[Max. Maaaaax. Wake up, master Max.]

Max was currently sleeping peacefully when a very feminine and soft voice inside his head pulled him back to the real world.

"Mmm... huh? Wh-who is it?" He asked, still feeling drowsy.

[It's Arceus, little human.]

"...Arceus? How...? What, why...?" He mumbled, now trying to wake up.

[Heed my call, human. I command you to love and take care of this little gardevoir.]

Max finally opened his eyes, rubbing them along with his face to try and make sense of what's happening. He then saw that the red gardevoir was laying on his torso, looking at him with her wonderful blue eyes. He stared at her with a clueless face for a few seconds.

[Ha ha haa! Y-you should have seen the look on your face. It was priceless. Ahahaha... ahhhh.] She expressed with an amused tone, now calming herself from her fit of laughter.

"Wait a minute, that voice was you?" Max asked the pokémon.

[Of course it was me, silly. Who else it could have been?]

"...Don't know. A talking Pokémon was the last thing I would've expected, that's for sure."

[You don't seem that much surprised, though.]

"Well, it's because you're a Psychic-type, the most intellectual type of pokemon. And I'm aware that they can do feats like these, so yeah, not that much.''

[Yeah, we psychic types are the best.] She proudly proclaimed.

''But it still is a bit surprising when you experience telepathy for the first time." Max said, putting his hands behind his head.

[It's more or less telepathy. To give you an idea, I'm directly transmitting my thoughts to you using "words" for you to understand and with a voice that your subconsciousness likes the most.]

"Wow, that's pretty neat, I gotta say. We will now be able to better communicate with each other."

[More like, you will now be able to better understand me. I could already understand you from the very start.]

"True. Another perk of being a psychic. But I'm curious, how did you learn the English language?"

[Like I said, I'm not technically using words of your language. I'm just making sure that my information transfer is interpreted in a way that you can understand.]

"...Damn, a bit complicated, hehe." Max commented, scratching the side of his head.

[A psychic pokémon's brain is very complex, more than that of a human's.]

"Ok. That aside, how do you have access to my subconsciousness so easily?"

[I have access to all of your brain, not just that.]

"...What?!" Max exclaimed, feeling startled with her answer.

[In fact, I now know you more than you probably know yourself.]

"Okay, that's kinda creepy."

[Don't worry. I know that you would not like the idea of me knowing too much and reading your mind all the time, so I will only access to necessary information; like what things do you like, or learning about your sexual interests.]

"And that's necessary information?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

[Of course.] She replied with a smile. [With the splendid night that we had, I'll make sure to do my best to please you even more.] She added, hugging him caringly.

"...Oh. O-ok." He said with a red face. "But I still don't get how you managed to achieve that. I mean, in these past days I could only hear your poke-speak."

[Hmmm, I think the cause is from our little love session.]

"Not sure I understand."

[Well, I don't really know how bonding works between humans and pokémon, but my theory is that when you impaled me with your flesh rod it triggered the start of our "connection" to each other. And I think our synchronized orgasms helped strengthen that connection even more. When we were finished, my mind went completely numb and I fell asleep. Probably happened at that moment.] She explained.

"Makes sense... I guess." Max said, trying to understand how all of that worked with an embarrassed face. "Wait, you said 'our connection', so would that imply that I should have access to your mind as well?"

[I guess you should, but since you're not a psychic pokémon, maybe it's gonna be harder for you, if not impossible.]

"Darn. That's a shame, then." Max retorted with a bit of disappointment.

[I'm sorry. If I knew an alternative to access my mind I would tell you immediately. But unfortunately, I barely have any experience with social interaction. I guess you already know the reason why.] She expressed with a sad face.

"It's okay. Don't feel guilty." He reassured while stroking the gardevoir's hair. "Sure, it would be awesome if I could do that, but there's not much we can do about it. So I'll ask you to not worry about that, okay?"

[...Okay. Thanks.] She responded with a little smile.

"And you don't have to keep worrying about being alone as well. I promised to be at your side from now on."

[I know, and I'm very thankful for that. But I still can't help but wonder, why has life treated me like shit?]

"...Well, considering your situation, at least there's a bright side now."

[I wouldn't have met you, I know. But I would have preferred meeting you without having nothing bad with my life. If I was a normal gardevoir, I could have been spared of... all of that.] She shared, slightly feeling sorrow.

"I know it's gonna sound rude, but maybe if you haven't gone through all that... you wouldn't have become a loving and caring pokémon. Being accepted all of the time would have probably stained your lovely personality."


"There is always a reason for things like these. It's like when you're being punished for something bad you did; it's harsh at the beginning, but in the end, it molds you into a better person."

[For a human, you sure can say smart things.]

