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Chapter 3: The Fallen Angels


Alexander sat there silently as he stared at the computer monitor in front of him, contemplating on what his move will be. Currently, he was planning on how to approach the situation. He had to be as subtle as possible, not cause any scene that will attract the Peerages that inhabit the area. Alexander already knew where the Fallen Angels were at, considering that they tend to hang around holy places such as a Church, and then proceed to desecrate it.

He was currently dealing with four Fallen Angels from he was given, each of them only having two pairs of wings. Their leader, Raynare from what he could remember, was the strongest out of the group. However, she was just a bit more stronger than the rest of the group, and nothing more. It also didn't help that her sheer arrogance holds her back.

Then there were the rogue exorcists. The moment he learned about them, it was the moment he decided that they will die. Heretics and zealots only brought trouble to the world, and more or less killing anybody in their way, regardless if they are innocent or not.

'What a hell driven world we are in...' Alexander thought to himself, and narrowed his eyes.

His cameras that he planted throughout the city, along with other cameras that he was able to hack into and link to his system, spotted something particularly interesting.

A Fallen Angel, Raynare, was currently standing in front of Issei and some girl with blonde hair and nun clothes. He quietly watched as he saw the Fallen Angel stab Issei through the stomach, and saw the Devil convulse in pain. He then saw the girl panic and heal him, while at the same time seeing how the Fallen Angel will spare him if she comes with her. It was then the girl complied, and then took off with the Fallen Angel, leaving the boy alone.

Alexander narrowed his eyes even further, witnessing the scene.

'So they're making their move, hm?' Alexander thought to himself, before he decided to stop watching and focus on something else.

"...That girl. How does she fit into this?" Alexander said to himself, before he go into the database and look her up.

And what better way is to hack into the system of the Church itself?

Despite the fact that the Church focuses on religious activities, he himself knew that some form of technology affected them. He wouldn't be surprised if they have a server or two to store the personal information of each and every member. So hacking into it is pretty easy.

"Getting through a few firewalls, take down a few protections, and disarming the alarm...and peace of cake." Alexander said, saying like the sky was blue. "Now let's see...blonde hair...blonde hair...blonde hair...ah, there it is." Alexander muttered to himself, as he finally found the information about her.

Her name is Asia Argento, a former nun of the Church. She considered someone special, as she had a Sacred Gear called Twilight Healing. It's a healing Sacred Gear, able to heal wounds and injuries in mere seconds. The Church often used her for activities to support the people and their name. But when she mistakingly heals a Devil, the Church deemed her a witch and banished her, leaving her with no home.

He then connected the dots, and saw that the Fallen Angels were using her for some sort of scheme.

"So, exploiting someone's weakness of time of weakness is when the Fallen Angel prey upon it. And then they have the gall to say that they're superior? How pathetic..." Alexander muttered to himself, before leaned back on his chair.

"...Now...how to take them down?" Alexander wondered to himself.


Alexander's backyard was quite spacious, being nothing but a rectangular area with grass covering it. But it was considered a perfect place to practice a thing or two, but not anything too explosive. It also helped that Alexander created a cloaking field with technology, so the Peerage was free to do what they want.

Akame was currently panting as she sat on the grass, her energy drained from the exercise she was doing, and she was currently had one thing in mind.

'How is she so fast...?' Akame wondered to herself, staring at her training partner before her.

Levi casually stood there with her easygoing expression, not breaking out a single tear of sweat. Instead, she was casually stretching her body.

"Well, for a Knight, you are pretty fast with the speed you are given. But you just became a Devil, so the speed is kind of mediocre. But with the right amount of training, I'm sure you'll be able to catch up to my speed in no time." Levi told her with an easygoing tone.

"*Pant*...*Pant*...is that how you are so fast...?" Akame asked while panting.

"Pretty much. With training and hard work, anything is possible." Levi said with a shrug.

It was then they heard a sliding door open, and they turned their heads to see Alexander standing there with water bottles in each hand.

"Seems like you girls have worked hard. Maybe a water break will help cool you down." Alexander said, holding out a bottle to Akame and Levi. Akame nodded in thanks, and then proceeded to drink down the water, while Levi sipped her water bottle in a leisure pace.

"Thanks. So what brings you out here?" Levi asked.

"I'm just checking on Akame's training. Seems like you made her play tag with you." Alexander said.

"Yep." Levi said while making a popping noise at the "p".

"Well, it's understandable. She just became a Devil not too long." Alexander said, before turning Akame. "Think you can still keep up?" Alexander asked his Knight.

"...Maybe." Akame said, before she attempted to stand up. But it was then her legs collapsed on her due to sheer exhaustion.

