Author's Note:

Warning! This chapter is similar in concept to the racy roleplay and dom/sub of the earlier chapter Security and Control, but it gets genuinely lewd and explicit.

Many thanks to the wonderful Bloom Into Yuri for commissioning this special addition to Monster Yurisume. This chapter occurs about a year after the Epilogue chapter.


"Seeya Mom and Momma!" Miu called out as she approached the tour bus. She turned back and waved one white-feathered wing, adding, "Auntie 'Mu said to call her when you get all worried about me!"

"Even if she's not your teacher anymore, she's still a teacher and you should call her Iormu-sensei while you're at school," Yuisu corrected.

The young harpy grinned. "I'm not at school."

Haru glared and added, "And at school events."

"Fiiine…" Miu pouted, then her bottomless energy returned and she quickly bounced up the bus steps to join her classmates. Since she was the last student to board, the door closed behind her and the bus soon pulled away from the curb.

Haru and Yuisu watched as the large vehicle left the bus depot, merged with highway traffic and disappeared into the distance, beginning its three-day, two-night journey all around the north end of Honshu.

"Isn't first grade a bit early for an overnight field trip?" Haru asked quietly, so the other departing parents wouldn't overhear. She had willingly signed Miu's permission slip, but the worry had never fully faded.

Yuisu shrugged, then gave Haru's muscular shoulder a squeeze. "Maybe, but I've heard that some schools even take kids abroad at that age. This should be good for their independence and socialization, and you know how hard that can be for liminals."

"Yeah…" Haru's talons scraped along the asphalt as she paced in place. "She's a strong girl, so she'll be okay," she told herself. "And Iormu is there as a chaperone…"

She suddenly grabbed Yuisu's hand tightly in her wing. "When should I call Iormu? Miu said they're arriving at their hotel at 7pm, right? If they're running late, I want to kn—"

Yuisu calmly pried her fingers free of Haru's feathery grip. "Shh, honey, they'll be fine. You and I finally have some time to ourselves, so let's use it."

Haru's head tilted dramatically. "Don't you need to work?"

"Nope! The maids have it under control this weekend." Yuisu winked and leaned in close. "And we've got a new honeymoon suite to break in."

Nestled in the mountains outside of Okayado was a small resort called The Mountain Lily Inn. It boasted two hot spring pools, one open to day visitors and one reserved for overnight guests, as well as five small cabins and one oversized cabin for large liminal species. And now, thanks to the money flowing in from the booming liminal tourism business, the Inn had a brand new addition secluded in the trees just to the north of the springs.

Hot springs were practically synonymous with relaxation and romance, but the Mountain Lily Inn had long possessed a glaring flaw in that regard: every cabin contained two bedrooms which had to share a single kitchen and bathroom. It was no surprise that when Yuisu reviewed guest feedback, the most highly requested features were private cabins and private bathing. So Haru and Yuisu caught two deer with one snare by building a honeymoon suite with a heart-shaped pool inside, fed by the same natural hot spring as the rest of the resort.

Construction had just finished, and while Yuisu's maid staff handled the six other cabins and any customer issues, Haru and Yuisu were free to be the very first couple to enjoy the new honeymoon suite.

"It's very… pink," Haru said as she stepped into the bedroom and took in the decorations.

Yuisu nodded. "Yeah, that's the default bedspread for springtime, because of Valentine's Day and cherry blossom season. But guests can request other colors if they want."

"And the paintings?" Haru pointed a wing at the far wall and the three pictures there, all depicting cherry trees in bloom.

"On seasonal rotation as well," Yuisu answered. "The one on the left was actually painted by our dear Pwess in her high school art class. One of her few pieces without nudity in it, and one of the few that didn't cause drama with the school as a result."

Haru raised an eyebrow. "Do you have any of her other works? They might actually suit this honeymoon suite…"

A giggle escaped Yuisu's lips. "I don't, but now I want to look into that." Then she smiled up at her wife. "I take it you're already in a lewd mood?"

