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Hey guys, Keybladewielder97 here with a new story. Yes, I believe that this is the third DxD fanfic that I've managed to create. Well, can't blame me for my imagination.

Now, if you read the summary of the fanfic, then you get the gist of it. For those who wonder why I chose to write this, here is an explanation. Ever since I entered into the DxD fanfic community, I've been taken in by the "extinct clan except for one member" sub-genre, such as "High School DxD: Existence". I always felt interested on how the authors manage to create an OC Devil and create a Peerage, in addition to unique powers (power of light, power of void, etc.).

I myself have decided to enter into this genre and give this a go. When I looked through the extinct clans, the most interesting is the Marbas Clan. So I've decided to give this a go.

Also, this has been sitting in my computer for months, and I want to celebrate my birthday. I hold no promises for a faster update.

The 72 Pillars was the pinnacle and center of power in the Underworld. However, after the Great War, many of the pillars have collapsed and gone extinct. However, one clan that was thought dead had one last member surviving. This member was hidden from Devil society. He is known as Alexander Marbas, last surviving member of the Marbas Pillar.

Chapter 1: The Mechanical Devil


The room was dark, with only one light bulb just standing above a table. The light was able to illuminate the brighten up the room, where one person could see what they were doing. The table was filled with metallic parts, gadgets, and tools. And all of these were used for one particular device that one man was working on. A young man, tinkering and adjusting whatever he sees in front of him, as his glasses reflected in the light of the barely lit room.

He wore a dark-gray turtleneck, with a highly dark green jacket on top. He had gray pants on him that went up halfway his shins. He wore sneakers, and black socks along with them. His facial appearance had circular glasses, and azure blue eyes. He was silver hair went down to his neck, and his hair was a bit messy at the end of it.

"Hm...the improvements are looking rather well..." the teen said. "However, just because there is improvements, it doesn't means it known to be perfect. It needs testing." the teen said, while doing the finishing touches on his machine. He then tried to reach for something without looking, and put his hand into the pile, like he was trying to search for something. Realizing it wasn't there, he sighed. He then decided to call out his robotic assistant.

"Unit TW?" Alexander called out. It was then mechanical footsteps were made, as it closed in on Terra while carrying something. It was a short round robot with limbs long enough to reach and walk. It had a small pipe on top of its head, venting out a bit of steam. The front had a light with multiple gear attachments to it. This unit is known as "Thrilled Worker", something Alexander decided to name due to the way it walks like its a jolly good mood. But for an easier way, it's simply called "Unit TW".

The short robot then plopped a certain tool within Alexander's hand.

"Thank you." the silver-headed teen said, as he grabbed the tool he was looking for, and went back to working on his machine. As he did, however, a loud knocking noise was made from the other side of the door.

"Oi! Alexander! I'm back from trashing a few unnecessary numbers from the equation! And I'm bored!" shouted a voice. And he sounded irritated. Before he could respond, the door was kicked open. The one who kicked the door walked inside the room. He had roughish appearance. He wore a black buttoned shirt, and had wild black hair that went to the back of his neck. He wore dark grey pants, and black boots. He wore a black cap on his head. And his face appeared to have a smirk on him. The person's appearance didn't faze Alexander in the slightest. Instead, his eyes remained glued to his device he was working on, and remained calm. He then chose to respond to the person's appearance.

"...And that's the 20th door that you've managed to kick down. A reinforced door to boot." Alexander said calmly, as he pushed up his glasses. "And hello to you to, Sho."

Meet Sho Minamimoto. He is a person that is the perfect embodiment of a delinquent. He is the type of person who is arrogant, looking for a fight, and will always tries to prove that he is the best.

How the two meet and how Sho joined his Peerage, was something of a really long story. It involved a junk yard, a robot that can apparently go high, a lot of chewing gum, a computer repair bill, a psychotic gay Fallen Angel, and one big face palm at the end in front of the full moon. But back to matters at hand, we join in these two's interaction.

Alexander simply just grabbed another tool and began tinkering with the machine. Whlie doing that, he decided to ask Sho a question.

"So Sho. Did my new device work well with the...test subjects?" Alexander said, trying to carefully word that on the last part. Sho just grew a smirk at him.