"...I'll take that as a no. Well, I think it is time you take a break. Levi, help Akame into the house, and maybe help her getting cleaned up." Alexander said. It was then Levi grew a suggestive look towards Akame, and then towards her particular chest.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll take good care of her..." Levi said, before she felt a bonk on her head, making her wince in pain.

"And no groping, you perv." Alexander told her.

"You're no fun." Levi pouted, before she turned to Akame. "Alright, let's get you cleaned up before you could go home..." Levi said, helping Akame into the house. As they did, Alexander just rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Honestly, the girl can't stop herself from gropping female breast." Alexander muttered to himself, before he decided to follow in as well.


After getting her cleaned up after her physical exercise, Akame is now with Alexander in his underground laboratory. Alexander was currently checking a few things on the monitor, and then turned to Akame.

"Now then Akame, seeing that you're physically tired, I have decided it is time to mentally exercise you." Alexander told her, making Akame blink upon this.

"...Mentally exercise me?" Akame asked with a confused tone. Alexander nodded at her.

"Correct. Currently, we are just physically training your body in order for you to get stronger. However, you lack experience in battle. You need experience in order to survive in battle, otherwise you'll freeze up or mess up." Alexander told her, making the black haired girl nod at him in understanding.

"So how am I going to mentally train for this?" Akame asked with a curious expression. Alexander then reached towards a particular object on the table, and held it towards her. Akame looked at the item before her. It is a a streamlined helmet coated in dark blue. At the back, it has a wire of the same color stretched out of a long pad.

"What is this...?" Akame asked with a confused look on her face.

"It's something I made myself. I call it the Nerve Gear." Alexander told her, making the young woman blink upon this.

"Nerve...Gear?" Akame said with a confused tone. Alexander nodded at her as he held the object towards her.

"Yes. Nerve Gear. It's an invention that I came up with and developed over a couple years. It's a first version, so it's still developing. But this will suffice." Alexander said, as she then proceeded to fit the helmet onto her. As he did, he decided to explain what is about to go on.

"When I activate the Nerve Gear, this machine will send your mind into the machine that it is linked to. Your mind will basically be transported into a virtual reality space of my own design. The moment you enter in it, you'll be under mental training. You with me so far?" Alexander asked, making sure the helmet is in place. Akame silently nodded.

"Good. Now then, I should tell you that when you enter the virtual reality space, time will move faster." Alexander told her, making Akame a bit confused on what he said.

"Time moves faster...?" Akame asked.

"Yes. Your mind will experience as if you're going through time faster. For example, 30 minutes out here equals a whole day of training in the virtual reality space." Alexander explained, making his Knight looked at the machine in surprise.

"Really? That's amazing..." Akame said. Alexander nodded at her.

"Indeed. Now then Akame, I just need you to lie down and get yourself ready, alright?" Alexander said, gesturing her to lie down. She did as she was told, and lied down on the soft board. As she rested her head on the pillow, Alexander nodded as he turned to his machine.

"Alright then Akame. See you back here in a few days..." Alexander said, making Akame blink upon what he just said.

"Wait, what-" Akame responded confused, but it was too late for her to say anything else.

"Link Start!"


"Well she'll be in there for a few days..." Alexander commented to himself as he walked into the kitchen, and in time to see his Peerage around while eating snacks. As they noticed their King walk into the room, Kuga was the first.

"Yo, Alex. Want a rice cracker?" Kuga held out a rice cracker towards him.

"Maybe later Kuga. Right now, we have more important matters to focus on." Alexander told them, making Sho smirk upon hearing this.

"Oh, I'm liking this already. So, who are the sorry digits that we have to factor out again?" Sho asked as he cracked his knuckles.

"Fallen Angels and Stray Exorcists." Alexander simply replied. "Azazel told us to take his subordinate alive and take them to him. The Stray Exorcists can die, so do whatever you want." Alexander told them.

"Crystal clear Alex." Levi said with a small salute.

"Got it." Kuga nodded.

"Let's get this show on the road already!" Sho said with an eager smirk.

(Later - Church)

He and his Peerage moved out and easily located where the Fallen Angels are, which is a run down Church.

He decided to leave Akame behind at his home. He didn't bring her because she was currently in training, and didn't exactly know how to fight. She was just exercising and helping her adjust to her new body. Bringing someone like her will not only bring many risks, but endanger her life.

He didn't even know why Rias sent her only Pawn into a battle like this. The boy was currently inexperienced, so why is she letting him fight into a battle where he could be killed? But at least the Knight and Rook were with him, so that's a thing. Meanwhile, both Rias and her Queen are nowhere to be seen, and he honestly didn't care. The less he sees them, the better.

