Just another one shot I had to get out of my head that I thought you guys might like.

It is set in an apocalyptic world were fire cannot be lit anymore. That means no guns, no fire, and no running vehicles. But even if fire cannot be lit who says sparks of love cannot exist? Half her face permanently discolored from a birthmark Artemis has always been an outcast because her looks.

Then came the apocalypse because North Korea could keep its nukes in its pants. Barely making it by in the aftermath with a 5 year old daughter Artemis tries to find the last safe haven, Camp Half blood. Due to the loss of fire in a freak accident she barely hangs on until she meets someone who just might lead her to her destination. But scarred from her pre apocalyptic life of seclusion will Artemisia let this certain someone closer to her and her daughter?

You will find out when you read this story.


TIME: year 2078, 5 years after apocalypse


In the ever dark night of the new world the sound of footsteps could be heard as they occasionally found a stray puddle. There was two pairs of feet that could be heard as they seemed to be going as fast as they could. One of an adult and the other of a child, but you could tell the adult was slowed down by the child's. Still the women kept a slowed pace just for the child as the two ran through the night. Both panting from exhaustion as they ran to a ruined building and quickly entered it.

As they entered it the women pulled the child to the side immediately and cupped her hand over her mouth and the child's. Though it was sudden the child didn't scream or panic as if they were used to such an action as their muffled pants could barely be heard through the women's hands. However after a few seconds a couple new pair of footsteps could be heard, all of which were running at full speed as they slowly came to a stop outside the building.

"Dammit where did she go?" Asked one male voice to the other three. If you could see the males you could see each of them was wearing a backpack of survival gear and other items. However in their hands were rough weapons, one had an old rusty crowbar while two had pipes. However the largest of the three standing at 7 feet tall had a massive pole with a blood stained cement block at the end. But in his hands it seemed light and easy to move.

"I don't know man, dammit Jake is going to be pissed at us if she gets away. He may only like the pretty ones but she is still a women. Those are rare nowadays." One said as he regain his breath. During this whole time the two running away were only feet from the men as they hid behind the wall. The women's eyes were closed as she tried to calm her breathing faster as her child just sat in her lap with the women's hand over her mouth.

"How the hell did she escape anyways?" The large man asked.

"Apparently she seduced her guard and right before they did it she kicked him in the balls, afterwards she killed 6 others with a bow and arrow. Afterwards she even got back her daughter and took two survival packs, the good ones medications to." One said as they all seemed to sigh out in loss.

"Anyways she couldn't have gotten far, both those packs weight about 60 pounds and are going to weigh her down. Search every building and meet back up here in 2 hours." He said as they all pulled out old rusty watches and set a time. Soon they all went their different directions, but still the women didn't pull her hands back until she waited about 5 mins.

"Paaa." She gasped for air with her daughter as the two sat there for a second. The two saying nothing as the women slowly turned to her daughter, only to meet her gaze as she gave a nod and slowly stood up. On her back were two survival packs like sleeping backs on top, both crudely placed on her back it a bow on her shoulder she sighed.

"Maybe I should have only taken one." She whispered to herself, but as she met her daughters gaze she quickly got rid of the thought.

"Zoe come on we have to make haste." She said as she repositioned the bags so she had one on her front and back. She then gave the bow to her daughter, but as she did she quickly pulled a hunting knife from her pants and wielded that.

"Okay mommy." She said as the two both began to slowly make their way through the maze of ruined buildings. The two making little to no noise as they walked through the wreckage, you might be wondering who these two are. The mother was Artemis Nightshade former professional archer and outdoorsman. Her daughter Zoe nightshade was born just before the apocalypse, unfortunately the father was unknown.

You might be wondering if Artemis was a slut and slept around and got pregnant on accident. If you think that you are stupide, unfortunately Artemis had suffered from a very large birthmark on her face all her life. Purple and red skin covered the entire right side of her face her the base of her jawline all the way up to her scalp. Unfortunately this made her seem undesirable in many men's eyes and was pushed away before any serious relationship could happen.

Because of this Artemis developed a very intense hatred from the male population based on her past experiences. But with that hatred in place she could no longer develop a relationship with any man. Still that didn't mean that she didn't want a child, so she got herself artificially inseminated. Thus 9 months later out came little Zoe the light of her life and the only thing she kept living fore. Even in this wasteland she kept going strong for her daughter for 5 years she survived by skin of her teeth.

Her only task was to find a safe place where Zoe could live happily, still the 27 year old mother of one never gave up even after 5 years. Then she heard certain news from one of the few passing merchants and their nearly 50 guards that there was a place that was safe. Secluded in the ruins of New York was a town that was home to nearly 600 people. Though the information was a year old she still decided to go.

But the bad part was that she was currently located in the ruins of San Francisco and home of the largest group of bandits she had ever seen. Nearly 1000 men and only 50 females made up the group, unfortunately the females were treated as slaves and incubators from children. She wanted no part in that so she decided to make her way east. Armed with a recurve bow, 50 arrows, 4 large hunting knifes, and a child she set off. Unfortunately they found her and captured her, which lead to their current predicament.

"Shh." Artemis lightly said to Zoe as she quickly squatted down behind a wall of brick. Her daughter quickly joining her as Artemis slowly took off one of the backpacks so she could move easier. Constant training and moving had turned her once already fit body into something close to a killing machine. Her body barely having any fat on it and her arms and abs were harder than rocks. She could easily carry 200 pounds of weight for nearly 40 miles at this point.

"She just slowly raised the blade to a position she could use it at any moment as she slowed her breathing and listened. Slowly footsteps could be heard as the person on the other side of the cement barrier only a 4 feet high. Slowly the walked buy as Artemis readied herself to jump out at any moment. Thankfully she didn't need to as the footsteps went by her as she let out a breath of relief.

But then suddenly two large hands snapped at her like vipers as one wrapped around her neck and the other grabbed the knife in her hand. She could only let out a scream in protest as she tried to stab the person but their strength easily surpassed her. The hand on hers roughly squeezed down which made her scream in pain as she felt her wrist pop and her hand go slack as she let go of the knife.

"Zoe run!" Artemis screamed as she was easily lifted off the ground as she kicked out in protest as she felt hand on her neck tighten. Zoe could only stare wide eyed as she quickly turned to run as she stumbled a few times.

"Oh no you don't." Said male voice as another male came around from a corner as Zoe ran right into him. A hand quickly found her black hair and gripped it like a handle as Zoe put out a scream of pain. But as she did eyes full of hate came from Zoe as she reached down to her shoe and pulled out a knife. The knife was quickly stabbed into the man's leg as she screamed, but as he let her go she quickly turned around and kicked him in the balls.

Though Artemis was in the process of being choked out by the 7 foot tall man she couldn't help but feel pride for her daughter. But as Zoe made a break for it a third man quickly came around the corner. In that instant Zoe was roughly kicked in the gut as she was flung a few feet as she cried out in pain and violently coughed.

"Zoe-." Artemis screamed but was quickly cut off by the hand tightening around her throat as her vision slowly went dark.

"Hey now don't go killing her." Said a male's voice as one who kicked Zoe slowly rounded the corner and looked down at the struggling Zoe. He glanced at his companion who was struggling to stop the bleeding as she was quickly wrapping gauze around the knife embedded in his leg.

"You okay?" He asked the man.

"I am going to be fine, but I am going to be out for a couple months." He murmured as he looked down at his leg.

