The beginning of a 100 part drabble series. All events are disconnected.

Prompt One; Introductions

Chat Noir. The name came on the wind as a whisper and he knew it was his.

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He panted heavily and sprung away from the shape looming over him as a bright light came for his head. He darted down a side alley and the woman who called her self "Lullaby" followed him, note after note ripping from her throat and chasing him down. He stopped as he came to a dead end and glanced up at the window ledge above. It wasn't that high, he could make it. As he prepared himself to jump a glowing semibreve caught him in the chest and threw him back into the dumpster behind him.

"How kind of you to take out the trash." The villain sneered. He glared up at her as she raised her baton but before she could use it a blur of red and black caught her around the wrist yanking her to the ground and sending her baton flying into the hand of silhouette standing on the roof. He watched in awe as his savior broke the stick over their knee and capture something that came out of it. By the time he had crawled out of the dumpster rubbing his nose-his new cat-like senses weren't always useful-something white had flown away, the villain had been reverted to a regular person and he was standing in front of a red and black angel.

He became acutely aware of his less-than-perfect appearance, and the smell, he brushed at his bodysuit, in a lame attempt to tidy himself.

"Are you… okay?" She asked him, stepping forwards.

"Uh. Yes? I'm fine." He stared at her. She was shorter than he was, short dark hair tied back in twin-tails and a yo-yo hung at her hip, she rested her hands on her waist, above the yo-yo of death. Small hands. Something in his mind stirred and he found himself internally chanting. Protect, protect, protect.

"You're pretty talented with that yo-yo." The words came out before he could stop them and he mentally kicked himself as her features contorted into a deep frown.

"It's not a yo-yo."

"Then what is it?"

She paused. "Not a yo-yo."

He grinned. "Right."

"At least I use my yo- Uh, weapon."

"I don't have one." He protested.

She clicked her tongue and walked up to him, he became very aware of his less-than-appealing body odor as a faint trace of peach reached his nose. Must be her shampoo, he thought, dizzily. She reached behind him and pulled something out from his back. A stick.

"What's this then?" She asked.

He took it out of her hands. "Uh, I'm sort of new to this." He shook it, in an attempt to get it to do something.

"I figured." The stick beeped and extended, surprising both of them, unfortunately for him, it hit him in the face, sending him flying backwards.

He landed on his back and stared at the sky, dazed. Her laughter rang through the alley and her face came into view.
"That was the funniest thing I've seen." She was still laughing and all he could do was stare into her eyes, covered by a red and black spotted mask and helplessly try to not think about how beautiful she was. He wasn't very good at it. Taking her outstretched hand, she pulled him to his feet and handed him his baton, which he took wearily.

"What did you say your name was?" She asked. "Not your real name." She went on hurriedly. "I mean like your, er, well, alter-ego name?"

He scratched the back of his neck. "Uh, I didn't."

She drummed her fingers on the side of her thigh.

"Well I can just call you kitty if you don't have a name. Minou, minou." She winked

"I do have a name." He spluttered.

She was smirking at him. "Go on."

"Uh." His prehensile tail curled behind him. "Chat?" He offered. She raised an eyebrow.

Chat Noir.

The name came on the wind as a whisper and he knew it was his.

"Chat. Chat Noir, at your service madam." He dropped into a bow and kissed her hand, she pushed him away, but her expression was amused rather than offended.


"Huh?" Smooth.

"I'm Ladybug."


She shrugged. "When did you get your Miraculous?"

"My… what?"

"Miraculous. The thing that makes you, well…" She gestures to him.

"How do you know I don't always dress in tight leather and cat ears? It is a pretty sexy look don't you think?" He pulled a pose.

She rolled her eyes. "Right."

Idiot, stop that. He dropped his hands."Uh maybe like a week ago."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Really?"

"Yeah, what about you?"

She pushed her hair away from her ear, revealing a red earring with two black spots. "These are mine. I've had it for about six months I think?"

"Oh." He stood awkwardly in front of her, feeling inferior.

Beep, beep, beep.

"What's that?"

She touched a finger to her ear; one of the spots on her earrings had vanished. "The timer. If all the spots disappear, then I'll go back to normal."

He glanced at the ring on his finger, two of his lights had disappeared . "So if they disappear…?"

"Poof. No more Chat Noir."


"Didn't your Kwami tell you all this?"

"My what?"

"K-wa-mi. Little sprite thing?"

"Oh! No, he just lies around all day eating cheese."

She laughs and he finds himself wishing he could make her do it again.

"I have to go, I'm nearly out of time."

She readies her yo-yo to leave before he grabs her arm.


"I really have to go."

"Will I see you again?"

She taps his nose with her finger.

"You can count on it kitty. But maybe after you've had a bath?" She winks and he is left blushing as she swings away.

"And here we have the fourth primary substance…"

Alya nudges her friend. "Are you okay?"

Marinette looks up from her paper. "Yeah, just sleepy."

The door to the classroom slid open and Mr. Damocles appears in the doorway holding a sheet of paper.

"Madam? May I interrupt for a moment?"

"Of course."

He walked into the room and handed her the slip of paper. A boy with neat blond hair and green eyes followed behind him shyly.

"Adrikins!" Chloe squeaked happily.

"Adrikins?" Alya laughed quietly, nudging her friend.

"Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your holidays. This is Adrien Agreste, he has been homeschooled until now and he'll be joining your class from today."

He lifts his head and looks around the classroom. A girl in the second row caught his eye, her bright eyes boring holes through his. She flushed and they broke eye contact. Cute.

"I'm so glad you're here Adrikins, this is going to be sooo much fun."

"Right." He smiled tightly at her as she beamed and fluttered her eyelashes

"There's a seat beside Nino, Adrien." The teacher gestured to the vacant seat and Nino pushed his bag onto the floor and grinned at the nervous boy in front of him

"Marinette?" Alya poked her friend for the third time since Adrien had entered the room.

Marinette gripped her friend's bicep with surprising force as Adrien slipped into the seat in front of them.

"I think I'm in love."

Alya shakes her head. "God help us."

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