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Dark brown haired, brown eyed seventeen year old Emily Elizabeth Prentiss was sat in the back seat of a black SUV with tinted windows, she stared out of the window as the vehicle bumped along the tree lined dirt track leading to camp New Dawn. Her mother's aide Steven was driving, he was quite cheerful considering he had been driving since midnight when they got off the private Lear jet her mother had arranged.

Camp New Dawn was a summer camp that dealt with troubled teens. This was her second summer at the camp, the first time was when she was fifteen. She had made some really disastrous decisions. She was a bit of a rebel before that but her best friend Michael, her mother's old aide's son had kept her out of trouble for the most part. That year his grandmother had fallen, breaking her hip. Mike and his mother had gone to stay with her until she was back on her feet. Emily had missed him fiercely, he was like an older brother to her. Her mother was so busy being an Ambassador that she didn't spend as much time with her as either of them would have liked.

Emily was never sure if things would have been different if Mike had been there. The Ambassador had just moved to a new post and while the adults had a dignified get together all their kids had their own party. To fit in Emily had done things she wasn't proud of. The thing that had turned the brunette's life upside down was having sex with one of the boys. He was eighteen and cute and he was a good kisser, when she wouldn't go all the way. He had accused her of being gay. She had slept with him to prove she wasn't. Afterwards she had gotten very drunk and was grounded for a month when someone had taken her home. Emily let her mother think drinking was all she had done. The brunette had learned to compartmentalize her emotions, but this refused to stay in one of her boxes.

Being grounded also meant she could avoid everyone that had been at the party. Moving around so much made it easier to have a tutor. If her mother noticed she was quiet she put it down to her punishment.

Then Emily's next period was late and she totally panicked. She called Mike in tears and told him what she had done. Mike had been silent for a moment then told her to that he would think of something. A few hours later still listening out for the phone to ring she found out what his solution was. Mike had told his mother who had called the Ambassador.

The brunette was so shocked at what she considered a betrayal she swore to never speak to him ever again.

The Ambassador had been calm as she asked questions and Emily was waiting for her to start yelling.

Elizabeth on the other hand was being swamped with guilt, she knew that her daughter was lonely since Michael and his mother had left. The fact that the younger brunette had not come to her hurt. Up to that point she hadn't realised how bad her relationship with her daughter had gotten. Now she was determined to put it right. The ambassador had looked into all the possible options. Emily still in a state of panic had said she wanted it gone so her mother had gone down the abortion route. Afterwards for the first time since was very little she had sobbed in her mom's arms. The doctor who did the procedure always recommended talking to a therapist, an abortion was upsetting enough for an adult. Elizabeth had found a therapist who's sister ran a camp back in the States. A phone call had guaranteed Emily a place.

For the first time the young brunette was around people who would understand. The camp councillors were kids who had come to the camp themselves. Emily had never seen friendships that strong before. From overhearing them talk, only three councillors hadn't come back that year, one had moved to Texas, one now lived in Germany the last was at Soccer camp. She had kept to herself even though she was learning to share in the group talks. She didn't tell anyone about the abortion, but she had admitted to having sex to fit in. She was finding help listening to the others surviving messy custody battles, abuse and substance addiction. Dr Casey knew of course and she had weekly one to one sessions with her and some of the others. By the end of the month Emily felt better. She was looking forward to seeing her mom. She had taken a pamphlet about being a councillor when she left and when she showed it to her mother, Elizabeth had instantly agreed to arrange for the training course she needed to take.

Emily sighed as she sipped her bottle of water remembering how she had got to this point. She was excited and nervous in equal measure. The camp staff and councillors were coming the weekend before the campers for last minute training and for then to get to know one another.

Casey was meeting the councillors when they arrived. Emily was one of the last the rest were in the mess hall. Steven unloaded her bag as she hugged Casey.

"Welcome back."


"Have you eaten?"

Emily nodded.

"Okay, you're in cabin 7. Come to the main hall when you've unpacked."

"I will." Emily said goodbye to Steve then watched him drive off before hoisting her bag over her shoulder and setting off along the row of cabins. She chuckled to herself Cabin 7 was where she had lived.

The single story cabin looked exactly the same as it had a year ago, except that it wasn't raining. She knew the interior would be a main room with two sets of bunk beds and a row of four metal lockers and a table. On the left wall was a door leading to a small bathroom. The main shower block was in the centre by the kitchens. On the right was a door leading to the councillor's room that had two more bunk beds in it and two more lockers. She wondered who she would be sharing with?

