Chapter 1: "Meeting the crew"

Previously on Hell's Guard:



"Fairy tail erotica?!"

"Samuel Steele!"


"Agent Saren Sidonis"

"Do we have a deal?"

Barry's Bar

Back to where we last left off…

"Ok, we've sent out the fliers, and I have sent off some rumor spreaders. What's left?"

Samuel sighed.

"Well, I think it's time I called up my old pals for assistance."

He grabbed a Comm lacrima

"God help us all…"

Cole's Hole

Cole's Hole is a seedy hotel where you often hang in order to lay low in case you have, uh… gotten in trouble with the law. It is a well-known hangout for lowlifes, thugs, mafia minions and bounty hunters, among other things. It is also here we will find one of the greatest, cleverest and most stylish bounty hunters in the business. He is also the friend that Samuel was calling up. With such a professional at their side nothing shall stand in their way!

There was a loud belching noise

Unfortunately, he also enjoys drinking, smoking and shooting. He is also and idiot most of the time.

"I'm giving you freaks 10 seconds before I start shooting EVERYTHING in sight. One…TEN!"

And from the outside you could see several bullets of different calibres fly out of the building, as well as a few patrons running in panic while shouting at the top of their lungs.

In the middle of the shot out lobby stood a lonesome figure, draped in a dark brown duster that draped over a dark blue vest and dark brown pants, all of this covered his rather muscular body, on his feet were a pair of leathery cowboy boots, and it seemed as if they had bullets instead of spurs. In his hands he held a pair of custom-made revolvers, and he was wearing a nice pair of brown leather gloves. On his head he wore a darkened Stetson and had a red bandana covering the lower half of his lightly tanned face.

"Well, I warned ya."

He then proceeded to holster his guns, remove his bandana and pull out a cigar that he already had lit… Somehow.

Suddenly through the door, a young man appeared with a lacrima.

"Um, mister Smith, Sir."

He immediately turned

"So they sent a helpless child to kill me, WELL I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!"

He proceeded to kick the kid's legs out and run behind the bar for cover.

"Ouch! No sir! There is a "Samuel" calling for you."

This got his attention.

Sammy? Calling? Alive?

"Gimme 'dat thing!"

He was immediately given the device,

"Yo Sammy boy! I ain't seen ya since we rolled on that two week hunt!"

"…Yes, it was memorable."

"So, whatcha want?"

Samuel sighed

"I need your help with training and keeping a guild."

"What's in it for me?"

"Booze. Bullets. Babes?"


"We will rake in a bunch of cash."

"Sold! I'll be there in a week or so!"

"… I am afraid to ask, but why are you gonna be late?"

"Well, I pissed of the owner, pissed of a gang, got a few marks in town and a big beastie is around in these here parts."

There was a silence

"Just… Just get over here without a military escort."

"I ain't promising anything."


And so the call was concluded.

Jacob then gave a sad smile as he put the cigar in his mouth and took a deep whiff and breathed out:

"Hell, it's about damn time"

And so he set off to complete these objectives he had accumulated… For better or worse.

Barry's Bar

"So… Who was that?"

Samuel turned towards Barry, holding a neutral facial expression

"Ever heard of "The Sheriff"?

This got Barry's attention

"The Sheriff? As in one of the greatest bounty hunters in the south of Fiore?!"


Barry whistled

"Wow, how'd you meet?"

Samuel looked towards the sky while remembering


Fire and explosions were heard all around, people screaming in pain, grief and anger.

Two figures were in the middle of it, one covered in armor with a blonde mop of hair, the other covered in a dark leathery armor, the blonde one seemingly holding the other down.

"Jacob, take the shot!"

He hesitated

"But what if I miss?!"

Samuel stared at him with determination.

"You won't"

As the trigger was pulled, there were two sounds, the sound of a bullet piercing a skull and an explosive device detonating.

In the aftermath Jacob and Samuel were sitting by a charred tree.

"Hell of a shot boy."

"Shit, never though I'd make it."

Samuel pulled out a pair of cigars

"Uh, I don't smoke."

"Fuck that, we survived a fucking suicide mission. This won't kill us."

