Chapter 2

Hotch's eyebrows shot skyward. He deduced some things instantly, obviously they knew each other. Slightly more confusing was that when he'd told the team Elle's replacement was coming from Interpol JJ hadn't said she knew somebody that worked there. So his Media Liaison did not know which led him to the thought that they mustn't have spoken to each other in a long time. College friends perhaps?

Looking at the array of emotions playing across JJ's face, utter shock and disbelief followed hurt then settled on angry before the blond realised her boss was watching her.

Hotch turned his attention to the stunned brunette, the new agent resembled a deer caught in the headlights of a sixteen wheeler. The woman quickly schooled her expression but not before the unit chief saw a strong flash of shame. He was suddenly glad that he had asked JJ to come to his office and not taken Prentiss into the bullpen. Heaven help the brunette if Penelope Garcia thought she had hurt JJ. He knew the blond could work under pressure and from his interview with Emily, she was the same. Hopefully the two women could resolve whatever had happened between them.

"Agent Prentiss, if you would be so kind as to follow me," said JJ very formally.

Emily nodded quietly. She knew she had totally screwed up but seeing JJ in the flesh she suddenly wished she could take back the last ten years and do them over. Would JJ let her explain?

JJ led the brunette to the bullpen and introduced her to Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid and David Rossi. Part was through another blond woman came over dressed in a pink frilly sundress, carrying a clip board and a pen that had purple feathers sprouting from the end. She bustled up to the new comer.

"This is Penelope Garcia," said JJ, smiling at her bubbly blond friend. "She's our tech analyst."

"Otherwise known as the Oracle of Quantico," added Garcia, cheerfully. Emily shook her hand.

"Hi, Emily Prentiss."

"So you're Elle's replacement," commented Morgan, grinning at the brunette then sighing dramatically as he stared at his pile of paperwork.

Emily glanced at JJ, there was a story behind her predecessor leaving. Until she knew her teammates better and they her she couldn't ask. Well she could've asked JJ but she wasn't sure the blond would even talk to her. If their places were reversed she knew she would be pissed.

Knowing there was a lot of paperwork for Emily to fill out JJ led her to the conference room where it was quiet. Alone the two women let the awkwardness between them show as they were no longer surrounding by profilers.


"There's a coffee machine in the main room," returned JJ before leaving.

"Damn." Muttered Emily sitting down. She watched the blond retreat to her office. The brunette sighed as she picked up her pen.

JJ slumped into her desk chair and ran her hands through her hair. Emily Prentiss was less than a hundred feet from her. She hadn't heard a single word in ten years. After that amazing summer they had kept in touch but they hadn't done the long distance thing. Emily's mom was in Italy. Saying that the brunette had surprised her with a two week vacation in the French Alps during the summer break before she went to college. That was the best fourteen days of her life, days spent sight-seeing and skiing during the day and making love on a genuine bear skin fur rug in front of a real log fire at night. They had both been single. JJ hadn't come out to most of her friends. It wasn't that she was ashamed it just never came up. She was concentrating on her school work and her soccer so that she could get a scholarship to get out of the small town she had grown up in. JJ had discovered that she compared every possible date to Emily. Joining the FBI left hardly any time for a social life. Hanging out with team didn't count because they had quickly become her surrogate family. Surprisingly the last person she had gone out with was a New Orleans detective called William LaMontagne Jr. He was nice and funny. He had been in town a few weeks back. It had coincided with the anniversary of her sister's death. They had just come home from a hard case and JJ had needed a distraction and they had both had far too much to drink and ended up in Will's hotel room and in his bed. JJ had never had sex with a man before and had left early before he woke up. Later when he had called asking her to get together again she had declined. When he had tried to sweet talk her. She had told him she was gay. He had hung up and never called her again. She turned her thoughts back to the brunette.

Emily had just stopped writing. No reason and no warning. JJ growled, if she had met someone she could have had the decency to tell her. The problem was she was sure if it was that simple she WOULD have told her.

"What the hell happened Emily?"

"Talking to yourself? Sweet cheeks." JJ jumped.

"Did I say that out loud?"

"Yes," replied Garcia, "So she's the one that you told me about?"

JJ nodded there was no point hiding it, Penelope might not be a profiler but she could read people much like JJ herself could. On one of their 'Girlie night's' they had told each other about their first time. Garcia was the first team member that she had admitted that she was gay to.