"You know it! Those sorry excuses of Stray Devils were wiped away from the equation faster than you could calculate 1+1!" Sho said, while chuckling at the results of his fun time with the Stray Devils he hunted.

"Good to know." Alexander simply said, as he started closing the machine in front of him, and then turned to Sho.

"So what are the results of the machine I gave you?" Alexander asked, as he brought out a nearby laptop. Sho smirked as he brought out an interesting looking blaster. It looked like a sleek riffle, but it looked way more advanced than your usual guns.

"I filled them yoctograms with so many holes that I've begun to lost count on how many there were. It was freakin amazing." Sho said to him. Alexander just continued to type into his computer, and then sighed.

"Sometimes I wonder about that mindset of yours, and it also makes me wonder on how you haven't gone insane over power and and started killing spree on both innocent humans and others alike." Alexander muttered. Sho just smirked at him once more.

"It's because the humans around me are nothing but yoctograms." Sho told him with a smirk. "I can easily do a cubic root of my attack, and bam, they're factored out of the equation easily. Why would I waste my energy on them? I'd rather put that sort of energy into complex formulas." Sho said, once again bringing in math.

"...That's good to know." Alexander said with indifference, and finally pushed onto the last key. He then saved his research and closed his laptop.

"I still wonder on why you're a school delinquent, when you seem to be such a wiz with math." Alexander stated, as he puts away the laptop.

"Cause its my thing. Got a problem with that?" Sho asked while growing a dangerous smirk. Once again, Alexander didn't seem fazed by the question that could turn this interaction into a fight.

"Not really. I just wonder on why." Alexander pointed out.

"Heh, as if your mind will understand." Sho said. It was then a figure hanged upside down near them.

"Hm hm. I wouldn't be to sure about that." spoke out another voice. When the two heard the voice, they turned their heads and found a girl looking at them with a small smile on her face.

"Ah? The hell do you want, Levi?" Sho asked her with an slightly annoyed look. The girl named Levi simply smiled, as she leaped down from the ceiling and onto the ground.

Levi has a short and slender build, with long brown hair which she commonly wears in a high pony tail held together with a shuriken-shaped hair ornament. Additionally, her bangs are usually parted to one side, mostly covering her left eye. This is Levi Kazama, a ninja and magician of Alexander's peerage. She is also a fellow Pawn of Sho. How he met her is a story of how he found her alone in a forest fending for herself against dangerous monsters. Thankfully, Alexander was able to help her in her dire need. How Levi joined his Peerage is a long story.

"Ah, I just wanted to visit our master here. You simply we're here at the same time." Levi said while she still looked as easy going as ever. Sho just gave a "tch" at her, while Alexander just cleared his throat.

"I take you're done with your usual self training, Levi-san?" Alexander asked the girl, causing her to nod at him.

"Heh heh, yeah. By the way, I picked up Kuga on the way here." Levi said, jabbing her thumb to the entrance of the lab. Alexander turned his head, and found a young boy with white hair and red eyes. He wore a purple hoodie with a paw symbol and the text "UMA" and beige baggy jeans pants. When the young boy named Kuga looked at them, he gave them the =B= look.

Meet Kuga Yuma, another fellow Pawn of his Peerage. Kuga was originally a war orphan due to country conflict, and his father sacrificed himself to protect him. He wondered on alone and in poor health, and collapsed sick. However, Alexander found him and nursed him back to health. However, with the conditions Kuga was in, he was beyond saving. However, Alexander asked if Kuga wanted to live on and become a Devil at a price, or pass on to meet on with his father in the after life. Kuga's answer was simply yes, since he needed to live for his father's sacrifice. Thus, he is in his Peerage.

"Yo. I'm back from my usual business." Kuga said, as he walked down the steps. Alexander simply pushed up his glasses.

"Hello Kuga." Alexander greeted. "I take your usual thing is done?" Alexander asked, causing the white hair boy to nod at him.

"Yes. Unfortunately, there were a few glitches to the machine you made." Kuga told him, as he took out some device out of his pocket and held it towards Alexander.

"I see...it seems like adjustments need to be made then..." Alexander said, taking the device from Kuga and placed it on a shelf.

