Chapter 7

It had been two weeks since Jackson had run JJ off the road and was still recovering. She had some badly bruised ribs and a slight concussion. Hotch had suggested she take the time to rest and heal, meaning more than just her physical injuries. Emily had wanted to stay and take the blond home when she was discharged but JJ had called her mother.

Emily was eaten up by guilt yet again. If she hadn't messed up so badly and hurt JJ she was absolutely positive the blond would have let her help her.

Now the brunette was struggling to keep her worry at bay while she was supposed to be concentrating on consults. All her messages had gone straight to voicemail. She knew JJ was alright because she called Garcia to keep them all updated.

That hurt too, that she couldn't even text her that she was okay. Emily knew that her abortion was different from JJ's miscarriage, the blond already loved the tiny life inside her.

That morning when Garcia had announced the Mrs Jareau was flying home today Emily decided consequences be damned she was going to talk to her… two weeks ago she would have said girlfriend. Now she wasn't so sure.

Garcia was waiting for the elevator when Emily finally finished her shift.

"You going to see her, Gumdrop?"

The brunette started to ask how she knew when she realised she knew how the bubbly blond knew. She had checked which flight JJ's mother was on to make sure that she really was gone. Of course Penelope would know.

Emily hated to admit it but at this present moment in time Garcia probably knew JJ better than she did. "Think it's a bad idea?" she asked quietly.

"I think JJ needs somebody." Garcia smiled sympathetically. When she had asked JJ if she wanted to talk to anyone, meaning Emily she had always said no. It was the first time she ever wished she was a profiler so she could figure out how best to help her BFF. She had lost her parents and JJ had noticed she wasn't her usual whacky self a few weeks into the job. The reason was the anniversary of their deaths was fast approaching. It had been JJ who had made it her mission to find out why and cheer her up. They had become firm friends. Now Penelope wanted to return the favour. Seeing Emily was still in the Bullpen, gathering her things she had decided that if she were JJ, then the person who could do the most good was the brunette.

Emily nodded.


The brunette looked at the key that her friend held out. "In case of emergency."

Emily raised an eyebrow, "Wanting to be left alone is an emergency?" Though she couldn't deny the fact she wanted to see JJ with her own eyes.

"You never know."

"Thanks." The elevator arrived and they stepped inside. At the parking garage Penelope hugged her.

"Take care of her."

"I promise."


The curtains on JJ's apartment were closed and there were no lights on.

For a while Emily sat in her car debating with herself if barging in really was the best thing to do. The deciding factor was that if the brunette had known JJ after her abortion she would have gone to her for comfort. Praying that this wouldn't make things worse she climbed out of her car and locked it.

She did ring the doorbell and knock before she used the key.

JJ's mom had kept the place tidy , a plate of uneaten sandwiches were sat on the kitchen table. Made just before the older Jareau left, she guessed.

"JJ? I'm coming in."


Emily could see both the living room and kitchen from the entrance hall, the only places left were the main bedroom, bathroom and tiny guest room with looked like it had once been a large alcove that had been walled off with a sliding door. She doubted she would be in there that left the bedroom and the bathroom led off it.


This time she thought she heard something? A heavy sigh maybe.

Emily slowly pushed the door open to find JJ curled up in the middle of her double bed hugging one of her pillows.

The brunette's heart broke for the obvious pain the blond was in.


"How did you get in?" JJ's voice was muffled.

Not wanting to get Garcia in trouble she deflected the question. "Do you need anything?"

"My baby." The words were whispered.

Emily sat down on the bed and very gently stoked the golden locks that she loved.

"I didn't think about being pregnant," continued JJ, "When I got in that squad car knowing we'd be speeding, knowing he was in a truck!"

Emily didn't point out that most people might not know they were even expecting yet. Another reason why she was hating herself.

"If you're here from some sense of obligation because you told me I was pregnant. You can go."

Emily winced. Was that why JJ hadn't called her? "I'm here for you."


"Yes. Anything you need."

"I need to feel something else!" exclaimed JJ before rolling over and pinning the brunette to the bed. She saw indecision in Emily's dark eyes. "Please."

Emily couldn't take JJ begging like that and nodded. Lord knew after a hard assignment at Interpol she had lost herself in a night or two of sex.

JJ's lips crashed onto hers. This wasn't going to be slow or gentle. The blond deepened the kiss immediately than pulled away long enough pull her T-shirt off, as she hadn't been out for days she hadn't bothered with her bra.

The brunette's eyes fastened on to a pair of rapidly hardening nipples. She sat up and took the closest into her mouth and felt JJ's hand tangled in her hair keeping her in place. Then JJ moved and quickly undid the brunette's shirt before pushing it off, her bra followed soon after. Usually the blond was very vocal, now however she was mostly silent. JJ's body however was responding to every touch.

JJ pushed Emily onto her back and reached for her jeans. While the blond unzipped them she kicked off her shoes. It took only moments to pull them and her underwear down and off. The blond rid herself of her remaining clothing before climbing back on the bed and straddling the brunette.

Emily gasped at how wet JJ already was.

"I need you now." said JJ huskily after kissing the brunette deeply as she rocked her hips against her stomach. She was instantly flipped over. Her lover ran her tongue down her body, between her breasts to the heat between her legs.

Emily moaned as the familiar smell filled her senses. How could she have been so stupid as to choose Interpol over this amazingly gorgeous creature? JJ arched her back as Emily's tongue started exploring. Even after ten years the brunette could still read the blond like a neon sign. She knew exactly when to replace her tongue with her fingers. She also knew just where at the base of JJ's neck to bite.

That caused a moan. Emily worked JJ up so fast and hard that the blond cried out when she came. The brunette thrust her fingers, drawing out her orgasm then carefully pulled out of her and looked at her golden haired lover as JJ covered her face with her hands and started sobbing.

Silently Emily pulled the shaking woman into her arms and held her as she cried.

JJ cried herself to sleep and Emily spent the rest of the night watching her. If JJ needed anything at all, she Emily Prentiss would provide it. She didn't know how their relationship would progress from here, but she was willing to do almost anything to make it work. She had fallen in love the summer they had met and as smart as she was she had let the love of her life get away.

That stopped now. She was going to be honest and hoped that JJ felt the same.


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