When Boruto started borrowing scrolls from the Hokage's personal (and strictly forbidden) library, he knew he ought to be careful. (On not being caught, of course.)

Boruto learned more from there than he would from anyone else because, let's face it, even his father wouldn't teach him rasengan until he became an Academy graduate.

He'd learned a couple of techniques there and luckily found out that he could do most of what he found.

He didn't actually have a method of picking. He just went in, grabbed for the one he could reach easily, spent the next few days learning and copying on his own set of scrolls and returning it as soon as possible.

His favorites were the Yondaime's own scrolls. Because seriously, his grandfather was kickass! To be called a prodigy like him lifted his spirits.

Also, he loved the challenge. They were really hard to learn and dealt more with precise chakra and his grandfather's fighting style revolved around speed and quickly taking down an enemy, so he often excluded traditional time-consuming methods such as hand seals. He hasn't gotten around to that level, but he was pretty damn fast.

Practicing the jutsu was harder than the actual stea- er, borrowing. His mother never let him out past seven without any valid reason and kept awake as late as eleven or twelve to wait for his father.

And having a hokage as a father wasn't as cool as everyone thought. (Other than it took a lot of work to spend time with him like he had before getting the job) Pranking alone was not for the faint hearted. Did anyone really and truly know how hard it is to leave his mother's all-seeing eyes? Did anyone really and truly know how hard it is not to be caught by a father who could multiply himself endlessly? The man didn't even need to use his sennin mode to find him. Every day was a new challenge for Boruto. Especially if he wanted to have time with his father.

Maybe it was petty and childish, but he missed Naruto. Pop used to always have the time for him. Take him out, buy him ramen, train him and tell him ridiculous stories of his youth.

Naruto had taken him aside before he'd gotten the job and told him about how it would affect their relationship. But he was six years old and what does a six year old actually know about being 'a big boy' other than caring for a younger sister? He doubted that 'big boys' fared well with no guidance from their fathers.

A subconscious part of Boruto knew that his parents were indulging him with his pranks. He wouldn't stop and them trying to catch him and was basically the only way he could spend time with them. Hinata was busy. Naruto was even busier.

The least they could do was prolong the chase. That's probably why Pop didn't use his sennin mode and why Mom would rarely use Byakuugan and let Pop do most of the chasing himself or er, at least, with a clone.

He was still a kid, though and Boruto wanted, no, needed, more.

So when he found the scroll, he wanted to try it at once.

It had been a pain trying to translate. It had been a pain trying to figure out the whole thing. And it had been a pain knowing he needed help.

The first person he'd had to, wanted to and needed to ask had been the Uchiha girl. But Uchiha Sarada was also the last.

She was such a killjoy, really!

He'd already given up on her but then she came to him and well, here they are, preparing for the jutsu that would bring them back through time.

It was a simple one, actually. With lengthy hand seals and required a load of chakra. It had about more than a hundred seals, immediately beating Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu's 44 hand seals which Boruto had never even tried before. If this goes to success, he'd definitely ask Kakashi-ojiisama to teach him.

It would be dangerous, for sure. The Nandaime had kept them stashed for a reason. Which made it more appealing to the eldest Uzumaki child.

He grinned every now and then, excited at the prospect of seeing his parents and of making his mark to stand out in his father's eyes.

He looked over at Sarada, who was reading the scroll and murmuring under her breath.

He doesn't know why she suddenly said yes but he was thankful.

Sarada looked up to him and blinked. "What?"

Boruto just smiled cockily and grinned. "I'm ready!"

Her lips set to a grim line and she looked at him dubiously. "You said we could go back easily. How?"

Boruto made a pout and narrowed his eyes. "It's in the scroll! I'll show you later."

"Show me now."

"Let's just do this, Four Eyes," he whined. "The longer we stay here, the sooner someone will catch us!"

It wasn't just his Pop watching over him, after all. Hyuuga men were also supposed to be watching him every minute of his life. He'd been hell bent on losing them every day and it was a pain to keep all those bunshin running around just to confuse them, giving him enough time to do whatever prank he was up to at the moment.

If his mother ever got wind of what he was up to now, he would be grounded until he was fifty.

Sarada glared at him. "I'm not doing this if you're not—"

She wouldn't stop all the blabbering now.

Boruto rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. "Tch. You're so annoying 'ttebasa! Just trust me!"

Before Sarada could berate him for ignoring her concerns for their well-being, he was flicking through the first hand seals.