"Considering that the gang is here..." Alexander said, as he headed for the exit of the room. "Since we finished on what we need to do, let's just focus on eating something."

"Oh, right. I'm starving!" Sho said, as he heard his stomach growl. Alexander then walked into the kitchen of his home.

"So. What tonight's dinner?" Alexander asked, heading towards the counter and found a bag. He then poured out the contents. He simply blinked at what he saw, while Sho just smirked.

"Slabs of ham, celery and horseradish, and tons of asparagus." Sho told his King. Alexander just sighed once more at his Pawn's words, and his reference to SOH-CAH-TOA.

"Hm hm...as usual from the math delinquent." Kuga said, not really bothered by the food.

"Shut up shrimp! Either eat it or don't!" Sho shouted back at Kuga.

"Heh heh...once a delinquent, always a delinquent." Levi teased back, causing Sho to look at her annoyed as well.

"Shut up you hectopascal! I'm going to subtract your sorry digits for that!" Sho said while he cracked his fist. Alexander sighed as he pushed up his glasses once more.

"If you're going to fight, please take it outside. I'd rather not deal with the mess you people make..." Alexander said, not caring for an imminent fight while rummaging through the food. "I suppose I can't complain. I'll begin searching online to find what to cook with those." Alexander said, as he brought out a phone and started searching for possible recipes.

"You do that. I'm gonna go see on what's new in your lab. They might need some testing..." Sho said, while smiling in anticipation of the new possibilities as he left the kitchen.

"Please don't break them." Alexander asked, as he brought out a knife and started working with the food.

"No promises!" Sho shouted out, causing Alexander just gave a tired sigh.

"...It still makes me wonder on why I made him my Pawn in the first place. Was it because of his power, or was it because of the fact that I couldn't leave him and his power alone. I'll never know." Alexander said to himself.

"I think it's the latter. Who knows what kind of damage he'll make if he is left alone." Levi said to him while giving out a laid back smile.

"I second that." Kuga agreed. Alexander just looked at the two with a plain expression, before they sighed.

"Well, better hit the hay after dinner." Alexander said, as he started cooking.

(Next Day - On the Way to School)

Alexander was now on his way to school while he was riding an electronic scooter. He sighed to himself, seeing that it's somehow a must for him in order to learn about the human world. He wasn't really bothered by it, since he always wanted to experience what a high school was like.

As Alexander Marbas made his way to Kuoh Academy, a very prestigious high school that recently turned co-ed, he has also found out that the school more or less served as the head quarters for two particular Devils: Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri. He could naturally tell them apart from the rest, as they freely allowed their demonic presence to be free and not trying to conceal it. Humans couldn't sense this presence at all, but Devils and other beings can.

Of course, he decided to conceal his presence from the two in order to avoid their attention. If they ever found out about his identity as the last member of the Marbas clan, the two princesses would go to their siblings, who are Maou, and the Maou will certainly spread the news about him to the whole Devil society, which in turn will bring so much attention to him that it's just suffocating to have.

Normally, he could easily move and transfer out of the school like he did before, but that would certainly bring attention of the two Devils. The two Devils might question on why he had to move, thus having a tracking eye on him, and then confront him.

"...The Underworld is too troublesome." Alexander muttered to himself. "I don't want their attention, or what they want. All they do is bring nothing but trouble to me and my family." Alexander lowly muttered, as he slightly clenched his fist. "The Underworld is nothing more than a burden."

Shaking his head from those thoughts, he decided to move on with his daily life. He soon arrived at Kuoh Academy, and parked his scooter at their parking lot. He got off it, and took his helmet off. Alexander then took the keys, and proceed to walk to school.

"Hey, isn't that Alexander Moro?"

"Yeah. He's the one and only."

"You mean Alexander Moro? As in...the "Tech-Wizard of Kuoh Academy"?"

"Yeah, he is the one."

Alexander just gave a sigh at that. Even though he wanted to avoid attention of others, it seems his talents in school naturally attracted it to him. At first, he just worked with technology just fine and didn't just boast and show it to the rest of the school. But somehow, students find people with special talents as a big thing, and spread it out to the rest of the school. Thus, it led his talents with technology to be known throughout the school, leading to students talking about him.

