Naruto, high school dxd idea

Naruto is raiser is a dushebag, but is also the reincarnation of naruto, who just so happen to wake up in raiser, thus changing everything for him, naruto is going thru with new life memories and hes disgusted by himself, having both the seriousness of the fourth great ninja war and the noble side of the devil family he is from, the two personalities have created something to be feared.

Changing things a bit by only having his queen in his peerage and his sister as the rook, while training his body up to par with his old one, using the knowledge of seals he recreates a uzumaki masterpiece, the time displacement seal, while one day is one year in it he takes a solid year in the seal, to train himself to his peak and reline his powers, skills, and abilities.

Now that hes set hes become the most feared thing in all history the perfect ninja, using all things hes able to do, the power of the clans fire, wind and flight along with ninjutsu, senjutsu, fuinjutsu, genjutsu, bukijutsu, and taijutsu, his super regeneration, he will do what he can to protect those he deems worthy, the rest he could careless about.

I would like to see people try to take this on, I will working on one myself, pairings are who ever the hell ya want.

Myself, I am inclined to ophis, she really dosent get enough love ya know.

So if you do take this on send me a pm and let me know so I can be on the look out for it my friends till then good fight, night, and remember might makes right!