Hey guys this is just a short one shot that I had in my head and wanted to get out. It is simply a no superpower Percy that goes to school and his teachers need to find a way to 'motivate' him. This is going to have smut in it so watch out.

TIME: 2015


"What do you mean we are getting a transfer student from Olympia high school?" Asked a curious math teacher named Athena.

"I think it's pretty self-explanatory Athena, I don't see how you don't get it." Said a slightly snarky basic environmental skills teacher that went by the name of Artemis.

"Not my point sister what I mean is why in the hell is someone from fathers prize collection of students coming here? As far as I know children that go to that school are well beyond what normal high schools can give them." Athena asked as Chiron their current principle and boss as he could only sigh.

"From the report I received there was no real reason why they were sending him here. All your father told me was that he lacked motivation, for some reason he thought sending him here might inspire him." He said in a tired tone as his hand rubbed his paralyzed legs to try and get some blood flowing since they were a tad cold.

"What section is the person from?" Asked the ever so curious French teacher Aphrodite as she sucked on a sucker more seductively than a teacher should be.

"He is from section A." He said as suddenly the sucker was launched across the room followed by a fit of coughs as Aphrodite was patted on the back by her boyfriend and PE teacher Ares.

"W-What? I thought those people were like Einstein times like a thousand." She sputtered out as Hermes the Communications teacher ripped a still wet sucker out of his hair.

"While they are indeed smart I think you're over exaggerating Aphrodite." Said the farming teacher Demeter.

"So who is this student?" Asked Hera the life science teacher.

"He goes by the name of Percy but his full name is Perseus Romulus Jackson he is also Poseidon's only son." Chiron said as everyone stopped talking.

"Poseidon had a son?" Asked Athena as he nodded.

"Yes he does apparently Poseidon didn't know until a few years ago when he met up with one of his old college hook ups that goes by the name of Sally Jackson. Apparently after he found out he was not happy with himself and offered to give Perseus the best education possible. After he got admitted his smart genes sort of 'kicked in' and he rose through the sections like a rocket and now he stands at the top of his class and one of the smartest student Olympus high has ever seen. But as of lately he as seemingly lost motivation for his classes." He finished.

"So what do you want us to do about it?" Asked Hera as she rubbed her forehead as the information processed.

"Well to put it simply try and find something to get him motivated to participate in his studies like he used to." He said.

"What if we can't?" Asked Aphrodite.

"He is an 18 year old male I am sure you can find something to motivate him." Chiron said as some of the females stiffened.

"Are you suggesting something?" Asked Hestia the Home EC teacher.

"No I am not suggesting 'that' I assure you I do not wish to have another case that involves a student and teacher relationship. One was enough with Luke Castellan and Annabeth Chase." Chiron said as Artemis pocked at Athena's side as the math teacher looked like she was about to strangle her younger sister.

"Fine but what about clubs? They are all full and our school requires each student participate in at least one club." Said Demeter.

"Actually there is one club with enough room." Chiron said as his eyes landed on Artemis as she froze as Athena poked fun at her now.

"My club is an all-girls club." She stated quickly however Chiron had a certain look on his face.

"Yes as of last year it was before we implemented the co-ed clubs policy I am sorry Artemis but he must join the Archery club it is the only one with an open spot." He said as she cursed under her breath. It was quiet well known that Artemis was not a fan of males and neither were the girls in her club.

"Artemis." Chiron said firmly as she cursed under her breath and faced him.

"Find he can join." She said as he smiled and nodded.

"Good because I already sighed him up and everything." He states simply as Artemis just sighed deeply and rubbed her eyes.

"You know Chiron if you keep making my sister go through mental pains like this then she is going to beat you up one day." Said Aphrodite spoke about her sister Artemis. You see Zeus likes to sleep around a lot and currently Aphrodite, Artemis, and Athena were all siblings by father by not by mother.

"I guess you are right. Now that is covered here is his schedule and I hope you all try and motivate him." He said passing out a piece of papers as everyone looked at it.

"Well I believe that will be all and I hope you all have a good rest of the day, now go back to your classes before your students go haywire." Finished Chiron as they all nodded.

"Wait is he coming today?" Asked Athena as Chiron nodded.

"Yes he is, as a matter of fact he is in your classroom right now." Chiron said as Athena sighed.

"Got it." She said as everyone disperse back to their classes leaving Athena to wondering how her class was holding up with the mystery person in it.


I sat quietly in my new class as I leaned back on my chair and crossed my legs on my desk as I used it to prop them up. My arms were crossed across my chest and I currently had a math book acting as a sun blocker. Due to my temporary seat I was by a window as it let in the dreaded light to hit my face so I decided to use the book for something better than it had been designed for.

However as I heard the students around me chat away during their free study and I enjoyed my light nap until I heard the room quiet down as a door opened. However no one spoke as I heard the clicking of heals on the floor until they stopped by my current location. I however didn't move as I couldn't help but let a sigh escape my lips.

"Mr. Jackson I would appreciate if you didn't use the math books as sun visors." Said a female's voice.

"But I am not using it as a sun visor." I said as she let out a sigh.

"Then please explain to me what you are using it for?" She asked as I heard her tapping her foot as I unlocked my arms and legs and sat properly as I removed the book. I however was not prepared for the sight in front of me as I starred at the women.

She stood maybe 6 foot 2 with her heals as her blonde locks of silk like hair flowed down her shoulders. Black rimmed glasses adoring her face while almost framing her…should I say beautiful stormy grey eyes. Her figure that of a model but very well hidden under her current pantsuit, but currently her face was the eye catcher as it reminded me of a secretary. However her current facial feature was one of curiosity.

"Mr. Jackson your explanation?" She asked me in a slightly irritated tone as I gulped as she starred down at me.

"S-Sorry I didn't realize that my teacher was Athena Olympia of the three heirs of Zeus Olympia." I said with a smiled as her eye twitched as everyone looked like they were already planning to bury me.

"Well if you are without an explanation I am going to request you do the problem on the board for the rest of the class." She said turning her back to me as her long hair flew like a curtain around her shoulders.

"Fine." I grumbled as I looked at the simple problem.

"No that one is too easy for you, do this one." She said erasing the question and writing a completely different equation that took up a good portion of the board.

"Okay but what is in it for me?" I asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"You get to stay in my class and not get detention." She said as I rolled my eyes.

"You teachers are never any fun." I said as I walked to the board and began solving the equation as Athena watched in amusement. However I knew this equation was not a normal equation but a theory of physics that remained unsolved. But 5 minutes later I tossed the now gaping Athena the capped marker as she starred at me I shock.

"B-But the worlds experts couldn't even solve that one." She said in astonishment as I yawned and sat back down in my seat.

"Oh the reason is that if I do this I feel like the information simply flows into my head." I said as I propped myself up again and crossed my hands across my chest. With that I finally placed the book upon my head and closed my eyes.

"2 hours detention." I heard from an angry Athena as I heard her stomp towards me.

"Fine let's make it 3 she said as I threw my arms up in the air in exasperation as the book slid off my face as I met a flushed and angry Athena.

"God what could make this any worse?" I asked as suddenly my legs to my chair gave out and collapsed as I hit the floor hard as I just sighed to myself as everyone started laughing. Even Athena who had a very lovely laugh.