Sarada would have hit him if she could.

He was flying through the hand seals a mile a minute and if she got him distracted by one bit, they'd never have the chance again.

Boruto grinned when she placed her palm on the middle of his back, letting her chakra flow down to him, the way she saw and felt how her Mama did it when she healed her own cuts and bruises. There were times that she had been an excited kid, going to work with her mother, proud of having such a talented mother. But Sarada grew up.

She knew she was getting in the way and realized Sakura brought her along because there wasn't anybody to care for her. It wasn't exactly going to be some bonding time if she had spinal injuries to operate on. And besides, the medic-nin weren't the greatest. She could hear them gossip about her behind curtains or clipboards or slender hands all the time. So Sarada put her foot down on her own. No more going to the hospital. She could learn to take care of herself. She knew Sakura had at least been half-relieved.

"…ne, tori, inu, uma, i, u, hitsuji, ushi, saru, mi, tori, i, inu, tora…"

The list of the hand seals was in Sarada's mind as she watched Boruto breeze through them. She closed her eyes and focused on the building chakra in Boruto's gut, trying to fuse hers with his without an explosion happening. It was hard to harmonize, after all, especially if she was aiding a jutsu that needed huge chakra reserves that would only come by to someone from the Uzumaki lineage. Boruto was still too young to be able to use that stored chakra, so he needed Sarada's help or else he might kill himself.

Approaching the last few seals with hearts beating erratically, both young shinobi tensed in anticipation. Boruto, excited and Sarada, half-afraid.

Then a scream resounded throughout the forest and the two looked up with Boruto almost missing a beat of three seals and jarring Sarada's chakra transference.

A twin of Boruto's scampered out of the forest, twigs and leaves knotted through his hair. It screamed as it ran towards them.

"What the-?!" Boruto spluttered. "I told you not to come to me within ten miles! How stupid can you get?!"

Sarada would have laughed. The idiot calling himself stupid? She should have brought a video camera.

"I'm sorry," it replied in panic. "But I've run out of places to hide from him!"

He hid behind Sarada, peeking as the clone's chaser burst out from the bushes.

Boruto groaned. Him again.

Seriously, mom had to stop sending these fools after him.

Boruto smirked, though. It looked like his clone gave the Hyuuga a hard time. Good.

Hyuuga Kuroki had violated a Hyuuga imperative.

He no longer looked like a Hyuuga.

It seemed impossible but Hyuuga are generally always impeccably clean. Even their clothing seemed to repel any kind of imperfection and dirt. It was worse than walking around arrogantly like a giant stick was shoved up in their asses. Sometimes even Boruto had trouble believing he came from that clan. (His room was a perpetual mess and he could barely keep his face clean when he ate. Mother was always scandalized and tried to make Himawari as prim and proper as she was but they were Uzumaki through and through.)

Grandpa Hiashi said that proper men, proper shinobi, must always keep himself clean and organized. That such focus on small things would make sure he would be the same on anything, thus making oneself consistent, effective and efficient. Boruto would wrinkle his nose and try not to drip tea on his newly provided yukata, which he would have to wear whenever they did any traditional nonsense in the Hyuuga compound.

With twigs and leaves and scratches all over him, the Hyuuga stepped forward, watching the clone disappear from behind the Uchiha heiress whose glowing hand was perched on the mischevous boy's back and said boy gulping as his hands flashed through seal after seal. The official and forbidden looking scroll completed the picture.

"Boruto-sama!" He gritted his teeth. "Stop at once!"

"Sorry! Can't hear ya!"

He got into a quick run, Byakugan activated and Boruto cursed inwardly, flashing the last seal; tatsu.

"Sarada! Now!"

Sarada bit on her free thumb roughly, blood bursting, red and flowing, splattering unto the scroll.

As one, the two young almost-genin yelled. "Sōzō ni Okeru Kami no Te: Jikan Hanten Buraindo Supīdo no jutsu!"

Boruto felt a wrenching sensation in his stomach. The last thing he sees was Kuroki's desperate grab for his jacket but meeting empty air. The last thing he feels was Sarada clutching his back closer to her and hear her gasp out.

He blacked out pretty quickly after.

Author's Notes:

I invented it using Google translate, so someone tell me if it's even right. Sōzō ni Okeru Kami no Te: Jikan Hanten Buraindo Supīdo no jutsu (Hands of God In Creation: Time Reversal Blind Speed Technique) :)

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