Author's Note:

This lewd bonus chapter is set shortly after the end of Monster Yurisume, but before the epilogue. Enjoy!

Mara was sitting, no, perched on the bed, looking the smuggest either of her girlfriends had ever seen her. There was a grin across her face and a gleam in all six of her eyes.

"I bet you're wondering why I called you all here today," the pink-haired small-breed arachne started, steepling her fingers and leaning forward conspiratorially.

Tsuen was kneeling on the carpeted bedroom floor with her hands resting on her front knees, just below her centaur-cut spandex running shorts. She raised an eyebrow but someone else spoke first, from her shoulder.

"Actually, I'm more curious about that robe you're wearing," Rem said, pointing with one tiny hand. She was just 15 inches tall, and she sat comfortably on Tsuen's shoulder like it was a mobile chair. "I've never seen you wear stuff like that before."

Tsuen nodded, but stayed quiet. She was quite used to waiting a little bit for Mara's plans to make sense.

The robe in question was a silky white with black swirled throughout like ink dropped in water, and it appeared to be tailored just for Mara with enough extra material at the front to hide her pedipalps entirely. She had sewn it herself from fabric she bought online just for this moment.

"Uh, ignore the robe! This is about more than that!" Mara stammered. She was proud of her work, but it wasn't what she wanted her girlfriends to be focusing on.

In unison, Rem and Tsuen gave a little 'go-ahead' gesture with their hands. The centaur and gremlin had spent enough time together over the last year to pick up each other's mannerisms, and often unintentionally synchronized their reactions.

Mara clenched and unclenched her hands, then stood up on her eight small legs and said, "This is a special gift, for both of you. For being so amazing to me."

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She took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves that were sparking like live wires. She reached over to her desk and pressed a key on her computer's keyboard, and the PC's speakers started playing a gentle, beautiful melody at low volume. It wasn't too special, just a track she found online that she liked, and it was long enough for her needs.

"And don't you dare look away," she added in a feisty tone.

Mara tugged on a dangling string that the other girls hadn't noticed yet, and two long strips of dark purple silk tumbled down from the rafters where they had been stowed. The top of each silk strand was still anchored to the beam overhead, fastened securely with Mara's sticky webbing.

Mara had practiced that moment almost as much as the rest of the routine, because she had been so afraid of it going wrong somehow. But it worked perfectly. She hoped with all her might that everything else would go just as well.

As a small-breed arachne, Mara had to contend with a lot of preconceptions from the people she met. Due to her small size, they assumed she was a child, and that she couldn't be sexy or sexual. And just because her webbing couldn't form strong ropes like most arachne, they assumed it was useless. And due to her hyperactive personality, people assumed she couldn't be graceful and elegant.

She planned to prove them all wrong. Or at least Rem and Tsuen, since no one else was going to be seeing this particular performance.

Mara glanced at her two loves, the women who completed her, and smiled. This is for you, she thought, and it gave her the strength she needed to proceed. Then she grabbed a silk ribbon in each hand, straightened her arms, and lifted herself from the floor. Then she started to climb. Using her many limbs and her natural grace and muscle memory, she rose smoothly toward the lofted ceiling. When she reached the top, she went still.

Deep breath, Mara. You can do this, she told herself.

In reality, she still wasn't sure she could do the routine properly, at least not with her heart hammering away and her breath catching in her throat. But she had been the host of ComicMon, with a microphone and a gothic lolita getup on stage in front of hundreds of people. She could show off a little for her girlfriends. Right?

She wrapped the silk around one arm and held tight with it supporting her entire weight, then shrugged her other shoulder. The silky cloth of her robe slid slowly down that arm, revealing strips of black elastic at her collarbone and over her shoulder: the first glimpse of the lingerie she wore beneath the obscuring robe.

She spun around and kept her abdomen low, showing only her back to her two-person audience. Then she switched which arm was supporting her, and let the robe fall further down the other side. Her entire back was revealed now, criss-crossed with black elastic that came together in the center like a spider's web, another custom creation using Mara's crafting skills. A deep red bra strap ran across the pattern, but it would be out of the way soon enough.

"Ooh, I get it now," Rem muttered to herself, barely loud enough to be heard over the background music. Then she shouted, "Lookin' good, Mara!"

Mara's grip nearly slipped in surprise, but she recovered instantly. The encouragement was very welcome, and she felt her breath stabilizing. She weaved the silk ribbons through a few of her legs on each side, then held her hands high, showing that they were empty and she was now supporting herself with just the friction of purple silk around her magenta legs.

Then she grabbed the robe that was still hanging low around her hips, and tossed it aside. It fell to the bed below, revealing what Mara wore beneath.

"Oh, that's hot," came Tsuen's voice as she glimpsed Mara's body, and the miniscule lingerie that clung tightly to it. Covering her petite chest was a maroon bra that was nothing more than two palm-sized triangles of silk held on by slender straps, and some side-tie thong panties of red silk barely obscured her lower regions. Beneath the lingerie was an elaborate web of black elastic straps, guiding the eye and flattering the shape of her slender body.

She spun to face her audience, and they saw her pedipalps properly for the first time. Her soft and pale thighs were wrapped pleasingly in rings of the same black elastic, but the carapace-covered part from the knee down was folded and bound tight to those straps; a bit of bondage to give the impression of a little extra challenge and erotic helplessness.