The four approached the front of the Church, before he gestured his hands to a signal.

"Sho, Levi, Kuga. You can promote, considering that you're in enemy territory. But I didn't need to tell you that anyways..." Alexander told his Pawns.

"Heh. I don't even need to promote. I'll subtract these sorry digits from the equation." Sho said while pounding his fist together.

"You got it Alex." Levi said with a nod.

"Hm hm, time to get things started." Kuga said.

Seeing how everyone is prepared, Alexander nodded to them. "All right then. Sho, take care of Stray Exorcist in the Church. If you see any Fallen Angel, try not to kill them." Alexander told his violent Pawn.

"No promises." Sho simply said as he walked towards the Church. As he left the group, he turned towards Levi.

"Levi, provide support from the shadows. If there is any danger, you'll act." Alexander told the ninja magician.

"Got it." Levi said with an easygoing expression as she disappeared in a puff of smoke. Lastly, Alexander gestured Kuga to come with him.

"Kuga, we're going to take care of Fallen Angels that are out here." Alexander told his youngest pawn.

"Okay okay. Let's to this." Kuga said as he pounded his fist together.

(Back Area)

The two walked into the back area of the Church, both looking around to see if there is any Fallen Angels around. As they did, Alexander pushed a small button on his glasses. As he did, his lenses soon glowed a bit, and begun showing a small HUD on it. As he looked through the lenses, he soon spotted orange spots on the screen.

"Found you." Alexander simply said, spotting them with his infrared lenses on his glasses, before he summoned two magic circles near his hands. His hands soon reached into the circles, and pulled out two handguns.

"Target aimed..." Alexander muttered as he aimed towards the targets. "...Firing."


Two shots rungs through the air as two demonic bullets flied through the air. As they did, his ears soon picked up the cry of pain, as well as some rustling. Soon, the duo found the Fallen Angel they were looking for, as she fell to the floor wounded.

She appeared to wear a gothic lolitia outfit, and had blonde hair in the twin tail hairstyles. If he remembered correctly, the Fallen Angel's name is Mittelt. From the looks of it, she won't be moving anytime soon due to the gunshot wounds she received from him.

"One down." Alexander simply said.

"Mittelt!" cried two other voices. Both King and Pawn looked up, and saw their targets come out of their hiding spots.

The first is a woman with blue hair that came down to her waist. She appeared to wear a skin tight dress that revealed a good amount of her cleavage. From the data he received from Azazel, he believed her name is Kalawarner.

The second is a man who appeared to be in his mid-twenties and wore a dark trench coat, along with a fedora hat. Alexander believed the Fallen Angel's name is Dohnaseek.

'One is down, two Fallen Angels show themselves. So that means Raynare is inside the Church working on the ritual.' Alexander mentally commented, before he decided to raise his guns.

"I have no time for small talk, so let's get this over with. Kuga?" Alexander immediately signaled his Pawn. Kuga nodded, and summoned a ring on his finger.

Kuga has a Sacred Gear called the Trigger Ring. This Sacred Gear seems simple, as it simply calls out simple concepts that comes out in the form of circles. However, there is more than it shows. And Kuga has made full use of it.

"Bound." Kuga called out, summoning a blue circle with the word "bound" on it. He immediately jumped onto the circle, resulting in the circle projecting him forth in a fast-like motion. The two Fallen Angels were caught off guard to see that someone so young to be able to do something like this, and the male Fallen Angel didn't have enough time to react when Kuga planted his foot deeply into his gut, making the man spit out both saliva and blood. He was then sent flying through the air, and then impact with a tree with a loud thud. His body soon slid down, and was not moving.

"Dohnaseek!" Kalawarner cried out to her down comrade, before she turned to face Alexander with a scowl. "Why you-!" Kalawarner formed a spear in her hand and was about to throw it, but she soon found something wrong with her body.

"What the-!?" Kalawarner exclaimed in surprise, as she cannot move her body. Instead, she felt something thin and hard wrapped around her body. She looked down, only to see wires restricting her movement.

"When did this...!?" Kalawarner said in confusion, before she looked towards Alexander, and her eyes widened even further.

Alexander simply sheathed Bolverk, and had another weapon on his hands. This weapon took the form of gloves and metallic fingertips with wire threads running through them. And around the area, it was surrounded by wires everywhere.

"Cross Tail. Used for its versatility in offense, defense, and support. Truly known for its thousand uses." Alexander commented, before his hands crackled with electricity. "Normally, I would've sliced you into pieces. But you're needed alive. So you'll have to settle with some shock therapy." Alexander then channeled electricity through the wires. "Electric Spider Web!"

