Chapter 4

Rachel is seen laying out tons of outfit options for Deedee's party on Saturday morning
Anthony is doing pull ups
Rose is making breakfast
Hilton is busy serving the morning crowd at the juice bar

Starr Donovan, a cute curly haired girl sighed happily as she got comfortable in the village hot tub. It had been a super long first week and now the only thing on her schedule was relaxation.

"This water is so bloody brilliant" Starr raved as she took a sip of her lemonade.

"Oh I know babes" Her best mate, Lexi agreed as she carefully climbed into the hot, bubbly water.

"Love the bikini where did you find it?" Starr asked.

"Me mum bought it from Fashion Nova" Lexi revealed as she slid on her sunglasses.

Starr smiled. "I'm so chuffed first week is finally over"

"Me too. As much as I like not having our uniforms anymore and enjoying my classes, I'm so relieved it's finally Saturday" Lexi agreed.

"I hear there's a big party going on tonight, it's been all over school" Starr mentioned.

"Oh it's probably upper sixth only mate. There's no way we could have been invited" Lexi pointed out.

"Right" Starr said softly as she swished her feet in the water. "I think we should crash, I mean there's not going to be anything else to do tonight"

"That would be social suicide babes and besides we'd be humiliated all year" Lexi calmly argued as she took a drink of her cherry cola.

"I know but…it'd be so ace if next year we could be popular like Deedee Hutchinson" Starr mused.

That evening Michael, his sister and Rose were all walking to the Hutchinson's flat where the party would be.

"Ay Rach, ace lippie color" Rose complimented as the three teenagers made their way up the stairs that led to the flat door.

Rachel smiled at her mate's compliment. That night she decided on a bright red orange color for her lips-it looked very beautiful even her mum approved and said it complimented her skin tone. "Thanks"

Before Michael could knock on the door, Deedee answered-her usually curly hair was straightened and in a high ponytail. Chosen outfit was a velvet burgundy camisole and black skinny jeans. "Mike you made it!" She cheered.

The boy smiled as he took his leather jacket and leaving it with coat check. "Thanks for the invite Dee" He said over the loud music.

Rose had managed to find the kitchen and made herself a drink which was basically cranberry juice and club soda. Since she wasn't yet 18 lager was out of the question but she was sure her classmates didn't give a toss.

"Ay" Zara greeted with a smile as she walked up to her Photography classmate.

Rose smiled as she greeted her new mate. "Hi ya Zara. I didn't know you were coming tonight"

"Well…I wasn't planning on it and just get a head start on my photo assignment but finally decided what the bloody heck" Zara said. Rose looked so cute that night-a black spaghetti strap crop top and striped maxi skirt-the combination of both showing a tiny bit of middle.

Why is this girl so flaming cute? Rose asked in her mind as she also took note of the blonde's ensemble-a purple tie dye skater dress with three quarter sleeves and cut out camel brown ankle booties. "So can I get you a drink?" She asked.

"Sure" Zara agreed. "What you're having will be fine"

Rose smiled as she poured the attractive blonde her own cup of cranberry and club soda before handing it to her.

Deedee laughed girlishly at one of Michael's jokes. So far operation Michael has been a success but she wanted more information on the hunky athlete. He looked super fit in a black button down shirt and ripped jeans. And he smelled so yummy. Just then, Yellow Claw's "DJ turn it up" started which apparently made her school mates head to where all the dancing was.

"Come on" Deedee said with a sexy smile as she took Michael by the hand, the bass and infectious beat of the song making the blonde excited. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and begin lightly grinding against him.

Michael was impressed by Deedee's confidence and the way she danced. As the song carried on, his hands slid down to her voluptuous hips as their bodies became one with the music. The moment was so sexy and hypnotic words couldn't explain.

"You know you're a very ace dancer" Michael said into Deedee's right ear so she could hear him over the music.

Deedee felt goosebumps all over her body as she felt her classmate's breath on her skin- it was a mixture of energy drink and cool mint. "You know it" She purred seductively as she rested her hands on his muscular chest.

Michael smiled at the attractive girl as they continued to dance.

Deedee then turned her back to Michael and begin to sexily sway against him as she wrapped a tan arm around his neck to bring him closer to kiss him. The second their lips touched-there was sexual chemistry.

Anthony meanwhile was also grinding with a few girls from school, Amy included.

Rose and Zara were in the kitchen drinking their non-alcoholic concoctions and laughing-all the while neither girl not being able to stop thinking about the other.

Daniel was at the soda table rehydrating after being in the middle of a dance circle. Everyone at school said he was brilliant on the dance floor so he went with it. At that moment he had his eyes on Rachel who was chatting with some of her mates.

Deedee giggled as she led Michael up to her bedroom so they could get more acquainted in private.

Anthony looked at around her hot pink and girly bedroom with lots of pictures and posters on the walls. "Ace room"

"I know right?" Deedee asked with a laugh as she sat down on her large bed with pillows of various sizes and colors and black satin bed set.

Michael cautiously got comfortable next to Deedee, his nerves on overdrive. He knew she wanted something when the blonde invited him up. "So…"

Deedee didn't want to waste any time so she scooted closer to her classmate and immediately planted a kiss on his lips. Meanwhile downstairs the bouncy beat from J. Cole's "ATM" was booming.