"How do you get 6 hours of detention on your first day?" Asked my father who was on the phone with me.

"Well 3 of them came from a crazy math teacher lady." I said as I stuffed a meatball from my spaghetti in my mouth.

"Oh you must mean Athena, yeah I kind of forgot to mention don't try ad embarrass her or she will get you back." He said as I sighed and nodded.

"So how did you get the other three?" He asked me in a curious voice.

"I had class with Aunt Hera and apparently saying you're a dumb ass to another student who doesn't understand some simple information is considered wrong here." I said with as I could hear dad sighing through the phone.

"Percy…I realize that sometimes normal people are harder to relate to but you need to understand that not everybody has the same intelligence you do." He said in a tired voice.

"Fine…so how is mom doing?" I asked him.

"Fine so far she joined one of those housewife reading groups, apparently they freaked out when she told them she was the author of one of the world's most popular books." He said with a laugh as I joined him.

"Well-." But suddenly the phone was ripped out of my hand as I looked up to see two women staring at me. One of which had auburn her hair and silver like eyes in a pant suit but if looks could kill I would be a smoldering pit of fire right now. However the one who currently took my phone had black hair and ever changing eyes with a skirt suit on and currently the body of a model as she licked a sucker in a very seductive way.

"Hello Poseidon." She said into the phone as I bet I heard my dad freeze.

"Aphrodite?" He questioned as she put him on speaker.

"Indeed." Said the silver eyed women.

"Artemis?" He questioned again.

"The one and only." She replied back easily as my dad stayed silent.

"Poseidon you should know phones are prohibited during school hours, why have you gone and called your son?" Asked Aphrodite as she gave me a teasing smile as Artemis glared at me.

"Ummm…call me back Percy." He said as the phone was hung up as the dial tone sounded as I gaped as my dad escaped. However the women named Artemis clicked her tongue as Aphrodite hung up the phone.

"Damn he escaped." Said Artemis as Aphrodite tossed me my phone.

"W-Who are you two?" I asked as the both starred at me.

"I am Artemis, also since you can't make your club time you get an extra hour of detention." She said as she walked away as I gaped at her.

"Oh don't mind her she just hates every man out there, however she was serious about the detention so yeah that sucks for you." Aphrodite said with a giggle at my expression.

"Oh I'm your French teacher and the current class you are missing." She said as I looked at the clock to find lunch ended 10 mins ago.

"Wait…aren't you missing the class also?" I asked as she shrugged.

"I'm hot so I can do that, but that doesn't mean you won't get detention for missing class. If I think right that makes 8 hours." She said as I sighed at her uncaringness and how mean she was.

"Whatever." I said with as she smiled.

"Well…Je vous verrai en detention. (I will see you in detention)" She said as I starred at her.

"Oh est que votre façon de me dire d'entrer dans votre pantalon? (Oh is that your way of telling me to get into your pants?)" I replied right back as a blush spread across her face.

"Well I must get to class…" I said as I got up and brushed off my pants as I walked past her but stopped.

"Ne garder mon attente. (Don't keep me waiting)" I whispered to her as her blush spread to the roots of her hair. With that I left the young teacher along as I chuckle escaped my lips oh I think I was going to enjoy detention today.


I was currently waiting for the so called star student to come to my detention I had laid out for him. I even went to the process of getting some classified equations from his old school that not even the best could solve for him to ponder over. However I did know that he did have detention with three other teachers so I just waited in silence.

But as I drew a picture of a peacock I slammed my pencil down in anger as I turned to my door as fire filled my eyes. I had given the boy two hours and yet he still refused to come to my detention as I stood up quickly and began to walk to Athena's room. As I passed some students that were laughing in the hall they quickly saw my expression and moved out of the way as I stormed past them.

But then I stopped and turned around as they froze in fear as I walked to towards them. They seemed to shrink down as I glared at them with the intensity Zeus did when he didn't get what he wanted.

"Why are you at school still?" I asked as they shook in fear.

"A-Artemis extended Practice." They squeaked out as I narrowed my eyes.

"Well get home now." I said sternly as they nodded quickly and started to run away as I started back on my way towards Athena class. However as I arrived at the class I found nobody but the said teacher at her desk asleep as I frowned. She must have been tired from her doctoral certification ceremony yesterday. I just closed the door quietly leaving my eldest step daughter alone as I thought of the next person were Perseus could be.

"Artemis just got out of practice so she might be giving Percy his detention." I said as I smiled as I imagine what she was torturing I mean teaching the boy, Artemis was not one to go easy on any male even her father. But as I got my mind off my late ex-husband for more than 20 years as I began to walk to my second eldest step daughter.

"Oh Hera how are you doing?" Asked a new voice as I turned to see a surprising person as my brother in law Hades appeared in the hall. He appeared in a black suit that said he must have been in a meeting a little while ago.

"Hades I must say you look nice, what brings you here?" I asked as he pulled out a file and handed it to me. I just raised an eyebrow as I opened it revealing a file on Perseus.

"That son of Poseidon's has quiet a record, Zeus had me do some research on him and I found out quite a bit about him." He said as I looked over the file.

"Wait what is this? He has Abulia? What is that?" I asked him as he cleared his throat.

"He was diagnosed with it when he was 4 years old, apparently it is simply the loss of ones willpower and motivation. You could say it is finally starting to kick in and if it gets any worse I am afraid to stay he might loss his motivation to even live." He said simply as my heart fell, suicide was one thing I was very familiar with after my own mothers.

"So this quest that Chiron gave you needs to be taken more seriously than you think it does. He is the smartest child Olympia School Organization has ever seen, it is no longer a family situation but a company one. If he dies then so does his work on numerous projects that he has going, did you know that he has nearly solved the process of wormhole making?" He asked as I gaped at him.

"I reacted the same way when I found out, so I am going to bypass Chiron's orders and give you my own." He said as I raised my eyebrow as he cleared his throat.

"I mean suggestion, try anything and everything to get him motivated again. But if you should know there is one case in which he did become motivated in the past year." I said as I looked up at him.

"What is the case?" I asked him as he cleared his throat again.

"You remember when Artemis called everyone about her daughter Zoe losing her virginity while she was away in Japan during the world championship in archery?" He asked me as I groaned remember the event a few months ago.

"What of it?" I asked him.

"Zoe promised him that if he got first place and brought the trophy back to America she would have sex with him. Apparently that was enough to get him to actually focus on archery and become the world's best in a matter of 3 months." He said as I felt a blush rise to my cheeks as I looked at him as he blushed lightly as well.

"Are you telling me to have sex with a student?" I asked him as he shook his head.

"No I am not I am suggesting you do or find something else that can motivate him to the point in which he had for archery for a short time. This is no longer a simple matter if he solves this equation then the worlds transportation issues will be solved. Anyways think about it, I need to go before Maria has my head for being late for dinner." He said as he walked away as I simply threw the file at him as it hit him in the head.

"Love you to sis." He said.

"Go fuck yourself!" I yelled at him.

"Save the fucks for Percy okay." He said back as he rounded a corner as I was vivid with anger as I suddenly kicked the trashcan to my left as it slid across the ground as I huffed in anger. The janitor then came down that hall and looked at the mess then me and slowly backed away, smart man.

