A/N: So I love a good challenge and this one seemed to fit me perfect.

This is a Shenny poem from Penny to Sheldon. If this isn't your thing don't read it.

Rules for the Shenny at the Movies Challenge:

1) Can only be one chapter long

2) Anything up to 2500 words

3) We must be able to recognize the characters.

Deadline is New Year's Day 2016.


I hate the way you talk to me

About things I can't comprehend.

I hate you can't drive a car;

Since you are too evolved.

I hate your silly comic books

and your childish superhero shirts.

I hate you so much it makes me sick.

It even makes me think.

I hate the way you think your always right;

And how it's mostly true.

I hate that you infuriate me;

I hate it that you don't notice me.

I hate you think I don't care

I hate that you are with someone

Someone who isn't me

But mostly I hate that I don't hate you

In fact I think I love you.

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