Haru crossed her arms over her breasts and said nothing. She didn't want to admit how horny she truly was, to give Yuisu that bit of power over her.

"A shy mood? That just won't do." Yuisu wiggled herself in between Haru's wings and snuggled up against her bountiful chest. "I was really hoping you'd be in a controlling mood, one where you have all the agency, and you call all the shots."

Haru's golden eyes flicked down and met Yuisu's emerald ones, which were full of mischief and light. "And if I was?"

Yuisu grinned. "Then you'd get to do whatever you want with me, for hours and hours and hours." She drew the last word out so long and slow that it was nearly torturous. She ended the sentence with a wink and tried to say something more, but Haru cut her off by sweeping her off her feet.

Yuisu must have known that Haru was having a hard time letting Miu go out of town without her moms. Hell, Yuisu probably felt that way too. But mothers had to give their kids some agency, had to give up control. And it appeared that Yuisu wanted to give a different kind of control back to Haru.

"Did you bring any tools with you?" Haru asked, and Yuisu was ready with an answer.

"A blindfold and all our straps."

"That'll do nicely."

"Lie on the bed. Face down."

Yuisu complied instantly, eagerly. In seconds, she was lying flat on top of the bright pink covers, still wearing a melon-green blouse and her favorite jean shorts.

Oh, she wants this as much as I do, Haru thought. Excellent.

"Now undress."

"I'll try, but it's a bit awkward in this position," Yuisu said as she reached under herself to unbutton her shorts. Then her back arched seductively and her butt lifted into the air. Those shorts made her ass look great, and Yuisu clearly loved to take advantage of that fact.

Haru wanted to help, to rip those jeans off and get to the prize within. But more than that, she wanted to control this situation, to rule this intimate domain, and to make Yuisu work for her eventual reward. Instead, she stayed back and enjoyed the show, her raptor's eyes drinking in every drop of this amazing view.

A slender strip of moss-green panties emerged as the shorts were tugged downward. Bare cheeks appeared, and the green thong vanished between them. Yuisu's cheeks were so round and smooth and soft yet firm, thanks to a career that kept her on her feet and frequent therapeutic soaks in natural hot spring water.

Gods, I love that ass, Haru thought, as a smile solidified on her lips.

"Underwear on or off?" Yuisu asked once the shorts had cleared her knees and she had started on her blouse.

"Panties that small? Keep them on," Haru said, trying to keep her voice steady. It was hard to stay focused and in control when Yuisu was twirling her shorts around on one bare foot and wiggling her ass like that.

She's messing with me, with all these questions and flirty time wasting, Haru realized. She's not giving up control easily.

Haru's smile grew into a wide grin, more than a little menacing. Then I'll just have to take control.

While Yuisu made slower-than-necessary progress on removing her blouse, Haru stepped forward with something clutched in her wing. It was a bundle of black elastic straps, each wide enough to manage with harpy wings and outfitted with sturdy velcro to make securing it easy. She tossed Yuisu's taunting shorts aside, then grabbed her legs by the ankles.

"Keep undressing," Haru commanded. "But I'm putting an end to your useless wiggling."

Haru quickly wrapped Yuisu's legs together at the ankles, then at the knees and the upper thighs. She took a moment to appreciate the lovely indentations the straps made in the soft flesh of her wife's thighs, then moved her gaze upward. A moss-green bra was beneath Yuisu's shirt, and Haru recognized it from the thin straps. It was a simple bra in every way except one: the material on the front was far too small for her C-cup breasts, just two triangles that provided minimal support and even less coverage.

She's been wearing that all day? You always manage to surprise me, Yuri-su.

Yuisu had barely gotten her shirt over her head when Haru hooked it with a wing and flung it away.

"Wrists together." When Yuisu complied, Haru bound them too, then leaned very close, face to face with Yuisu.

"What's up?" Yuisu asked nervously, her face half squished into the bedspread.

Haru smiled kindly and spoke softly, "Just saying I love you, babe. You're the best." She kissed her wife briefly, then looped a black silk blindfold around her head. "See you after this is all over."