"Good, now Hector let the women go." He said as the large man dropped Artemis for her start gasping for air on the ground. Violent coughs quickly followed as she hacked up large amounts of saliva.

"My, my, you almost had us there. I guess our planned worked perfectly, now Jakes is going to reward us greatly." He said as picked up the coughing Zoe by her clothes and tossed her closer to Artemis as she let out a feral growl. However that earned her a boot on her back which pinned her down on the ground, but as much as she tried she couldn't move from her spot.

"I say we take the reward now." Said Hector as she licked his lips and starred down at Artemis the fourth male quickly disarmed her and piled up all her supplies beside them.

"Maybe, I know Jake doesn't like used goods but for what we have been through I don't think he would mind." He said with a laugh as Artemis was quickly hoisted up off the ground by Hector and tied up by another male. Through countless struggles she was still hogtied and left right beside a gasping Zoe.

"Gabe, since you are incapacitated you won't get a turn." The head male said as Gabe seemed to grumble.

"Fine but I get the girl, little bitch stabbed me so I deserve her first time." He said as the other male laughed.

"Fair enough, though go easy if she dies from blood loss Jake won't hesitate to kill you." He said as Gabe grumbled.

"Fine." He said as Hector just starred at Artemis. Her eyes glaring at them all with pure hate as she muffled out curses, due to her threating to bite her tongue off they quickly prevented that. But just as Hector was unbuttering his pants a soft clicking sound could be heard. At first it couldn't be heard well but the main male held up his hand as he did everyone silence themselves and listened.

Slowly the clicking sound could be heard getting louder, soon the sound of metal tapping concrete could be heard. At the sound of metal all of the men quickly set aside the two women and pulled out their weapons. One even went as far as pulling out a crossbow and was steadily looking around them. Due to the moonlight being blocked by clouds they could barely see anything as they tried to locate the sounds. However as it seemed to be at its loudest the sounds completely stopped as they darkness blocked all the men's vision.

"4 men 2 women, breathing is erratic signs of fear *tack, tack, tack*. One large blunt weapon, one crossbow, a crowbar, and a pipe not much for weapons. You women if you need help grunt three times." Said the males voice as it seemed to come from all direction as they men all seemed to gulp, however Artemis grunted three times quickly. In her head she had already formulated multiple plans of escape if the men around her life or died.

"You shut up-." But Hector was instantly silenced as a gurgling sound was heard as a large black object protrude from his chest. The metal object looked like a sword but before the others could react the object disappeared from view as Hector's blood sprayed all over Artemis and Zoe, the two seemed too shocked to do anything as Hector slumped to his knees and fell to the side.

But as he fell there was nobody behind him as another scream sounded as everyone turned to the side to see Gabe screaming at the sight of a the man with the pipe. His head still flying through the air as his body tumbled to the ground. Gabe just screamed and shot the crossbow at the shadow of the kills before he himself was targeted. The last man could only watch as the sword of the men flash like light before Gabe. With that the body of Gabe slowly spilt apart into two pieces in a vertical slice.

"M-Monster." The last man said as he slowly stepped away from Gabe as the man walked forward and over Gabe's corpse. At this time the light of the moon finally appeared through the clouds as a man appeared.

His current attire was a simple pair of tattered blue jeans and a black shirt, his shoes were combat boots and on his back was a 40 pound backpack. Several straps from the backpack ran across his chest, but on the straps were small knives at least 3 inches long in small slots. There was 12 in total sheathed in the slots on the backpack straps, but his main weapon looked to be a black 3 foot long Spartan sword. But only the sides were black and the sharped part of it were a platinum cooler but right now it was dyed red. He also had two hunting knives in small leg holsters and a crossbow on the side of his backpack,

He stood at maybe 6 foot 5 and had a perfect build for a body his size, not to lean not too big. His arms covered in small scars and on his right one it had a tattoo, but Artemis at the moment was not concerned with that tattoo but his face. He was surprisingly handsome and had the face with many Greek attributes on it. His face was clean other than a few scars and bits of dirt here and there, and his hair was long and black and seemed to have a windblown look to it.

For Artemis this wasn't her first time seeing a male as handsome as him in the wasteland, however they died off quickly so it could be a rare sight. But there was something about him that confused her almost, his eyes were closed. Yep his eyes were closed and remained closed as he strode forward to the remaining male. Like a demon of death the last male was silence with a single breath as the mystery man's arm flashed. After that he turned around and whipped his sword to rid it of all the blood on it.

As he did Artemis only starred in wonder as the last male stood there blinking in confusion as he just starred at the male. But just as he was about to speak he a paper thin blood colored line slowly appeared on his throat. Seconds later a wave of blood slowly flowed out of it as the man gripped at it, he slowly turned around and tried to run. He only made it a few steps as he soon collapsed to his knees and remained there. His body didn't even fall over as he died on his knees without a hint of a scream. Artemis could only watched as the mystery man turned to her.

As he did Zoe slowly stood up and ran in front of her mother as she held out her arms as her face was red in pain. Her arms trembled in freight as the man just starred at her, just then he opened his mouth and clicked her tongue. After a second he seemed to slowly smile as he chuckled a little as he did he put his sword in a sheath that was in-between his backpack and his back. As he did he walked over to the two's bags and picked up a hunting knife that Artemis dropped. With a flip of the knife he gripped the tip of the knife and then simply tossed it in front of a scarred Zoe. As he did he slowly picked up the bags of the men he killed and sat down.

"Free your mother with that." He said as his eyes remained closed the whole time. Zoe didn't even wait as she quickly reached down and gripped the knife in two hands. As she did she didn't immediately free her mother with the knife as she pointed it at the man. However he seemed to pay her no mind as he placed the six bags in front of him and began to sort through them blindly.

"Mmm." Artemis grunted as Zoe turned to her after a minute as she quickly nodded and began to cut the ropes holding her. As soon as she was freed Artemis grabbed the knife from Zoe and pulled her daughter a few feet further from the male. The two at opposite ends of an 8 foot alley, one sorting through backpacks with a confused expression as the other two just stared at him.

"How did you know we were mother and daughter?" Asked Artemis as the male didn't even look up at her as he pulled out an old pack of jerky and gave it a sniff. After that he pulled out a piece and began to eat it, as he did he tossed the bag over to the two as they both just starred at her.

"Your scents are nearly the same, dead giveaway." He said as he bit into the piece of jerky. However Artemis only frowned as she looked down at her arm and gave it a sniff without her eyes leaving the male. As she did she only got a scent that smelled a cross between a rotting corpse and a dumpster, I guess that is what 8 weeks without any form of shower or bath does to a person.

"Why did you help us?" She instantly asked as she kicked back the bag of jerky to him, it simply hit his leg as he sighed and picked it up and set it to the side as he pulled out another piece.

"I was only passing through and happened to come across you, just thought you might need some help." He said without a hint of emotion as he chewed on the jerky, as he did he pulled out other items form the packs and seemed to feel them up and sniff them a few times. Artemis could only strangely look at him as he did this with each item.

"What's up with you?" She asked as she seemed to finally see that he had no actions to hurt them. However as she sat down on the crumbled wall she never let down her guards against him. The only reason she stayed was because she needed those packs he was going through. However she was not stupid and could see that he was much stronger than she could imagine.

"Oh me? I am blind." He said simply as she just stared at him like he was crazy.

"W-What? Are you just fucking with me?" She asked as she starred at him.