Binding her pedipalps like that hadn't added too much difficulty to Mara's routine, at least once she got used to not having the two pseudo-legs to rely on. Her other eight legs and her arms could easily pick up the slack. At least for now...

One leg on each side slid free of the silk supporting her, causing her to tumble head over heels until she was upside down and facing away again. As gracefully and sexily as she could manage, she reached behind herself and unclipped her bra: another portion of the routine that she had practiced more than a few times. She glanced over her shoulder, then tossed the dangling bra in Tsuen's direction, but she kept her back turned.

"Aww, no fair, hiding the goods from us," Rem quipped, grinning up from Tsuen's shoulder.

"Be patient," Mara cooed with far more confidence than she actually had, "and you'll be well rewarded."

With that, she held the silks tightly with her hands and released her legs, letting herself tumble one more body length. When she came to a stop, she was just a foot above the bed, facing Rem and Tsuen. She was upright, topless, and on display.

Tsuen let out a low whistle as her eyes scanned Mara from head to toe.

Mara could feel that gaze drinking her in, appraising her and desiring her. The sensation was as familiar as it was thrilling, and Mara's heart hammered harder. But now its frantic pace felt good. Intentional.

Rem gasped at Tsuen's brazen whistle, then chuckled as she realized what was up. From her seat on Tsuen's shoulder, Rem could smell the scent of honey and alcohol on the centaur's breath; Tsuen had followed Mara's cryptic request and had downed a glass of mead before the mysterious 'meeting' they had been summoned to. Mead was a surefire way to get the normally reserved Tsuen into an erotic headspace.

Slowly, Mara spread her thighs, presenting just how little was actually covered by the strip of crimson cloth pretending to be underwear. Soft, pale flesh on either side drew the eye, and Mara wandered her hands down her front, dancing across her nipples and belly and thighs, circling closer to that teasingly barely-covered prize.

But her hands stopped at her hips and drew no closer. This was a strip show, after all, and there was still cloth to be stripped away. She carefully plucked at a small bow on each hip, and soon she held a thin string in each hand, pinched elegantly between her sharp fingertips.

"Before I ga—" Mara started, but her breath caught and she stumbled over her words, victim to the nervousness that had faded into the background but never left her entirely. But she refused to let it win. She started again. "Before I go any further, I need a volunteer. Someone small, who can hold these strings in place for me while I work on something else."

"Ooh, ooh! I volunteer," Rem said, getting the obvious hint in Mara's request. She ran out across Tsuen's outstretched arm, then looked up at Mara. "Where do you want me?"

Mara patted one bound thigh. "Right here. Make sure you don't get tangled in my straps, but hold these panty strings tight."

"You got it," Rem said with a very enthusiastic smile. She hopped onto Mara's pedipalp, straddled the soft skin of her upper thigh, and reached out for the strings. The gremlin's excited eyes flicked between the erotic diamonds of bare skin and the rosy pink nipples on Mara's upper body, and the silky and slightly damp cloth she was holding in place between Mara's legs.

So far so good, Mara thought. Now for phase three.

Mara reached behind her back with both arms, then slid her hands under the straps there, crossing her forearms against her lower back. The result was a quick and easy arm bind that she could escape if needed, but would make her next maneuver extra impressive.

"Keep holding on," she whispered to Rem, then she put her eight dextrous legs to use, twirling the silk around them and slowly moving her body upward. Inch by inch, she lifted herself and Rem toward the ceiling, using only her legs and the two ribbons of strong silk cloth. It was more challenging than it looked, and it looked damn tricky.

When Mara reached the rafters, she tilted her head back, closed all her eyes, and tumbled backwards. At the same time, she tipped Rem off her thigh, sending the gremlin dropping straight down with panty strings held tight in her hands, peeling the crimson panties from Mara's body as she went. Rem fell safely to the bed, followed by the trailing panties, while Mara finished one full backwards summersault then stabilized a few feet above the mattress with her arms and thighs bound, her legs tightly wrapped in silk ribbons, her entire body bared, and her heart drumming away happily.

Rem took her panty prize with her as she hopped off the bed and leapt onto Tsuen's shoulder for a better view, then admired the sensual display for a good long while. Tsuen was staring as well, watching with thirsty eyes as Mara's naked form swayed gently in the center of the bedroom, until a glistening drop of moisture fell from Mara's suspended body to the bed below.

"That's not sweat, is it?" Tsuen asked.

"No it isn't," Mara panted. "I'm so nervous right now, but I'm three times hornier."

"Oh, that's good news," she started, then she glanced at Rem.

"Because we're horny, too," Rem finished.

Tsuen nodded eagerly. "And there appears to be a sexy little present dangling in front of us, ripe for the taking."

Rem and Tsuen didn't bother to undress. They had just been given a wonderful show, and now they wanted to repay it in full.

Without letting Mara down from her suspension, they set to work. Tsuen pulled Mara forward by the thighs, and dove between them. Rem grabbed onto the black elastic that criss-crossed Mara's naked body, and used it to climb to her destination: those rosy pink nipples, so perky and aroused.

Over the next hour, Mara started to wish she had included a silk gag in her routine's bindings, if only to keep the other residents of the house from hearing her uncontrollable and pleasure-filled cries.

But another part of her wanted them to hear. Wanted them to know that she could be sexy and sexual. Wanted them to know that she was the luckiest woman in the world, with the two most kind and caring and loving girlfriends ever.

Damn, she thought in the fog of yet another orgasm. Now I have to repay them again somehow…