Yuisu's gorgeous green eyes were locked away, and Haru finally felt fully in control. But there was a glaring question in her mind. What do I want to do next?

She scanned the restrained and lovely body before her, and the answer came naturally. She announced, "I see that you already dressed the part. Stay still and quiet while I slip into something more comfortable."

Haru didn't actually have any lingerie with her, but she wanted to get Yuisu's brain stewing, imagining up sexier possibilities than reality could provide. She shed her own jeans, which were tattered and cut off just below the knee, and carefully pulled her stretchy cotton tank-top up and over her wings. She dropped them to the floor, intending for Yuisu to hear it, then took a moment to adjust her remaining underclothes.

They weren't anything special, just versatile and comfortable white cotton panties and a matching sports bra. But the panties were tight boy-shorts with no-show edges and the bra was snug and supportive. Together, they made Haru feel secure and collected and in control. And that made her feel sexy as hell, appearances be damned.

Being in control meant accounting for outside interference as well. Haru also took a moment to secure her long silver hair in a simple bundle, so a stray wisp couldn't accidentally tickle Yuisu. Then she stepped forward, eyes fixated on Yuisu's nearly-bare body. There was nothing between Haru and all that lovely skin or the organic curves and shapes that Haru never tired of. But first…

Haru looked down at the canvas bag that she'd taken the straps and blindfold from. There were more black elastic straps inside, plus a couple vibrantly colored objects, smooth and rounded. Ah, she did bring more than just straps and a blindfold. Good thinking, Yuisu!

Haru bent down and carefully untangled a single bit of material from the rest. She slipped one of the colored objects through a metal ring, then threaded each of her claws through a leg hole. It took a bit of awkward adjustment that she was glad Yuisu couldn't witness, but Haru eventually got the straps secured around her hips, and that long, thick purple toy was firmly attached on the front.

Strap-on equipped and ready for action, Haru thought with a nod. But I think I'll wait a little while to put it to use.

"Yuisu, my love," Haru whispered, her voice low and sweet and slightly menacing. "It's time for you to follow through on your promise."

"My promise?" Yuisu asked innocently.

"You said I could do whatever I wanted with you. For hours, and hours, and hours."

Yuisu swallowed audibly, then admitted, "I did say that…"

Haru knelt on the bed at Yuisu's side, a perfect vantage point to see all of Yuisu's backside and a lovely bit of sideboob as well. Then she reached out with one wing fully extended, and she lightly touched Yuisu's back with just the tip of one flight feather. Yuisu shivered at the contact, but Haru pulled away.

Wait for it…

"Umm, why'd you stop? It felt good," Yuisu whined.

"Because tonight isn't about what you want," Haru replied. "It's about what I want. And what I want is to…"

She ran another feather down Yuisu's right hip, all the way to her heel, then back up the other leg.


She traced a figure-eight around Yuisu's bottom, savoring the little hitch in the circuit as the feather caught on the green 'T' of those thong panties.


The feather wandered lower and lower, until it skipped over the crevice at the top of Yuisu's thighs. It doubled back and the very tip of Haru's wing slid smoothly over the stretchy green cloth deep within, tickling the sensitive flesh beneath.

"Time," she finally finished, withdrawing the wing and watching for Yuisu's reaction.

Yuisu squirmed pitifully and let out a little moan. It was obvious she wanted more, but she had signed up for exactly this.

Haru knelt and straddled Yuisu's thighs, making sure to keep her hips angled up and the strap-on away from Yuisu's skin, so it would be a surprise later. Once Haru's stance was stable, she held her wings out over Yuisu's back, and resumed the feathery caress.

She tickled from Yuisu's neck to her lower back, beneath her shoulder blades, and along the sides of her breasts. She teased all around that lovely perky booty, then thought, I'll give her a little more, as a treat for good behavior. She guided both feathers along the underside of Yuisu's cheeks, then darted in to brush against her covered vulva again.

