Hollyoaks High: New Class

Introduction and characters:

DeeDee and Anthony Hutchinson (17)
Lexi Roscoe (16)
Curtis Royale Black (17)
Michael and Rachel Savage (17)
Daniel Lomax (17)
Becca Osborne (16)
Hilton Cunningham (18)
Rose Lomax (17)
Alex Dexter (16)
Starr Donovan (16 ½)*

*Tony and Diane split when Deedee and Anthony were kids*
*Trevor, Ziggy and Celine didn't die*
*Daniel's father Louis Loveday only stops by on major holidays*
*Darren/Nancy, Maxine and Dodger and Joel and Cleo got their happily ever after*
*Cindy and dirk are still together*