"I wish I was, you see each time I do this *click* it sends out a soundwave that bounces off everything for about 300 feet. Kind of like a bats echolocation, I have live for 29 years and have been blind all of it. After a while you get pretty good at it, also how else I could tell you are mother and daughter?" He asked as Artemis just stared at him as she tried to find a flaw in his logic, she had heard of stories like this with people being able to detect things with sound but never to this extent.

"Open your eyes if you let me see them I will believe you." She said as he shrugged and opened his eyes, as they opened she was greeted with a curious sight. Both his eyes had the milky white color to them but his irises had were a vibrant sea green color. Even through the milky white color it was still vibrant. After a few second he closed them and went back to sorting.

"Okay I believe that you are blind, now what is there to stop me from killing your right here and taking everything you own?" She asked.

"The fact that the instant you try to kill me you and your daughter would be dead before you took two steps. I may be blind but I am not helpless, actually ever since the apocalypse my ability to see has increased greatly without the sounds of the city around me. Like a quiet lake that is at rest, once I make sounds only I make the ripples. In essence this is a perfect environment for me.

"Now I have a question for you…what is this?" He asked as Artemis starred at the thing in his hand which was a can. But on the can is said canned pigs feet, though she didn't mind she just stared at him and finally spoke.

"Pigs feet." She said as he nodded and put it with food.

"Ever since I found a can of habaneros and drank the juice I am always cautious of cans. Thanks for the help." He said with a smile as she continually starred at him, as she did she slowly started laughing as he just looked up at her with Zoe. After a little Artemis stopped as she wiped her eyes of tears.

"What's so funny?" Zoe asked.

"Oh it has just been a long time since mommy has heard something so funny." She said with a smile as the man nodded.

"So what is your name?" He asked as he tossed back the jerky, Artemis quickly caught it and opened it up and took out a piece and gave out to Zoe and took one out for her. Slowly Zoe bit into it as she watched Artemis take a bite chew it a few times then swallow.

"My name is Artemis and this is Zoe." She said at this the man looked up at them with curious eyes.

"Wait you're not Artemis Nightshade are you? Valedictorian from the class of 2070 from Harvard College." He said as Artemis froze as she remember her past.

"What are you getting at?" She asked.

"Oh do I have the wrong person?" He asked slightly depressed voice, as he said that she seemed to rethink her answer.

"No…I am Artemis Nightshade." She said as she smiled.

"Well talk about a small world, me Perseus Jackson sitting with a celebrity." He said with a smile as Artemis seemed to blush a little. But quickly brushed it away as she spoke.

"Were do you know me from?" She asked him.

"Easy you were in the Olympics for archery, I was also in the Olympics but the special one. I did swimming." He said as she was surprised.

"I guess all that training is what helped you survive?" Artemis asked as Percy nodded.

"Yep, anyways if you don't mind me asking…do you want to travel together?" He asked as Artemis's face frowned. For her it was a complicated feeling, she was so used to men putting on an ugly face when they saw her. But Percy was blind and hadn't show a single bad emotion against her looks, that was an instant plus on her current thoughts. He also seemed like he could take down hordes of enemies with ease, another plus.

"Were are you planning on going?" Asked hesitantly asked.

"Camp half blood." He said with ease as her eyes instantly lit up,

"Wait is it even real?" She asked him as he nodded and pulled up his sleeve as his tattoo was show to her. It was an Omega with five lines bellow it and inside the Omega was 5 stars.

"I am actually a scouter for camp half blood, I find people I see fit to live in it. I am also one of its most senior leaders, there is a small group of people not to far from here that I traveled with. It is only about 20 miles away, I can guarantee you a safe place for you and your daughter. Plus I feel you can make a large contribution to Camp Half Blood." He said as Artemis just starred in awe.

"How can I trust you though?" She asked as she asked he seemed to stop and think.

"Well you can't, I can't give you anything that can show that I am not lying. The only thing I can do is give you my word." He said as Artemis just stared at him as she thought it over.

"How many people did you bring?" She asked him.

"I brought 3 people with me, you have Annabeth Chase, Ethan Nakamura, and Will Solace. Two are 3 star leaders and one is a 4 star leader. If you come with me I can promise your protection as well as your daughters, I will give you some time to sit on it." He said as he tossed the first empty bag away, Artemis could only stare at him as he did so.

"Mommy." Zoe said as she pulled on my sleeve as I looked into her volcanic black eyes. But as Artemis looked at her she just nodded at me as she continued to star, slowly Artemis sighed and nodded with her.

"Okay I will come with you, but if anything happens to Zoe…" She said as Perseus nodded.

"By the way I never asked you your name." Artemis said.

"Oh my name is Perseus Jackson, but you can call me Percy for short." He said as she sorted the new bag as Artemis sighed.

"You're horrible at sorting things." She said as he laughed.

"Well I am blind so…" He said Artemis rolled her eyes.

"Let me see that, Zoe empty all the bags into a pile and stack all the weapons in another. Percy if you sit to the side and wat-…I mean just sit and listen." Artemis said as a blush arose on her face as Percy laughed a little.

"Fair enough, when we get back you guys are going to need to get a bath." He said as Artemis looked up at him in anger as he basically called her smelly, but then she stopped being angry and looked at Zoe who was busy grabbing the bags from Percy and the items around her. She then noticed Zoe was covered in still lightly wet blood and then she looked down at herself to see the same.

"Yeah that would be nice." She said with a light blush as she cleaned some of the dried blood off her face. Hearing her change in tone Percy chuckled and only earned a glare and growl from Artemis.

"Do you want these to be sorted at all?" She asked as he chuckled and nodded.

"Yes I do, I am sorry miss moon goddess." Artemis just rolled her eyes and ignored the last comment as she set to work on sorting the items before her.



"I see something coming up." Said Artemis as I clicked my tongue and got an image in my head. If you are wondering what it is like it is kind of like seeing but everything is either black or white. It all depends on how close it is, but once the sound hits it and comes back to me it show an image in my brain. The denser something is the darker it is the less dense it is the lighter it is, this gives me contrast in the image that appears in my head.

To me Artemis appeared as a lighter color than the walls around us, but do to me air was a light hazy so it gave me a depth to the images I was getting as well as it added a shade difference to simple contrast and detail to the image I go. But it gave me a 3D image of an area 300 feet around me in all directions. If I made louder sounds I could even get finer images but it hurt to sense so much at the same time.

"That should be the camp, wait her for a second." I said as she nodded. I just walked forward a few more feet until I hear the sound of a low whistle. I quickly responded by doing several different low whistles, Artemis just starred in confusion as this continued for a minute. After a little I turned back to her.

"Alright they know I am bringing two people so don't be surprised if they are wary of you." I said.

"Fine with me." She said as we both continued forward sounds of people entered our ears.

"Annabeth." I said as I heard someone stop moving as we continued into the camp. A simple click of the tongue showed me where everyone was instantly and were our sleeping bags were. After Artemis sorted through the 6 packs and weapons we got only 3 bags of usable items and trashed the rest. A rare find in the bags was an unopened bottle of liquid morphine and some unused syringes.

"Commander." She said as she walked up to me, as she did I clicked my tongue to see Annabeth starring at Artemis for some reason.

"You are?" Annabeth said in a tone that put up a strong front, at this I could almost feel Artemis hold herself back from snapping at her. I could only inwardly sign at Annabeth's tone, we slept together once but she still seems threaten any women who gets close to me. All I know is that Annabeth is a tad bit…okay a lot a bit over protective of me.