Once again, having unwanted attention on you is such a pain


"Alexander, excellent job once more. A+ once more." the teacher said with a small smile as he handed Alexander his test. The other students whispered to each other on how their classmate once again aced another test. Alexander ignored them, seeing how its a usual occurrence. Alexander merely nodded at the teacher as he took his test and looked at it. Seeing his scores, he packed away his stuff, seeing how class is over. As he did, he felt someone coming near him.

"Hello Himeragi-kun. Do you need my assistance once more?" Alexander asked calmly as he looked at the student near him. She was a young girl who wore the standard Kuoh female uniform. She has golden-brown eyes and shoulder length black hair with a fringe around the eyes and bangs either side of her face.

This is Yukina Himeragi, an underclassmen of Alexander. She was in first year if he remembered correctly. The young girl gave a small apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry to bother you senpai. And it isn't me that needs help, but a few friends of mine have told me to pass a message to you." Yukina told him, having the young Marbas raise an eyebrow upon this.

"And what exactly would that be?" Alexander asked. Yukina hummed in thought, before she remembered what is was.

"I have a few friends who are in the Kendo Club, and they've been complaining how stuffy is is getting without the air conditioner. They were hoping that your technical prowess could help them." Yukina asked him.

"I see..." Alexander quietly said, before he nodded. "...Well, I'll see what I can do for them." Alexander answered, causing Yukina to give a thankful smile towards him.

"Thanks senpai." Yukina thanked the young Devil.

"It's no problem..." Alexander simple responded.

(Kendo Club Dojo)

"And...done." Alexander simply said, tightening the last bolt on the machine. He then placed his tools back in the toolbox, and picked it up. He then went through a few buttons, and the air conditioner of the dojo began functioning again. The girls cheered upon feeling the cool air in in the room again.

"Thank you, Moro-san." Muryama thanked him, as did the other girls.

"It's no problem, Muryama-san." Alexander simply said to her. He then pointed at the wall over there.

"By the way, those three are peeking on you again." Alexadner simply stated. The girls immediately turned their heads, and their eyes widened on seeing a hole in the wall.




And just like that, the girls immediately ran out of the room to chase the perverts. Alexander then heard screams of rage from the girls, and screams of terror from the guys. Alexander simply stood there, watching the girls chase him, and he simply sighed.

"Seems like my work is done." Alexander said, as he proceeded to walk out of the building alone. As he walked out of the building, he failed to notice two eyes watching him from afar.

(Occult Research Club Room)

From a window, a certain crimson-haired girl hummed in thought as she watched Alexander walk away. When she first saw him, she wondered on the power and potential that he had within him. True, his presence and power seems to be normal for human standards, but deep inside her, there was a feeling. A feeling that tells her that there is more than meets the eye.

"Hm..." Rias hummed, as she observed Alexander walking away. It was then another girl walked up to her, this time with black hair and an impressive figure just like Rias.

"It something wrong Buchou?" Akeno asked, seeing her King's kind of look. Rias didn't look back at her Queen, but instead chose to watch Alexander get further and further away from her.

"Akeno...who is that?" Rias asked with curiosity in her tone. Akeno looked at where Alexander was walking, and then blinked in surprise.

"You mean him? That is Alexander Moro. He is Kuoh's "High-Tech Wizard", due to his high aptitude with technology." Akeno informed her King, and then grew a smile.

"Ara ara, does he interest you, Buchou?" Akeno asked. Rias simply gave an analytical look at Alexander's further form, and then turned to her Queen.

"Sort of. I don't know why. Something deep within me tells me that there is more than meets the eye to him." Rias responded, causing Akeno to put her hand over her mouth.

"Oh my, should we keep an eye on him? Just like what we did with Issei-kun and put him in our Peerage?" Akeno asked, to which Rias nodded.

"Yes. I want you and the others to watch him from afar." Rias said to her.

"Of course Buchou." Akeno said to her.

Unknown to them, there was a small and tiny spider like machine crawling around the room. One of it's lenses zoomed in on Rias and Akeno, and simply just stared at their conversations.

(Back with Alexander)

Alexander heard it all, and simply caused another sigh to leave his lips. His little spy spider caught every word of the conversation between the two, and he now knows that Rias Gremory is now keeping an eye on him.