As fun as it was to tease Yuisu and watch the ripple of goosebumps follow her delicate trail, Haru wanted a bit more, for her own benefit. She pressed her palms onto Yuisu's ass then grabbed and squeezed, her thumbs spreading Yuisu's cheeks until Haru had a clear view of that little triangle of cloth, already slightly dark in the center from dampness.

Yuisu let out a little moan that got Haru's heart pounding and her mouth salivating. If she keeps that cuteness up, I'm going to be the one that can't handle this.

"Time for the next stage," Haru said firmly. With her grip still tight on her wife's butt, Haru rocked her hips and lined up her strap-on with the tight gap between her thumbs. She pressed forward until the purple dildo's rubbery surface was catching on the cotton of Yuisu's sexy little thong.

Yuisu's body stiffened in surprise, then relaxed. But she started to squirm again as Haru resumed moving. The toy pushed and rubbed against Yuisu's panties, knocking for entrance to the slit beneath.

"Uahh," Yuisu groaned. "You can't get it in at that angle, and with my panties in the way…"

"I know," Haru said, uncaring. Then she started moving her thumbs too, kneading the soft, firm, and sensitive flesh where Yuisu's butt met her thighs. Haru pushed Yuisu's cheeks together until they firmly gripped the strap-on, then pulled them apart until Yuisu was spread wide and barely covered by a slender strip of cotton.

The view was lovely, but the reaction was even better. Yuisu writhed and lifted her hips, trying to line herself up with the toy, trying to move things forward. But Haru liked them exactly where they were. She let Yuisu wriggle and moan, and kept dragging the dildo back and forth against that rapidly dampening cloth.

When Yuisu started to move in concert with Haru, when she started to pant and build toward something, Haru abruptly pulled away.

"No, my dear. Not yet." Haru rose to her feet, careful not to tear the bedspread with her talons, then stepped aside. "Roll over," she commanded.

With a little difficulty, the bound and blindfolded Yuisu rolled onto her back, then scooted back to the center of the bed. She tried to lower her arms over her front, but Haru blocked them with a talon and guided them back behind Yuisu's head.

"I need full access," Haru explained, then she lowered herself and straddled Yuisu's thighs again, but this time she had a brand new view extending out before her. A temptingly soft belly above a wrinkled and soaked-through thong, alert nipples barely hiding beneath that impractical green bra, and above all that, Yuisu's flushed face, blinded and gnawing her own lip with need.

Haru used the same technique as before: a light, wandering touch of a feather, teasing across the landscape of her wife's gorgeous body. She watched the muscles of Yuisu's core tighten and release, and watched Yuisu's chest rise and fall in unsteady waves. And she watched every subtle change in the lower half of Yuisu's face.

I kind of wish I could see her eyes right now, to see the unsatisfied lust building in them. But I've seen that look enough to be able to imagine what I'm missing, and that blindfold is doing excellent work, keeping her on edge…

Haru slowly drifted her teasing toward Yuisu's nipples, then danced in slow circles around those stiffening peaks for several long minutes, never slowing, never quite giving Yuisu what she wanted.

"Ahh, please…" the helpless human moaned. "I need more…" She sucked in a shaky breath and finished, "than this."

"Here's a little more," Haru cooed softly, not stopping her circling motion for an instant. It was time for the strap-on to serve its purpose yet again. Haru lined up her hips over Yuisu's, and gave a gentle, prodding thrust straight down. The tip of the dildo slid along the sweat-slick skin of Yuisu's upper thighs and the sticky-wet outer surface of her panties. Then Haru did it again, and again. On the longer thrusts, the tip breached the other side and hit the bed, but it never satisfied what Yuisu craved above all else.

"Inside…" Yuisu begged. "Please."

Haru didn't answer. Instead, she caught the comically small center strap of Yuisu's bra on her thumb, and tugged the miniscule material up and off of Yuisu's breasts, finally uncaging her overstimulated nipples. Then, still periodically and unpredictably thrusting along the outside of Yuisu's panties, Haru returned to her feathery teasing of Yuisu's hardened nipples.

