Finn was embarrassed beyond beleaf standing there butt naked not knowing what to do while he stood the frozen the girls took this as an opportunity to gawke at the nude hero.

"God damm seems lil finny was hiding more than he led on about look at those abs the look like they are made of steel and are probably just as hard to hehe. Now what is he packing down stairs OW SWEET SWEET GLOB"

As Marceline looked at finns bottom halfe what she saw was would put any normal woman of the idea of sex case finn was packing a 13 inch woman plower and all Mareline could think is that she would love to have a round or ten with Finn the not so lil human. over withe bubblegum all she could do was stare at him and drool.

"All right ladys thats enough gawking at my bro"

Jake said as he streched him self around Finn to cover his naked body both Marceline and Bubblegum snapped out of it and simply looked a bit annoyed that there eye candy was taken away from them. BuBBle gum was the first to speak clearing her throat and wiping away the drool on her chin she began to speak.

"Maby we should bring Finn to the Candy kingdome to do some test to make sure the there arnt any side effects"

as she said that her mind went back to the image of Finn butt naked and she simply started to drool again.

"Right with you making a face like that i ant trusting you sister alright fin lets get out of here before thay try anything on you"

And with that Finn and Jake left the Ice Kingdome and headed back to there tree house.

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