"Save the fucks for Percy." I said in a mocking tone of Hades as I huffed in anger as I stormed off to go find the soon to be slapped son of Poseidon. But as I stormed through the school to find the boy a dirty through entered my mind. Perseus was not such a bad looking male but the thought was quickly dismissed as I thought of a women my age of 47 being with such a young man. That was just a sickening through alone as I shook my head as I arrived at one of the rooms of the teachers who gave him detention.

"You better be in here." I whispered to myself but I froze as I was just about to open the solid oak door as thoughts filled my head. Was Hades right about what I should do? Should I sacrifice one night with myself for the boy's success? While his projects could solve many world problems I found the price very little in the bigger sense. But this was my body and I did what I wanted with it.

However the reward might me involve me letting off some steam as well as the world's transportation times cut done to almost nothing. I bit my lip as my thoughts raged on as my hand tightened around the handle. Was having sex with Percy worth it? In the worlds view absolutely, in my view it was not. I just sucked in a hard breath as I let it out angrily as I figured I would figure it out later, however the fates had other plans.

As I opened the door to Aphrodite's room with a soft click I was met with an interesting and very startling sight. As I looked at the head of the room of my youngest daughter I just stood there in shock as I watched a naked Aphrodite ride a naked Percy on top of her desk. His girth planted fully in her as she screamed out his named in pleasure as my knees suddenly gave out as I collapsed to the ground. However Percy heard this as he turned his head from the exhausted Aphrodite laying on top of him.

"Oh looks like the queen of the gods decided to join in."


As Aphrodite rode me into oblivion I just only frown as she came for the fifth time without me even cumming once. She could only lay on top of me as her soft breasts pressed into my chest as I simply laid there. Enjoying the constant contractions of her abused pussy as I stayed fully in her. From the rumors I heard about her having sex with like seven guys as once I was disappointed a little. However I then heard something hit the ground as I saw a familiar face currently peeing herself from shock on the ground.

"Oh looks like the queen of the gods decided to join us." I said as I slowly sat up as Aphrodite groaned in pleasure as I somehow went deeper in her. But as I did I slipped my hands under her ass and picked her up as her legs limply wrapped around my waist. I simply walked over to Hera as I bounced Aphrodite up and down on my cock as her legs tightened around me each time I smashed into her cervix.

"Look Aphrodite your mom is here to watch." I said as I kicked the door shut as Hera was beyond shock as she watched her youngest step daughter get thrust into.

"Wha?" Asked Aphrodite in a pleasure filled voice as she looked up to me with hazy eyes as I gave her a kiss which made her core tighten as I enjoyed the feeling. But as I pulled back I motioned in front of me she turned her turned her head over her should as she looked at Hera for a second. However suddenly her arms and legs tensed around me as she seemed to sober up very quickly as her face showed complete fear.

"Oh gods why are you here?" She squeaked out as I grinned as I thrust into her a few very hard times as I felt her nails dig into my skin as she let out a massive moan.

"To watch of course, isn't that right Hera?" I asked as I continued to thrust into my teacher harder and harder until finally I felt a flood of warm liquid down my crotch as her walls contracted perfectly as I enjoyed it.

"Oh gods *gasp* don't look." Aphrodite begged but her voice was drowned out with another large moan as I rubbed her very sensitive and very open service with my dick.

"But she enjoys seeing you like this, I bet she even wishes she was you right now." I whispered as Aphrodite whimpered as I suddenly pulled out of her with a loud pop as a flood of her juices fell to the floor as my dick me the warm air of the classroom. With that I pulled a trembling Aphrodite off me and set her on a nearby desk as her legs trembled with pleasure. Her face watching the scene as she recovered from an intense orgasm.

"What a bad girl." I said as I kicked at the yellow liquid on the wooden floor as Hera looked down at it slowly as she suffered in her shock.

"Step back." She said in a shaky voice as I tilted my head to the side as I didn't understand her.

"But Hera if I remember Hades must have given you the file as well." I said as I picked up a file on a desk and waved it around.

"You see Aphrodite was also given it and decided to participate in this motivation giving session. But I am afraid Aphrodite is not enough to motivate me in this kind of way, not to say she doesn't feel good but normally it takes me hours to get off even if I have sex. Poor Zoe found that out on her first time." I said with a sigh as I tossed that file back on the desk as her face grew panicked, but then it slowly slid down my naked body as it landed on Percy Jr.

"Big isn't it?" I asked as she gulped as she starred at it as I gave it a few strokes as I used Aphrodite's cum. All 9 inches of it gleaned in the dull classroom lights as its thickness was at least 2 ½ inches. It was what the ladies like to call a love tunnel destroyer, while I admit it was almost too big they enjoyed it after few minutes.

"Huge." Aphrodite said in a tone that suggested she must have accidently said it out loud.

"Now Hera why don't you help Aphrodite clean this up? Or I can give this motivation job you suggested to someone else." I said as Aphrodite got the message and hopped off the desk and onto the ground with her now normal legs as she bent down by her mom who looked at her.

"But you're my daughter." She whispered as Aphrodite shrugged.

"Step daughter." She corrected as she suddenly silenced Hera with a kiss as the older women nearly screamed in panic as she tried to hit her. However Aphrodite grasped her wrists as she pushed Hera to the ground as the women struggled against her. However her strength seemed gone as Aphrodite easily overpowered her.

"Please stop." Hera begged as Aphrodite pulled away as the older women seemed nearly defeated, I could tell she was thinking about what was in the packet and if she hadn't she would have probably murdered me.

"Aphrodite hold her still." I said as she swiveled around Hera so she sat on her knees by her head as her arms were pinned down by her head still. Hera however saw me kneel down as she suddenly tried to kick me but I caught her leg with ease and pushed it aside.

"Now Hera play nice." I said as I grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it down with ease along with her leggings as it revealing surprisingly smooth skin. With that I tossed the leggings, shoes, socks, and skirt aside revealing a pair of black lace panties.

"My my Hera for your age you have stunning skin so smooth and white." I said as I ran a hand gently down her long legs as she shivered at the light touch. It sure didn't take a genesis to figure out that Hera hadn't been touched in a while as easily as she fell to my light touches. But still there was a fight left in her as she gave me the best glare she could muster at the time as I just frowned at her.

"What Hera not used to being touched down here?" I asked as I made small circles on her inner thigh as she winced as she tried to hide her pleasure in the act.

"Silence you mongrel." She said as she glared at me.

"That I can do but before I continue Hera I have a proposition to make." I said as I pulled my phone I left on my desk and took a picture of it as I showed it to her as she panted in anger and lust.

"If you join Aphrodite in motivating me now and in the future I won't spread this photo around the whole school." I said as she gaped at me.

"I thought you were a star student!" She said as I shrugged.

"When you become smarter than nearly every human on the planet you figure out many things in this world need to be forced. Anyways am I wrong to consider that a women of nearly 50 years old didn't even consider fucking the young buck who she was given permission to fuck? Also with your sex history I am sure you really need someone to fuck you really good right now." I asked as her blush and the turn of her head worked as an answer.

"Ah I think I hit the nail right on the head. So what do you say Hera? Want to help your step daughter motivate me?" I asked with a grin as Hera looked like she was caught in a corner.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked me as I smiled.

"I will answer than only if you promise to join me and Aphrodite." I said as she gulped as she looked down at my cock then at her step daughter.