She pushed the door open…..


Emily found herself on the floor.

"Oh MY…..I am so so sorry."

Emily looked up at the flustered voice into a pair of the bluest eyes she had ever seen. "Um…"

"Oh god, I've given you a concussion. I did the same thing to my brother…My mom's always telling me not to barge through doors…"

"I'm fine," grinned Emily, The girl was a little shorter than she herself was, the late afternoon sun was catching the girls long golden blond hair. The girl was so worried she was babbling.

"I'm Emily, Cabin 7." She stuck out her hand.

"Jennifer Jareau, my friends call me JJ." JJ took hold of the brunette's hand and hauled her to her feet then shook it properly. "Cabin 7."

Emily let go of the blond's hand when she realised she'd held it too long. JJ didn't seem to notice.

"You're really okay?"

"My ass is fine, my dignity not so much." JJ laughed, a sound which made Emily's heart beat faster.

JJ picked up Emily's bag and carried it to their little room, giving the brunette a good view of her rear.

Damn? What am I doing? The thought wasn't strong enough to make her raise her eyes. Luckily JJ asking if she wanted to be top or bottom made her focus higher.

"Any is fine. You got here first."

"Okay top, if you're sure." Said JJ, dropping Emily's bag on the lower bunk. "

The brunette expected the blond girl to go and join the others but she stayed while Emily unpacked. Asking simple questions like her age and did she have a good trip. When sixteen year old JJ said she had missed the last summer because she was at soccer camp, Emily realised she had heard about her the year before. The girl was popular, something Emily was not.

"You're not going to ask why I came here?" asked Emily, curiously.

JJ smiled from where she was leaning in the doorway. "Nope, you'll tell me when you ready."

The wording caught the brunette by surprise, JJ could not know how hard it was for her to talk about things that she kept in her boxes.

"I bet you're starving, if there's nothing left we're allowed to make sandwiches. Once everyone's here we need to keep to scheduled meals."

"So we have no rules yet?" asked the brunette.

"Not till Monday morning."

As Emily was putting the last of her things in her locker she could almost feel the other girl's eyes on her back. "A sandwich sounds great. Lead the way."

JJ led the way to the kitchen, with the new girl walking by her side. She blushed thinking about knocking her flat. Emily could easily have been angry. Instead she was very nice, the blond liked the brunette instantly. Which wasn't usual, although she was perfectly friendly when she met new people she reserved judgement until she got to know them better. So her reaction to her co-councillor startled her. Only the old cook Cathy was there washing a sink full of pots and pans. She had already been warned and nodded to the two girls then continued washing.

JJ opened the refrigerator, "There's cheese…" She paused while she checked the other containers.

"Cheese is fine," said Emily not wanting to be any trouble as it was obvious JJ was going to make it.

"Cool, lettuce, mayo?"

"Yes please."

"Your wish is my command," grinned JJ. Emily watched as her new friend found a loaf of bread. "TA DA!"

Emily smiled, her mouth was watering, she cut the sandwich in half and gave JJ half.

"It's your dinner," protested JJ.

"I insist."

JJ relented and the tapped their halves together like champagne glasses.

Cathy shook her head, smirking, she had been with the camp since it was started fourteen years earlier and she had many lasting friendships blossom and some extra special ones.

After eating they joined the other eighteen teenagers in the main hall. Ten boys and ten girls. Cabins 1 to 5 were where the boys slept and 6 to 10 were the girls.

Emily recognised a few on sight. Her brown eyes kept returning to her blond companion sitting next to her. She wanted to reach over and feel her skin to see if it was as soft as it looked.

What the hell? Emily folded her arms to make sure she didn't do it if her mind wandered.

Casey stood up and welcomed them all. "I know most of you have heard this speech a few times." Some of the gathered teenagers groaned dramatically, Casey laughed good-naturedly. "For you new people then, You will get a basic file about your campers. Likes, dislikes. Any triggers. We don't force our campers to talk. Most of you know we wait till you're ready."

Emily resisted looking at her friend.

"Other than the fact that our campers have been going through a tough time we still plan to have a lot of fun. To that end half way through we'll have our usual Talent contest. Anything goes except fire breathing, knife swallowing and juggling those things." Casey grinned. "Okay come get your files then mingle. "Breakfast is at 8 sharp."

