Chapter 1 I do not own word girl that series belongs to pbs all rights reserved. Hello to anyone who might be reading this, this is my first fanfiction. I would like to thank my sister, philosophical potato who came up with the idea of this character in the first place.

It was a fine morning in the city of (insert name here) Word Girl/ Becky Botsford was about to head out the door on her first day of her Sophomre year of High School.

"It sure is a fine morning." Said Becky as she opened the front door and looked out at the bright day.

"Can you move already? You're blocking the door." Said her younger brother TJ as he walked around her and out the door.

"Ugh, fine." Becky knew that it would be pointless to fight this early in the morning.

"Have fun at school kids." Said Mr. Botsford a he waved them goodbye. "Don't forget me."

"Um dad, we're still here." Said TJ.

"Bye dad, see you after school." Waved Becky as she was almost out the door.

(Wait for me) Chirped Captain Huggy Face A.K.A. Bob as he got on her shoulders and she began to walk to school.

On most days, Becky would just take the bus but today she felt like walking. Little did she know, she was being watched from afar by someone new.

As Becky walked, she slowly felt like she was being watched. She looked at Bob and he just shrugged.

(Maybe reading all those scary novels have gotten to you and you're just paranoid) chirped Bob as they walked along.

Becky was still looking at Bob and wasn't looking where she was going and she collided with someone, knocking the both to them to the ground.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." Said Becky as she helped the person up. She took a closer look and saw that it was a girl that looked to be around her age. She had on thick glasses that took up half her face, her light brown hair was in a french braid and she had skin a shade or two lighter than Becky's.

"Oh. it's my fault, I was busy trying to find where this school is so I'm not late."

Becky noticed the paper she was holding and saw that it had her school crest.

"Oh I know where that is I go to school there." Said Becky, pointing to the paper she was holding and stuck out her hand for her to shake. "My name is Becky Botsford, are you new here?"

"Yes, actually. My name is Jaqueline Winchester. But I go by Jackie" She shook Becky's hand.

"And this is Bob." Said Becky, indicating to Bob.

Bob took her hand and shook it.

"Can I see your schedule?"

She handed it to Becky. Becky looked it over and smiled.

"We have most of the same classes together. Do you want me to show you around before school starts?"

"That would be very helpful so, yes please."

As they walked to school they began talking.

"So, what brings you to our city?" Asked Becky, trying to make small talk.

"My dad got a good offer here, he is in charge of constructing buildings. I have heard that every so often a building gets destroyed here because of a monster attack or something."

"Yeah, those darn things. How long have you been here in town?"

"For about a week now, after school do you think you could show me where the public library is? I just can't stand to be away from such treasures."

Becky could not believe that there was someone else her age who liked to read.

"Of course, I'd be happy to."

When they arrived to school, Becky gave her a tour of the school and showed her where all her classes would be and they went to the main office and got their locker information.

"Well, I guess I'll see you during class. See you later Becky."

"Yeah, see you."

Becky went to her locker to put her things away. When she closed her door who should be standing there but Theodore McCallister the third otherwise known as Tobey.

"Oh hey Tobey, what brings you here?"

"Oh Becky, funny story, looks like we'll be locker neighbors this year."

"Oh." Said Becky as she turned to walk away.

"And that's not even the best part...word girl."

"Oh Tobey, I wish you would stop trying to prove that. It's getting old and I'm getting real tired of your sh*t."

"Ah, perhaps you're right but perhaps this might change your mind."

Before she could ask what he meant by it, he swiftly grabbed her wrist, pulled her close and shoved a picture in her face of the inside of her spaceship hideout.
"Hey, that looks a lot like..."She began but he cut her off quickly. "I know, I followed you whole you weren't looking, it was quite easy and this wouldn't be the first time I've stalked you."

"I, uh...Wait what?"

Tobey blushed and looked away. "Forget that last part."

(that just came off as creepy) chirped Bob.

Becky could not come up with a good comeback because she was still petrified. With that Tobey, just grabbed his books and walked away.