"F-Fine I will join you." She said as Aphrodite let go of her hand as she sat up as she looked at us both. My position still right in front of her as she rubbed her wrists.

"The reason I am doing this is simple, Zeus basically gave me permission to fuck any female I want in this school as long as my studies improve. Though sex is a great motivator for me, that I do admit, I also know for me to improve I need to achieve goals that earn me sex. But what is there to motivate me if my partner that gives me the reward can't satisfy my needs? So I came up with a plan to acquire females of my choosing to all act as my motivation." I said as Hera starred at me.

"While I do admit that is smart I do not see how I fit into this as well as my step daughter." She said.

"Ah but you see what greater motivation that a forbidden fruit that nobody else can have but one? Think of it as good system, I don't want goods that are tarnished and common. No I want goods that rare and delicate, that is you and your daughter for instance. Basically it wouldn't work if Zeus provided me common whores, but only things that were out of reach even for him. Thus I decided to add you to my motivation group, but don't get me wrong while I do enjoy the sex I know you will as well." I added on as Aphrodite sighed as if a fond memory entered her mind.

"You are some sick twisted bastard." She said.

"Yes but you know are this sick and twisted bastards bitch for a night, oh just so you know I don't like playing nice to people who insult me." I said as I stood up as my little Percy stood ready for action as she gulped.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked as I smiled.

"Take off your clothes and come to Aphrodite's desk." I said as I walked off as her step daughter followed me. As I walked I noticed she was actually followed my command as she slowly took off her blouse and shirt. Slowly she only had on her panties as she clenched her eyes shut and slowly slid them off as I sat laid back on Aphrodite's teachers chair.

"Damn Hera." I said as she walked over to me with her hand covering her breasts and pussy as I frowned.

"Take your hair out of the bun and take the glasses off." I said as she slowly nodded as she did as she was told. Slowly her soft brown hair with small amounts of grey littering its surface was released from its bun as it fell down her back to her mid waist. But as she did she exposed her cleanly shaven lower lips and perfect breasts.

"I must say you are truly one of a kind, I don't ever think I have ever seen anyone your age with a body like that." I said as she smiled a little.

"I exercise every day, keeps everything tight." She said with a smile. But as she looked at me she could only gulp as I stood as full mast as I patted my thigh. Thankfully this chair didn't have armrests so it would work perfectly for this. However I just watched Aphrodite slowly recover from her past orgasms as she watched Hera slowly walked over to me as I grinned at her.

"You know what to do." I said as Hera glared at me but then gulped again as she starred at my dick.

"I don't think that will fit in me at the current time, I am not very wet." She said as I frowned.

"What are you saying you are plenty wet." I said with a smile as I extended a foot and ran a toe across her soaked lips as she moaned a little in pleasure.

"You're so excited I don't even need to do anything to get you to cum, you want this young man's cock in you that bad don't you." I said with a grin as she glared at me.

"Whatever let's get this over with." She said as she walked forward and placed a hand on the side of my back of the chair as she positioned herself over me as I smiled at her tits. They were a nice pair I had to admit that, solid C cups and not an ounce of sag. I was having a hard time believing this was all natural but I didn't see any scars on her chest, just smooth white skin.

"God this is not going to fit." She said as I starred at her blushed face as I smiled.

"Of course it will as all you have to do…" I said as I placed my hands on her hips as the tip of my dick centered itself on her entrance.

"IS USE A LITTLE FORCE!" I yelled as I slammed her down all 9 inches as hard as I could as the effects were immediate as she couldn't even scream as he mouth opened. However her eyes then rolled in the back of her head and her toes curled as a massive burst of liquid shot out of her pussy and all over my waist.

"Hey now don't go breaking her." Aphrodite said as I sighed.

"Fine." I said as I looked at the trembling mess of Hera as I smiled at my work. However I gently began to thrust into her and massaged her marshmallow like breasts. Why did Zeus ever give this up? I will never know, but currently this was waking her up quiet well as I focused on rolling my hips to push right up against her cervix.

"Oh gods." She gasped as she woke up quickly as I nodded.

"What just happened?" She asked as she rubbed her head but then moaned out in pure pleasure as suddenly a hand cupped her mouth as surprise filled her face.

"Percy just thrust you into unconsciousness." Aphrodite said as her legs kicked in the air as she sat on her desk.

"My bad I should have given you it by inch by inch, however like I said before. I don't like people who make fun of me." I said as I pinched her nipples as she sucked in a harsh breath.

"Don't worry Hera this is only the beginning." I said as I thrust into her earning another moan as she whimpered a little.

"Please don't do that, i-it has been a long time." She said as I felt her hands grip my shoulders.

"Do what? This?" I asked repeating the motion as she let out another harsh moan as I felt her womb already opening up to me.

"Y-Yeah that." She said as I frowned.

"But I don't want to stop, actually I don't ever want to stop fucking you." I whispered to her as suddenly I pulled her down as our lips smashed together as panic ran through her system. She tried to push me away but I was strong as I forced her mouth open and stuck my tongue in her mouth. Her resistance fell short easily as she melted into my touch as she began to rotate her own hips to my thrusts.

Soon she was moaning my name like a whore as she ripped onto the back of the chair like a lifeline as she continually thrust her hips down onto my dick. Each thrust earning a 'yes' from her and a torrent of moans that accompanied her with each orgasm she earned. I just grinned the whole time as I played with her breasts and occasionally kissed her which made her wrap her arms around me.

But soon I suddenly found myself cumming hard as she didn't even lift up her hips anymore, instead she simply rolled them and twirled them like a whirlwind as our slick membranes allowed it. Both my precum and her overflowing pussy juices covering my legs like a layer of water. I knew she could tell I was cumming in her delusion state as I gritted my teeth as I pulled her sweaty body closed to mine.

"Oh gods yes cum in me, CUM IN ME!" She screamed as her back arched as she reached her orgasm as I reached my own. Like a volcano I erupted in Hera as I stiffened in pleasure as the teacher was screaming like a whore as her juices went all over me. As I came deep in Hera's womb we both shuddered in pleasure as the aftermath of our duel orgasms shot through us.

"Oh my god." I said as I Hera rested her exhausted body on mien as her soft and sweaty skin pressed up against my rock hard muscles that I had gotten over the years.

"Oh my god indeed." She whispered as I slowly pulled her off my length as I set her back down right above my dick. Thought I was out of breath for the moment my little friend was far from done as he stood strong and hard. However as I basked in the orgasm aftermath suddenly I felt a soft tongue lick at my shaft as I let Aphrodite do as she pleased. Thick white cum covering my membrane as the whole inside of Hera as it flowed out of her like a waterfall.

"That is a lot of cum, Hera is today a safe day?" Aphrodite asked her.

"Yeah it is." She rasped out as she suddenly fell asleep on me as I rolled my eyes. With ease I slowly stood up with eh older women in my arms as I set her back down on the chair I was just sitting in. Aphrodite then continued the clean up as she fingered herself roughly.

"So what do you think?" She asked me as she peaked around my shaft with her every changing eyes.

"She was great that was for sure. Made me cum unlike someone." I said as I shot a glance at her as she growled a little.

"I loosed you up she just got the prize." She said as I chuckled as I let her do as she pleased.

