"So, how about we test out that rumour now?"

She slowly walked towards him, her eyes never leaving his. He felt a strange combination of fear and arousal. He gulped when she stood in front of him. She smirked and lowered herself until she was sitting on his lap. He felt his face heat up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved her face closer to his. Just when he thought she was moving in for a kiss, she went right past his mouth and stopped next to his ear.

"I'm going to enjoy this." She whispered, her breath brushing against his ear with every word.

His eyes widen when he felt her tongue flick at his earlobe before taking it in her mouth. As she started to gently nibble on his ear, her hands began to roam. She gently ran her hand down his chest, stopping above his heart. It was beating like he just ran a marathon. She moved away from his ear and looked him in the eyes. His face was flushed and his breathing was hitched.

"Tell me Elliot, is this your first time?" She asked. She already knew the answer. She could sense how nervous he was. Heck, she could practically smell it. She just wanted to calm his nerves This wouldn't be fun for either of them if he was all twitchy and fidgety BEFORE the fun began.

He turned his gaze away from her's and nodded, looking down in shame. She found his shyness to be quite adorable. She had never been with a shy boy before. All the guys she had been with were way too confident for their own good. They always claimed that they could please her like no one else could. But it was always the same. There was never any real satisfaction. But Elliot wasn't confident. Her was timid and inexperienced but that could be a good thing. She could use this. If there was one thing Koma loved more than anything, it's control. She loved to be the dominant one. Sure she didn't mind a guy being rough with her every now and then but there was nothing hotter to her than being to one who calls the shots. It was partially the she liked Elliot in the first place. There was no bigger turn on than a submissive partner.

"So I'm your first then? How sweet. " She said with a bemused tone. She cupped his face in her hands and turned his head to face her again. She moved her face closer to his until their lips were just inches away from each other. She then spoke in a soft, sensual voice. "Well then, consider this your first lesson in pleasure." She said before finally closing the distance between them.

The kiss was less gentle than the first one but no less amazing to him. He gasped when he felt her tongue run over his bottom lip, allowing her access. Her tongue ran over every inch of his mouth, as if trying to memorize every crevice. Deciding to be bold for once in his life, he moved his tongue over her's. His movements were shy at first but they got bolder as they continued. She moaned into the kiss as they started to play a game of cat and mouse with each other.

They soon parted, both gasping for air, a thin string of saliva connecting between them. Their faces were flushed from both the kiss and how musty the closet was. Sweat began to form on their foreheads and their clothes stuck to their bodies.

"Not bad. You're a pretty good kisser. " His only response was a nod and a bashful smile. She smiled and moved her face down to his neck. "Let's see what else you're good at." She whispered as she started kissing his neck. His breath hitched and his brain switched off. He wanted so badly to return the favour but he had no idea how. He did good so far but if he screwed up now he'd forever be known as the the guy who ALMOST scored with Koma Anders. That's not exactly something he wanted to be remembered for.

Sensing his hesitation, she took his hands in hers and placed them on her hips. "It's okay, you can touch me."

Not being one to turn down such an offer, he let his hand trail up her hips, liking the feel of her exposed flesh against his fingers. Making another bold move, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer until her chest pressed against his. She moaned against his neck and kissed her way up his neck until she reached his mouth.

"That a boy." She whispered before kissing him again.

Their tongues began to wrestling each other while their hands explored each other's bodies. Her left hand buried itself in his hair while her right hand made its way under his shirt and started exploring his back. His left hand remained on her waist while his right hand start to caress her thigh. She smirked into the kiss when she felt poke at the inside of her thighs.

'Now the fun really begins.'

He nearly jumped when he felt her body start to grind up against his. Their kiss became more passionate. He practically melted when he felt her grind up against his hardened length. If this is how good it felt with clothes ON then he definitely couldn't wait for the main event and judging by the way she was moaning, he guessed that she couldn't either.

That's when something wonderful happened. No, not THAT (not yet anyway). His left hand couldn't keep up with her movements. So in a moment of pure incoordination, his hand somehow ended up on her rear. He immediately moved it away only for her to put it back. And it didn't stop there either. She then took his right hand and placed it there too.

'I'm dreaming. Nobody pinch me!'

Meanwhile Koma was swimming in her own pool of pleasure. From what she could feel through his jeans he was definitely holding a decent package in there. She could feel her core dampen in anticipation and started to speed up her movements. She pull away to catch her breath and look into his amber eyes. She decided that she really liked his eyes. They were unbelievably dark, almost red. Like a vampire, which would make sense considering how much he liked bats. The image of a vampire Elliot fucking her was actually a huge turn on. The thought alone made her want to rip his clothes off and have her way with him. Which meant it was time for lesson two.