"I am Artemis Nightshade and this is my daughter." She said in a voice that countered Annabeth's. I could only snicker as the two shared a glare at one another, don't ask me how I know I just do. I kind of can sense people's emotions without their expressions, learned it after being blind my whole life.

"Oh a child!" Said Ethan as he ran up. I assume a smile on his face as he did. You see Ethan was only 10 years old and the oldest of the younger generation at our camp. It kind of made him the boss of the little kids and the one they looked up to.

"Oh god your fac-!" But he instantly stopped shouting as Artemis shot him a glare that could kill.

"I should say the same thing." Artemis shot back.

"Hey I am only missing an eye you on the other han-." But I stopped him there.

"Ethan shut up or I won't stop her from hurting you, I may be blind but I do know that women's looks are something you don't step on." I said as I earned a hump from him as Artemis starred at me.

"What does be blind have to do with knowing common knowledge?" Annabeth asked me as she questioned my knowledge.

"Not the point I was going for, I mean to say that a women's looks don't make who she is. For example I have no idea what any of you look but I know you are a nice person based on your attitude. I don't need to see a person to tell how they are." I said as I heard Artemis take in a long breath then sigh as if she was wiping her mind clear.

"Right…anyways welcome to camp 'Percy likes to leave on his own and doesn't tell anyone where he is going'." Said a new voice as Will came over to us, at this Zoe and Artemis chuckled as I coughed a little and felt blood rush to my cheeks.

"Not funny." I said.

"You sure? Because Annabeth may not be laughing but her expression says-*punch*. God dam women don't hit me!" Yelled Will as Annabeth sneered at him.

"Anyways guys and gal, this is Artemis Nightshade and her daughter Zoe. Artemis this is Annabeth, Ethan, and Will." I said.

"Isn't Ethan a little young to be traveling across the country?" Asked Artemis.

"He is but he followed us from the main base so he had to stick with us, anyways guys Artemis is going to come with us back to camp. Will we have some medicine we need you to look and Annabeth you aren't going to believe what I found." I said as I felt her grow a curious look. As she did I rummaged around in my bag and pulled out a book as I extended it to her.

"A book?" She asked confused.

"Not just any book, open it." I said as she did to find an interesting sight.

"It's brail." She said surprised as the other two looked at it.

"And it isn't just any other book it is a book on hunting and gathering, thought you might need it for the library you are making." I said as Annabeth let out a short breath that said she was smiling.

"Thank you Percy but if you are ever going to give a girl a gift a book is a little…" She said.

"Yeah I know it is a little lame but I thought you would need it, now Annabeth could you take Artemis to the bath you guys found?" I asked her as she nodded.

"Sure thing…do you have any other clothes?" Annabeth asked Artemis.

"I do but Zoe doesn't." She said as Zoe nodded.

"Hmm…Ethan you still good as sewing?" Annabeth asked. Surprisingly Ethan was an expert in sewing clothes.

"Do you even need to ask?" He asked in an exasperated tone.

"Good point, see if you can make her some clothes from some old ones." Annabeth said.

"Percy you come with me, I need you to update me about what happened." Will said as I sighed.

"A commander of Camp Half Blood and I still have to give report." I sighed.

"Well you could write it down, oh wait your blind." Will said full of sarcasm as a laugh from Artemis sounded a few feet away.

"Fine whatever, let's just get this over with. Still don't see why you need this info." I said as I followed Will.

"Because I am making a map of this area and I know you are basically a human echo locater and tape measure and can see everything. Now follow." He said as I followed him into a room with a table and a map laid out on top of it. Though I didn't know it was a map I could guess as much.

"So…you're into milf's now?" Will said as I sputtered on my canteen of water.

"W-What? No! God I just picked her up because she was being chased by some bad dudes." I said as he just looked at me.

"Says the man who women chase after like a mouse with cheese." He muttered as I groaned.

"What is with you people and my looks? Why do they even matter?" I asked him.

"To us normal people they matter, to you they might not. For instance did you know Artemis has a very large birthmark on her face? Kind of gives her an amazon look with the serious face she always has. Not my cup of tea if you ask me or any mans for that matter. But here you are saying that looks don't matter like it is a life motto. If you ask me my friend you might have not realized it but those types of words are basically why you are a lady killer."

"And for this lady in particular it means a lot to her, it means you won't judge her on her looks and only on what she is like. I may not be an expert but to me it looks like you might be getting to know this little lady sooner than you thought." Will said as he sat down and drank from his own canteen.

"W-Whatever, anyways I don't plan on sleeping with her. I just saved her out of the good of my heart and thought she might help us in the future." I said as I could feel Will roll his eyes.

"There you go again with you nice guy attitude, you see this is why ladies love you so much. You are such a nice guy in so many aspects and you even have the looks man. You are basically the perfect male and you do everything in your power to be nice to them. You even let them off easy if they want a relationship with you. That makes you only more desirable in their eyes, it shows you are a loving guy who doesn't cheat."

"I swear if I was you I would be sleeping around with as many women as I would want." Will murmured the last par as I sighed.

"No you wouldn't and I could tell you why, because no matter how much you try and enjoy a women's love you can't help but think back to that 18 year old kid that goes by the name of Nico." I said in a playful voice as Will sputtered out some water from his mouth.

"Yeah doesn't even take a blind person to see what is happening there, while I don't judge your sexuality I do think he is a little too young for you. But hey sometimes with my so called echo location I can see him sneaking glances at you." I said as Will's mouth dropped open in shock.

"L-Lets finished that map." He said as I snorted in victory.

"Will and Nico sitting in a tree-." I started to sing as Will threw his canteen at me to shut me up.




"Morning sleepy head." I said as I watched Zoe slowly sit up and yawn so bit you could stick a grapefruit in her mouth. Currently I was sitting on a bench by a large pond we had found in Montana. Due to the climate change Annabeth had picked out a route to adjust to the seasons. So we mostly stuck to the north while summer was going. But currently we were taking a much needed break.

"Morning." Zoe mumbled as she rubbed her eyes, with the sun raining down on us at that perfect temperature it made Zoe fall asleep as I read her a book Annabeth had given me. Something Percy's mother had written when he was young and before the even that lead to this world. Anyways it was called the Lighting Thief and was pretty interesting.

"So how is it going?" Asked Annabeth as she handed me a canteen of water from the fresh water lake.

"Good, I am still can't believe that you were mentioned in the book." I said as I read through it.

"Haha, yeah I and Percy used to be childhood friends so his mom included me in her own world. Actually most of the people I know are all named after the characters in this book, think of it as a group of kids that one caring mother wrote a fantasy about. Once you are done with this one you can borrow the next one." She said as my eyes sparkled, after a few months of traveling together Annabeth and I had become best friends.

Since we were the only adult females in the group we kind of had to be, I swear if I was going to listen to the gay doctor any longer than I had to I was going to punch him. So Annabeth made a good friend and seemed to put aside our differences to talk with one another. At first she seemed to always be staring at my birthmark but eventually she grew so used to it she didn't seem to notice it anymore.

"So wait is there a Grover and Luke?" I asked as she nodded.

"Yep, even Chiron is real. But his real name is Mr. Brunner and uses a wheelchair in real life. Percy's mother always like to include as many real people as she could in her books." She said as I smiled.

