Sarada crossed her arms and stared blankly at the Nandaime's son.


Boruto huffed, unimpressed by her. There was only so much he can do without help at his age. It was a pain having to ask her since she was always refusing to join him on his adventures that he'd learn to stop asking a long time ago.

"It'll be fun, y'know! Plus it'll be easy to go back!"

"Trouble means fun for you," she snorted gently. "You'll get me in trouble. And I'm not having the Seventh be disappointed with me for letting his son ruin time-space continuum."

Boruto frowned openly at her and stared at the scroll in his hand.

"C'mon, Uchiha," he groaned. "It's just chakra you and I have more to spare! Pop says so!"

"We don't use our chakra for tomfoolery!" Sarada sighed exasperatedly, rolling her eyes. She had associated the feeling of wanting to punch the hell out of someone with Uzumaki Boruto. "Shino-sensei would kill you."

It was Boruto's turn to cross his arms. "Like Shino-sensei could lay a hand on me!"

"Go ask someone else, Boruto," she told him in finality, sure that no one would even hear him out. The chakra required was tumultuos for their age and maybe Chouchou would have it in her but the price was death. Boruto could probably do it alone with his Uzumaki lineage but then again he'd still probably drop for days in exhaustion. He had better chances surviving if Sarada was with him.

Despite not truly liking Sarada, he knew the girl was as good as an equal.

But she's always been a goody two shoes and he'd probably have to move the hokage monument just to make her consider.

"I just wanted to see what my Pop was like years ago," he muttered to himself resignedly. He'd already wasted a whole day trying to convince her. He might as well give up. Dinner's almost ready anyway and his mom's dang scary when he doesn't come home on time.

Sarada's face didn't change as he walked away. "Well, whatever... See ya tomorrow, Four Eyes!"

He could find something else from the Hokage's library of scrolls for sure. They wouldn't be as cool but maybe he'll find something better dattebasa.

Sarada watched him go for a moment and turned towards her own home.

The new house was almost just like the old one Mama accidentally tore down the other day.

Once Mama woke up, she'd enlisted some old friends' help. It took less than a day and thankfully, the bank didn't seem to have noticed anything odd about the new kitchen and bathrooms. Mama said they'd redecorated. The man from the bank who came by because of some rumor that the house had been leveled down nodded his approval and said that maybe, in a year's time, they could have the house reassessed. Mama seemed chipper after that.

When Sarada got home, the big house was empty once more. In the kitchen, she found her dinner and a note stuck on the fridge.

Be back tomorrow night, love. I'll be in the hospital if you need me. Breakfast is on the fridge. Money for lunch is in your room. I'll see you, Sara-chan! I love you, Sarada. - Mama

Sarada crumpled the note but tucked the it in her pocket.

She reheated dinner herself since they haven't been able to buy a new microwave; the old one destroyed from the other day.

She brought dinner to bed and ate on her study table.

The note had been thrown on top of the pile of Mama's other notes in a box under her bed. The cut picture of the girl in glasses underneath all Mama's letters.

She had the habit of looking through them whenever lonely or mad. She didn't know what she felt right now. Just that she didn't want to see them.

She finished dinner, washed the dishes and got ready for bed.

She set down her glasses and turned off the lights.

Despite the long day in the Academy and Sarada having to endure Boruto all day, she couldn't close her eyes to sleep.

She lay on her back and stared at the shadows in the ceiling caused by the light from the streets.

She stayed quiet and awake for a long time.

Sarada woke up with barely enough time to make it before first bell.

She also had to re-do her assignment in five minutes as she left the one she finished before class even ended yesterday at home in her haste.

During lunch, Sarada made the wrong decision to buy natto.

She left Chou midway and went to the range without another word.

She found Shikadai napping under a tree while Mitsuki and Boruto chatted and ate their home cooked meals, laughing about the underclassmen's first attempts with their henge.

Boruto had been a prodigy. He'd made fast progress and was able to master the kage bunshin easily. He was proficient in taijutsu as well like his mother and father. (They had their own record at 34-34.) But at least he wasn't as boastful as others would think. He was merely having a laugh because it reminded him of his first attempts.

If Mama's stories were true, it was a good thing the Seventh ended up with Hinata-obasan. She was probably the reason why despite his disrespectful and bratty attitude towards his father, Boruto showed signs of being well-mannered and polite, but not to the point of being formal like his mother. That was probably the Seventh in him.

Mitsuki waved as she approached. "Hi, Sara-shan!"

Sarada gave the boy a polite nod. Mitsuki swallowed his sandwich and smiled at her.

"How're you?"

"I'm well."

Boruto looked up and raised a brow at her. "I'm not talking to you right now, Uchiha. Go away."

Sarada took a deep breath and met his eyes.

"I'll do it," Sarada told him with a stern face.

Boruto's face made a familiar huge impish grin.