"… Ok fine."

As Jacob grabbed his cigar Samuel raised his own.

"To our partnership"

Jacob raised his own

"May it bring us much fortune"

And so they sat and relaxed, while securing a bright future of partnership.

Flashback over

"… We hunted a guy and caught him together at a pizza resturant."

"Okay, so what next?"

"Well, I'm gonna hit up the best doctor I know, set up a pair of drinks."

"Sure, whadaya need?"

"Water and Lemonade"

There was a silence



As Barry went to fetch the drinks, Samuel activated the Comm lacrima once more.

Crocus Hospital Morgue

We find several doctors in a room examining a carcass that has been severely mutilated; however one of these doctors was different from the others.

His body type was slightly more muscular than the others and he was taller than a few of them. He had black hair in a 50s type pompadour that was only slightly up going, a surgeon mask covering his mouth and nose, a small pair of glasses were situated on his nose. He wore a white lab coat with red splotches all over, smelled oddly like hot sauce. He had a white undershirt under his coat, a pair of black pants and a pair of fancy black shoes. At his belt line was a holstered pair of twin blades, one red and one blue, the red named AGNI and the blue named Rudra. Finally at his coat was a small nametag that said "Hello I'm Jack"

"As you can all clearly see, the body has been brutally butchered in a myriad of ways, but what you may not have witnessed, may be these scars along the sides of the cerebellum. They are signs of an earlier, rather sloppily done, surgery that has been covered up. The cuts were made by an uneven blade thereby leaning towards the conclusion of a combat knife being brought into use as to cover up the type and also break through the skull. And so I know that these uneven cuts match precisely the edges of a custom made Helghan survival and combat knife that has been recently imported, decided by the soft smell of salt on the handle and the tiny specs of salt on the blade."

"But doctor Stahl, how do you know this blade so well?"

He smiled

"Well doctor Richtofen, I have an old friend who used to have such a knife, and I saw it's raw efficiency and effects up close, and thanks to the skin cells left on the knife I know that the one who used it is-"

Suddenly a lacrima calling interrupted them

"Erm, doctor Stahl, there is a call for you."

"Alright, give me the lacrima."

As he brought it up to his ear he heard a familiar voice

"Doctor, there appears to be a pain in my heart."

He raised an eyebrow

"And when did these pains start?"

He could practically feel the other person smile

"Oh, about the same time my best friend went to the hospital and became a doctor and didn't recognize his best friend who just happens to be screwing around with him."

There was a silence… And it was broken by steadily increasing laughter.


The other doctors looked worriedly at him.

"Jack, it is good to hear your voice again after so long, how goes the uh… Doctoring?"

"Ah it's fine, just finishing up who murdered uh… What's his name doctor Cho?"

The doctor in question looked down at her notepad

"Uh, Mr Obadiah Stayne, sir.

"Ah, Obadiah Stayne."

"Oh yeah, I think it was Leam Cedar, remember that ass bought a Helghan knife."

"Yep, my guess exactly. So why are you calling… Are you dying?! WHO DID IT?! I SHALL AVENGE YOU!"

"No, no, no I am not dying, I was actually calling to see if you'd be interested in working in my new guild as the medical officer."

"I'm in! Let me get my things! OH, and can Zhuue come? She has been very bored lately."

"Of course, you never split a good pair… Even if one's a little defective."

"She was drunk!"

"Whatever, when can you get here?"

"Be there in an hour."

Samuel smiled

"Good, I'll see you then."

"Auf wiedersehen my friend."

"Yeah dasvidanya."

As Jack put down the phone, he couldn't help but to grin widely

"Uh, doctor Stahl?"

"Doctor Zed! I hereby christen you head doctor in my absence!"

The man who was situated in the far back was shocked

"But, I don't have a medical licence."

"Take mine."

The man smiled behind his mask

"Well lookie here, guess who just got a fancy med school degree!"

While all doctors were sighing and shaking their heads, Jack headed towards his office.

"Zhuue? Zhuue! Wake up! I have some exciting news!"