Electricity ran throughout the entire area, making the area around him light up with a bright light. Kalawarner screamed in pain as she felt a rush of lightning course through her body, before she stopped as her body limped. Seeing that she is unconscious, Alexander dismissed both his attack and wires.

"And that's three." Alexander concluded with a neutral look on his face. "Now that only leaves Raynare..." Alexander muttered to himself, before his eyes caught Kuga dragging the unconscious Dohnaseek behind him.

"Yo. I got him." Kuga said.

Kuga then noticed Mittelt struggling to stand up while weakly forming a Light Spear in her hand.

"You bastard...!" Mittelt managed to utter out while she attempted to attack him.

"Sorry, no can do there." said a voice behind her. Before Mittelt can react, she felt a hard hit to the back of her neck, and collapsed forward onto the ground unconscious. The figure walked out of the shadows, and it revealed to be Levi.

"Sorry little girl. You forgot this little ninja." Levi told her, before she bent down and started to drag her towards the others.

"Thanks Kuga, Levi. Now then..." Alexander then raised his hand. Using his magic, he then produced steel chains and manipulated them to wrap around the three Fallen Angels. They were soon immobilized as soon as they wake up, so Alexander wouldn't have to worry about them. Seeing that his work is done, he then turned to Kuga, and silently gestured him to follow.

When the two were about to leave the area, they soon saw a flash appear behind them. The two turned, and Alexander had to hold back an annoyed look appearing on his face.

"Alexander-san? What are you doing here?" Rias asked, surprised to see him here.

"I could say the same for you Gremory, but under these circumstances, I can see that you are also after the Fallen Angels." Alexander pointed out. Rias frowned as she folded her arms.

"Of course. They invaded my territory. I couldn't turn a blind eye towards them." Rias told him.

'If they invaded your territory, you could've acted sooner.' Alexander mentally snarked. "I see. Well then, if you don't mind us, we have some Fallen Angels to take care of." Alexander said while he was about to walk off, wanting to get away from the two as soon as possible.

"Ara, but the Fallen Angels are still here Alexander-san. Woudn't it be best if we took care of them right now?" Akeno added in, while her fingertips danced with electricity. Seeing that the Fallen Angels are in danger, Alexander could only sigh as he turned towards the two.

"As much as I would want them dead, I can't. I was hired by a client of mine to capture all four Fallen Angels alive and bring them to him." Alexander told the two, making the two blink in surprise upon this.

"You were hired by a client? Who exactly hired you?" Rias questioned.

"Classified." Alexander simply answered, before he gestured to his two Pawn members to follow him. "Now are we done with 20 questions? I have one more Fallen Angel to capture, and I don't want to spend the rest of my night here." Alexander told them. 'Along with you people as well.' Alexander mentally added.

Rias huffed at Alexander's attitude, before she just sighed. "Very well then. Akeno, let's go."

"Of course Buchou."

(Church - Front)

The five then walked to the front of the Church, only to be met with the sound of a furious scream and pained scream. They soon heard breaking sounds within the building, only to end in silence. Alexander looked inside of the Church, and saw Issei standing there panting while he had his arm stretched out in a finished punch. Alexander then noticed the red gauntlet on Issei's arm.

'It's different than last time I saw it...' Alexander commented.

Issei soon collapsed, only to be caught by Yuuto.

"Seems like this fight is over." Rias said with a smile, before she decided to walk in.

'You act like you did all the work. Typical.' Alexander thought dryly, before he decided to follow in as well. Issei soon noticed the group.

"Looks like you did it Issei. I believed that you can take down the Fallen Angel." Rias told him, making the young teen look at her in surprise.

"Buchou! Where did you come from!?" Issei asked in surprise.

"From outside. I just finished my business, so I decided to arrive." Rias told him, before she smiled towards Issei. "You've won."

"Yeah..." Issei said tiredly.

"Oi oi, is that it? You've got to be kidding me. I only dealt with only the arithmetic. Where's the other sorry hecopascals?" Sho said, popping out from hidden floor door.

"Sho. I see you had you fun time." Alexander said to his Pawn. Sho merely scoffed as he kicked away a pew with enough force to knock away the other pews. He then wiped off the blood off of his hand, which was from the Exorcist he killed earlier.

"That wasn't even fun or a warm up. All those sorry digits didn't even warm up my brain. It's like I was dealing with kindergarten math!" Sho told him, before he shoved his hands into his pocket. "Whatever. I'm out of this sorry excuse of an equation!" Sho said as he decided to leave the scene, but not before kicking a hole in the wall and walking out.

Rias frowned a little as she watched Sho walk away. "Alexander-san, aren't you going to calm down your Pawn?" Rias questioned.