"Get up."

It wasn't a request. It was a demand and everyone knows that when Koma makes a demand, you don't say 'no'. So not even bothering to ask why, not like he could anyway, he immediately got to his feet. He looked a little funny with a tent sticking out of his pants but at the moment, nobody gave a rat's ass.

He expected her to rise with him but she remained where she was, looking up at him with devilish smirk and a sexy look in her eyes. She unhooked his belt buckle before speaking. "Now for lesson two: endurance." And with that, she yanked off his belt and pulled his pants down to his ankles where he kicked them off. He gasped when she pulled down his boxer and revealed his erect, burning length to the cold air.

He swore he saw her violet eyes darken with lust as she stared at his member before she spoke. "Seven inches. Not bad, not bad at all." She said as she tenderly grabbed ahold of his length. Slowly, as if testing him, she moved her hand up the base of his length until she reached the head before moving down again. She liked how soft and firm it was. She smirked and continued her movements, jerking him slightly faster but not fast enough that he'd blow his load too soon. She looked up to see fairing and saw that he was panting while knitting his eyebrows together. He wasn't close but she was definitely doing a good job at getting him there.

"Feels good doesn't it?" Her only response a nod and a soundless would-be-groan as she squeezed tighter around him. She giggled as she saw him grit his teeth before whispering "Want to feel even better?"

She didn't even give him time to answer, not that he could, before teasingly running her tongue up the length of his member. He would have moaned if he could. When she reached the head she gave it a chaste kiss before going back down his length. He could feel himself getting closer as she slowly made her way up again but he had to restrain himself. He wanted this to last as long as possible but the way she was licking him was just so….torturous.

'This is both heaven and hell at the same time.' He thought.

She stopped to look at his expression. His eyes were shut and his breathing was rapid. She honestly didn't expect him to last this long. Either he was surprisingly good at this or she was losing her touch. Neither was acceptable. It was time to kick it up a notch.

She made her way back up to his head which was starting to ooze with precum. She licked her lips before taking his girth in her mouth. He balled his hands into fists as she took him into her warm, moist cavern. She poked her tongue out over her bottom lip so that she was still licking him as she continued to move down his length. She took a moment to save his taste before her head up till only the tip of his manhood remained inside. She circled tongue around his head before moving down again. Elliot thought he was in heaven before but this was paradise.

Elliot wasn't the only one enjoying this. Koma began to feel that rush of control again. She loved the fact that she held all the cards here. Every ounce of pleasure he was feeling was because she allowed it. If she wanted to, she could make him cum right now or even torture him by going as slow as she pleased. It was all up to her and she loved it. The mere thought caused her womanhood to practically leak through her panties. In an attempt to 'relieve some frustration', she reached down into her soaked panties and began to play with her swollen clit while her other hand started to massage his balls. She knew he was ready to blow when she felt his length begin twitch in her mouth. All he needed was a little push.

Elliot didn't know how much more of this he could take. He was so close. He was trying to make this last as long was he could but the way she was sucking him off was just too much.

Just when he was about to blow (uh...so to speak) she stopped. He blinked twice at the sudden lack of moisture around his member before glancing down at Koma. She was holding his rod and looking at him with a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Oh I'm sorry, did I stop too early?" She asked, her voice dripping with fake sincerity.

He rapidly nodded, wanting nothing more than for her to finish what she started. She giggled at his response. This is why she loves control. "Aww, poor baby." She moved her face closer to member before speaking. "Do you want me to finish?"

He gasped in pleasure when he felt her breath brush against the tip of his member. Why did she have to stop?! He was so close! He was so desperate for a release that he actually thrust forward only her to move just out of reach.

"Ah ah ah. Not just yet. I want something in return."


He couldn't believe his ears. Was she seriously trying to bribe him?! With orgasms?! That was just….just...mean!

She giggled at the look of pure panic on his face. Oh how she wished she brought a camera. "Relax Handsome. I just want your word that if I do this, you'll return the favour. Deal?"

His rapid nodding was the only response she needed. "Good boy."

A smile graced her lips as she moved down to the base of his manhood. His manhood throbbed as he felt her warm breath brushing against him. She gave it a soft kiss, slowly making her way up till she reached the tip. Elliot knew he was about to explode. She gave him one final kiss and a quick lick before taking his whole length in her mouth, pushing head as far down as it could go. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. An inaudible groan erupted from Elliot's throat as he released his entire essence into her waiting mouth. It flooded over her tongue and washed its way down her throat. There was almost too much for her to swallow though that was partially her fault for making him restrain himself for so long. He shot three more ropes into her mouth before finally calming down. There was a loud "pop" sound as Koma removed him from her mouth. She used her to wipe up a stray drop of cum from the corner of her mouth and licked it up.