"You know I have only known her as Percy's mom, what was her real name?" I asked as Annabeth smiled.

"Guess." She said as I just starred at her for a second.

"Sally?" I asked as she nodded as I laughed.

"Yep." She said as she reached down and tossed a rock into the still lake as it made a ripple until the middle of the lake.

"What you two talking about?" I heard as I turned to see a shirtless Percy looking at us, well not looking but more or less moving his head in our direction. Leave it to the blind person in the apocalypse to seem like a normal person. Even then it didn't distract me from the perfect body of Percy as he stood there in a pair of shorts. His body as basically all muscle and looked like you could grind meat on it. I had to stop myself rom licking my lips as me and Annabeth enjoyed the sight.

After three months together I might admit that Percy and I had our moments together, I don't know why but I felt like I could be myself around him. Maybe because he didn't judge me on my looks but just my character, still I felt myself getting closer to him. Still I knew deep down I liked Percy, not because his hot body either. But I still couldn't bring myself to say that I liked him in fear that he might reject me.

"Oh nothing…you going for a swim?" Annabeth asked as he nodded.

"Yeah though I could use a dip, you could join me if you want." He said as Annabeth smiled, as she did she shot me a glance.

"We would love to." She said as my eyes went wide as I was about to speak up Annabeth stopped me short with a look.

"Alright then see you in a few." He said as he walked to the lake and seemed to avoid all the rocks in the sand around him with ease.

"Annabeth I can't swim." I said to her in a concerned voice as she rolled her eyes.

"So what? Artemis I am not stupid and I see the way you look at Percy." She said bluntly as I felt a blush arise on my face. I could only try to speak but each time I did my mouth opened and then closed like a fish.

"B-But I thought you liked him?" I said as she glanced back at Percy as he was already walking into the water.

"I do but…I know he will never love me back like I do him, however around you he seems different. I may not be blind like Percy but I can see how you two are like, around him you are like a normal girl." She said as I made some more fish face and blushed again.

"So what?" I asked her as she sighed.

"Zoe do you think your mommy and Percy look happy together?" She suddenly asked Zoe who had been listening the whole time.

"Yes I do." She said with a head tilt like she didn't understand what Annabeth was getting at.

"See? Anyways let me help you…let me help nurture your relationship with this idiot." She said as she starred at me with meaningful eyes.

"Your starting to sound a lot like Aphrodite from the book…fine." I said with a sigh as she smiled.

"You won't regret it. Besides I think you two will make a cute couple, also Zoe kind of looks like a mixture of you two." She said as I blushed further.

"Percy!" Annabeth shouted at him.

"What!" He answered back.

"Artemis was wondering if you could teach her to swim!" She said as Percy gave a surprised face.

"Sure! What about Zoe?" He asked.

"Oh I will teach her." Annabeth said as he nodded. After that Annabeth looked at me.

"Don't fuck this chance up, I am literally giving you my blessing to be in a relationship with the man I have love for years." She said as she dragged me to our tents, five minutes later we were in some swimsuit we had 'liberated' from a clothing store that someone went untouched. Zoe's was a nine blue one piece with her name stitched into the front. Mine on the other hand…a silver two piece that revealed a little too much skin for me. However Annabeth said it was fine while she stood there in a t-shirt and a pair of short shorts. Curse her and everything she is about.

"Oh come on." Annabeth said as I glared at her.

"He is blind! Why do I have to wear this?" I asked her in an anger filled voice as she held Zoe's hand as the two looked at me blankly.

"Oh you will know, haven't you ever seen someone teaching another person to swim? They have to grab the sides to help them float." Said with a wiggle of the eyebrows as I instantly cupped my sides in fear. Not to float my own boat but I had a rocking body, it was lean, it was somehow soft and hard at the same time, let's just say I would make supermodels jealous. Still there was one weakness I did have for my body, my sides were super ticklish, like I would pee myself if I was tickled for more than a minute.

"You demon." I said as she smiled and reached down to my hand and grabbed my hand, as she pulled me ahead we passed the other two males in the group. Ethan was currently creating a sandcastle that was huge and the gay doctor was currently sunbathing in nothing but a Speedo. I only shivered at the sight as I focused on how I wasn't going to pee myself laughing.

"Percy." Annabeth said as a scene that made my loins ache appeared before me. Slowly from the water out came a glistening Percy as all 6 feet and 5 inches of solid muscle. He even ran a hand through his long hair and as he looked in our direction. His face plastered with a smile that could make any women weak in the knees, complete with his hot body it only made it worse.

"Yeah?" He asked as he stretched a little in the water that came up to his waist but easily revealed the deep V that went down to his crotch. A little happy trail leading from his belly button down as well. The sight made my groin ache a little as Annabeth starred for a second then looked down at me. After a second she let go of my hand and slapped my ass I stumbled forward into the water and shot Annabeth a glare.

"Go get him." She said as she ran with Zoe in tow as I shot her one more glare, then I turned to the…man in front of me.

"So you ready?" He asked me with a smile.

"A-Actually I…" But I could only mumble an incoherent words as he tilted his head in confusion.

"What?" He asked as I turned to my left to see Annabeth staring at me as she instructed Zoe on how to doggy paddle. However her eyes were full of fire as she motioned her head to continue on, then went quickly back to the quick learning Zoe.

"I can't s-swim…can you t-teach me?" I asked as his face seemed surprised. He then smiled at me as I noticed a faint red tint on his cheeks that quickly disappeared.

"Sure I don't see why not, it will be fun." He said with a smile as I sighed.

"Sure, fun." I said as he stood then grinning.

"Oh don't worry everyone's first time is always the hardest. Believe it or not my first time I just about drowned, not fun indeed. But don't worry with me here I will help you out, hopefully you won't drown with me here." He said as I disregarded the first sentence he said, looking at Zoe who was already cruising around in the water like a fish that concept didn't apply to everyone.

"Fine." I said as he smiled and extended out his hand, slowly I reached out and placed my hand in his. The instant I did I felt my heartbeat quicken to the extreme as I felt his rough calloused hand wrap around mine. I was in too much of a daze to notice I was already waste deep in water as he let me go and nodded.

"Alright first part of learning to swim is learning to float, without this little skill you will sink like a stone and drown. Now what you need to do is slowly lean back into the water and just lay there. I will make sure you don't sink okay." He said as I nodded. Slowly I leaned backwards as I felt a pair of arms on my sides. I froze a little as I felt his arms on my side as he sighed.

"You're stiff as a board…okay how about this close your eyes and just think about a happy place and relax." He said as looked to my right as I was basically laying in his arms, I only cursed in my heart for being this way around him. But somehow that thought disappeared as I enjoyed his large arms around me. As my mind wondered I slowly closed my eyes and relaxed as I felt him slowly lower me down to the water.

But as I thought about my happy place as I slowly sunk down into the water, but as my happy place came to mind I was embarrassed beyond belief. There laying on a blanket in the middle of a meadow was Percy. A carefree expression on his face as he use his hands to prop up his head as he sunbathed, the more embarrassing thing was there I was using his stomach as a pillow. My face covered by a big straw hat as I wore a silver sundress. My daughter cuddling up to my side as she was dressed in a white sundress.

But the biggest shock to me was my current form as I laid on Percy's stomach, my belly was swollen and looked ready to burst. However in my mind I watched Percy slowly reach down and cup my hand which was resting on my belly. As I watched this I could see a small smile grace my lips as I held hands with him.