"I let him do whatever he wants, so long as he doesn't cause any trouble." Alexander told her.

"But he is your Peerage member and has to stand alongside you." Rias told him.

"That's how you run your Peerage Rias. I run mine differently. So mind your own business." Alexander told her with a slightly cold tone. Rias narrowed her eyes at him, before she decide she'll focus on it another time and looked in another direction.

The group soon saw Koneko walking from a hole in the wall. Behind her, she was dragging Raynare's body.

"Thank you Koneko-chan. Now then, let's wake her up. Akeno." Rias commanded. Akeno nodded her head.

"Yes." was all Akeno said, as she raised up her arms in the air, and produced water in the air. She then splashes onto Raynare. Raynare coughs after the splash. She soon wakes up and opens her eyes slowly. Rias then looked down at her.

"How are you doing, Fallen Angel Raynare." Rias said to her, while having a confident air around her.

"…The daughter of the Gremory clan…" Raynare whispered to her.

"Hello, my name is Rias Gremory. I'm the next heir of the House of Gremory. It will be for a short while, but nice to have your acquaintance." Rias said to her with a smile. Raynare just glared at her, and then she sneers.

"…You think you've got me, but too bad. This plan was kept secret from the higher-ups, but there are other Fallen Angels with me. If I get in danger, they will—"

"They won't come to help." Rias said to her, as she broke through her words. "My fellow Devils already took care of them. All your Fallen Angels are now inactive." Rias simply told her, making Raynare looked at her with disbelief.

"Lies!" Raynare shouted out, enraged as she sat up.

"Oh? Then how about these?" Levi spoke up, reaching into her pocket and dropped out feathers. "These look familiar to you?" Levi said, as she dropped the feathers. Raynare looked shocked at seeing those feathers.

"These are the feathers of those three. You can tell them apart since you are the same kind as them, right?" Rias said to her. Upon hearing those words, Raynare's expression darkened. It was then Rias began telling the truth.

"When I met with the Fallen Angel Donaseek who attacked Ise before, I predicted that there were a few Fallen Angels plotting something in this town. I ignored it because I thought it was a plan that involves the whole Fallen Angel. Even I'm not foolish enough to take on all of the Fallen Angels. Then I heard that the Fallen Angels were moving around secretively so I went to talk to them, taking Akeno with me. When I met him in person, he blurted that it was their own plan. By helping you, they said, they would get promoted to a higher status. Low life that move around secretively for their purpose usually brag about their plots." Rias told her while giving a small smirk.

'Get on with it Gremory. Enough with the obvious bragging.' Alexander mentally commented, getting annoyed upon seeing the pride that Rias is showing. He hated to see if she accomplished something on a bigger scale.

"He must have looked down on us because it was just two girls who approached them. Fufufu...those foolish Fallen Angels didn't know who they were dealing with. Since they were willing to help in your pathetic plot, they themselves were low beings." Rias simply said to her. It was then Kiba spoke up.

"Getting hit by a single shot won't even leave a trace. The princess of the Duke who has the power of destruction. Buchou is a powerful Devil who is called a genius among the group of young Devils after all. However, it seems that others was able to do the dirty work for her. I guess your comrades weren't worth her power after all." Kiba said with a smile.

'Are we getting somewhere now? Because I clearly doesn't look like it.' Alexander thought, getting more and more annoyed with his group.

"She is also called the "Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess", you know?" Akeno says it while smiling. Rias then looks at Issei's left arm, which had a red gauntlet.

"…Red Dragon. Until recently there wasn't a mark like this… I see, so that's what it is…" Rias muttered under her breath, while looking a bit shocked.

"I found out the main reason why Ise was able to beat a Fallen Angel." Rias said quietly, and then turned to Raynare.

"Fallen Angel Raynare. This boy, Hyoudou Issei's Sacred Gear isn't a regular Sacred Gear. That's why you lost." Rias said to her. Raynare had a confused expression etched upon her.

"...Boosted Gear, a Sacred Gear that is said to be the rarest of the rare. The Red Dragon mark on the gauntlet is the evidence. Even you have heard of that name before, right?" Rias asked, and Raynare puts on a shocked expression. Alexander simply blinked as he looked towards the Boosted Gear on Issei's arm.

'Azazel is sure going to get a kick out of this...' Alexander thought.

"B-Boosted Gear… One of the Longinus … Even though it's for a temporarily time, it's said that it has the power to surpass Maous and God… Are you telling me that hateful power is possessed in a boy like this!?" Raynade shouted out.

"If it's just like the legend is told, then the ability of the Boosted Gear can double the power of the possessor every 10 second. Even if his power starts from 1, it doubles his power every 10 seconds, and it can reach the power of the leader-class Fallen Angels and High-class Devils. And by mastering it, he could even kill God."

