alright everyone, here's a challenge for you. Harry dies, but becomes a Voidwalker and takes revenge on the wizarding world.


Harry must Defeat Voldemort BEFORE the 6th book begins, but after the 5th book. Sorry, but as much as I love Sirius, i have to agree with Rowling in that it was needed to make Harry stronger, but don't worry, he will be back.

Harry must be betrayed, I don't care how you do it, the "he is becoming the next dark lord" is perfectly acceptable. He also MUST go through the Veil Of Death to die.

The Veil must lead to a part of the Twisting Nether that is inhabited by only Voidwalkers. This population of Voidwalkers MUST (at least) partially be made up of witches and wizards who were thrown into the Veil. (told you Sirius would be back)

The Veil forcibly changes wizards and witches into Voidwalkers

Harry MUST be a Naaru (for those who dont know/realize the naaru are a race of their own) in human form before he dies (though no one knows), and when he dies he must become a Voidwalker of at least lord strength. (google Voidwalkers if you don't know the Voidwalker rankings)

There must be a temporal difference between Earth and the Twisting Nether, at LEAST 150 Nether years to every Earth year.

Bashings, I know some of you might not like it, but Harry is being betrayed so... yeah it's needed. Who? Dumbledore, Molly, Ginny, Ron. If you can't find a reason to bash them then either A: read some stories where they are bashed, or B: pm me


Master of Death Harry

Not totaly stupid Ministry, not all of them are bad, like the head of the DMLE, Amelia Bones

The Queen of England going Ballistic on the Ministry for killing Harry (I'll let you make up a reason why)

Harry goes to Azeroth, after getting revenge on the Wizarding World

Not Allowed:

Bashing of the twins, Bill, Charlie, why? Because I like them that's why

Harry or Sirius being controlled by the Leigon

Harry or Sirius being controlled by a warlock