Garcia smiled sympathetically. It was a small world. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know," replied JJ honestly.

"You know where I am, if you need to talk."

"Thanks Pen."


Hotch needn't have worried about them working together, the following two weeks proved they could. By this time the rest of the team, except Spencer had noticed the weird vibes between the two.

While Emily was being broken in the team was off rotation, but they did do a local one. The brunette acquitted herself well. She and Morgan had apprehended the UNSUB after a chase and shoot out through a deserted warehouse.

The fact that Emily had come under fire had shaken JJ to her core. She had been monitoring the team from Penelope's lair, she had been feeling under the weather for the last few days.

"Talk to her," said Garcia when the team was on their way back. She had wanted to dislike the brunette on principle for hurting her friend but she couldn't and every time she caught Emily watching JJ she could see regret in her dark brown eyes. She was determined to fix it because she wanted both of them to be happy.


"Because you still care about her."

JJ frowned. If she was honest with herself she knew deep down what her friend said was true. She had been polite to the brunette and now she wasn't sure how to start a conversation. She sighed.

"Why don't we go out for drinks on the way home?" suggested Garcia, "And invite her to come with us."

"We can't talk in a bar."

"No but it might help you both to relax."

"Then what?"

"She has a kitten, you could ask to see him." grinned Penelope.

"She does?" JJ wondered when her friend had talked to the brunette to find that out?

"He's called Sergio."

JJ looked at her friend suspiciously. She was up to something.

Penelope was trying her hardest to look innocent. She was a romantic at heart and through her talks with Emily she was sure of one thing, she still loved JJ. "Sergio is the only person in her life."

"You mean she's single," translated JJ, giving in. Maybe they could be friends again.

Penelope smiled and hugged her. "Alright it's a date!"

JJ had to laugh at Garcia's exuberance.

To say Emily was shocked after she received the invitation when she found out JJ was going to be there as well was the understatement of the century. The blond had been avoiding her. Not that she could blame her. Did that mean that JJ might let her explain? She hoped so with all her heart which had always belonged to the blond.

Penelope wangled it so that she drove, hoping that she would be dropping her friends off at the same place. They did need to talk. She kept up a constant flow of chatter till they reached the small bar the team often went to after rough cases to unwind. A word in her chocolate Adonis's ear had ensured that if the boys went out together it would be somewhere else. Another reason to love Derek Morgan.

JJ sat in the front passenger seat glanced at Emily in the rear view mirror, the brunette was biting her nails. JJ didn't know when she'd started to do that but had come to know it as a sign that the brunette was nervous.

Okay I'm going to give her one chance to tell me why the hell she dropped off the face of the Earth. The fact that they weren't officially together didn't mean her heart hadn't been broken.

Emily was steeling every ounce of courage she possessed. She suspected that Garcia was trying to break the ice between them and for that she would be forever grateful. The only thing she wanted was for JJ to know the truth, after that it would depend on the blond.

The bar was relatively quiet, Penelope immediately ordered three beers. JJ was dragged off by some of the regulars to play darts. Emily grinned when she wiped the floor with them. The only game she excelled at was Chess.

The three relaxed and when a guy had come up to them in a dark blue suit like James Bond claiming to work for the FBI. Penelope had batted her eyes at him and asked to see his badge then had pulled hers out and asked him if it looked like this? Emily and JJ had followed suit and had burst out laughing as he slunk off.

Penelope's plan was working as her two friends began comparing notes on their first impressions of their teammates. As they left she wondered how to get to Phase 2? JJ solved that problem be saying she wasn't feeling so well. The bug that JJ had was lingering if it lasted much longer she was going to tell her to go to a doctor.

Emily had immediately said her apartment was the nearest and that she'd call JJ a cab to get home.

Quarter of an hour later JJ was throwing up in the brunette's bathroom while Emily was making them both coffee.

JJ came back into the very tidy but impersonal lounge, there were no pictures or ornaments. It looked like a show home.

"Feeling better?" asked Emily passing over a steaming mug.

"Yeah, thanks for the coffee and using your toilet." returned JJ sipping the hot liquid.

"Anytime," said Emily softly.


The brunette knew she wasn't referring to what she had just said.

"Do you have any idea how much what you did HURT!"

"I'm really sorry."