"Hmmmm...delicious." She moaned before looking up at Elliot. The expression on his face was a mixture of fatigue and relief. It was absolutely adorable.

"Don't tell me you're tired already. After all," She said as she got up. "you still have to keep your end of the deal."

With that being said, she grabbed him by his shirt and roughly pulled in for a kiss. Elliot immediately felt his cock spring back to life from the feeling of her soft, luscious, full lips moulding against his. Her hands began to tangle in his hair as the kiss got more passionate.

A strange feeling began to stir in Elliot. A primal urge of some sort. It was as if a switch was flipped, activating his more….dormant instincts. His hands began to roam her body, feeling every nook and cranny of her voluptuous figures. Soon Koma found herself pressed against the wall though if she noticed, she either didn't care or was too busy sticking her tongue down Elliot's throat to pay it any mind. She pulled away to breath while Elliot started to kiss her neck causing small moans to escape her.

"Hmmm….you're a quick learner." She whispered into his ear. The feeling of her warm breath against his ear caused a shudder of pleasure to run down his spine.

Koma wrapped her arms around Elliot's neck, pulling towards her until their bodies were practically one. A soft moan escaped her as she felt his hardened member brush against her exposed stomach. Their hands continued to explore while their bodies rubbed against each other. Elliot felt Koma tug at his shirt. Getting the message, he drew away and removed his last piece of clothing, leaving him completely exposed to her lustful eyes. She licked her lips before speaking.

"You know, it's not really fair that I have clothes and you don't." She said before remove her shirt, reveal a very sexy black bra underneath. Soon that was removed as well, leaving nothing between him and her beautiful breast. Elliot couldn't tear his eyes from them. The were just so perfect. They were about the size of his hand with tan nipples at their center. The sound of her voice broke him of his perverted trance.

"Like what you see Elliot?"

He slowly nodded, praying that none of this was some amazing dream that he could wake up from at any moment.

"Good, cause they're all yours."

To emphasise her point, she cupped her breast in her hands and soft started to fondle them. Elliot eyes widened and his raging boner stood at full attention. Koma simply smirked before saying the words that made his day.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Go nuts."

Being the opportunist he was, he slowly lifted his hand and placed them on her breasts. He almost couldn't believe how soft they were, like big squishy marshmallows. He gave them an experimental squeeze, causing her to release a soft moan. Feeling his confidence boost due to her moans, he slowly leaned forward and lightly lick her right nipple causing her to let out a loud moan. His circled his tongue around her erect nub for a bit before placing it in his mouth. He gently sucked on it while his other hand began to tweak her left nipple between his thumb and index finger. She ran her fingers through his shaggy black and she watched him suckle her breast like an infant.

"A-ah! Yes! Keep doing that. Oh!" She said between moans.

Elliot switched breasts, giving her left nipple the same treatment before he started to make his way down, leaving a trail of kiss down her stomach. He did this until he reached the hem of her shorts. He wanted to remove them but he didn't know if he should. After all, he was the inexperienced one here. What if he wasn't supposed to do that just yet or didn't have her permission?

Noticing his hesitance, Koma reached down and took his hands in hers. "It's alright. You don't be shy." With that being said, she placed his hands on the hem of her shorts. Being able to take a hint, he pulled them to her ankles where she kicked them off. Now all that was left was her soaked black panties. The moisture from her juices caused them to stick to her body. Curiously, he rubbed her slit through her panties with finger, gathering her juices and causing her to moan in the process. When the tip of his finger were covered, he brought it to his mouth and suck on it. He's eyes widened when her nectar touched his tongue. It was a lot sweeter than he expected. He wanted more.

Hooking his fingers in them hem of her underwear, he hastily removed them, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. He stared at her womanhood with a lustful look in his eyes before slowly leaning into it. Hesitantly, he lightly flicked his tongue over her clit just to see what her reaction would be. She let out a gasp while her hand balled into fists. Spurred on by her reaction, he wrapped his mouth around her clit and began to gently suck on it, causing moans to escape her. Her legs buckled when she felt him slid a finger inside her, soaking up the wetness in her walls. Why the hell was he so good at this?

"Ah! O-Oh yes! Keep doing that."

He happily obliged and added another finger while lightly nibbling on her clit. Her moans got louder as he continued to pump in and out while alternating between sucking and nibbling on her clit. Her hands raked themselves through his shaggy, black hair and her bended her knees to keep herself from falling. She was so close. She just needed a little more.