"Good job!" I heard as I was awoken from my mind to see Percy standing over me with a smile. My body floating perfectly as I slowly moved my arms back and forth.

"You're a natural." He said. But as I looked at him I could only blush to the point my face was pure red. Slowly I stood up as Percy still smiled at me.

"You must have had a good happy place because your heartbeat calmed like that and you because smooth as a fiddle." He said as I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but smile a little.

"So what now?" I asked him as I stood before him.

"You want to doggy paddle or front stroke?" He asked me.

"Front stroke, it's faster." I said as he nodded.

"Alright first good, now first laydown and hold my hands. We will work on leg kicks until I see that you are read." He said as I just stared at him.

"How you going to see if you are blind?" I asked in a curious tone that was slightly mocking him as he frowned a little and shook his head at my answer.

"Funny, now hold on." He said as I did as he said.

Thirty minutes later I was ready as he held my sides and kept me in position as I worked on the strokes in the water. His strong hands holding my sides like a clamp as I went through the motions with my eyes closed. As I continued to do it for a while I didn't even notice the loss of pressure on my sides, after a few second I heard laughing as I opened my eyes and turned to see Percy was no longer at my side.

"Well I don't believe it there goes a swimming moon goddess." Said Annabeth as she smiled in my direction as I looked around to see I was in the middle of the lake as my eyes went wide. Though it wasn't that deep I was still startled a little.

"I-I am swimming!" I yelled as everyone laughed at my response as suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my side as I was lifted out of the water and flung a few feet in the air. As I hit the water I sank a few feet as I instantly saw up towards the surface.

"The Hell!" I yelled as I surfaced the water to hear a males laughing voice. I instantly turned to see Percy floating in the water as he grinned at me. I lost it right there as he basically scarred the shit out of me. I launched myself at him as my fists hit his chest as my laughed the whole time. But he escaped from me as he dove down into the water as I went after him. With the semi clear what I instantly found his retreating figure as he was nearly already 10 feet down.

As I found him he turned around and seemed to have a shit eating grin on his face. I just glared as I dove down after him as I noticed he clicked his tongue to locate me, dam him and his echo location. As I neared him he didn't move at all as I finally reached him and stopped in front of him. But as I was about to hit him he slowly reached out a hand to me, I let him for the time being as we both slowly floated in the water.

However just as he reached my shoulder I suddenly felt myself being pulled to him, the instant that happened I felt a warmth on my lips. My eyes shot open as I starred at Percy as he held me close to him as he kissed me, at this point I didn't know what to do as we kissed. However my body seemed to move on its own as my arms slowly reached into his hair and his around my waist.

The kiss lasted only seconds but it felt like an eternity as bubble of air escaped our mouths as we kissed. His warm body pressed up against mine as our tongues tangled for dominance, I don't know why but this new warmth was to my liking. Even still as we kissed I felt something click in me as I slowly floated back as I did Percy's eyes opened revealing their vibrant sea green color. As he did I could see his smile reach his eye as he leaned forward and gave me one more peck on the lips as we started to swim up.

"Damn 58 seconds what in the hell were you guys doing down there?" Asked Ethan as we broke the surface of the lake. I then turned to see Annabeth with a knowing expression.

"Your mom." Said Percy as Will laughed as Ethan's face.

"More like Zoe's mom." Ethan murmured, however it was loud enough for everyone to hear as me and Percy blushed like tomatoes.

"Well you're not wrong." Percy murmured as I instantly pushed him into deeper water as I swam to the bank.

"What are they talking about?" Asked the ever so innocent child who probably knew more about combat and survival techniques than anything else.

"Oh nothing much, but I think your mom likes Percy." Annabeth said to Zoe as her eyes went wide as she made a face that said boys were icky. At least that part about men I taught her stuck.

"Well as long as mommy is happy then I don't mind, plus I like Percy. As long as he makes mommy happy and that makes me happy." Zoe said with a smile as I could only smile at her.

"Aww." Said Annabeth as I smiled a little as well.

"Well if she is happy…" I said as I watched Percy walk up beside me as he gave us all a smile. As he did I smiled as I looped an arm through his as Annabeth's eyes widened.

"I guess I will keep Percy around." I said as I swore I felt Percy roll his eyes, even if he didn't I bet he did some action that was similar to it.

"More like I keep you around." He muttered as I pinched his arm as I heard everyone laughed.

"Finally, I thought you two were going to keep flirting for another 3 months before Artemis finally jumped you in bed." Will said as I blushed and shot him a glare that could kill.

"What is he talking about?" Asked Zoe as I internally swore I was going to shank Will at the end of this day.

"Oh nothing sweetie just that your mom likes Percy but didn't want to admit it until now." Annabeth said as I coughed a little along with a blushing Percy as he rubbed his head with his free hand.

"Oh…I knew that mommy likes Percy." Zoe said as we all just starred at the child with surprise.

"She talks in her sleep." She said as she skipped away as Annabeth slowly started laughing as I gaped in astonishment. Percy however slowly turned to me as he started to laugh like Annabeth as I didn't respond.

"She is so grounded." I said as the laughter grew as Percy patted my shoulder, I could only sigh as I watched Annabeth chase after my daughter as she laughed.

"So you talk in your sleep?" Percy asked as I looked up at him and frowned.

"If you stop talking now I might let you sleep with me in the next month." I said as I leaned up and pecked him on the lips as I ran away from the now gaping blind person.


LOCATION: OUTSIDE WASHING D.C. (one of seven ground zeros.)


"So this is Washington D.C." I said as I stood by everyone on the outside of a massive crater that was nothing but ruin for miles. Thanks to some high-tech radiation suits we had found in a rundown government facility in Ohio. Thanks to these no radiation got through at all as we starred at ground zero. They were a light blue color and automatically adjusted to the person wearing them.

These were developed in 2050 and they were claimed to be perfect, unlike the old yellow ones these could last under any amount of radiation for years before they were deemed unfit for duty. Even then they could be used for at least 100 years until they were truly useless. Thanks for us we had found a lot of them in their 3 inch cubes so Ethan had brought a lot of them just in case. Even our bags were cased in the suits so all of our items wouldn't be radiated.

"Yep it has been a while since I have seen this place." Said Annabeth as a Darth Vader breath came out of her mouth piece as her face shield showed her face that was full of emotion.

"Same." Said Percy as we all rolled out eyes.

"Oh I get it now!" Zoe said in her small radiation suit as she jumped up and down as we all laughed a little. Her small smiling face was concealed behind a glass mask of the suit.

"Blind humor." I said as she nodded. I just laughed a little as we all turned back to the sight in front of us.

"Still this place feels weird." Said Percy as we starred at the massive glass crater before us.

"I only sense a flat ground before me, it is so weird." He said as I smiled as I looped my hand through his.

"That is why I am here, remember our promise, in flat lands I am your eyes." I said as a cough from Will sounded in front of us.

"Romance in front of nuclear bomb crater, nice." He said as I glared at him as I turned back to Percy.

"Anyways I think we need to leave, we need to start on our way to Camp Half Blood." Will said as we all nodded.

"Yeah." Percy said as we all started to walk away, but suddenly he threw his arm in front of me and everyone else also stopped.

"Whoever you are come out now!" Percy shouted as we all looked in confusion at the flat plane in front of us. Suddenly 70 small areas in the plane began to move as slowly people began to slowly stand up from the ground. Each wearing radiation suits just like us but all holding weapons that were made from an assortment of metals and bats.