"Tell me why!" demanded JJ, "You have ONE chance Emily."

Emily sat down, her knee bouncing as she removed some of her internal walls. "I got a job at INTERPOL but I wanted to tell you about it in person. I'm good with languages." She paused.

"So you were an interpreter, big deal."

"Not just that I was an undercover agent." If anyone witnessed this conversation Emily would get in so much trouble.

JJ's lower jaw dropped open. Emily was a spy?

"I never got the chance, one of the other agents got into trouble and needed replacing ASAP so they sent me, that assignment took six months and I couldn't contact anybody that could possibly blow my cover. Oh, God I wanted to call you."

JJ moved to sit next the brunette on the white leather sofa. She could tell by Emily's voice she was struggling to keep her voice from shaking. "I would've understood that."

Without commenting on that statement Emily plunged on, "I got another assignment almost immediately. I was to get evidence on an ex IRA terrorist. The background they gave me didn't include being gay and when he started making advances I didn't know how to stop him with completely blowing my cover… I had sex with him Jennifer." Emily cleared her throat and quickly wiped her eyes, "I didn't think you'd want me after that."

JJ's heart was breaking for her friend, "Em."

The brunette kept her head down.

"Emily look at me," ordered JJ softly, reaching over she used two gentle fingers to turn the brunette's head so she could look into her tear filled eyes. "If you had blown your cover you would be dead and we wouldn't be here now. Wanting you after that or not was not your decision to make." The tears started spilling down the brunettes cheeks.

"I am so sorry I never wanted to hurt you, JJ." Sobbed Emily a moment later she was wrapped in a familiar pair of arms. It didn't take long for JJ to start crying too. By the time they stopped their coffee was stone cold and it was very late. The air had been cleared now that the truth was out. Then they talked. Emily had had a few one night stands usually when she was drunk and JJ admitted to not having had a serious relationship, she also told her about sleeping with Will.

"Want me to call you a cab?" asked Emily.

"No," stated JJ.

"Okay the phone's over there for you to call…."

"No," interrupted JJ, "I mean I want to stay here."

"You're sure?"


"Okay, you can have my bed and I'll crash on the couch."


"You want the couch?" asked Emily a little confused she was exhausted, letting down her walls always made her feel like this.

JJ shook her head, waiting for the brunette to grasp the obvious. She saw comprehension blossom in her friends face.


"I want you to hold me," admitted JJ, "That's all."

"I can do that," whispered the brunette.

"And then tomorrow we'll see where this goes."

Emily led the way to the bedroom and found JJ a long T-shirt to wear then changed into her own Mickey Mouse PJ's which made JJ smile when she came out of the bathroom.

The little black kitten, Sergio was curled up in the middle of the bed. Emily tickled him before moving him to the foot of the large king sized bed. She climbed into bed and watch JJ as she slid in and snuggled up to her. Feeling the familiar warmth she almost started crying again.

"I have missed you Jennifer Jareau."

"Me too." JJ fell asleep listening to the brunette's heartbeat.

The next day Garcia greeted them cheerfully wanting to know if JJ had gotten home safe.

JJ had blushed and said she had stayed at Emily's. Penelope didn't push for details but she was smiling broadly as she walked back to her office.

Emily felt a million times better this morning, waking up with JJ was amazing. She had slept better than she had in years. She had wanted to make the blond a huge breakfast but JJ's stomach was being queasy again. So she had settled on French toast.

She glanced at the calendar on her desk for some reason her eyes wandered back six weeks to the anniversary of JJ's sister's death. Suddenly her stomach dropped as her mind started spinning she got up and went to the blond's office.

"Hi," said JJ with a beautiful smile which faltered a little when Emily didn't smile back.

"JJ are you late?"


"Is your period late?"

Now that the blond thought about she was but Emily's arrival at the BAU had pushed a lot of things from her mind. Her stomach started rolling uneasily for a completely different reason.

"I can't be."

"We'll go to a drug store at lunch, okay?"

"You'll go with me?"

"You are stuck with me." promised Emily.

"Even if I'm….?"

"I'm not going anywhere," repeated Emily moving around the cluttered desk to hug the blond.

At lunch they did detour to a drug store and JJ vanished into the diner's bathroom while Emily ordered their lunch.

Five minutes later JJ emerged looking pale.


"I'm pregnant."

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