Lonely little spider lily,

Blooming all alone,

Though we may walk a carpet colored in red,

Side by side we will always be,

If you will bloom in winter and die in spring,

Then we shall be there beside you to keep you company,

If you are all alone in that field,

Then we will come sit beside you,

Though you may have walked the carpet in red,

We shall always meet again,


The little red girl,

The little lonely flower,


The poet,

And He,

The warrior who wears the eyes of the stars,

All of us,


For we are one family,

Tied by fate,

Our story,

Is remembed,

By the legend of Fianna,

And through it,

We are tied to your world,

For all eternety,

Be it though twilight,

Or even through Pluto's kiss,

If only

Memories will triumph,

Though you may now be a spider lily,


You shall never be