JJ had bounced up immediately to go and get there file. Nearly everyone greeted the blond soccer player cheerfully, she was hugged by a couple including one big guy who was made like a line backer. He had jet black hair and light blue eyes. Emily felt a stab of something as he enveloped her friend in a bear hug. She didn't recognise him but JJ obviously did. It took a while for the blond to re-join her with their file. JJ led her to a quiet spot under a giant tree behind the mess hall.

JJ flipped it open, "Our campers are Megan Johnson, allergic to shellfish. Loud noises trigger nightmares."

Emily opened her mouth to ask why then snapped it shut the file wouldn't tell them that.

"Beth Lewis, very shy." JJ paused at the next name, "Rosie Carter," she coughed past a developing lump in her throat. She had to stop being affected by names similar to her sisters. "Has a limp and is very self-conscious about it. And last but not least Jackie Smith. She hates being teased even in fun."

Emily was studying the blond, something had happened she just had no idea what. She knew from last year that the councillors started off the group talks by sharing their own stories. Maybe she'd find out why JJ had hesitated.

"Want to go for a walk?" asked JJ needing to do some sort of physical activity.

"Sure, I bet you know your way around here better than me." She was pleased to spend more time with her. They had a nice walk to a nearby stream. It emptied out into a small lake that the campers swam in. Emily found herself telling JJ about her mom's job and moving all the time. JJ stopped and wrapped Emily in a hug.

"What's this for?" she whispered.

"You sounded sad," replied JJ, releasing her before the brunette could detect her suddenly beating heart. For a while they walked in silence. Neither knowing what to say.

"So," said Emily eventually, "Have any pointers as the senior camp councillor?" This was a safe topic.

"Don't get mad."


"Yeah," replied JJ, "Most of the kids are fragile and getting angry either scares them or forces them to react."

"Okay, got it."

"And don't break a confidence." Added JJ.

Emily stopped abruptly. "I would never do that." She knew what that felt like. She noticed the blond giving a calculating look.

"You'll be fine," said JJ linking her arm through her friends, "And you can ask me anything. I promise to try to answer."

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of organising rotas, activities and last minute training.

Emily couldn't sleep on Sunday night, she hoped she didn't screw this up. These kids needed support, a wrong word could do major damage. She sat up being careful not to hit her head on the top bunk and disturb JJ. She ran her hands through her dark hair.

"Can't sleep?"

"AAAAAAAAH!" Emily cracked her head on the bunk frame as she jumped. A thud told her JJ had jumped down.

"Sorry. Are you okay?" The blond gently rubbed the bump she had accidentally caused. Emily closed her eyes as she felt JJ hand. She wanted the blond to touch her for ever.

"OW!" Emily nudged JJ with her shoulder, "You trying to kill me?"

JJ snorted, if she was making jokes she really was fine. One thing that concerned her though was she was sure the brunette fell asleep after her and always got up first. Maybe Emily was an insomniac? Or was something worrying her? She found herself wishing that the brunette trusted her enough to tell her why she was here.

"I'm going to get some hot chocolate from the rec hall," said Emily standing up, "Want one?"

JJ nodded, "I'll come with you."

"It's four hundred yards away," chuckled Emily, "I'm not going to get lost."

"I, er…." JJ couldn't actually think of a reason other than she wanted to be near the brunette. "I don't want to stay here by myself….I um could be scared of the dark."

Emily raised an eyebrow, completely disbelieving what her friend had just said. She had wanted to invite JJ to walk with her but she didn't want to seem clingy. Was it possible that JJ felt the same way she did? Whatever she felt was.


The brunette instantly loved the nickname. "Yes Jen?"

JJ was momentarily robbed of breath, her sister had always called her that. But coming from Emily it didn't hurt.

"Are we going or are we going to stand here all night?"

Emily grinned. She bowed and opened the door for her friend.

The next morning was organised chaos as the campers arrived in a collection of vehicles. Casey was directing the teenagers to their Cabins where Emily and JJ were waiting. Footsteps on the wooden stairs alerted them.

"Prepare to repel boarders," whispered Emily before the door was opened.

The girl who entered had the reddest hair they had ever seen. Her nametag said Jackie. The two older girls shared a look. They were pretty sure what the girl got teased about.

Next was a thin girl wearing a plain grey hoodie with her hands in her pocket, she kept her head down.