"Ah!" Yuisu's whole body shook and tried to escape to the side, but Haru had her hips firmly pinned. And the feather was only the start.

Haru leaned forward and placed her lips around Yuisu's left nipple, giving a single long, slow suck. Then she flicked her tongue across it, back and forth, listening closely for Yuisu's reaction. Haru wanted to find the thing that drove Yuisu crazy, the thing that would make her cry out in exasperation. She experimented with a light nibble with her teeth and a blend of several prior tricks, then finally she found her holy grail.

As Haru incidentally breathed in through the corner of her mouth, Yuisu's own breath stopped and her body went stiff; the flash of cold air across her nipple had been overwhelming. Haru did it again, and the most delicious little gasp escaped Yuisu's lips, equal parts surprise, delight, and frustration.


Haru repeated the air-sucking trick a few more times, synchronizing it with the slow, rhythmic thrusts of her hips. Then, before the technique's impact could diminish, she switched to Yuisu's other breast and resumed.

Yuisu started to get unwieldy. Her hips bucked involuntarily and she kept trying to bring her arms down to her front, either to push Haru off or to stimulate herself. Either way, Haru wasn't going to allow it. The raptor harpy easily overpowered the weaker human and pinned her bound arms down, then went right back to teasing and overwhelming her lovely little wife.

"You're such a good girl. And such a fun toy to play with," Haru whispered. "Does the good girl deserve a reward?"

The question was a trap, and Yuisu knew it too. She stayed quiet, weathering the sensory assault on her most sensitive spots, until Haru suddenly pulled away. She released Yuisu's nipple with a parting suckle and pop! Then she withdrew the strap-on from Yuisu's damp valley, and she stood up.

"On your knees," she commanded.

Yuisu hurried to comply, nearly falling onto her side in the process, since balancing blind on a soft bed with her wrists and legs bound was quite tricky.

Haru took her place behind Yuisu's raised butt, and grabbed her hips firmly. Yuisu went still, expectant.

"Let's get these messy things out of the way, shall we?"

Haru pulled down on the thong's slender green straps, sliding them down past Yuisu's hips and thighs, but the stubborn cloth in the center stayed stuck to Yuisu's wet slit. Haru had to hook the center strip with a thumb and literally peel the cloth away, watching lingering strings of fluid stretch, then break.

Haru's nose flared at the sudden rush of scent, her predatory and reproductive instincts flaring to life like a bonfire fed pure gasoline. Haru wanted that pussy so bad. Her core muscles clenched and unclenched like a fist and she had to force herself to breathe.

She used a wing to guide the strap-on into place, gently parting Yuisu's lips. Then she paused. Haru was in control, and she had remarkable willpower. She fully intended to wait right here, giving just the most tauntingly small contact, until Yuisu begged for more.

She didn't have to wait long.

"Please, Haru. Please put it in me." Yuisu's voice was weak, pitiful and faint, like she didn't expect to be heard, like she knew it was futile but she had to say it anyway, had to try.

"Because you asked so nicely," Haru started as she nudged her hips ever so slightly forward. "But you're not getting an orgasm any time soon."

"Thank you!" Yuisu blurted with near ecstasy in her voice, even from such a tiny bit of penetration.

Haru's willpower was being put to the test. Her instincts wanted to go wild, to grab and hold and thrust deeply into her lover, to give and take and devour. And she wanted stimulation of her own. Her white panties were soaked through now, her breath laborious. She wished this strap-on was a double-ended dildo instead, so she could feel the same pleasure she pounded into Yuisu.

But Haru held strong. She was far more than her instincts, and she knew the value of delayed gratification. Above all those base desires, she wanted the feeling of power, the experience of controlling and guiding and manipulating the scenario toward her own ends. She wanted to bring Yuisu all the way to the edge, to hold her there above the precipice, suspended by those black elastic bindings, to drown her in pleasure until she was begging for escape.

