mother is strong. Let's just sit back and see what we are facing. We will face it together." Abby nodded. She kissed him just as his phone rang. Flipping his phone open. "Gibbs, Thanks McGee. I owe you one." He closed his phone and returned his attention back to Abby. "We leave at 0600." Abby smiled.

"I need to go home and pack. You could pick me up in the morning." Abby replied.

"I have a different idea. Why don't I drive you over to your place? You pack and then come back here."

"Better idea." Abby smiled hugging him.


Luca Scuito was standing just out his mother's hospital room. He looked left and then right. He did not want anyone to see him enter his mother's room. When he was satisfied that no one was watching him he opened the door. He glanced toward the bed. His mother was sleeping peacefully.

He quickly scoured the room looking for his goal. He found the closet that was near the restroom of the hospital room. He carefully opened it. He knew that his mother would not hear him but he did not want to broadcast his presence to any of the nurses or orderlies in the hallway.

Inside the closet he carefully zeroed in on his mother's purse. He hesitated as he opened her wallet and carefully removed her credit card. He stared at it with a frown on his face. Could he do it? Could he take her card? Then he remembered the reason for his visit. His wife was very demanding. Once again he found himself at a cross road. She wanted and she had threatened if he did not come up with the money she would leave him and take his daughter away.

He frowned and shrugged his shoulders. Had to be done he thought to himself. He knew if he told her he was in trouble. That he would be going to jail without the money, she would help him out. She always did. She always believed his lies no matter how outrageous they were. But today when he called she refused. She was in the hospital and could not get to the bank. But he had already spent the money. He couldn't wait.

He stuck the card in his pocket, closed the closet door and snuck out of his mother's room. He headed toward the nearest ATM. Thank goodness he had remembered her special cash advance code. He could get the money he needed immediately.

He sadly lowered his head and left the hospital. As he left the room his mother slowly opened her eyes and watched him leave tears filling her eyes.


Abby had fallen asleep quickly nestled in Gibbs' arms. They had decided to snuggle on Gibbs' guest room bed. They had discussed lots of things as they drove over to get Abby's things.

The elephant in the room that they did not discuss was the sexual attraction they both felt. Gibbs wanted to wait. This was Abby. He wanted it to be special so he did not bring up the subject. Abby knew he was an old fashioned guy. She wanted Gibbs to make the first move.

Gibbs had asked if she would let him join her on the guest bed. She nodded smiling. She did not care. Snuggling with him was just as special. They loved each other and that was all was mattered.

Tomorrow she had to be a grown up and face the possibility of her mother's death but tonight she had someone who loved her. Someone who would stand by her and face whatever was going to happen together. She was not alone anymore.

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