He was in pain he tried to open his eyes but it was too hard; it hurt everywhere

Someone was humming the voice was so sweet.

"Did I die"? He thought to himself

He could sense some women hovering over him and he managed to open his eye ,but it was really blurry. His vision was not clear at all but he saw long brown hair.

"Are you and angel ….." he whispered

The sweet voice giggled and said softly "no I'm not an angel I'm your nurse you were severely injured in an accident."

"I can't see very well ."

"It's normal you're just sleepy. Your girlfriend and colleagues will be very happy to see that you're awake." "Are you in pain?"


"Okay I will talk to your doctor and get your some more medicine "

"Thanks you're an angel "

She giggled again I will call your girlfriend and colleagues in now

When Derek woke up he saw Savannah and his team around him.

"Hey baby, I'm glad to see that your awake I was so worried" Savannah said.

"Hey Morgan you gave us all quite a scare"

"I'm sorry. "

You should be!, but you saved that little boy's life " Hotch spoke

Good morning Im doctor Jennifer Clayton and this is your nurse Penelope Garcia,

He looks up and saw the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He couldn't stop staring she had long dark brown hair beautiful brown eyes and she was wearing dark lipstick it gave her this dark Goth look, but she was still beautiful

Savannah interrupted the intense starring " hi doctor and you she pointed at Penelope I'm savannah his girlfriend how long does he have to stay here .

He may have to depending on how fast his wounds heal 4 to 5 weeks

Four to five week she yelled can he be move to a hospital in Quantico

Not in this condition but like I said 4 to five weeks depending on how long it takes him to heal.

After the doctor left every sat and talk to Derek for the time being.