Haru moved her hips, slowly at first, making sure not to send Yuisu too far ahead, to give her a push that would send her past the point of no return. As Yuisu gasped and moaned, Haru hit a familiar rhythm, a pace that was both comfortable for Haru and torturous for her wife.

When Yuisu's breath quickened, Haru slowed nearly to a stop.

When deep thrusts caused Yuisu to gasp and writhe, Haru pulled back.

And when Yuisu struggled to push her own hips back, to get the toy in deeper, Haru withdrew entirely.

"Haru!" Yuisu nearly screamed. Her voice went soft. "I need release, please."

"Okay," Haru said, then she reached for the elastic on Yuisu's right thigh and slowly started to unfasten it.

"No," Yuisu hissed. "Not that kind of release!" Her voice was half exasperation, half barely-contained giggles. "I need to come!"

"Oh!" Haru returned the dildo to its home, slowly sliding back into Yuisu's welcoming pussy. "You should have just asked," she teased.

After that, the teasing was over. Haru had had her fun, she'd dangled Yuisu over the edge for long enough. Now she had a new goal: to give Yuisu the longest, hardest orgasm of her life, or at least a real contender for the title. They'd been together so many years now and shared so many amazing moments that Haru didn't honestly expect to exceed everything that came before. But she could damn well try.

She thrust her hips forward, hilting the entire toy inside of Yuisu's needy hole. She stayed there for a brief moment, then pulled back slowly, as slowly as she could manage. Then, when the slightly bulbous tip of the purple dildo was all that was left inside, Haru repeated the sequence, slightly faster.

Thrust in. Wait. Withdraw as slowly as possible.

Thrust. Wait. Withdraw.

When Yuisu tried to interfere with the pace, her body wiggling in need, Haru grabbed her hips tightly and pushed her forward, pressing her face hard into the bed. In no unclear terms, Haru was in control here.

Thrust. Wait. Withdraw.

Then, after an unknowable time, when Haru had thrust all the way in, when Yuisu was pressed into the pink bedspread and the air was nearly knocked from her lungs…

"Ugh, yes," Yuisu babbled. "Yes, yes, fuck yes, Haru," she muttered, the sounds hardly audible and even less intelligible.

Haru dropped the 'wait' step from her cycle. She pistoned forward and back, submerging fully into her wife, then immediately pulling almost entirely back out. Then she did it again. And again. And again.

A distant part of Haru's mind was thankful that she'd kept her sports bra on, because in all of the frantic thrusting, the weight and momentum of her breasts was impossible to ignore. Fortunately, despite the wandering thoughts, her body kept it's rigorous repetition and Yuisu started to shake and quiver like a leaf in the wind.

Haru smiled. Yuisu was riding an orgasm now, and a big one. Her toes curled, her muscles twitched and clenched and she was making some sort of mewling sound between partial gasps of air. Yuisu was clearly overwhelmed. But Haru had no plans on stopping.

"Let's get you a few more orgasms, babe. To remember this by."

"Ow…" Yuisu groaned as she slowly lowered herself into the steaming water of their private spring.

"Sorry if the straps were too tight."

Yuisu shook her head, then gently placed a hand on her stomach. "In here. You went pretty hard."

Haru looked down at the surface of the water, staring past her legs to the square ceramic tiles on the bottom of the small pool. "Ah, sorry."

Yuisu shook her head and scooted toward Haru's side. "Don't be. This is exactly what I wanted. The hot water will help a lot, and any lingering pain will be a nice reminder of all the fun we had."


Yuisu pressed her chest, now fully free of that silly green bra, against Haru's arm and wing. "How about you? Did you get what you wanted, Miss Call-all-the-shots?"

Haru smiled. "Mentally? Absolutely. It scratched that itch perfectly. I'm probably set for weeks." She paused and took a deep breath. "But physically… I need something more."

The harpy squirmed a little, her body growing hot just thinking about it. "Maybe before we go to bed… can we do that again? With the roles reversed?"

"Really?" Yuisu grinned, and there was a hungry, vengeful look in her eyes. "Get ready for payback, Haru!"