"Great...now she is starting to notice me." Alexander said, and shook his head. "Just terrifically great..." Alexander muttered with an annoyed tone, as he put his hand on his forehead.

"If it's one thing I that I don't like about us Devils is our Greed. She follows her Greed on power, trying to put people into her Peerage. And I have a feeling that it stretches more than that." Alexander muttered. True, he was a Devil himself, and it means that he isn't considered an exception to a Devil's Greed. However, his Greed is different to hers. What he wants and desires is independence, and nothing more. He doesn't want to be chained down by others, but choose to live his own life. While it may sound common among most people who wish to have independence, Alexander sees it as something special.

He was NOT going to allow a Female devil and her Greed to ruin his independence. Not even if she is the sister of a Maou.

"I simply have to act normal and not too special, and given time has pass, they'll just see me as a normal human." Alexander said, coming up with a simple solution. Just stay and act like human for some time, and he'll get off their radars. And that's it.

Alexander just sighed once more, seeing this predicament he is in such a pain. He simply chose to move from the feeling and onto reality. "I suppose I should go buy groceries. Maou knows on what Sho will buy with that mentality of his. Probably a reference to math itself or something." Alexander muttered, and started to walk to the grocery store.

(Few Days Later)

A few days have passed since Rias decided to keep an eye on him. She ordered her Peerage to keep an eye on him, which irked him quite a bit. He can ignore the stares he had, but to the point where they are just following him? That's just stalking. Regardless, Alexander did what he normally does in his life. Simply attend school, act normal, head home, and work on his gadgets in a laboratory. A simple process to throw the Gremory Princess off. It seems to have worked, as the Peerage members' watch on him decreased quite bit, due to him acting normal. He considered it progress, but not full enough anyway. But he can't complain on that. He'll take what he can get.

Alexander is now walking from the grocery store and back home, with a bag of food in his hands. He looked at his watch, and noticed that is was around night time already. He simply gave a sigh, and continued to walk through the night of Kuoh. As he did walk, his sensed something...ominous. Something that obviously spelt out death and blood spilling.

"...Probably a Stray Devil..." Alexander muttered, as he narrowed his eyes and pushed up his glasses. He soon ran to the location of the killing intent. As soon as he did, he soon arrived in front of a rather large building. And he was greeted by a familiar person.

"Sho?" Alexander said with realization and slight surprise. Sho, in his rough clothing as usual, blinked in surprise as well, seeing his King before him. But after their slight surprise, Sho just smirked at him.

"Well well, it seems that you've been brought here by the blood lust as well." Sho said while smirking, as he began cracking his knuckles. "Oh this will be fun..."

"Yes yes, you can have fun with the Stray Devil." Alexander said, immediately knowing Sho's intent. "Let's just go before somebody else arrives." Alexander told him, which made Sho nod at him.

"You don't need to tell me twice." Sho said. As soon as Sho said that, they heard a painful scream rip through the air.

"AHHH!" screamed out a pained voice, which immediately caught the two's attention.

Alexander immediately turned his body to the main mansion with an alarmed look on his face. "Shit! The Stray Devil already got someone!" Alexander cried out in alarm, as he immediately ran into the building, with Sho following in suit.

(Inside the Building)

The two Devils immediately headed to the source of the scream, and soon entered a spacious room full of wreckage and rubble. They were soon greeted by a sight of a monstrous sight.

It was a half-naked women that had a curvaceous figure, but the half-bottom part of her is quite hideous. The lower body consisted of gigantic and beastly appearance that came with four legs that have sharp claws, and a snake a tail. She also had claws to go with her arms, and a stomach featuring a cavity with sharp teeth to devour her opponents.

All in all, she was hideous.

And right in front of her was her victim. It was a young girl around Alexander's age, who appeared to have long black hair that reaches down to her knees, had red eyes, and work a a dark sleeveless mini dress with a white collar and a red tie. She wears a red belt that has a red side skirt cover. The girl in front of Alexander wasn't exactly dead, but she is going to be in a few moments. Her condition was critical, as she had a large gash across her body. She was slowly breathing as blood seeped out of her.