"Hey Beth," said JJ even though they couldn't see her name.

Meg had dyed black hair and a nose stud, she was carrying two bags. Lastly Rosie limped in.

JJ who had had the odd injury new that a limp that bad should really need a cane or crutches.

"Thanks," muttered Rosie as Meg dropped he bag on the nearest bottom bunk.

"Okay guys," said Emily, "Unpack then we'll give you the nickel tour."

"And after that we'll take you to the most important place of all" added JJ with a wink.

"Where?" asked Jackie.


Over the next week Emily relaxed as she got to know the kids. The days were full of hiking, swimming and ball games against the guys. The first group talk had come and gone. JJ had started them off.

Emily had listened to how JJ's older sister had killed herself, how JJ was the one who had found her. Part way through the brunette had reached over and linked their fingers together. For the rest of the hour they held hands, while they heard about the horse riding accident that had shattered Rosie's leg and that now she was terrified of horses and at the same time she missed her pony Spot who looked at her over the fence whenever she ventured near the paddock.

Beth had been bullied. Meg had been with her grandfather when his BBQ exploded. The old man had survived but car backfires and thunder sent the girl back to that moment. Jackie had kept silent. So had Emily. Their first day off JJ had organised a surprise picnic then took the brunette to a clearing she had been taken to the first year she was at the camp.

"How did you find this place?" asked Emily staring around the grassy clearing. The sun was filtering through the leaves of the surrounding trees. "It's beautiful." JJ was stood with her back to her. "Jen?"

"It's my sister's birthday today."

"OH Jen," Emily dropped the bag containing their lunch and walked to her friend where she wrapped her arms around her. "You never said?"

"I wanted you to enjoy yourself," admitted JJ turning in the embrace to bury her head in the brunette's neck. Emily gently rubbed her hand up and down the blond's back.

"I was having a really hard time and Shelly one of my counsellors brought me here. And because of the safety rule about not wandering in the woods alone she spent all day sunbathing on the other side giving me the space and time I needed." JJ had maintained her hold on the brunette while she talked.


JJ raised her head, her eyes filled with unshed tears.

"Are you okay with me here?" Emily's heart was trying to beat its way out of her chest. She was so close to her, she reached up and hesitatingly wiped away the first tear that fell. She swallowed.

So did JJ then she stepped back, "I wanted you here with me." Taking hold of the brunette's hand she led her back to the bag. They ate in a comfortable silence. Something had changed.

They came back into an almost full-fledged argument between Meg and Jackie.





"Time out!" yelled Emily, to get their attention. "What's going on?" JJ let the brunette take the lead as she had spoken first. Neither girl answered. They knew it had to be about the colour of her hair.

"Should I guess?"

Meg was starting to look ashamed of herself. She grasped a strand of black hair, "Under this my hair is light brown. That's a fact. I said I could've dyed it red like Jackie's."

The redhead in question was fidgeting. JJ gave a slight shake of her head Jackie's wasn't ready to talk. JJ was such a good reader of people that Emily trusted her judgement without question and let the matter drop. The night before the next scheduled group talk Emily tossed and turned, it was her turn to start things off. Around 2am she gave up trying to sleep. She sat up with a sigh. Avoiding the top bunk had become second nature now. The bunk creaked and two legs appeared and JJ dropped down and sat next to her.

"You don't have to talk, you know." JJ had an uncanny ability to read her mind.

"I came here to help. How can I not?"

"Would telling me first help? Like a dress rehearsal?"

Emily buried her head in her hands. Suddenly JJ's opinion was the most important thing to her. What if she hated her? What if she thought she was a slut?

"Nothing you say will change how I feel."

Emily raised her head, the way she said that….? While she was still pondering the blond girl leaned forward and softly brushed her lips against the older brunette's. Emily stopped breathing.

JJ bit her lip looking shy. She refused to panic for doing something she had wanted to do since the day in the clearing. Emily still hadn't moved. "Em? Please say something?"

"Can I kiss you?"

JJ grinned as she nodded. They had led together on the bed making out for what felt like hours.

"I guess I should be asking if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?" JJ rested her head on Emily's shoulder.

"No. You?"

"I've dated."