"But you're still so hard and I don't think I can handle another fuck unless I want to end you like her." She said motioned to a sleeping Hera.

"Got anybody else in mind?" I asked as a smiled played across her lips.

"Actually I might." She said as she looked at the clock and smiled as she quickly covered Hera with a blanket and wrote her a note as she pushed me out the door and into the hallway as we went to our next destination.


I slowly awoke from my pleasant dream about getting my doctoral certification as a strange sensation spread across my lower body. But I ignored it for the time being as I tried to fall back asleep again. However as I did the sensation only became stronger as I growled in anger as I was being awoke. But as I did it stopped as I smiled and fell quickly back asleep as I snored away.

"Athena wake up." I heard a female's voice penetrate my dream as I groaned.

"Go away Aphrodite." I said in a sleepy tone.

"Oh come on your sleeping on your desk so wake up." She said again as I groaned, however this fully woke me up however I still had my eyes closed.

"Then leave me to sleep." I said to her.

"But then we won't get to have any fun." She said as I sighed and sat up but as I suddenly found my hands snag something as I panicked. I then looked at my wrists to see a pair of fuzzy handcuffs that had me cuffed to the mounted metal poles of my desk.

"Aphrodite what the hell is this?" I asked s I looked up to see a stark naked women sitting before me. Instantly my cheeks went ablaze as she didn't even try to hide anything as a smile graced her lips.

"Well…it's kind of self-explanatory." She said with a shrug as I glared at her but before I could get out a word suddenly something smacked my ass. But then I noticed it was my bare ass that was smack as I let out a cry of pain.

"The hell?" I asked through a few tears as I tried to look behind me but Aphrodite suddenly stepped forward and forced me to look at her.

"Hurts doesn't it?" She asked me.

"Aphrodite whatever game you are playing this is not funny! Now let me go!" I screamed at her as she tsked at me as she suddenly pulled up a balled piece of cloth. However then I recognized the piece of cloth very similar to my panties. In fact now that I looked past my hurting ass cheek I noticed I was no longer wearing panties. Suddenly thought she shoved the piece of cloth in my mouth, I tried to pull my head back but suddenly a third hand forced my head forward. She then forced my balled up panties in my mouth.

In all honesty I was about to murder whoever my sister and whoever the second person was. But then before I could spit out my panties suddenly a piece of duct tape was forced over my mouth trapping them in as I screamed in anger. However as I screamed all my voice came out was a muffled sound as Aphrodite smiled.

"You know I heard that your senses nearly triple each if you even lose one of the. Want to test that theory?" Aphrodite asked me but with a muffled response she just smiled at me.

"I will take that as a yes." She said as suddenly a blindfold suddenly came down over my eyes as my whole world went dark. After a few minutes of struggling to get away I knew I wasn't going anywhere.

"How does it feel?" I heard Aphrodite whisper in my ear as I shivered at the sudden sensation. But as I listened in I noticed I heard two people breathing in the room along with my own as a third. The sensation of the cool air on my bare ass and aching butt cheek was almost to much as I had to focus on something else. But then suddenly my mouth began to slowly numb as I tried to make note of it but they didn't pay attention to my pleas as my mouth slowly lost all taste and feeling in it.

"That must be the medicine we snagged from Apollo's room, one drop can numb your mouth for a day." Said Aphrodite as she noticed my discomfort as I tried to beg her to let me go but my mouth simply wouldn't move on command. Slowly my other sensations increased tenfold. My hearing got so good I could hear both of them clear as day and the drops of sweat lingering on my body. I then felt my legs were also lightly cuffed to the table as well giving them a spread eagle look as I tried to drop my ass to hide my genitals but a rope wrapped around my waist sealed that movement.

"Right now you have lost two of your five senses Athena let's see what happens when you lose all but one." She said as suddenly something was stuffed up my nose but then suddenly the tape was ripped off my mouth and the panties were pulled out of my mouth. I couldn't feel them take it out but I knew since I couldn't now breathe out of my mouth. However suddenly my sense of smell was overwhelmed by something but then it was all cut off.

"Now we have one left and then the party beings." She whispered but to me it sounded like a booming sound as I cried in pain. But then I felt fingers fumbling at my ears as I tried to beg them to quit it as tears streamed down my face like a waterfall but they didn't hear my pleas. Soon I had a pair of earplugs in my ears and another pair on top of them.

As this happened soon the skin was like lighting as everyone single thing felt like a stab to me. A single drop of water running down my breast felt like I was just tossed in a lake. The feeling of the breaths of the two flowing over me in a wave like motion. Each sound I made nothing but a vibration in my body that I only felt. It was in my moment of absolute sensation override when suddenly I felt a finger suddenly poke my sore butt cheek.

In that instant I suddenly jumped at the sensation but that only sent me through others as my body trembled in fear as the finger slowly traced a circle on the sore mark. That feeling sending jolts of electricity up my body constantly as suddenly the finger drew away leaving panting in exhaustion from the simple touch. It was then suddenly a cold liquid could be felt being poured over my butt.

I simple didn't have the mental energy to do anything as I allowed them to spread the liquid over my ass cheeks. My body making noises in response to the sensation but I couldn't tell what they were as I was caught up in the ice cold sensation. It was when the liquid was spread finely hat the hands were pulled away. But then suddenly a bolt of lighting flew threw me as suddenly something penetrated my pussy.

It was so large I thought it was going to split me in two, every cell seemed to override my brain with pleasure and pain. The feeling of the cock penetrating deeply into my engaged pussy was overwhelming as suddenly it stopped as it laid fully in me. Unmoving as I felt nearly every vein and pulse of blood flow through me like lighting.

But then another sharp feeling hit me as a hand slapped my ass again, however with that my muscles clenched and squeezed the dick inside me as I suffered from a double take of intense pleasure and pain. If Aphrodite and this male wanted to break me they were doing a good job but I was stronger than this as I felt him continually slap my ass as hard as he could. Each one more pleasurable than the last as I tried to force the feeling down, it was going goo until I felt something poke at my asshole.


"Wait she engaged?" I asked Aphrodite as she slapped Athena's ass one more time as a scream of lust filled the air as I smiled at her reactions. But then the clench came as I shivered at the feeling, Athena was tight and this only made it better.

"Yeah so what? I know for a fact what she is feeling right now is better than anything he could ever give her." She said as I frowned.

"Really? Who is the guy?" I asked her.

"Some Prince that Zeus made her meet with to get married to, but let me tell you he is 100 percent gay. So you could say she is a cover up." She said as she suddenly pulled out a string of anal beads that I wondered where she had on her naked body. But I left that question alone as she sucked on her finger and then began to probe Athena's ass.

"Man she is looser than I imagine, you know with her being a tight ass and all." She said as she easily stuck her finger in her sister's butt. But with that Athena began to thrash as I frowned. I then slapped both her red ass cheeks as she froze as a moan of pleasure escaped her mouth.

"Now for the main course." Aphrodite said as she began to gently shove each anal bead one after the other as soon all 25 thick beads disappeared inside her. I could even feel them through her extremely tight walls as Aphrodite looked pleased.

"Now thrust into her hard." She said as I oblique as I began pounding into Athena hard as she went crazy. Each time the tip of my dick smashed into her cervix she came as her juices covered the ground. However as I fucked her restlessly I found myself closing in on yet another orgasms, man these women were better than I first thought.

