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"Talking" "Thinking" "Bijuu Talking" "Bijuu Thinking" "Jutsu"


The chunin exam preliminary matches are about to begin. The Hokage and referee, who just so happens to be Haku now, already explained the rules, like in cannon. Unlike cannon, however, is the fact that there are only eight contestants left. Everyone els was ether killed or injured by team seven, or Orochimaru's over powered fire jutsu, during the second stage.

Everyone that's left is standing in the arena, waiting to start the matches. They are as fallows, Garra, Lee, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Sakura, Sasuke and myself, Naruto. There will be one round of elimination now, and then a month brake, before the final two will take place in front of all those nobles and foreigners and important people in the stadium. I made sure we still had that.


"The first match will be Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, against Kiba Inuzuka. Everyone else, please move to the stands."

As soon as everyone is clear Kiba starts off by saying, "Hay, sweat! We get to kick the ass of the DEAD LAST! Come on akamaru, let's beat him down!" Akamaru wines slightly, but obeys his master, moving to stand next to him.

I sigh, and pinch my nose as stress relief. I need to make this fast or I might just kill Kiba. I don't like Kiba, did you notice? I smile as I take my stance, feet together, right foot behind left, right heal raised. Right arm behind my back, and left arm in front, hand open. Body shifted to the right slightly, so I'm looking left, but forward. Eyes closed. I say eagerly, "I'm going to make this a record. Don't blink."

Kiba growls and Haku starts the match from the side of the floor. "Begin."

Not a second after the word leaves her mouth, I'm already moving forward at high Jonin speed. As I reach Kiba, I pull to the right and force my left forearm into his abdomen. Just to push off again and spin to the left sharply, braking his lower four ribs, if nothing else. He still hasn't moved, not even two seconds have passed for him as I dive to the left and drive my right knee into his chest. The blow cancels out all my speed, and turns it on him.

Before the room can register it, save the Hokage and 'Kazekage', Kiba hits the far wall with more force then most trains, the crater is six feet in radius and three feet in depth, into and out of the ancient stone. I finish my spin to the left, and stop in my stance again. Eyes still closed, of corse.

Kiba doesn't move. Akamaru yelps, and runs to him as Haku calls the match. He will be fine, with some chakra enhanced healing.

I look at Jiji, who looks back at me, mildly shaken. And I ask, "That was a record, right?"

He replies, "Yes, Naruto-kun. That most diffidently was a record."not ten seconds since the match started, not five since it ended. Haku says seven seconds, and Haku is fast, so, of corse, she's right.


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