Emily gently ran her fingers up and down JJ's back. This was the perfect opening, before she could chicken out she took a deep breath. "I had an abortion." She said shakily, "I was really stupid." She would explain more later for now she just wanted to get the basic story out. "I couldn't even think about a kid, and thinking about giving birth scared be to death. "

JJ tightened her arms around the brunette, silently urging her to continue.

"I totally freaked and I wonder if I decided too fast. Maybe…."

JJ interrupted her with a kiss.

"The craziest thing is… he was right."

"Who was?"

"The guy he said the reason I didn't want to sleep with him was I was gay." The brunette snorted softly, "I guess I am."

"I guess so am I," said JJ, kissing her again. They fell asleep in each other's arms. Emily's early rising habit came in handy making sure she was up before their campers. She had to hope that if they woke up before Jennifer that they wouldn't notice that she was in the wrong bed. Camp got so much better for them after that night they spent every possible moment together, knowing that their time was limited. The girls in Cabin & finally bonded when Emily shared part of her story and Jackie finally admitted she hated her hair because it was the same colour as her father's and he had cheated on her mom. He had moved across the country and Jackie was sure she reminded her mom of him every time she looked at her. Also Rosie walking in on them sharing a quick kiss had brought them together to cover for them. From that moment they slept in the same bed. They kept their activities to kissing. The feelings that came with it were still very new. The talent concert came and went. Rosie had an amazing singing voice and Beth could play a guitar so they had sung a medley of Madonna songs. They had come in third. Emily and JJ were so proud of them.

Emily who had used to have riding lessons helped Rosie get over her fear enough that by the time she left she was determined to feed her beloved Spot a carrot and give his nose a rub. Beth and Meg had become good friends and swore to keep in touch even going as far as planning to meet up at Christmas. Casey was going to get Jackie and her mother into a family therapy session. The two needed to talk. At first she hadn't like the idea until Emily had told her how much better she and her mom got on now.

A flurry of packing followed by a round of tearful hugs and the campers were gone. Some of them were leaving the following day. Emily was glad she had JJ for one more night. After a last supper of hot dogs they went back to the now empty cabin.

As soon as JJ kicked the door shut she turned and pulled the brunette to their room and closed that door too though there was no chance of being disturbed.


"This is probably the last time I'm going to see you," said JJ as she pulled her T-shirt up over her head and dropped it on the floor.

Emily's breathing and heartbeat sped up as she realised what JJ was offering. Wanting? "Are you sure?" It came out as a husky whisper.

"I think I love you," JJ undid and stepped out of her jeans, "I want you to be my first. And I'll be yours."

"But I'm not a vir….." JJ's lips effectively silenced her as the blond turned them and guided Emily to the bed.

"To me you are," muttered JJ, practically ripping the other girl's clothes off.

"Been thinking about this, have you?"

"Yes." Emily stopped protesting as JJ lay on top of her when all their clothes were scattered on the floor. She moaned into the kiss as the blond's erect nipples rubbed against her own. JJ gasped at the sensation as well. As JJ had made the first move the brunette thought it only fair that she got the first orgasm. With that in mid she rolled them and looked down into a pair of dilated blue eyes.

"I love you too." From that moment on her mission was to kiss every part of her blond lover starting from her head, to her breasts then down to where JJ needed her. Emily worked JJ up into a frenzy of desire until she crawled back up her sweating body to kiss her knowing she could taste herself as she plunged two fingers into her slick centre. Emily nearly came with her lover from the noises JJ made as she came. She didn't notice the nails digging in her back all her attention was on the beautiful creature lying limp in her arms. Ever so gently she kissed JJ who opened her eyes and gave her the most amazing smile.


JJ chuckled softly before flipping them, "Hi yourself."

"Damn girl, you keep looking at me like that and I'll come before you touch me." said Emily, feeling fire erupting low in her belly.

"Can't have that, now can we," said JJ moving down to take one rock hard nipple in her mouth. All thought left Emily as the blond worshipped her body before settling between her legs. She wanted to taste the brunette. Not long after that the brunette's body shook as her orgasm ripped through her.

JJ snuggled into her side then covered them up. This might be their last night together but she knew she would never forget it.

12 years later. Quantico, Virginia.

"Welcome to the team Agent Prentiss," said Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner, he considered himself lucky. The brunette had an excellent record with INTERPOL. "Our Media Liaison will be here in a minute to take you round and introduce you to the rest.

Emily heard the door open.

"JJ, will you ….."

The brunette spun around. It couldn't be!



TBC…. (maybe)

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