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Willownix - Hey everyone! Today, we're back with another idea courtesy of Darkshadow.

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Xandertop - Technically, we already have our own made up cats. But I was thinking of introducing another of my own cats, since GoldenLeaf is sane. :)

I'm hoping for this story to get even randomer actually...maybe not the best idea, but whatever!

Unto the story!

Goldenleaf had crept out of her den the following morning, darting through the shadows to avoid being seen. The black furred she-cat could still see Happy Meals hanging off branches from the previous day, looking like giant red pieces of hanging stone. The dance floor and speakers had somehow disappeared, and Windclan had returned to their own territory. Pawsteps light, she darted through the entrance like a fleeing rabbit.

Having made her way safely into the forest without being assaulted by any craziness, Goldenleaf threaded through the trees, scenting the air for any prey. Contrary to the others, she still preferred fresh kill to those...Happy Meals.

Scenting a chicken, she instinctively dropped into a hunting crouch. Whiskers twitching, she raised her tail above the ground and set her paws down lightly, as to not rustle any plants or give away her position.

"Real food!" she thought to herself with relief, tensing her haunches for the leap. Banishing the thoughts of the insane and crazy out of her head, she screeched in surprise as Junglestar broke through the undergrowth, the she-cat's approach having been decently silent.

"Chickaluca!" the insane leader screamed before tackling the white-feathered chicken and plopping it on her head. The chicken seemed resigned to its fate, letting out a cluck and ruffling it's wings slightly.

"What are you DOING!?" Goldenleaf demanded, having gotten back to her paws. "That was my food!"

"HOW DARE YOU TRY TO EAT CHICKALUCA! HAVE A HAPPY MEAL INSTEAD!" was all Junglestar answered before shoving a random Happy Meal at Goldenleaf and racing back to camp, yowling Chickaluca all the way back.

Leaping away from the Happy Meal like it was poison, GoldenLeaf dug her claws into the nearest tree and swarmed up it before she ended up killing Junglestar NINE TIMES!

"There goes my lunch," she muttered, lashing her tail before racing through the trees to another hunting area.

Yep. Goldenleaf was extremely ticked off at the moment.

Meanwhile, back at camp...

Junglestar raced into camp like a whole horde of badgers were on her red-tipped tail.

"Chickaluca!" she screamed. "I have brought home the mighty Chickaluca, kneel before," Junglestar paused, having the check which gender the poor chicken was. "Kneel before HER!" she continued, making sure to emphasize the word her. "NOW BRING ME A PLACE TO PUT CHICKALUCA!" she yowled out, holding up the chicken high in the air.

Instantly, a small, chicken sized throne appeared before her. Plopping down Chickaluca in the throne, Junglestar patted the chicken on the head with a paw before yowling once more, "Kneel before her! Kneel before the mighty Chickaluca!"

In .00000005 seconds, all the cats in the clan had come and were bowing or kneeling to the mighty Chickulaca. "All hail the mighty CHICKALUCA!" they screamed, not wanting to face the wrath of an angry Chickaluca or Junglestar.

Except two cats. Goldenleaf was out hunting, and once more Nettlepaw had barricaded herself in the apprentices den. Again!

The chicken was just glad that it wasn't eaten.

I hope that ya'll have enjoyed this so far!

Remember, randomness IS an important part of life!

Au revoir, mes amis!