When Alexander saw that she was still alive, though barely, he still saw it as a chance to save her. He immediately turned to Sho.

"Sho! Stall the Stray Devil! I need to get close to the victim here!" Alexander told Sho, to which he responded with a smirk as he began cracking his knuckles.

"I was planning to from the start!" Sho shouted out with an excited tone, as he burst forth in impressive speed and immediately deliver a knee to the Stray Devil's face.

"GAH! You bastard! Didn't you learn not to hit a lady!?" the Stray Devil cried out in anger. Sho merely smirked at her once more.

"Hah! So zetta slow!" Sho said, as he easily dodged an attack from the Stray Devil. As Sho occupied the Stray Devil, Alexander immediately ran in and kneeled to the girl's body. His eyes narrowed as he saw her condition.

"This is not good..." Alexander said, seeing her life leaving her every second. "...Not good at all. It's a good thing I was able to get to you at this moment." Alexander said, as he began channeling magic onto the ground. Soon, a magic circle appeared underneath the girl's body, as she soon disappeared into its light. What Alexander did was that he managed to send the girl back to his home, and immediately onto a healing machine that he managed to create. The machine will automatically turn on as soon as he body is set on it, so he managed to have her avoid her death.

Alexander sighed, and stood up from he kneeling position. He pushed up his glasses, flashing against the moon light. He sights were soon on the Stray Devil, as she was still busy with Sho, who was still playing with her as he easily dodged her attacks.

"Damn you! Why won't you stand still!" the Stray Devil screeched at him. Sho merely laughed at her as he leapt back from her swinging appendages.

"Llike I said before! So Zetta slow! Infinity!" Sho cried out, as he sent forth multiple balls of energy towards her, exploding on impact. She cried out in pain as she took a few steps back.

"ARGH! D-Damn you!" the Stray Devil once again raised its arms, but soon felt pain rushing through it as it felt it being pierced by something.

"AHHHH! What the hell!?" the Stray Devil cried out in pain, only to see her arm full of holes and bleeding. Her eyes soon saw Alexander standing there, with with dual blasters within his hand.

"Stray Devil, meet Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk. The weapon that will bring your own death." Alexander simply stated, as he began shooting demonic energy bullets towards the Stray Devil. He chose to ignore the Stray Devil's cry of pain, as he chose to relentlessly shoot her down. Sho, on the other hand, just began laughing at her as he also began shooting energy rounds at her as well, leading to a merciless bullet rain upon the Stray Devil.

As moments passed by, they stopped their merciless assault on the Stray Devil, seeing that it was no longer necessary to keep at it. After all, what is the point of shooting your bullets, if your target is already full of holes? Because at this moment, the Stray Devil lied there on the floor, dead. Seeing that the battle is over, Alexander dismissed his weapons, while Sho just patted off the imaginary dust off his hands, and stuffed them into his pocket. All he could give out was a chuckle at the end.

"Ah...that felt great." Sho said with a content smile. Alexander raised an eyebrow at him.

"You mean the fact that you and I, surprisingly, went on a merciless attack on the Stray Devil, or the fact that you managed to do some action?" Alexander asked.

"Both." Sho simply replied. Alexander sighed once more, as he pushed up his glasses.

"Well, it seems that this fight is over. Let's go back and-"


Alexander was cut off, as his eyes widened upon hearing the source of noise. He immediately turned his body, and saw a certain someone and her Peerage that he did not want to meet, much less gain their attention. Sadly though, that work went down the drain.

"Alexander!?" Rias shouted out in surprise, her eyes widened upon seeing him. The rest of the Peerage looked surprise as well.

"...Crap." was all Alexander could say, as he gave a frustrated sigh at this. "Why did I have to be discovered by her out of all people..." Alexander said, groaning in frustration as he face palmed.

Today was just not his day.

(Occult Research Club Room)

After they've cleaned up the mess back at the Stray Devil incident, Alexander and his only member of his Peerage were taken to the Occult Research Club Room, which served as the main room for the Gremory's Peerage. Everyone sat down on their respective seats, as Alexander and Sho sat together on the sofa. Alexander sat there with a neutral expression, as he closed his eyes and folded his arms; Sho, on the other hand, just looked completely bored, as if nothing is his concern.

