"Lurking in the shadows of the night and bringing a shock of justice to evildoers everywhere, This hero is Super Sato! The hero of this city, The all-Bending Icon of justice! Korra: The Avatar! Uniting together to defeat a common threat: The one who defeated Nuktuk; Hero of the South! The Scourge of the Republic City denizens: The Big Mech!"

Korra and Asami just stared at the projection screen that had Varrick's narration over the slo-mo images of various parts of Republic City, some were at night in the slums, others were at the rooftops during the daytime, one figure with a dark red cloak for the night shots, and another figure bright blue for the rooftop shots. The two girls had a look of disbelief on Korra's face, and a jaw that had hit the floor on Asami's.

"Okay, Varrick, I know you're rather…" Asami paused, trying to think of an appropriate adjective to use that wouldn't be taken offensively.

Korra beat her to the punch, "Nutjob in the head?"


"What?" Korra asked defensively, "We both know he's more nutty than a nut tree!"

"Yes, we both know that, Korra, but there had to have been a nicer adjective to use than that one." Asami accused.

"There was, but I chose to be blunt."

"Did you really have to be that blunt Korra?"

"Did Azula hook up with that Ty Lee girl?" Korra countered.

"Wait, That actually happened?" Asami questioned.

"Yeah, pretty sure of that, but- You know what, We're not on that, what we're on is Varrick's crazy idea of making a mover about us being… What did you call it?"

"Spectacular-Unitard-Powered-Evil-Resistor-Helping-Ethical-Revolutionary-Overseer. Or 'S.U.P.E.R.H.E.R.O' for short." Varrick rapidly listed off as if he rehearsed it in the mirror several times.

"Wouldn't had it been easier to just use 'Superhero' instead of coming up with that ridiculous acronym?"

"It may have, Asami girl. It may have. But our focus groups deduced that the people enjoy things that are needlessly complicated and difficult to remember. Or was it plush toys?" Varrick said in his typical eccentric fashion

"We did those plush toys for charity, Varrick. So no duh that people would prefer that stuff." Korra retorted.

"Enough of that Kore." Asami placed her hand on the Avatar's lap, calming her down, as Varrick seemed to perk up at knowing that he wouldn't be heckled by Korra, but before he could thank Asami, the heiress turned towards him to cut him off, "What in the name of Raava were you thinking?"

"I was thinking maybe we could use it to restore faith in our company." Zhu Li said as she entered the bored room.

Korra and Asami were hesitant after getting that piece of information, after a discussion that may or may have not had included a glare at Varrick and his wife, they came to a decision.

"Alright, Varrick, I'll agree to this… Idea of yours as long as Future Industries gets product placement in the mover," Asami bargained.

"Already planned on that" Varrick answered

"50% of the proceeds go to charity," Korra added.

"After the yuans go to the cast and crew for their efforts" Zhu Li reasoned.

"And that we have correct representation of all characters" they said together in perfect synchronization.

Varrick and Zhu Li looked at each other with a worried look on their faces. "Uh…" Zhu Li started.

"About that…" Varrick continued.

Korra and Asami got up and left after that.