Fin got up of the ground in front of Marceline house.

"What the flip fin why did you go crashing my digs."

"Glob sorry Marcy this really powerful monster was outside of your house and we wanted to fight it so we asked and he said yea so if you want to join in your welcome to."

"Fin you now I can't its day time."

Marceline yelled while slowly turning into her giant monster form.

"AAAAAAAAA sorry Marcy I didn't mean to it just you now kind of happened while fighting you can live with us for a bit till we fix you house."

Marceline calmed down slowly turning back into her human form.

"Fine but you better fix it or else got it."

Marceline said while spooking fin with a quick transformation.

"FFFIIINNNN hurry up were losing the fight."

Jake said while getting flung of the monster and onto fin.

"Owwww come on Jake get you self together."

Fin pulled out his demon sword and started to run at the monster swinging his sword gracefully and majestically Just as fin was about to slash the monster

It said.

"Ow glob no thanks bro I don't want to be sliced up by that peace."

And like that the monster zapped fin and dispread with a poof.

Fin fell after getting zapped by the monster hard while the blade of his sword whooshed past his face cutting him along his cheek

What yous reckon what should happen and this is me first try at a fanfic so be easy on me aye