Rias sipped her tea that Akeno made for her, and took a deep breath. Seeing the atmosphere is now perfect, as well as seeing Alexander willing to talk, she began.

"Now then...now that everything is now in order, I believe we can clear a few things up." Rias said to him with a smile. Alexander simply sighed at this.

"Great..." Alexander muttered with no enthusiasm. Rias cleared her throat, and looked at Alexander with an intrigued expression.

"Now then. Who exactly are you, Alexander Moro? Along with your companion?" Rias asked. Alexander saw everyone in the room look at him with raised eyebrows, as if trying to see what is out of him. Honestly, he felt like he was in an interrogation room. No wait...he is.

Alexander calmly pushed up his glasses, flashing against the light. "I am a Devil just like you, heir of the Gremory Pillar." Alexander simply stated, surprissing everyone on both the fact that he is a Devil, and the fact that he knew about them. Sho snickered at their reactions, as if it's something amusing to see.

"You're a Devil?" Rias asked in surprise, and saw Alexander nod. "If you're a Devil...then who is your master?" Rias asked, causing Alexander to simply shrug at her.

"I have no master. I'm a high-class pure blood Devil like you, Gremory." Alexander said, since it was a bit true. He is considered a high-class Devil due to his pureblood, as well as his status in the Marbas Pillar. So he wasn't exactly lying on this one.

"High Class and Pure-Blood...!" Rias said with quiet surprise. Alexander just pushed up his glasses once more, and decided to move onto the main point.

"Yes, I'm a Devil like you Rias. Can we please move onto other questions other than your surprise? I have important matters waiting." Alexander stated, causing Rias to break out of her surprise and slightly frown at him for the way he is speaking to her.

"My, someone is in a hurry." Rias stated as she folded her arms underneath her bust. "Very well. I shall ask one last question. I do not recall a Pillar name Moro, so how can I exactly know that you're a Devil?" Rias asked with suspicion in her tone. Alexander once again didn't become phased by her questions.

"That is because Moro is an alias that I have, to avoid less attention. After all, the heir of the Sitri family also has an alias to go by in the human world. Why can't I do the same?" Alexander returned, as he stood up from his seat, and unfurled his Devil wings in front of her, showing that he is indeed a Devil. Rias couldn't exactly deny the reason why Alexander chose to have an alias to go by, since her best friend/rival Sona chose to do so. And she also couldn't deny the fact that he is a Devil. So those two suspicions were completely wiped out.

"I see..." Rias said with a professional tone, and looked at him once more with curiosity. "Well then, may I know your true name, Alexander-san?" Rias asked him. It was then Alexander narrowed his eyes at her, causing her to slightly flinch at the sudden change in facial expression.

"Unfortunately, I do not wish to disclose that type of information to you, Rias." Alexander said with a cool tone, causing her to frown at his answer.

"What's so hard about revealing your true name, Alexander? It isn't exactly difficult." Rias pointed out. Alexander still didn't budge on her reasoning.

"Well have our own reasons for doing things Rias. And unfortunately, my reasons simply won't let me disclose you on personal information." Alexander said with a cool tone once more. He then turned and began walking out of the room. "I see no purpose of this meeting, other than learning that I'm a Devil. Sho, we're leaving." Alexander told him, causing Sho to finally rise out of his seat with a relieved expression on his face.

"Finally! I've been bored sitting here listening to all those hectopascals talk nothing but irrelevant numbers!" Sho loudly exclaimed, following Alexander.

"Wait! you still didn't explain his connection with you!" Rias called out to him, causing Alexander to just sigh once more at her.

"He is a part of my Peerage. Are you satisfied, because I'm leaving." Alexander said with his patients slipping. He walked out of the room, ignoring the looks he received from Rias and her Peerage. As the two left the room, Sho just smirked at him.

"Well this is a surprise. Who knew that cool and calm demeanor of yours can wilt away so fast?" Sho pointed out with a smirk.

"My patients is usually high. However, the victim of the Stray Devil incident is still at risk. I need to check on her condition." Alexander explained, as he summoned a magic circle underneath him.

"Every moment counts. So let's not waste it." Alexander said seriously, as the light engulfed them as sent them back to his home.