Suddenly out of a pile of paperwork and blankets rose a woman, her black hair in a pony tail that stretched towards her lower back, she had a black tank top that showed a little part of her lower belly, a pair of dark brown short shorts with a small but thick metal rod at her back, she also had a black gasmask with red lenses and one "breathing hole" attached to her belt. And finally a pair of thick, black heavy combat boots. Her jade eyes looked tiredly at Jack as he had interrupted her nap. Her body was one to die for as she had won quite the jackpot at the genetic lottery, she was also slightly shorter than Jack.

"Hope you slept well, because we are going to work!"

She simply sighed tiredly

"Oh, well alright if you don't want to go see Samuel I gue-"


Before he could finish his sentence, she had jumped on his shoulders and was begging him to take her with him.

"Alright, alright, but first we need to pack and then we set off.

So without further ado, they packed and traversed towards Hell's Guard.

Barry's Bar

"So now you got a doctor."


"And he is coming here in half an Hour?"


"Anything else?"

Samuel brought up his and to his chin and stroked it in thought, before having an epiphany of sorts.

"Oh I know"


He gave a smug grin with surprisingly sharp teeth.

"We need a pair of young new mercs that will give the others motivation and competition!"



As he said this he started walking towards the wall.

"They must be skilled! Tenacious! Loyal and determined to win!"

As he said this he slammed his palm onto the wall fiercely.

For a time there was silence… Until suddenly



A young man and woman fell from the rafters

"Someone like them." Samuel said as he grinned

The girl was wearing what seemed to be a lighter version of the armor Samuel was wearing, only instead of black it was coloured white with black lining the edges instead of silver, her body had become well toned and you could see the muscular structure she had, not too hard-core but enough to make you think twice about robbing her, at her gauntlets he had a pair of small openings up top that could fit with the small sharp "ornaments" on her blades she had on her back. The blades themselves looked as if someone had taken a curved sword, put a straight sword on top of it and filled the space between with metal and added a "toothed" edge at the side that as facing her, long story short, really big butcher blades with chains. As her skull like helmet folded in on itself, it became a pair of headphones on the head of a young girl with lightish brown shoulder length hair and hazel coloured eyes that looked up at the two old men.

"Eh, he eh he, sorry?"

While the boy had a slightly leaner build but still chiseled enough to look fairly attractive, he was wearing black leather armor with fingerless gloves with a black hood and cowl combo to conceal his identity. But what got your attention was either the large katana on his back, the belt of kunai on his waist or the small pocket of smoke bombs he was carrying. As he pulled down the cowl and pulled the hoodie back, his face was shown. While the girl might have had dark tanned skin, the boy had pale and light skin; his hair was as black as coal and he had a small scar on his left cheek. He also had a blue right eye and a brown left eye, often concealed with a pair of shades that were currently busted on the floor.

"Annnnd we're caught."

Samuel just smiled, as Barry looked on confounded

"Samuel, why did two teenagers just fall from my roof?"

"Because my son and daughter enjoy following their "Big strong papa" on adventures"

"You never told me you had kids!"

"… You were drunk."

"Oh… Well who are they?"

Samuel walked up to them

"Well this is my daughter Raina, the older yet smaller sibling."


"And this is Rey, the younger, taller and obviously annoying son."

"Whoa, pops you hurt me."

"Don't tempt me."

As they stood next to their father he ruffled their hair

"Pops could you at least refer to us as our nicknames, once?"

He simply shook his head in exasperation

"Alright, this is "Armored Lighting" and "Hidden Shadow", my darling children."

There was laughter and giggling as Samuel kept ruffling their hair.


"… So what?"

"Are hired or Nah?"


There was a pause, followed by a shocked


"I'm kidding, you're in, and god knows we need new recruits."

"Oh, so that's why you had me get the water and the lemonade!"

"Yep, compared to your Rey-


His father smacked him up the head

"Don't interrupt. Unlike Rey here I pay attention to other things than scantily dressed women."

"…Can you blame me?"


"So, what now dad?"

"Well, we begin construction plans and get this place ready."

And so new help has arrived for Hell's Guard, but will it be enough to strengthen their guild for future events? Find out in the next chapter! Join us next time on .

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