"Now PULL!" Aphrodite screamed as she gripped the handle on the anal beads and suddenly rip them out of Athena as fast as she could. The effects were immediate as suddenly it overloaded Athena as she tensed up and then fell limp on the desk but her muscles seemed to know what to do as they milked me dry as they forced me to cum in her.

"Oh good now your cumming in her." Aphrodite said I forced my cum deep in her womb allowed it to do as it wanted in her. I then slowly pulled out of her with a satisfying pop but then I turned to Aphrodite and spun her around and bent her over the table like Athena and poured the rest of my cum deep in her. She clearly didn't expect this as she gaped in surprised as my cum filled my third womb of the day as she suddenly orgasmed as her body twitched, that must have been one powerful orgasm.

"There happy now?" I asked the shaking female as she nodded with a small smiled on her lips.

"Very." She said as she just laid there in her instant orgasm afterglow. However I just stood up as I looked down at my friend to see he was still going strong.

"One more should do for the day. Aphrodite stay here with Athena and help her recover and make her swear to be in the motivation troop." I said as she nodded in agreement.

"She is a nice fuck, plus if you get her pregnant I am sure her future husband won't mind." She said as I laughed.

"Very well, now have a nice nap." I said as I gave her a kiss on the lips as she smiled into it.

"I will." She said as she closed her eyes and fell asleep on the desk as I grinned at my achievement. However these three were amazing prizes of this game but I decided to go for the next biggest one in the school.


I sighed deeply as I listened to my father banter me on how I should treat his new 'puppy'. However as I listened to my father rant on phone I could only groan as he went on and one.

"Artemis? Are you listening?" He asked me as I let my head fall and hit the desk I spoke back.

"Yes I am." I said with a sigh as I held my head up with one hand.

"Then what did I just say?" He asked me.

"That if you get Perseus to solve that equation and have him patent it with you as a co-inventor we won't ever have to worry about money for the rest of our life." I said as I heard him nod.

"Good you were listening but to do so I need you to figure out how to make him motivated again." He said.

"I could torture him." I said as he sighed.

"Not the best of plan but if nothing else works then that is an option." He said as I raised an eyebrow, just what was father willing to do to get Perseus to finish that equation?

"Y-Yeah so how is Sherral doing?" I asked about father's new wife.

"She is doing fine she is at work right now but currently I think she wants a child." He said as I groaned, I already had enough brothers and sisters I didn't need another.

"She is trying to anchor you down dad so when she gets a divorce you have to pay child support. It is the same thing as last time." I said as I heard him grow frustrated.

"Whatever just get it done, you know how much that child is worth Artemis." He said as the phone hung up as I sighed and tapped end on my phone.

"Your dads is a peach isn't he." I heard someone say which startled me as I jumped a little as I turned to see Percy standing behind me. His uniform lazily put on and wrinkled in several placed as he ran a hand through his long black hair. With that I just glared at his sea green eyes as a large yawn escaped his lips.

"Your late." I said to him as he shrugged.

"The other three's detentions ran late so blame them." He said as he walked over to a seat in the front and sat down roughly. He then placed a math book on his head as he leaned back and suddenly began to snore.

"Hey I have work for you to do." I said but he didn't budge as I glared at him harder.

"Hey I said wake up-." But I was cut off by him mumbling something in his sleep as I stopped. I wasn't one to snoop but people talking in their sleep? That was a comedy and blackmail goldmine. Slowly I stood up as I walked over to his desk as he continued mumbling as I listened in.

"No…Zoe stop." He said as I felt my eye twitch in rage, why in the hell was this was talking about my daughter? With that I suddenly kicked his tilted chair out from under him as I sent him tumbling backwards. I then picked up the chair as he groaned on the ground and sat in it while I crossed my legs.

"How do you know my daughter's name?" I asked him as he stiffened and looked up at me but then he fell back on both his hand and then reached up and rubbed his head.

"Well who doesn't?" He asked me as I glared at him.

"Not my point, how do you personally know my daughter?" I asked him as he laughed.

"You won't like that answer." He said as I snapped.

"Tell me!" I yelled as my overprotective mom stepped out of me. He however slowly stood up and dusted himself as he sat on top of a desk.

"Well let's just say we know each other from Archery world championships." He said with a grin as I quickly connected the dots as my eyes widened. Then they narrowed as my hand went to my pocket finding a pencil in it, that was all I was going to need to castrate this male.

"Your saying you're the male who Zoe had sex with and the one she didn't tell me the name of." I said as my eyes narrowed.

"Yeah kind of. Let's just say I got her to do a lot of things in that one night." He said with a smirk as I launched myself at him. However I suddenly found myself pinned to the ground with the pencil point to the back of my neck. He however sat comfortably on my back as his weight from his body was enough to keep my body in place. My arm pinned back behind me at the same time as I winced in pain.

"You know you're a lot more feisty then she is." He said with a yawn as I struggled beneath him.

"How about I make a deal with you Artemis." He said.

"Go fuck yourself." I said as he laughed.

"Oh I can get your daughter to do that for me, but if you are willing to take up my deal she wont ever have to again." He said as I froze as I turned my head to look up at him as he twirled the pencil in his fingers.

"Let me go and I will think about it." I said as he shrugged as he let me go and hopped back a few feet as I slowly got up as I rubbed my shore shoulder.

"But if you attack me again I cannot promise I wont lay another hand on your daughter." He said as I felt rage fill me.

"And I will call the police and have you arrested." I said as he let out a laugh.

"Please I already have government clearance to do what I want as long as it doesn't hinder my research. Did you know that I accidently destroyed a stray Hawaiian island testing my wormhole creator? I bet you didn't because the government covered it up nicely and even gave me a raise in my funds to produce it faster." He said as he gave me a grin as I growled at him.

"So something lie making the police ignore you and anyone related to you is very easy." He said as I slowly got out of my ready stance.

"Good now are you ready to make a deal?" He asked me as I glared at him.

"If you give yourself to me for one night and if you can satisfy me I will leave your daughter alone for the rest of her life. But at the same time I require you partake in the plan Hades told you about." He said as I stiffened, how did he know about Hades? I just continued glaring at him as I gritted my teeth, I didn't like this bet at all but my daughter was at stake here.

"Aren't you basically telling me to become your fuck toy? If so-." But he cut me off with a sigh as he shook his head.

"No you got it all wrong, about the motivation giving it is up to you how you proceed to please me. I do know about my condition and have decided to do something about it, but to do so I need people to participate in the giving end of the motivation. Give me goals and gifts as motivation and that is about it, but if the goals and gifts don't suit my taste then they have to change." He said in a relaxed tone as I stared at him.

"But you still want to have sex with me." I said as he nodded.

"Yeah basically, but that is for me to leave Zoe alone a completely different reason." He said.

"You're lying. I can see that you believe if you fuck me you will please me and then I will use sex as a motivation skill for you while still getting something out of it myself. All I can tell you is that you will not be pleased to find your little scheme destroyed by me." I said as he grinned.

"Your smarter than you look I will give you that. But I might as well tell you my plan, yes I did plan on doing what you said but I assure you. What I am going to do to you will be something you will be begging me to do again and again." He said as he took off his loose tie as s grin plasterd his face.

