Help me Gibbs, I need you

Chapter 7

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Previously on NCIS

Gibbs escorted Abby into a small garden in a courtyard of the hospital. It was peaceful and quiet. The couple moved toward a small bench that was surrounded by flowers. Gibbs still had his arms around Abby. He could feel the tenseness in her body. Talking to Abby at this point would do no good so Gibbs just sat next to her rubbing relaxing circles on her back.

She was still fidgeting from the anger she was still feeling. She started mumbling to herself. "I'm just not ready. This is not fair." Gibbs then kissed her temple. She raised her head to stare into his piercing blue eyes. She managed to smile at him. "Thanks" Abby was slowly beginning to relax.

"No need Abby." He pulled her closer into his arms. "I'll do anything for you. Anger in this situation is perfectly normal in this situation."

"I'm not sure I can face this," she whispered.

"You're not alone here Abbs."

"I know and I know I have no choice." She snuggled closer to him. "I just don't want to have to deal with this. I just don't want to." She was crying again quietly.

"I know sweetheart. But we will get through this together." He kissed the tears that were rolling down her face.

"I still don't want to do this but it is good not to be alone. I wish we had admitted our feelings before all this drama. It would have been fun just to enjoy each other." She told him.

Gibbs nodded. "Wish we had. "He gently lifted her chin so her green eyes were looking into his blue ones. "But we are together now and I'm not going nowhere." He leaned in and kissed her. Just then his phone rang. Both of them jumped. Gibbs pulled out his phone. "It's the nurse." He quickly answered.

"Agent Gibbs. We need you back up here right away. There is a problem."

"Gloria?" he questioned.

"I can't say. We just need you and Miss Scuito up here."

Abby looked at him with a look of horror on her face. "Thanks. We will be right up there."

"What is it?"

"Don't know." Gibbs replied. "Relax Abby. It could be nothing." He stood up and took her hand."

"Nothing huh. Only if my luck changes." The couple hurried toward the door and then the elevator. Both of them worried at what they were going to find when they got to Gloria's room.


Abby had her hand in Gibbs' hand as they exited the elevator on Gloria's floor. Both of them could hear a commotion coming from Gloria's room. It sounded like things being thrown around Gloria's hospital room. Gibbs patted Abby's hand and they walked up to the nurses' station. "What's up?" Gibbs asked.

"Follow me," the nurse replied. She let the couple into Gloria's room. Inside there was a man dressed in a business suit trying to give Gloria a large manila envelope. She was rapidly signing for him to get out of her room. She was making almost screaming sounds and glaring at him with total hatred.

Abby quickly left Gibbs' side and ran to her mother's side. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I have a personal business matter to discuss with Mrs. Scuito. Would you two kindly leave us alone?" the man replied rudely.

Abby squared her shoulders and looked at the man's face. "Hold on Mister. I am Abby Scuito and this is my mother. In case you are too dense to notice my mother is deaf. She has no clue what you are talking about so if you don't let me know why you are here and why my mother is so upset." Abby said firmly signing for her mother as she spoke.

Gibbs walked up to the man and gently placed his hand on the man's shoulder. "I suggest you start talking before I kick your ass," he whispered in his ear.

Gloria looked at the situation and calmed down somewhat. "He's here to serve me with an eviction notice. How can he evict me from a house that I own outright?" She was totally confused.

The man handed Gibbs the papers he was holding. "I am sorry I upset her. But she has been sent several notices about the foreclosure and she never responded. She can read can't she. Because if she can't I am obliged to read it to her."

Gloria looked up at Abby. She began to sign. "Don't talk down to me Mister. I read words and I read lips. I never received any notices from my bank." Abby interpreted.

"Hold on Gloria," Gibbs signed after he read the notice. "This is from a different bank than is on your records." Then he looked at Abby. "They are giving her 48 hours to leave the premises or they move her" Abby gasped.

Gloria looked at Abby and Gibbs. "You knew all about this." She signed. "Why did you not tell me?"

"Relax, Gloria. We just found out last night." Abby told her. "We have the team looking into the legal ramifications of this."

Gloria looked at her daughter. "Do you know who did this?" Abby nodded with a frown. "Oh my, Luca." Gloria signed. Abby nodded again as the tears filled her eyes. "What do we do now?"

The man was still standing in the hospital room during their conversation. "Well I have served my summons. Remember the 48 hours starts from the time I served the papers. If you are not out by the deadline we will move the stuff outside." Gibbs turned to him and glared. The glare was so intense Abby could almost see the laser beams coming from this blue eyes. The man began to squirm. "Of course if the mortgage is paid in full then all this stops." He turned quickly and left the room.