Issei made a highly shocked face at hearing that, and looked at his Sacred Gear with a shocked expression.

"Well, no matter how powerful it is, Sacred Gear which needs time has a big risk. There aren't any enemies that would wait for the user to get stronger. Since the opponent was taking it lightly, this was the outcome." Rias said, which caused Issei to slump his head a little at hearing that. Rias then turned to Issei, and patted his head.

"But it's interesting. Just to be expected from my Servant-kun. Just like I thought, Ise is an interesting boy. I'm going to adore you even more." Rias said to him while smiling. Issei blushed at the contact, but soon entered into a sad expression.


"What is it?"

Issei bowed his had in guilt.

"I'm sorry. When I said I was going to save Asia, I said rude stuff to you because you wouldn't help… But you were helping us behind the scene and…" Issei continued, and then began tearing up.

"B-Buchou…I couldn't…protect Asia…" Issei said sadly, as he looked at the body of Asia. Alexander and his Peerage soon noticed her, and they saw that she wasn't moving. They all frowned, figuring on what they saw.

'Looks like we were too late in saving her. Azazel, I hope you really punish these Fallen Angels.' Alexander thought, disgusted to see how these Fallen Angels plans somehow succeeded partially.

"You don't have to cry. Seeing you right now, there is no one that will blame you." Rias said to him as she comforted him.

"But…but, I…" Issei sobbed out, but Rias wiped his tears with her fingers.

"It's okay. You just weren't experienced as a Devil yet. That's all to it. Become strong. I'm going to make you work hard from now on, so be prepared. My Pawn, Ise." Rias said to him. Issei sniffed at her, and then nodded.

"Yes." Issei said, his eyes slowly gaining determination to get stronger.

"Now then, I'll finish my last work." Rias said, and turned to Raynare with a cold look, which scared Raynare.

"I will have you disappear, Fallen Angel-san." Rias coldly said to her, while emitting killing intent. "Of course, I will retrieve that Sacred Gear back as well."

"Y-You can't be serious!? This healing power is for Azazel-sama and Shemhaza-sama—" Rayanre stuttered out, but was cut off by Rias.

"To live your life for love is beautiful. But you are too tainted with dirt. You have no elegance. And I don't allow that." Rias said to her, as she aimed her her hands at her.

"Me, here." a new voice entered the scene. Alexander and the others turned their heads, and saw someone near the door. The others soon became alarmed by his appearance.

"Wow! My superior is in serious danger! So what's going to happen now!?" the newcomer said to them. It was then Raynare screamed at the new stranger.

"Save me! If you save me, I will give you a reward or anything you want!" Raynare pleaded at him. He gave a sadistic smile.

"Hmm, hmm. I received a wonderful order from an Angel-sama. Eh? So I can have sex with you? To me, having sex with an Angel-sama is like the best honour and it will become a good social status for me."

"Ku… D-Don't fool around and save me!" Rayanre yelled out in anger.

"Ararararara, you know that I'm actually serious… I mean, something simple like that should be all right, isn't it, Angel-sama? So it's a no? Is that so? Then I will take my leave now. No matter how you look at it, I'm at a disadvantage, so I will just take off." Freed said, as he turned his body around.

"Y-You are a Priest, aren't you!? You are supposed to save me! I'm an all mighty Fallen Angel! I—"

"I don't need a superior who loses to trashy Devils. You are pretty, but you lack plans and you are hard headed. The only thing you are useful for is masturbation. So just die away already. Well, a Fallen Angel who is abandoned by God won't go to either Heaven or Hell, but goes back to nothing. Maybe the experience of turning into nothing will be helpful? Ah, that's impossible. Since there will be nothing left. It's impossible. So namusan. Wait, that's Buddhism. Ah, I'm a former Christian! I'm such a naughty boy!" Freed said with glee, while he lost interest in her. Raynare soon made a face of despair at this.

Freed then turned to Issei.

"Ise-kun, Ise-kun. You have such a wonderful ability. I'm getting more interested in you. You are so worthy to kill! You are definitely in my Top 5 for the "Devils I want to kill", so be prepared, okay? Next time we meet, let's have a romantic fight to the death, okay?"

Chills ran up Issei's spine at hearing that.

"See ya then! Bye-bye! Remember to brush your teeth!" Freed said, as he disappeared from the scene. Before the others could think that he got away, another loud voice entered the scene.

"I knew it! I found a hidden factor within this pathetic equation!" cried out a familiar voice.