And that is a wrap!

Alright, before you guys say anything, I'll admit, a few parts of the story was inspired by "High School DxD: Existence". However, this story will take a different course as it proceeds. So do not worry about this becoming a carbon copy of the famous "High School DxD: Existence".

Also, for better visual, Unit TW or Thrilled Worker is something I took from Cardfight: Vanguard.

Character Bio

Name: Alexander Marbas, or Alexander Moro (Alias)

Lineage: Marbas Clan

Appearance: Chaos from Under Night In Birth

Personality: Doesn't want too much attention, mature, cares for his friends and comrades, independent, and patient.

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 18

Likes: Technology, making technology, his friends and Peerage, and independence.

Dislikes: Being tied down, having his freedom being stripped away, people who think they're the ones in absolute control, the Old Maou.


1) Mechanical Creation: A unique skill exclusive to the Marbas clan. With the user's imagination, magic input, and the blood of Marbas, the user can create whatever machine-related. They can create a cannon, a mecha robot, a high tech arm blaster. The possibilities are endless. However, the concept itself is just created. There can be improvements made to the machine, and Alexander does this himself.

2) Technology Manipulation: Has the ability to manipulate technology at a certain degree. This can range from simple tools to complex machinery.

3) Lightning Manipulation: To an extent of his "Mechanical Creation", he can use lightning if he needs to.

4) Metal Creation/Manipulation: To an extent of his "Mechanical Creation", he can create and manipulate metal.


Alexander is the last Pure-Blood surviving member of the Marbas Pillar, a clan of devils famous for their aptitude with technology. It is said that their prowess rival that of Ajuka Beelzebub, a Devil inventor who is gifted in the arts of inventing technology. After the Great War and Civil War for the Devils, the Marbas Pillar lost too many of its members during the struggle. As such, they've decided to go into hiding from society, seeing that staying with the Devils might bring further chaos to their group. They were still connected with some important figures, like the Maous and few other people. But other than that, they stayed separate from society.

However, their hiding didn't work too well, as the Old Maou faction found the family, and slaughtered every single member. Alexander managed to survive when his parents used their technology to safety send him away where the Old Maou can't find him. By the time Alexander made it back to where his family was, his whole family was slaughtered.

It was then Alexander began to realize how messed up the Underworld is, seeing how this brought nothing but death and suffering to his family. He decided to sever his connections with Devil Soceity, and live out his own life. With nothing but his Peerage Pieces in his hands, thanks to Ajuka staying connected with his family (before severing that connection as well), and some other important items in his hold, he set off and live his life.

(The Pawns)

Alright, if you guys know who Sho is, then I congratulate you on this one. If not, then I have to explain.

Sho Minamimoto is from the video game "The World Ends With You." If you know him, he is one of the game's antagonist.

Now you ask the certain question on why did I choose this guy for his Peerage? For two reasons. The first is for fun. The second is that I'm probably the first fanfic writer to use an "The World Ends With You" character into the story. And in my opinion, Sho was not really the "bad guy" to sort of say. I always felt that Sho felt more of a guy who just wanted to rise up in rank and power. That's about it. His arrogant attitude doesn't really help his image, but oh well.

In this fanfic, Sho Minamoto is your stereotypical anime deliquiant. However, he doesn't have any urge to rise up to power or overthrow Alexander. The two have a compromised and solid relationship with each other, so they don't fight.

I've also decided to have Sho have a Sacred Gear that is the same as is game abilities: Leo Cantus. It's basically the same thing from the video game, so Sho has the same abilities as he does in the game. Well, maybe except for the teleporting and shadow mechanics. Basically what it does is that it similar to the Boosted Gear, it greatly multiplies the user's base strength. This also give the user to manipulate energy to attack. The Balance Breaker? Fully transform into the beast that Sho transforms into in the game

Levi Kazama is from Trinity Seven, while Yuma Kuga is from World Trigger. They're both Pawns.

Peerage (Current)

Alexander Marbas (King)

Sho Minamimoto (Pawn x 4)

Kuga Yuma (Pawn x 2 - One Mutation Piece)

Levi Kazama (Pawn x 2 - One Mutation Piece)

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