Gloria watched the man leave. She then turned to Abby. "Luca did this how? How did he borrow money on my house without me knowing? Am I that stupid?" Abby could see the tears in her mother's eyes. Abby walked up to her and wrapped her arms around her mother. She held her close trying to convince her mother all would be ok.

Gibbs looked at the pair and wiped the wetness from his eyes. He walked up to the bed and caught Gloria's attention. He signed and spoke. "It is ok Gloria. You are not stupid. Luca is very tricky. My team is looking into things. We will fix it somehow. Don't worry. I promise you."

Abby turned to him and smiled weakly. "Thanks" she mouthed.

"No problem." He blew her a kiss. "I'm headed out to talk to our friend and ask him a couple of questions. Get your mom settled down. Love you." He whispered and then he left the room.

Gloria pulled away from her daughter and signed. "Where is Gibbs going?"

"He said he was going to check on a few things. Remember he promised to fix things." Gloria stared at her with disbelief. "And Gibbs always keeps his promises."

"Abby I know you believe that he will but there are things even Gibbs can't fix. Your brother has taken everything from me." Tears once again fill her eyes. "Abigail, I want to see your brother. I want to see him now. He has managed to take everything your father and I worked for all these years. When I die I have nothing to leave you. Nothing."

"Gloria, mom, I don't want all that. I want you alive and happy. Please let us take you to Washington. I need you alive for as long as it is possible." Abby signed crying.

Gloria pulled her daughter into a hug and gently rubbed her back until her daughter's body had given out from the sobs. Then she pulled Abby away from her chest and signed "I will go to Washington with you if you think this doctor can keep me alive longer. I know that is what you want. Now please do what I ask. I need to see your brother." Gloria gave her daughter stare almost rivaling Gibbs. "Do this for me Abigail. It is time I disciplined that wayward child."

Abby nodded and grabbed her phone. "It is about damn time." Abby thought to herself.


Gibbs ran after the process server as soon as the door to Gloria's hospital room closed. He managed to reach him before the elevator door opened. Gibbs joined him in the elevator. As the elevator began to descend toward the ground floor Gibbs reached out and hit the emergency stop switch causing the elevator to come to an abrupt stop. "What was that for?"

"I have a few questions I need to ask you." Gibbs replied looking firmly into the man's eyes. "First I think you were entirely rude to my lady friends in there. I want to know who you work for. Are you a constable or do you work for the bank who holds the mortgage?"

"I don't have to tell you anything."

"No you don't. That is true. But if I were you I would answer my questions. I have some friends to can find out." Gibbs growled grabbing the man by the scruff of the neck. "Look friend, these ladies mean a lot to me and I will do what it takes to make them happy." Gibbs lifted him up off the ground with one hand. "So I suggest you answer my question."

"Hell it ain't worth it. I work for the bank holding the note. The owner of the bank wants this property pretty bad so he won't be giving any leeway other than full payment of the loan. So unless if you are not prepared to pay the 50 thousand dollars to retire the loan Mrs. Scuito is out."

"50 thousand?" Gibbs questioned as his mind began to race.

"That's the amount in full in 48 hours. No grace period."

Gibbs let the man go and moved toward the emergency stop button. He started up the elevator. "See now that was not too much trouble." Gibbs patted them man on his cheek. The man quickly slipped out of the elevator when the doors quietly opened. Gibbs just watched him go. He stepped out of the elevator himself and grabbed his phone and dialing a number.

"Hello Jethro," was the answer on the other end of the phone. "How can I help you? You never call unless you have something important."

"You are right as always Bob. Abby's mother Gloria has a problem I need your help with." Gibbs explained.

"Well let me know the problem and let's see what we can do." Bob Anderson replied on the other end of the phone. "I assume since you called me it involves money."

"You guessed it." Gibbs told him.

"Ok let's see what we can do. Give me a minute to pull up your accounts."

"Thanks man. I knew you would try to make this happen." Gibbs found a private place. He so hoped he could fix this for Abby as he smiled to himself.


Upstairs Gloria Scuito had finally succumb to the exhaustion that all this stress had caused in her already failing body. Abby stood looking out the window. "I really hope we can fix this. I know Gibbs promised but how. He is the best but how is he going to manage it?" She thought to herself as she stared out of the window at the blue sky. At least her mother had agreed to go back to Washington so maybe this new doctor will be able to prolong her life. Abby wiped the tears from her eyes and she sat down in the chair next to her mother's bed. She dosed off listening to her breathing slowly in and out.