"So what do you say Artemis? Do you agree or not? Because if you won't I can go to Zoe's room right now-." But I stopped him.

"Fine I agree to your stupid deal, now show me what you got boy." I said as he grinned even wider he then began to undress until he was left in a wrinkly white shirt. However it was to unbuttoned but still on as it revealed a body that no high school student should have.

"So tell me Artemis where is Zoe's father?" he asked as he kicked off his shoes as I glared at him. I just carefully took off my overcoat and was busy taking off my leggings.

"He's dead." I said as he looked surprised.

"I am sorry-." But I cut him off.

"Don't be I am the one who asked my uncle to kill him after I found out he had been cheating on me and simply using me to get at my family's fortune. His name was Orion if you must know, also if you ever say anything to anyone I will have my uncle do the same to you." I said as I slipped off the leggings revealing my ever so fit legs.

"Threat considered and noted, you won't ever have to worry about me blabbing about that." He said with a small laugh as he took off his shirt revealing more of his tone chest, I had to bite my lip and fix my eyes above his head. I may not like men as much as normal women but I do know a stud when I see one and Perseus was one of the hottest studs I had ever seen.

"What? Enjoying what you see? Well I never would put it past an older women to check out a young more vigorous male." He said as he rested his thumbs on the hem of his pants, I could only swallow hard.

"I am only 33 years old I am not that old." I said as he raised an eyebrow.

"If your 33 and Zoe is 18 then you had her at 15 years old. I must say that is quiet young for a mother." He said as I sucked in a sharp breath.

"But my mother is only 34 years old so I cannot say much about that topic." He added on as I glared briefly at his grinning face. He then slowly walked up to me as I felt my body tense as he walked inside my personal space. His scent drifting to my nose, it was of the sea but with a hint of squid. Wait…squid?

"Smell something?" He asked with a raised eyebrow as I frowned at him.

"You smell like squid." I said as he chuckled.

"I guess that is what happens when you don't get a shower after having sex." He said as my eyes widened.

"Who?" I asked him in a demanding tone.

"I will tell you afterwards, for now why don't we remove your shirt." He said as he stood still as a blush arose to my face as my hands slowly undid the buttons. Each one finger was followed by Percy as he starred, slowly my bra came into view as I froze but continued. But as the shirt came off he only nodded at me at once for me to go on as I gritted my teeth.

"You first, I don't want to be the only one in my underwear." I said, though childlike it did feel more comfortable as he nodded and began to undress with me. Soon I was left in nothing but a pair of plain silver undergarments. However as I tried to cover my fair skin my eyes landed on something…massive. I don't even know if that would be the proper word to describe whatever small animal was living in Percy's underwear.

"W-What is that?" I questioned to the massive budge that was very present and still growing in his underwear.

"Just a normal cock." He said.

"Yeah right like that thing is normal by any-." But I stopped talking as he slid off his boxers revealing the beast. I stopped breathing entirely as the huge, veiny, entirely massive-No Artemis stop thinking like that. All you have to do is please him and that is all. I thought to myself as he gave me a small grin.

"What's the matter Artemis? Never seen a dick before?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah but that was 10 years ago." I said looking down at the massive dick before me.

"Really? That must mean you must have built up a lot of sexual tension, assuming you haven't masturbated." He said as I blushed, man he hit the nail right on the head.

"Oh I guess I am right then, such a pure women. So Artemis why don't you go ahead and touch it." He said as I gulped and slowly nodded. This was for Zoe I kept reminding myself. But slowly he came forward and grabbed my hand, I did resist but only slightly as he slowly placed my hand around his cock as it felt warm to the touch and still slightly soft. How the hell was it 8 inches long and still soft?

"Warm isn't it?" He asked as my thin fingers found his cock too thick to fit around. Indeed it was warmer than I expected.

"Y-Yeah." I said as I slowly began stroking it however this didn't seem like it was enough for Percy as he suddenly reached up and unclipped my bra as it fell off my front. I eeked in horror as I tried to covered my breasts but then I felt him catch my hands. I just looked up at him with panic in my eyes however I found a soft and smiling face before me.

"You're too slow." He said and with ease my bra left my arms and hit the ground as he suddenly pinned both my hands above me as he pushed me against the wall. I wanted to scream but suddenly his lips smashed on mine as my eyes shot open. But I then Zoe ran through my head as I squeezed my eyes shut and held it in as I felt his lips roughly press up against mine. I wasn't going to scream that is just what he wanted me to do.

However suddenly I felt a hand suddenly grip my breast and give it a rough squeeze I could only moan in protest as his rough fingers caressed my breast. This feeling I was having was nothing like what I had with Orion. He was techniqueless and hopeless but Percy…oh my gods just his fingers alone drove me insane from even the touches that made my whole body hot. But I couldn't admit that to him.

"So soft." He whispered as his mouth parted mine his hand still caressing my bare right breast, but all I could do was keep my eyes closed as hard as I could. I would not give him any ground against me.

"So lush." He said as he let go of my breast as it gave a soft bounce, he then slowly ran his fingertips down my stomach. The sensation alone made me bite my lip as the gentle touch made my heart race. This man was so bipolar that he made no sense to me at all, one second he was rough the next like a calm wind.

"So sexy." He said again as he slowly ran his fingers underneath my panties as I moaned as my fingers ran over my lower lips. The feeling alone made me shiver violently, nearly 10 years of pent up sexual frustration began to leak out. But as his fingers ran over my wetting lips suddenly I felt him slowly slide one inside. My back arched in pleasure as the invader found my G-spot immediately, though it left me on the brink of an orgasm as he spoke again.

"And from now it is all mine and nobody else's." He said as his lips found my neck as they started to suck on it. At this point my flip had been switched as I moaned in delight but yet against my own inner will. But my body had other plans as it begged for more, as I let out moans that I hadn't ever heard my mouth make. But as he sucked on my neck I soon found him finger banging me as my legs shivered and my whole body trembled in pleasure.

"I see you were more pent up then I could first imagine, now I think you are plenty wet so why don't we truly get to business." He said as a string of saliva fell from his mouth and my neck a red mark already forming as I looked up at him. My eyes more than likely filled with lust for this young man as he slowly brought up his hand revealing a juice covered hand. My juices to be precise as he suddenly brought them to my lips. Even in my state of mind I suddenly licked the fingers as she smiled.

"Now let us begin."


After about ten minutes after inserting my dick into Artemis I was not disappointed in the least. Her walls gripped at me like a clamp and her small body made her perfect to pick up and fuck like a doll. In essence Artemis was very easily manipulated after I had my dick in her. All she could do was scream in pleasure and beg for more as I thrust into her, but each time she came she just came back for more.

We had done it on her chair, her desk, even Zoe's desk but I am sure she wasn't paying attention. Her juices covering my lower legs like a sheet of water, however I was no stranger to that but as of her sex drive it was immense. How did a women with this vast of a sex drive survive not being touched for 10 years I will never know. But after a 3 hours we were once back in her chair as he moved her hips back and forth. Her legs no longer having the strength to go up and down.

Her small mouth sucking on my fingers like a lollipop however with a small pop she stopped sucking on them as she slowly sat forward and rested her head on my chest. She said nothing as her hips trembled once again and her toes curled as she had yet her near 30th orgasm. Her body no longer able to go on due to pure exhaustion as she suck in hair as her breath. However I was very close to cumming as I sat full length inside her shivering body.

