Junglestar casually padded into the warrior's den, "Hello commoners, I have come to see how you live your lowly lives."

Suddenly, a dark flash flew past the leader, and she leaped three feet in the air and clung to the ceiling.


Tinyflash shrugged, "It just flew in."

"GET. IT. OUT." The black she-cat screeched.

A tiny black warrior gently plucked the mammal out of the air, "I like it." Darkshadow swaddled the bat in a fluffy pink blanket and held it up to Junglestar. "C'mon, you know he's cute."

Meanwhile in Starclan…

Oakheart was admiring his reflection in a small pond when a noise from the clans drew his attention.



In a whirlwind of black fur and leather, something small smacked the former Riverclan deputy in the face. After a moment, the brown tom regained his composure and picked up a stick from the beach. He gave the bundle on the ground a few gentle prods.

Suddenly, the thing began to move. It flopped around listlessly for a moment before flapping up into the air.

Oakheart grabbed the animal in one swift motion and began to inspect it.

"What are you?"

"That's a bat, Oakheart," said Leopardstar, popping up from behind some bushes.

Oakheart gave the bat a once over, "A bat? Well, I guess he's kind of… cute."

"They also carry rabies."

"UGH! EEEWWWW!" Oakheart gave a girlish shriek before punting the small creature back down to the clans.

"Yay, you're back!" came an excited shout from below.