"A-Almost there."

She nearly screamed when he pulled out his finger and replaced it with his tongue. He licked around her lips before thrusting inside her with his tongue. She pushed his head closer to her core and started to buck against his mouth.

"Elliot, ah, don't stop! Oh god yes! Right there! Lick me right there!"

He happily obliged and continued to lick at that specific spot. It didn't take long for her to reach limit. She bit her lip so hard that she nearly drew blood in an attempt to stop herself for screaming. Elliot happily lapped up her juices, drinking it up like he hadn't had anything to drink in days. When she finally came down from her high, she pulled Elliot away from her core and brought him back to his feet before rewarding him with a kiss filled with nothing but passion and lust. When she drew away to speak, her words were filled with lust and desire.

"Elliot…" She whispered as she grabbed hold of his member, causing him to gasp in surprise and pleasure. She spread her legs slightly and positioned his member at her entrance. "Take me now Elliot. Show me how much of a man you really are."

All Elliot could do was nod. He placed the head of his length at her core before glancing at her again. She nodded and spread her lips with her fingers. That was all the reassurance he needed. He slowly pushed his member into her, her wetness making her nice and slick enough for an easy entrance. She let out a loud moan and wrapped her arms around him as he began to fill her. His length was only halfway in and already she was sent into a world of pleasure.

It wasn't just her; Elliot was enjoying this just as much as she was. If anyone had asked him a day or two ago to switch lives with them, he would've done it in a heartbeat. Now? Now he was thinking 'Screw eeveryone else's lives!'

Soon his length was completely buried within her. He couldn't believe how warm she felt around him. It was almost as if his length would melt if he didn't start moving soon. And that's exactly what he did. Slowly, he pulled himself out until only the head was inside her before sliding back in. She moaned his name as pleasure shot through her whole body. He continued his slow thrusts, slowly pumping in and out as their bodies gave in to their carnal lust.

"A-Ah! E-Eliot! Faster! Ple-AAH!

He didn't even let her finish her sentence before he began to speed up his thrusts, setting himself into a rhythm. Her grip on him tightened and her moans got louder. But it still wasn't enough. She wanted more. So much more.

"Harder." She moaned. He obeyed her command, moving faster and harder causing her moans to increase in volume. She pulled his body as close hers as she could and placed her head on his shoulder.


Again, he obeyed. She wrapped legs around his waist, using the wall behind her as support as he plowed into her. She had an unstable look in her eyes and an insane grin on her face.


He plowed into her as fast and hard as humanly possible, much to her delight. He didn't even know he could move like this to begin with. Every thrust brought them closer to the point of no return. Koma threw her head back, practically screaming from the pleasure he was giving her.


She no longer cared if anyone heard her. All that mattered was her, Elliot and pleasure. She couldn't care less if they got caught. Elliot however, preferred not getting expelled so he muffled her screams with a kiss.

Koma's eyes rolled to the back of her head when she felt Elliot hit a specific bundle of nerves in her core. Her nails clawed down his back, drawing blood and making sure to leave what would surely be long lasting scars. Noticing her reaction, Elliot repeatedly hit that specific spot, loving how she was tightening around him. She suddenly grabbed hold of his head, roughly pulling him deeper into their kiss and let out her loudest scream yet. He felt a warm liquid wash over his manhood, triggering his own climax. Koma groaned in pleasure when she felt herself being filled with his essence. Her legs tightened around his waist, refusing to let him go as his seed continued to shoot deep in her.

Elliot's legs gave out causing him to fall to his knees, remaining inside her the whole time. Once they finally came down from their orgasmic high, they parted their kiss and looked into each other's eyes. Koma caressed his cheek and gave him cheeky smirk.

"Bet you're glad I broke into your locker now huh?"

He lazily nodded. The fatigue was starting to catch up with him. His body screamed for him to rest but he couldn't. They still had four more hours of school left. He duly noted her taking his head and placing it on her chest.

"It's okay Elliot. I got Cheshire to explain to the principle that we weren't feeling well and had to leave early so you can rest all you want." She cooed while caressing his hair. He couldn't protest even if he wanted to. He eyes closed against his will, whisking him away to the land of dreams.

Koma smiled and hugged him closer to her. 'He looks so cute when he's sleeping.' She thought before closing her eyes and falling into her own world of sleep. She didn't Elliot open his eyes a little and look at her. A small smile spread across face as he snuggled his face between her breast. One final thought went through his mind before he fell asleep.

'Best. Day. Ever'

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