"So Artemis feel better?" I asked her as her arms slowly wrapped around my torso as she snuggled into me.

"Yes I do, however I still haven't made up cum-." But she was silenced as her eyes grew wide as I finally came deep I her. Just the squeezing of her vagina was enough to trigger it after fucking her for so long and me holding it in. It was a silent orgasm but the effects seemed to rule over Artemis as her body shivered one more time as her womb convulsed in pleasure as my seed planted itself deep in her.

"Yes you have my little slave." I said as I patted her head as her eyes remained wide open in surprised as the cum slowly filled her up. Her arms slowly clinging me tighter as her orgasm raged on. But soon I was empty as my now limp dick slowly slid out of her letting all of the cum slowly slide out of her. With that her eyes landed on me once again as she slowly smiled and didn't let go of me.

"I didn't enjoy it that much." She whispered.

"Yes you did and you know it, just look at what we are right now. That smell in the air is enough for me to know that you are just a bitch in heat around me. Doesn't take a genies to smell how horny you just were." I whispered to her back as snuggled closer.

"Fine maybe I did, just don't tell anyone." She said as I brought up my hand as I she saw it and opened her mouth on whim as I inserted my thumb in as she sucked on it. She seemed like she didn't realize she was with her glazed over look but then she did but slowly began to nibble on it like an animal who is angry but still happy would do. But with a light pop I pulled away my thumb as Artemis seemed to pout a little, but then I put my hand on the back of her head as I yawned and closed my eyes.

"Now we sleep and tomorrow I might just start on my work again." I said as I felt her scoff.

"Is that just your way saying you want to have sex again tomorrow?" She asked.

"Maybe." I said as pulled her closer.

"I didn't expect you to be someone who like to snuggle after sex." She said with a yawn.

"I'm not but once in a while it makes me feel better about what I do." I said with a yawn.

"For now I need some sleep." I replied.

"In the classroom?" She asked but I didn't hear her as I was already snoring as she just scoffed and decided to join me in sleep.


"What do you mean you are quitting school?" One very infuriated Zeus asked me as I stood in front of him.

"Well I already have multiple doctorates that I have earned in the past few months and some large grants promised to me from a multitude of companies from around the world after I get out of school. But currently they will not give me the grants unless I am out of school, so I find it in my favor to quit this place and go on my own." I said as he gapped at me.

"But you are contracted-." But I cut him off.

"Indeed I am but the contract only states that as long as I have finished my work on my theory I originally was brought to complete. You seem to forget that I already solved that theory long ago so I am free of my contract, since I have yet to apply for a renewal." I said simply as Zeus was speechless.

"B-But your so close to completing your work on the wormhole generator why don't you just stay?" He asked me as I sighed.

"With the money and facility provided by Olympia Corporation it is not enough for me to continue my work. Plus with the time it will take to build a new facility here I could have already finished my work in another. But with the people who promised me the grants and job they already have the facilities to fit my work. Simply saying this place is too small for me." I said as Zeus looked infuriated.

"I have given you all the money you could imagine-!"

"That other people gave you to have me complete my work, don't worry I know that in truth you barely spent not even an eighth of what I used. Also I heard word that you tried to have your name placed as the co-inventor on my patent, I am sorry but I cannot have that happening. But this is goodbye Zeus." I said as I tossed my papers for resignation on his table as I slowly walked out of the room as Zeus was to in shock to say anything. With that I left the room with a soft click of the door as I met a friendly face.

"Can't believe you actually did that to father." Said Aphrodite with an eyebrow raised. Beside her sat Artemis, Hera, and Athena all of which over the past months had all partaken in my 'motivational' sessions. Which in turn had made my work progress tenfold

"Couldn't help it after I found out about his plans to take credit for my work, also that resignation form also held all of yours as well. I wouldn't like you all staying here with that man." I said with a huff as they all laughed at me.

"But don't worry about living expenses and all that other stuff the grants will pay for that. But once I submit my patent for the wormhole creator I will be richer than bill gates overnight. However I also submitted an application for Zoe to a nearby college by my future workplace, so you won't have to worry about her being her Artemis." I said as she shook her head but smiled at me.

"You're such a goof, but a smart goof." She said as I smiled at her.

"Still it is a good plan I don't wish to teach around here for any longer than I have to, I am tired of living off of Zeus's wealth like a tick. But once we move with you I am getting a new job besides a teacher, how does architect sound?" She said proudly as we all laughed.

"Wait what do you mean working? I will not have any of you working in your current conditions." I said as they all frowned.

"Just because we all are pregnant doesn't mean we have to not work, I worked when I was pregnant with Zoe." Artemis said. She then rubbed her bulging belly with a smile as if remembering good times.

"Yes that is true but you weren't 9 months pregnant and expecting in the next few weeks." I said as she gritted her teeth as everyone chuckled.

"Well I could use a few months off work, I don't mind working with the kids." Hera said as she rubbed her swollen belly. When they all first told me in all honesty I fainted for a day and then the next I immediately read all the books on parenting I could find. Let's just say my motivation for a bright future for my new family was at a new high.

"Anyways I still think you all should just enjoy your time with the kids while I work." I said as Athena scoffed.

"What are you saying? You are going to spend all the time you have helping us take care of the kids as well. Don't think you will get off easy." She said as she crossed her arms over her swollen belly.

"That reminds me who will be Percy's wife in all this?" Asked Hera who obviously was talking about the others. They all however looked at one another then back at me as I gulped slowly.

"Yeah Perseus why haven't you ever mentioned a wife? People would get suspicious if the worlds smartest inventor and scientists had 4 children and didn't have a wife." Athena said as I laughed nervously.

"Well your all so pretty and smart I just don't know who to choose." I said as they narrowed their eyes.

"You're safe for today but one day you will have to choose, but for now I want some ice-cream." Aphrodite said as she got up and gave me a peck on the cheek as I smiled. I was just grateful nobody but us were around, since it was very well hidden that I had a relationship with these four teachers. Thankfully Zoe didn't kick my ass to hard when she found out I was dating her mom and got her pregnant. However Zoe was thankful that her mother finally found someone she approved of.

"Ice-cream will only make you fat." Artemis said.

"But you're still going to get some." I said as she nodded.

"Of course I am its ice-cream come on." She said as Hera just laughed.

"Well at least you have good taste." She said as she got up with the help of me as she rested a hand on her belly. She then stood up and gave me a kiss on the lips as she smiled.

"In both food and men." She said playfully as everyone rolled their eyes but smiled.

"So Percy I never got to ask you, what will you be working on when you are done with the wormhole generator?" Asked Aphrodite which surprised everyone as we all starred at her. She just blushed as we all began to walk away from the currently yelling Zeus as he found his daughters and ex-wife's resignations.

"Actually she has a point Percy what are you working on?" Hera asked.

"Well that is a secret." I said as she glared at me.

"You've never kept a secret from us before…what makes this one so special?" Asked Athena as I smiled.

"We'll if I can solve this one I will change the world and the entire universe, which is why it is only a personal project. If I figure it out, we will be the only ones in this universe that I will use it on." I said as they all grew confused.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Hera

"Ever hear of the elixir of immortality?" I said as my smile grew wide.

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