A/n: thanks for the review god of all Chapter 2 INHERITANCE TEST

Lucius Looked at the boy and said, I refuse to listen to an upstart Half blood. Harry then hands the cane to a Goblin. Dan recovers from the shock of seeing a golden glow and asks the Goblin, Sir what is your name? Griphook is my name sir and I am the Potter Family Accounts Manager. Emma looks at Griphook and asks, why was my Daughter and that young man Glowing Golden when they touched? Griphook looks at the 2 children stunned about this. Ma'am that has not been seen since the days of the founders of Hogwarts that is the visible sign of a soul bond, Emma and Dan look at each other a soul bond? They both ask in unison. Yes, you would call it a marriage made in heaven though these 2 are too young for that step yet it is just beginning to for so they may need to see the inheritance offices sooner rather than later. Meanwhile Lucius is demanding his cane back and threatening Harry with being arrested for assaulting a pureblood. I highly Doubt that I will be charged as I have witnesses that I did not lay a hand on you, says Harry. He then turns to Griphook as the Potter accounts Manager Can I ask to be seen in the inheritance offices thru you sir? Griphook Looks at the Young Lord Potter, Yes you may Lord Potter if you and these three would please follow me we will go there right now. Griphook leads the 4 humans to the main office of the inheritance offices sir I have Lord Potter here to receive his inheritances. Send them in Harry and the Grangers enter the room and take seats in front of a large Desk. My name is Arrowweaver before we can discuss your inheritances Lord Potter we need to do an inheritance test please cut your palm with this dagger and let the blood drip on to this enchanted Parchment. Harry takes the dagger and does so and watches as his inheritance test takes form.


Harry James Potter

Father: James Charlus Potter

Mother: Lily Marie Potter nee' Evans


Perevell: Paternal

Potter: Paternal Magical /non-magical Dukedom of Marlborough)

Black: Thru Godfather

Ravenclaw: Maternal

Gryffindor: Paternal

Slytherin: by right of conquest, Paternal

Hufflepuff: Maternal

Emrys: Paternal

Lefey: Maternal

Nimue: Paternal/Maternal

Pendragon: Maternal

Evans: Maternal (non- Magical Dukedom of Devonshire)

999,999,999,999,999 Galleons Total between all vaults.

Soul Bond: Hermione Jane Granger

Pending Marriage Contracts: Ginerva Molly Weasly Signed by APWBD and Molly Anne Weasly

Harry looks at the Parchment and then promptly faints after reading it. Arrowweaver then looks at it and curses in Gobbledegook, Get the Chief of Chiefs NOW GRIPHOOK. Griphook rushes out of the office and runs to his Chiefs Office. Griphook halts and Knocks of his Chiefs Office door and awaits permission to enter, You May Enter. Griphook enters the office and bows Chief Ragnok your presence is requested in inheritance director Arrowweaver's office an heir to accounts thought to be lost to wizards has surfaced. Ragnok bolts out of his chair in shock; let us go now then Griphook. As soon as they return to Arrowweaver's office Ragnok notices the unconscious wizard with the scar on his head and realizes the Severity of the situation, Call all account managers for those accts that are listed and have them meet us in here Arrowweaver, says Ragnok. Yes my Chief, Arrowweaver says before bowing to Chief Ragnok.