"You probably know already, but I myself haven't been really lucky, either. Maybe my life wasn't as rough as yours, but either way, I still had a bad life."

[Sadly, yes, I know. The more reason to despise humans, stooping so low by picking on its own kind.]

"Yeah... it really sucks. And never say again that you aren't normal. You're more than just a normal gardevoir, you're exceptional."

[Hihi, thank you for your kind words.] She thanked before kissing him on the lips.

''But I too think it was unfair for us both and didn't deserve it. But now that we're together, we won't need to worry about that anymore. We're in this together.''

[I'm really happy that you're here with me.] She told him with a smile while hugging and nuzzling his chest with her cheek.

''I also am very happy.'' He returns the embrace, softly caressing her red hair.

They stayed in that position for some minutes before the gardevoir broke the silence.

[So what are we gonna do now? I know you don't have a permanent place to live in, like me, and you don't really have a goal.]

''I'm still thinking about it. Due to recent circumstances, I was basically forced to travel. But I really hope I can find something to do eventually.''

[...What about being a trainer?]

''Hmm, I don't know. I did give that topic of being a trainer some thinking, but... the idea of capturing pokémon and taking them away from their home doesn't strike well with me."

[Well, when I was a kirlia, I had some pokémon friends that talked to me about trainers. Well, at least they did until their families told them not to approach me.] She sadly shared.

''What did your friends tell you about trainers?'' Max asked while stroking her hair again.

[They told me that being with a trainer isn't so bad. They liked it and got stronger by fighting against other pokemon. I don't know why, but some of them seemed to enjoy battles.]

''...Well... if they were happy doing it, then I suppose I could give it a try in the future.''

[For me, just know that I'll be more than happy to be at your side forever and support you.] She happily expressed, now nuzzling her face with his own.

''Thank you. Well, we should move on, then. We'll accomplish nothing by staying here.'' Max said while trying to sit up.

[You're right.] She agreed, getting off of him.

Then Max stood up and grabbed his clothes to dress up. While putting on his clothes, he noticed that the gardevoir was checking him out, giving special attention at his crotch region.

''Humm... D-do you mind?''

[What? Don't tell me that you're now the one who is being shy. I now know every little detail of yourself; mentally and physically.] She informed with a seductive face.

''Heh, you sure are different now compared to last night.'' He commented while continuing getting dressed.

[I guess I got some of your personality with the bonding. You sure are a lewd person.] She teased with a grin.

''N-no I'm not.'' He lied pretty badly.

[You can't hide that from me. In fact, I even know that you always had an affinity for Pokémon more than humans. Kyaaa! What am I gonna do?! My master is such a pervert!] She screamed playfully with an obvious, fake scared face.

Max looked away, his face turning a tomato beet red, putting his last piece of clothing on.

[Hihihi, don't worry, I never said I didn't like it.] She assured while hugging his back.

''W-whatever. W-we should go now.'' He stammered, feeling embarrassed that she discovered that.

Max left the tent with his backpack and the gardevoir follows him out while giggling.

''Alright, let me just pack up the tent so we can start our travel.'' He announced, starting to disassemble his tent before being interrupted by the gardevoir.

[Let me do it.]

Her eyes then glowed a bright blue light as well as one of her hands. The blue light then enveloped the tent before it started floating. In a matter of seconds, the tent was then arranged into parts, folded up, and finally wrapped itself into a small package, ready to transport.

Max felt his jaw figuratively drop to the floor. After a few seconds, he shook his head to collect himself.

''...How very convenient and impressive! You saved me a lot of time!'' Max exclaimed, having trouble containing his excitement and surprise by what he had just witnessed.

[Always happy to help you.] She told him with a happy smile, her hands behind her back.

Max then put the tent on his backpack before going on the road, followed by the gardevoir who was floating beside him. He then faced the opposite direction from where he came from.

''Ready for an unexpected adventure?'' Max asked with a determined grin.

[As long as I'm with you, I'll do anything.] She answered with her own tone of determination along with a smile.

''Alright, then. Let's go!''

Max took a few steps before suddenly stopping.

[What's wrong?]

''With all that talking we did, I forgot to ask your name. Do you have one?''

[My parents gave me one, but since they abandoned me, I don't remember it.]

''So you need a new one...''

Max then tried to come up with a perfect name for her while carefully observing her.

''...Hmm... I got it." He snapped his fingers. "How about this name?: Scarlet. In honor of your color. It suits you pretty well, don't you think?''

[...I love it!] She responded with a big smile, thrusting herself over to him and hugged him tightly. [Thank you, thank you!]

''Hehe, you're very welcome. Scarlet it is, then.''

Separating from the hug, they then resumed their walk to one single direction: Adventure.