December 15, 2015

Valjean Residence – Paris, France

Harry finishes up his cup of tea, while he and Jean sit down on a small makeshift coffee table, facing a vibrant garden of green grass, neatly trimmed everlasting rose bushes, and healthy herbs of basil, rosemary and thyme. "My friend Neville Longbottom would be envious of your garden, Mr. Valjean."

"I'd love to meet someone with the same passion for gardening as I do. The computer does get me worn out sometimes and my body isn't what it used to be. Still, there's something comforting about it, don't you agree?" Jean replies with a knowing smile on his lips.

"Definitely, Luna has more plants she wants to put in, but I'd like to think I have a good grasp of raising herbs and vegetables." Harry remarks as he raises his cup to toast Jean's insight.

Jean Valjean nods and meet's Harry's cup with his and they complete the toast. "I also have this little shovel to thank. It saved me for a couple to tight spots, especially those oblivators when I found out Cosette was a witch." He shows Harry a non-descript trowel with a green handle.

Harry notices the strength still evident in Valjean's arms and he knew he wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that blow.

Auguste comes in and the old man excuses himself, "I think I'd best leave this to both of you for now. I'd have to finish preparations for Eponine's request."

Once Valjean leaves, Auguste takes a seat and they share a knowing looking before casting their preferred set of privacy wards.

The cups clean themselves up and the teapot's contents switch to Arabic coffee. "To Harun." Auguste raises his cup and Harry follows suit, offering their salute to their fallen friend.

"So, Eponine proceeded with the decommissioning of the Lethifold Division?" Harry asks while taking a sip of the green caffeinated liquid.

Auguste nods and explains, "I've argued with her about it. We can stop more attacks in France with the hologlobe and the eyes in the sky. But what she replied strikes me as the most important thing. 'With this, yes Auguste, we can save French lives, but what about everyone else? You're focusing on the Auror Division and I have my dreams realized with my work in the Hospital. I've realized that magic has its limitations and if we breach the Statute of Secrecy too often, the mundane will notice and it will be the end of our world. We can save more lives by helping the UN team from time to time, along with our work here in Paris. We've given hundreds of magical families a chance to a better life. I'm not ready to give that away to be your Oracle.'"

"That also made me realized that if the technology we use falls to the wrong hand, it will be dangerous." Auguste finishes his explanation with a sigh.

"I couldn't say no to that. So we sent the armors we've made to the Department of Mysteries for both our Ministries. Pity we could not use the Sonar Pulses without our eyes in the sky interface though. The milder versions of zap-arounds however are exclusively sold at the La Resistance shop of tricks at Rue dela Magie." A chuckle is shared by the two for a while and their worries float away.

"I've heard what Ron and Marguerite did to Zacharias Smith with the arrest. How did you manage to put him in Azkaban?" Enjolras asks with a curious tone on his voice.

Harry shrugs and glances at Jean Valjean for a moment, as he helps Luna and Cosette set up the Christmas tree. "We couldn't have done it without Mr. Valjean to be honest. He tapped into the London CCTVs and found that little nugget of information on Smith's involvement. After that, Marguerite and Ron did the rest. Let me tell you, Scotland Yard and the MI6 were up in arms about the hack until I showed up to pacify those guys."

"We've always wondered how you've gotten away with magic in the mundane world. I've heard you've met John Alastor Moody?" Auguste remarks with his eyebrows raising up and betraying the stoic façade he has.

"He's a good friend of mine. His uncle and namesake Mad-Eye convinced him to go to Scotland Yard because he was non-magical. I remember after the war, he took down the three runaway death eaters I was trailing, while armed with only a butter knife and a single bullet from a snub-nosed revolver he forgot to reload a few hours earlier. He would still shout 'Constant Vigilance' at the staff from time to time." Harry takes another sip of his drink and lets out a sigh. "I'm weary of wars, Auguste. I've seen too much of it since I was fourteen. I'm just happy we dodged a war for both worlds for now."

"That we can both hope for, especially now that Maximillian is in a magical cell in Fort de Tournoux that is specially designed for someone of his caliber. Bahorel and Grantaire really outdid themselves in closing all avenues. We closed him out on Terrorism charges and blatant violation of the International Statute of Secrecy. De Morcerf, Villefort, Danglars, and Associates didn't stand a chance." Auguste nods and sees that their cups are empty.

"I think they were shocked when they saw Marguerite St. Just walk in with Percy with her. The extremists behind them were hopping like those Chinese Vampires with their hands raised forward. Katherine and Mikhail came in which silenced the crowds given their reputations in the ICW. Maximillian's defense team completely lost it when I walked in with Hermione." Harry refills their cups and focuses his attention to Auguste.

Taking a sip of the green brew, Auguste smirks, "Once Hermione Granger walked in, they knew that they were screwed." Auguste looks out to the well-maintained garden and asks, "Will your family be here for Christmas?"

Harry shakes his head and replies, "I'll take you up on your offer for Ramen night though next month. I bet Luna has some ideas for the broth that involves a cow head this time." He stands up and shakes Auguste's hand. "Thank you for everything and I hope we'll keep them at bay for a long time, Auguste."

"I hope so too Harry, for Lily and Ian's sakes." Auguste remarks, leading his English counterpart back inside the Valjean residence.

Laughter greets them as they see Luna and Azelma doing a pirouette together in sync. Lily and Hugo sit by the fire along with Eponine, who answers their questions about Ian. Hermione, Ron, Marius, and Cosette play Risk on the floor while watching the dancing duo. Gav is watching programming with a Raspberry Pi with Jean. As Auguste joins Eponine and the kids, Harry smiles softly at Luna and whispers to himself, "This peace is worth fighting for."