"I didn't know you were a J. Cole fan" Daniel said as he and Rachel sat on the sofa chatting and enjoying their soda. The brunette had managed to break away from her gaggle of mates and get to know Daniel better. They hadn't know a whole lot about each other even though they have been attending the same school since primary.

"Yeah he has some brilliant bangers" Rachel agreed as she bopped to the beat.

Daniel smiled at Rachel's cute head bop. "You know, it'll be more ace if you use your shoulders and arms" He suggested.

Rachel laughed. "I'd love to take notes from you dance god" She teased.

Daniel blushed at Rachel's compliment before starting to move. "Ok first off you move your shoulders left and right, isolating them"

Rachel copied his motions. "alright" She said.

"And now you simply move your arms like so" Daniel continued as he had his hands in fists and began to cross his arms over each other.

Rachel couldn't help but smile as she grooved with Daniel. "Wow you're good as if I didn't already know" She teased.

Daniel laughed casually. He then spotted a bag of chips and some bean dip on the coffee table in front of them so he decided to be a gentleman. "Want some?" He asked.

"Sure" Rachel said as she took one and ate a chipful of the delicious brown dip. "Brilliant" She said once she was finished.

Daniel then noticed a small blob on her beautiful face so he reached for a random napkin and wiped it off. "You had some…er, dip on your cheek" He explained.

"Thanks for noticing" Rachel said sincerely. "I would have been proper embarrassed if I had that all night" She said with a laugh.

"Want some more orange pop?" Daniel asked.

Rachel shook her head. "No, I should have some water or club soda now" She said. The girl enjoyed soda pop like everyone else but she wasn't addicted or anything like that.

Daniel smiled before getting up and fetching the beautiful brunette some water. He was beginning to like Rachel a lot and now saw her more than a mutual school acquittance.

Rachel ran a hand through her hair which she curled for the party as she found her mobile and realized it was only ten and since her and Michael had to be home by no later than 1 the twins were ok.

Meanwhile, Starr and Lexi were having a two person slumber party and bing watching season one of Orphan Black. Since they weren't invited to Deedee's party, the girls decided to kill boredom by gossiping, eating snacks and just having a good time.

"I so wish we could crash the party" Starr said once the current episode they were watching ended.

"Me too but what can we do?" Lexi somewhat agreed as she bit into a beef pastry. "Ay have you heard of this bloke in year 13, Hilton Cunningham?" She asked her mate.

"I've heard of him and he works at Icy" Starr recalled.

"Well I was on chapter nine of Divergent and was needing a thirst quencher so I ordered a sugar cookie milkshake" Lexi began.

"Yeah?" Starr asked as she sat up and cradled a pillow in her lap.

"And I told him I knew him from college and he said in this cheeky tone that he knows everyone" The girl gushed.

"And…that's it?" Starr asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nope. He said my full name" Lexi said with an excited smile.

"No way" Starr said with a smile. "That's pretty ace"

"I know" Lexi said as Starr's bedroom door opened and in walked a flamboyant teenage boy with wavy brown hair and skinny jeans and Converse trainers.

"Hey girlies!" the boy greeted. There was only one person who could great the girls in that campy but friendly fashion-Alex Dexter.

"Hi ya mate" Starr greeted as she fist bumped her friend.

"Looking lovely" Alex complimented as he made himself at home at Starr's computer desk chair. "So what are you lot up to?"

"Binge watching Orphan Black" Lexi said as she stretched her arms over her head.

"Oh that ace clone show. What season?" Alex asked.

"One and Sara is getting used to being Beth" Starr explained.

"Oh" Alex said as he sat on the bed sandwiched in between his friends. "Count me in on the viewing party. He said with a wide smile.

Starr then clicked on the next episode and turned up the volume so everyone could hear.

Michael tried to stay in the moment-Deedee Hutchinson, the fittest girl in their form was on top of him kissing him like there was no tomorrow. The feel of her pouty pink lips on his skin, the luxurious velvet of her top, the scent of her perfume…Of course he fancied her but there was something about the boy only his sister and parents knew.

"Umm…Dee?" Michael asked breathlessly as he opened his eyes.

"Yeah?" Deedee asked in the same tone.

Michael said as he rubbed his face with his right hand. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked.

Deedee couldn't help but roll her eyes. "You ruined a perfect moment to ask me that?" She quizzed.

At that point, Michael become increasingly embarrassed. "I just…never done anything like this before" He admitted as he sat up and fixed his shirt.

The blonde knew where he was going with his confession. "You're a virgin" She said rather than asked.

Michael slowly nodded. "Yeah"

Deedee then stood up and turned away from her crush facing her bedroom window. "You should go" she said quietly.

Michael was taken aback by her response. "Dee-"

"I thought you fancied me but I guess I was wrong" Deedee continued.

"I do but…I want to know you before we have sex" Michael calmly argued.

Deedee scoffed. "What are you 50? Whatever, just get out" Deedee demanded loudly.

Michael sighed as he turned to leave the room but not closing the door. I shouldn't have told her. He thought as he headed downstairs to find his mates. Just when the night was going well.
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