"Mommy." Zoe whispered as she held on my leg tighter as Percy slowly walked in front of us as he unsheathed his Spartan sword. Apparently this was made from pure titanium from what Annabeth told me, something they picked up in a museum she used to work in. It was made of titanium because it was a recreational artwork and the artist didn't want it to be destroyed. It was not short of indestructible because of that with the current weapons available nowadays.

"Stand back you two, Will and Ethan take out your multi cross bows." Percy said as he just looked forward and tapped the ground with his sword as all the men just watched us.

"Ah if it isn't little Artemis." Said a voice as my body froze in place as I looked past everyone to see another person slowly raise up from his camouflage. As he did a very familiar person came into my vision.

"J-Jake." I whispered as he held an old rapier in his hand as he smiled at me. As he did all his men all laugh and seemed to lick their lips as I felt my body shiver.

"Ah seems like you found a nice little group didn't you, I wonder who you had to sleep with to get in." He said with a shrug as I glared at him.

"How did you find us?" I asked him as he laughed.

"Wasn't that hard, just followed your scent with a few dogs." He said with a shrug.

"What do you want?" Asked Percy.

"Me I want…wait why are your eyes closed? A-Are you blind? Oh my god that is fucking hilarious! That explains how you could hear us, god I can't believe you followed a blind person Artemis." Laughed Jake as Percy just looked in his direction.

"I may be blind but even I can see you are just a little bitch." Percy said as Jake stopped laughing and just glarred in our direction.

"Kill them and capture the women, we will *lick* need them for later." Said Jake as a perverted smile crossed his lips.

"Stay back, I got this." Percy said as he slowly walked forward as the tip of his Spartan sword slowly dragged on the ground making a sound of nails on a chalkboard. With the rough glass like ground around us, it was scary in a sense as he slowly walked forward. But as he did the men in front of him all began to charge at him and yell as Percy seemed to sigh.

As the men reach him he didn't even move as they roared in anger, but as they did instantly 4 arrows suddenly seemed to appear in the facemasks of the men around him. I was shocked to say the least as I watched the 4 people that were only feet from Percy fall on the ground dead. I just looked to my side to see Annabeth, Will, and Ethan all armed with a double arrow crossbow in hand. With ease I saw them aim and fire as each arrow found one of the people's faces.

In seconds 12 people were down with arrows to the head, they even did it in a fashion that when one was reloading the other was firing. But even then it wasn't enough to stop them as the rest all charged Percy. But as I felt my heart clench I saw something that seemed to make Percy seem not human. He was like a dancer that flowed like water in the crowd of people, each movement seemed refined and so precise and effortless it was like he wasn't trying at all.

In 5 seconds he danced/walked his way through 20 people as the others all stayed behind about 100 feet. But as he stopped moving with a whip of his sword a line of red splashed on the ground as the 20 people all collapsed on the ground as they gripped certain parts of their bodies. Each one didn't even make it more than 30 seconds until all their bodies lied motionless on the ground. Each one having a puddle of blood around them, at this I could only gaze in amazement.

Each move hit a main artery on each person and nothing less, from necks to under the arms and even the middle of the legs. Each one bled out in a matter of second and even then the three shooting arrows didn't stop. Soon only 20 people were left as they surrounded Jake in a protective layer, Percy however was slowly taking in breaths as he relaxed a little from massacre.

"You Monster!" Yelled Jake as the others seemed to nod as Percy flicked his blade again as he got rid blood on it. But he didn't stop as he slowly walked forward, as all the men backed up away from Percy.

"Leave this place." Percy said as he stood 20 feet in front of group of people as he just looked at them.

"You just killed 50 of my men and expect me to leave?" Jake said in pure anger as he quickly pulled something off his back as he quickly fired a small crossbow at Percy.

"Percy!" I yelled but my scream was for nothing as Percy's free hand flashed in front of him as he caught the arrow with ease. With that he sighed and charged towards them, just like the others they all fell like flies in front of Percy as he moved like water. However as he got to Jake who had fallen on his ass in fear he stopped.

"You don't deserve to be killed by me." Percy said but he didn't turn around as his sword flashed as Jake flinched back. However after a second Jake opened his eyes to find Percy slowly walking away as he starred in awe.

"W-What?" Jake asked but soon his face mask on his radiation suit slowly began to crack as a thin line from Percy's sword appeared on it.

"I will let the radiation kill you." Percy said as Jake's face shield fell apart as his eyes went wide. With that Percy slowly walked over to us and sheathed his sword.

"Percy." I said as he put his arm over my shoulder as I was forced to look away from the gasping Jake as the radiation slowly killed him. Even if he got on a new suit he knew that was going to die so he just laid there and didn't move. But as I looked away I felt Percy's hand tighten on my shoulder as I looked up at him. His face was like a stone as he led me and Zoe away from the field of corpses as the other three followed behind.

"Thanks." I said as Percy looked down at me.

"For what?" He asked as I smiled a little.

"For defending me." I said as I heard a cough behind me.

"Oh! Sorry I forgot about you guys. Thank you!" I said as they all rolled their eyes.

"Well as long as you care." Said Will.

"So…five chocolate bars says they are so going to bang when we get out of here." Whispered Annabeth to Ethan. However I pretended to not hear it as I felt Percy's hand stiffen on my shoulder. However he didn't say anything as I looked up at him to see him blushing as well.

"Your so on." Said Ethan as me and Percy blushed together.




I silently laid in my bed as I let out a sigh after finally getting to rest after a week of nothing but work. It had been a week since my little group had made it back to home base. In that time I was riddled with work that needed to do, just conformation and resources. Thanks to a couple people who were professional agriculturalists that were with our group we actually didn't need any food from the outside.

"Percy." I heard as I slowly turned my head to my door of my larger room. It was a nice King size bed that was 'liberated' from a furniture store. But with a click of the tongue I found a familiar female shape by the door.

"Artemis?" I asked as she opened the door and slowly walked to the bed, she didn't say anything as she sat down beside me as I laid down. Slowly I felt her hand intertwine with mine as she stayed sitting up with her back to me.

"What's wrong?" I asked her as she continued looking at the wall.

"Nothing I have just been thinking." She said.

"About what?" I asked.

"About us." She said as I smiled lightly, it was kind of well-known in our community that Artemis was currently my girlfriend or fiancé. It depended on who you asked.

"What about us makes you think?" I asked her as she chuckled a little.

"Just our future…Percy…I-I want another child." She said as I coughed a little as I sat up and looked in her direction.

"But Artemis-." However I was quickly silenced by her lips as she looped her arms around my neck and slowly pushed me back on the bed. After a minute she was straddling me as I had my hands placed on her hips. As I felt her body I noticed she wasn't wearing normal clothes but instead only sexy frill panties and what I assume was no bra with a see through piece of lingerie.

But as out tongues battled for dominance I soon felt her hands slowly raising up my shirt which was quickly disposed of on the ground. Even then we barely stopped kissing as the two of us seemed to finally release our pent up 'stress' on one another. But I couldn't help but feel up and down Artemis's legs as she sat atop me. However as we did I felt Percy Jr. growing harder and harder as eventually Artemis stopped kissing me it was so hard.