Before the others knew it, they soon heard a cry of pain ring through the air, and soon saw Freed's body fly through the doors. They saw him soar through the air, only to meet with the wall with a hard hit. Freed soon collapsed onto the floor, and slumped down, not moving.

"Thanks for being a good stress reliever you hectopascal!" Sho cried out as he stood at the entrance of the Church. He then turned around and started to walk away. "Another scrap of of the heap."

The group stayed silent for a bit, before they decided to focus on the Fallen Angel before them.

"Now, Fallen Angel Raynare, who was abandoned by her own servant. Miserable." Rias said, with no sympathy in her tone. Raynare soon grew a fearful look at her, and soon turned to Issei, as she changed her appearance as well.

The others became surprised by this sort of action as well. She looked like a young and innocent girl, and she had a scared look on her.

"Ise-kun! Please save me!" Raynare said to her, in a different voice now. It now sounded like a young teenage girl, which shocked surprised Issei at seeing her in that state. She continued.

"This Devil is trying to kill me! I love you! I love you so-" she said, but was soon interrupted.

"Silence." Alexander simply said, before he used his Cross Tail to wrap wires all around Raynare, making Raynare look at the wires before her in surprise.


"Electric Spider Web." Alexander simply said, before channeling electricity towards Raynare. Suffering the same fate as Kalawarner, Raynare soon screamed in pain as she was shocked by the flood of electricity coming at her. After a good amount of shocking, Raynare's body soon collapsed onto the floor, with her whole body burnt by the electricity. Seeing that he is finished, Alexander then turned to Rias.

"Gremory, take what doesn't belong to her." Alexander told her.

"I was planning to do so." Rias said, as she then knelled down towards the unconscious body. She soon produced a magic circle in her hand, and brought out an object with a soft green glow around it. She clasped it within her hands, and smiled.

"Well, she won't be needing this." Rias said. Seeing that it's over, Alexander simply sighed.

"Well then, since everything is over, we shall take our leave." Alexander said as he walked away from the group, with his two Pawns following after him. Alexander and his Peerage soon left the building, and made their way towards the other Fallen Angels that they've captured. As soon as they reached their location, Alexander reached into his pocket and dialed a number. When the line picked up, Alexander spoke.

"Azazel. Your subordinates are dealt with."

As Alexander found himself talking to Azazel over the phone, and his other Peerage members were busy talking to each other, the three failed to notice a figure hidden nearby while watching them from afar.

"...So that is what you have done...senpai." the figure whispered while quietly observing Alexander.

(Alexander's Home)

Akame groaned a bit when she felt her consciousness returning to her physical body. She sat up from her position, and proceeded to take off the Nerve Gear she had on. As she did, she was mentally shaken and exhausted.

3 whole days. She spent three whole days inside the virtual space that Alexander has set up. And in those three days, there was a lot to deal with.

First, Alexander seems to be quite creative in his little mental training field of his. In the virtual space, he seems to have created some sort of castle where there were multiple floors. She didn't know exactly how much, but she knew there were a lot if her experience told her anything. Anyways, each floor had its own design and monsters, and Akame had to fight them all.

There were also a variety of weapons for Akame to try out, as well as different skills and magic. However, she found that she prefers hand-to-hand combat, as well as using a katana.

From there, she used her fighting style to fight the enemies she had to face. From simple boars and low level generic dungeon monsters, to floor bosses. She has to admit, the floor bosses took her multiple tries to beat. It was a good thing that Nerve Gear takes away exhaustion in the game, but at the same time, give her some realistic feeling in the game.

She learned a lot in those straight 72 hours of training.

"Welcome back to reality Akame." so a familiar voice, and turned to see Alexander sitting nearby while working on his laptop computer. After a few clicks, he simply closed it and looked at Akame.

"I take that your mental training was enlightening for you?" Alexander asked.

"...I didn't expect to be in there for quite a while..." Akame pointed out. Alexander gave a small chuckle upon hearing that, much to Akame's surprise.

"Sorry about that. My Peerage and I had to deal with an incident a bit longer than we expected. But at the very least, you have learned a lot of things." Alexander said, before he turned to the huge monitor before them. The screen soon glowed with energy, and begun to show multiple videos of Akame's experience within the Nerve Gear. Alexander then gave a raised eyebrow.

"I have to admit, that is an interesting style of fighting you chose there. Martial arts, along with swordsmanship." Alexander commented. "And you've made it up to...the 4th floor. Not bad for a start." Alexander said, before he turned to Akame.

"Well, after what you've been through, I think you deserve a good meal. You up for it?" Alexander asked. Akame's stomach merely growled upon the mentioning of food, and she immediately nodded.

"...Yes. I would like that."

(Tokyo - Shibuya - Ramen Don)

The Peerage decided to go to their favorite ramen restaurant to eat at, Ken Doi. They decided it is a good time to do so, considering they want their newest member Akame to try it out. Alexander and his Peerage all sat at a table while slurping on their ramen that they ordered.

"This is really good...!" Akame said with amazement as she was eating her ramen.

"It is. It's our favorite restaurant to eat ramen, and might I add overall favorite for us." Kuga said with a nod, and proceeded to take a tip of his broth.

"Heh. Slabs of ham, celery and horseradish, and tons of asparagus! You know me well gramps!" Sho told the chef and owner of the restaurant, who is named Ken Doi. He is a middle aged man who wore the traditional ramen chef uniform and bandanna. The man merely gave a hearty laugh.

"Well of course! You guys are my best customers! Of course, I have to thank you for inspiring me to make such an educational meal." Ken said while making a pun, making Sho laugh at the pun.

"You damn right!" Sho exclaimed.

"Alright alright, settle down you math delinquent. We're supposed to have a meal, not a lecture on calculus." Levi told her fellow Pawn with a her usual laid back expression.

"Screw you!"

"Here we go again..." Alexander muttered plainly while he just focused on eating his ramen. "If you two are going to fight, can you at least take it outside? We don't want our favorite restaurant to be broken." Alexander told the two.

"Tch, like I need to waste my brain cells on her!" Sho scoffed before he focused back on his ramen.

"Your call Alex." Levi simply shrugged.

Akame looked at the interaction between the Peerage, before she looked towards Alexander.

"Does this normally happen?" Akame asked while slightly tilting her head.

"On a usual basis." Alexander normally replied. "Don't worry, nothing really serious happens out of it." Alexander said, reassuring her.

"Oh, well, alright." Akame said, before she became surprised when she saw a plate of nagoya cochin being placed near her, and saw that the chef was placing it there. She looked up in surprise towards the chef, while the chef merely gave a friendly smile.

"It's on the house. This is your first time here, so you deserve a little welcome gift. Enjoy!" Ken told her as he went back into the kitchen. Alexander lets a small smile appear on his lips when seeing that.

"We also like this restaurant due to the friendliness it shows." Alexander told her, before he gestured her to eat it. "Well, eat it while it's hot."

Akame could only make a small smile upon this.

(Technology List/Other)

Nerve Gear - Yes. Yes I did. I did indeed use Sword Art Online's Nerve Gear, as well as Aincrad, as technology that Alexander made over the years. Initially, I didn't think this will have much impact to the story. But I realized the potential it had, and made it into something that is beneficial. Mental training. Bam.

Cross Tail - Taken straight from Akame Ga Kill. These wire gloves were made by Alexander himself, and these gloves compliment him on his creation and manipulation of metal. Gives him versatility.

Trigger Ring - Kuga's Sacred Gear. This is directly taken from World Trigger. The Trigger Ring allows Kuga to use multiple circles that gives him abilities in battle. "Bound" acts as a catapult/trampoline, "Boost" increases his power, etc. In its base form Kuga can only use one circle at a time. However, when he unlocks the full power of it, he is able to use multiply the circles. Trade off is energy and stamina.

And that is a wrap to this chapter!

I apologize for the long wait. It took me quite a while to make this chapter, as well as making the plot for this particular story. After some time, it is there. There is still a few holes, but I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

I also apologize that this story didn't really do much, but this particular arc is something I just wanted to get out of the way. The real story begins from here...hopefully.


This is something that I heavily debated to myself, and I still am. However, I did manage to make myself something interesting.

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I find it rather cliche and overused for female members of a male OC Peerage to automatically become part of a harem (that's just my opinion!). Seriously, no matter which fanfic I go to with OC Devils (mostly male BTW) and Peerages, I always find females being part of a harem, even though it is unnecessary at most times. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate it, but it gets a bit too boring after seeing it over and over again.

In addition, I planned for Alexander and his Peerage to become a close knit family, rather than having female lovers be all over him and have the rest of the males stand by and watch as their leader bones every girl. I honestly can't see myself writing a romantic connection with Alexander, Levi, and Akame. I'm just drawing blanks.

With that being said, Levi and Akame are not in the harem, as well as future female members of the Peerage. That is final.

Now that's done, let's talk about the real harem. And this is going to have a different take in this particular story.

There is also a personal challenge I made for myself. For the harem that Alexander is going to have, it's going like this: each of his harem member consist of one member that is from different factions. For example, there is a female from the Devil faction, a female from the youkai faction, etc. Something to have a little fun with.

And to add another twist, the harem is going to be a bit of a secret until each member is revealed as the story goes on. Hope you like mystery harems.

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