"Looks like someone wants this more than I do." She said in a sexy voice as she rubbed the bulge that was nearly bursting out of my pants. As she did I groaned a little as her hand massaged my penis through my pants. As she teased me a little she soon took off her top and tossed it on the ground. As she did I felt her lean down and kissed me on the lips, but as she did my pants were soon taken off and on the ground.

"What do you want me to do?" She whispered in my ear as she rubbed the tent in my underwear as I moaned in pleasure.

"I want you to suck it." I said as I felt her cheek tough mine as she grinned.

"Alright but you have to do the same." She said as I grinned.

"Alright." I said as soon I was naked and so was she, her body on top of mine as she delicately gave me a hand job. I could only groan as she stroked all 10 inches of me. I on the other hand was left to feel the current hole in front of me. As I slowly fingered Artemis's soft and smooth pussy, as I did her moans only grew louder as her juices flowed faster.

"God you're good at this." Artemis said as I leaned forward and gave a slow lick to her pussy. As I did her whole body shivered and let out a warm breath on my dick. As she recovered a little she opened her mouth slowly took the head of my penis in it. I could only groan as she did that and slowly began to bob her head as I grinned a little. As she began to give me a blowjob I licked her as deep as I could.

As we continued I felt myself cumming as Artemis deep throated me again and again, gagging noise escape her mouth as a thick amount of liquid ran down my dick. Her pussy was not different as streams of liquid were all lapped up eagerly by me. Each of us coming close to our release but suddenly Artemis stopped and with a satisfying pop sound s she let go.

"Oh no you don't, all this baby batter is going inside me tonight." She said as she loudly licked her lips and slowly turned her body around so her face was facing mine. As she did I felt her soaking loser lips rest directly on my rock hard shaft as I groaned in pleasure as she slowly road me as her juices covered my dick.

"Alright that should be wet enough." She said as she slowly got up however as she did I quickly caught her and rolled us so I was on top. She let out a eek in surprised voice. As she lay under me I quickly placed my hand on her stomach and the other on my dick. Slowly I scooted forward as I located her entrance with my fingers. As I did I slowly put my tip by her entrance but as I did I felt a small pairs of hands on my face.

"Kiss me." Artemis said as I nodded and slowly leaned down as I lips met hers and with that I thrust into her. Thankfully she didn't have a hymen but due to so many years of going without sex she was truly tight. Her nails dug into my shoulders as I entered her, her warmth welcomed me instantly as her body slowly loosened from her death grip she had on me. After this it was hot and sweaty sex.

With each thrust into her a wet slapping sound could be heard from our room and moans of ecstasy. Eventually my ears went numb from her screams of pleasure and her shouting filled the room. Still I continued as I plowed into her for as long as I could without cumming. My mouth sometimes finding her breasts or mouth as I nibbled, squeezed and licked them to high havens. Still her tight walls coiled around me as if they didn't want me to leave her as I continued.

Each time I went into pussy hers walls would convulse and each time I would smash into her desperate womb. Each time I pushed all 10 inches into her she screamed in pleasure and pain as I tried to continually pry open her womb. Our position didn't change at all as I thrust into her again and again as her screams numbed my ears and fueled me to go faster and faster. Each time I got closer to prying open her womb.

Finally after nearly 5 or 6 hours I put my whole length into her with ease as her womb welcomed me. At this point she was a screaming wreck of a human as enjoyed the comfort of her tight little baby chamber. Somehow during this whole time I had managed to not cum as I held myself back immensely, it was beyond difficult but I as I entered her womb I decided it was time. If she wanted kids then I was going to give her them.

"Percy! Oh god I cumming again!" She yelled as her back arched and her toes curled, at the same time I felt her juices spray out and cover my crotch with ease. As she came I felt her wall tighten around me as I groaned in pleasure, but still I didn't cum. As she relished in her after orgasm I slowly leaned forward and wither her legs over mine it raise her ass up in the air letting the whole world see our ever so deep connection.

My balls dripping with her liquid as her juices flowed down both her back and front with east as my whole shaft was planted deep inside her. With her body at this angle it would also allow the seamen to sink deep into her and impregnate her, just the thought of a pregnant Artemis made me want to cum but I held back as I spoke to her.

"That makes 20 orgasms." I whispered to her as her whole body shivered under me. If I could physically see her face I know it would be a beautiful fucked silly one. But I settled for a hand cupping her ace and letting her gently suck on my thumb.

"What do you want?" I asked her as she shivered again.

"You're cum deep inside me." She begged as I smiled. At this I thrust into her a few more times and finally managed to cum. With that my whole body shivered in pleasure as both our bodies convulsed as I came. Slowly 15 ropes of super thick 6 month old cum quickly filled her as hunted for her tidy little eggs. As I came in her I could feel there was no more room as my cum found a gap in-between our parts and came out.

Slowly thick streams of cum slid down her front and back as I kept her ass up in the air. Slowly I finished inside her as I quickly let her down and collapsed beside her. As I lay on my back and relished in our sweet scent I felt a pair of arms and a head snuggle as close as she could to me as she took deep breaths.

"What do you think it will be?" Asked Artemis.

"A boy." I said as I could practically hear my cum flowing out of her as it slowly flowed over her right ass cheek and onto the bed. Forming a pool of cum as it just lay there on my bed, by the amount there you could guess that she was pregnant already which I bet she was.

"I think the same." She said with a smile into my chest as I felt her hand reached down and rub my cum covered dick a few times as I trying to get it up. Unfortunately I was all worn out as it stayed limp, however she then brought her hand to her mouth and gave it a few lick and purred as she did.

"We taste amazing." She said as I laughed a little and smiled.

"Well let's just hope you didn't get pregnant…because I am looking forward to trying to impregnate you again." I said as I earned a light slap on the arm from her. But she then pulled herself on top of me and gave me a light kiss and laid her head down on my chest.

"Yeah, unfortunately I should be ovulating today. But who says we can't continue this little nightly meeting until it is confirmed." She purred at me as I smiled.

"I love you Artemis." I said as she smiled into my chest.

"I love you to Percy." She said back as we slowly tried to fall asleep.

"You know I never thought I would hear those words." Artemis slowly said as I put an arm around her and hugged her closer to me.

"Why is that?" I whispered to her as she remained silent for a little.

"My face and the whole apocalypse thing." She said as I smiled.

"Artemis you are as beautiful as the sun to me." I said as she laughed lightly.

"You're blind so how could I be beautiful to you?" She mumbled.

"I may be blind but even if I could see I wouldn't care what you look like. Because I know I love you for who you are, not looks, not status, and nothing else. Be it the end of the world or the start of a new one I will always love you from the bottom of my heart. Even if I cannot see you I don't care. You are my sun, no wait, you are my moon Artemis you are what makes me live for tomorrow. I don't even know how I lived without you before now. " I said as she laughed lightly and then hugged me.

"You're so cheesy." She said.

"Well you could say that love is blind." I said.

"Funny." She said in a voice that basically said she was rolling her eyes.

"Anyways just promise me that even if you think your looks are what they make you they aren't. Because what only matters is in here." I said as tapped my chest as she laughed.

"I think I might need some crackers to go with this cheese. But that is one thing I just love about you. Now let's get some sleep I am tired." Artemis said as she curled up on top of me and quickly fell asleep as I quickly followed behind. My only thoughts were about how happy I was going to be as a father or two and a husband to the most beautiful wife in the world.

Just threw this together cause I wanted to feel free to borrow the idea just not the plot, have a nice week a pray that I get this job I am Appling for.