Becky wondered where Scoops and Violet was not like them to miss school especially on the first day. She also couldn't help but wonder why when Tobey showed her that photo it made her fearful.

Suddenly, the first period bell rang and Becky knew that she would only have 5 minutes to get to her first class which was literature.

She booked it up the stairs and made it just in time.

"Ok class this year you can sit wherever you want as long as you're doing your work and not disrupting your neighbors enviroment. This year we have a new student, her name is Jaqueline Winchester. Becky, since you're the vice president and our actual president is not here, can you show her the ropes?"

"Of course Ms. Jackman, I would be happy to."

"Spelndid, now let's get on with our lesson."

When Becky was walking to her fifth period class which was lunch she heard "Help! Doctor Two Brains is trying to steal all the cheese from the high school cafeteria!"

Becky knew she had to help so she, ran to the bathroom and transformed there. Little did she know, there was someone else in the bathroom with her but she was too busy to notice.

"Hold it right there Doctor Two Brains!"

"Ah, Word Girl. Here to foil my plans I see. Get her!"

Suddenly the two cafeteria workers took off their hair nets to reveal that they were really his henchmen.

"What are you guys doing back there?"

"Oh, working for the boss full time doesn't pay the bills, so we got part time jobs working here as cafeteria people. I like this job because I get to wear a hairnet."

"Stop stalling and get her!"

(Jackie's P.O.V)

Just as Jackie was making her way to the cafeteria she noticed that it looked like a fight was going on. She had seen plenty of them back in her old school to know what was going on. She didn't bring her lunch money for the day so she just packed a lunch that morning. Seeing that there was no way to get around the crowd she decided that she would eat in the library.

As soon as she walked in she felt at home. When she was done eating, she looked at the time and noticed that she still had half an hour left before she had to go to her next class. She decided to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just as she was reaching for the book she noticed someone else's arm reaching for the same book.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see you there."

She looked at the boy to her right and noticed that like her he was nerdy and his British accent was alluring but he wasn't really her type.

"You like Harry Potter too?" She asked him.

"Of course. J.K. Rowling is an amazing writer. I've already read all the books in the series but I like to re-read them to pick up anything I might have missed the first few times I read it."

"Really? I thought I was the only one who did that."

He shook her hand. "My name is Theodore McCallister the third but you can just call me Tobey."

"She shook his hand back. "My name is Jaqueline Winchester but you can call me Jackie."

"Great. Well, I'll see you around Jackie. You should join book club, we read some interesting books there."

"I'll, look into that." They walked off to their next class.

(Becky's P.O.V)

The fight with Doctor Two Brains lasted all of her lunch period and Becky was peeved that she didn't have time to eat, even with the help of Captain Huggy Face.
(Time skip because I'm too lazy to write all those other details)

It was after school and it was time for the first student council meeting of the year. Violet was still nowhere to be seen but Scoops was there.

"Scoops, where have you been all day?" Asked Becky

"Sorry, I woke up a bit late and almost didn't make it to school on time. Did you see that big fight between Word Girl and Doctor Two Brains in the cafeteria today? I got pictures of it." Said Scoops as he held up his camera to show her.

"Yeah...he really needs to stop stealing cheese. Do you know where Violet is?" Asked Becky as she rubbed the back of her neck.

"You mean she didn't tell you?" Said Scoops raising an eyebrow.

"Tell me what?" Becky was a bit puzzled.

"She was sick with the flu so that's why she didn't show up today but she'll be better come tomorrow. I guess she fell asleep after telling me." Scoops shrugged like it was no big deal.

"Oh." Was all Becky could say.

"Let's start the meeting. Hey, where's Tobey?" Asked Ms. Jackman, who was in charge of today's meeting.

As quickly as she asked that Tobey walked through the door with Jackie by his side.

"Oh, sorry everyone I was just wondering can Jackie here join the student council?"

"Well, we do need someone to help with designing posters and stuff. We can put it to a vote, all of those in favor?" Everyone raised their hands because they know how bad Becky is at designing posters. "All of those opposed?" No one raised their hand. "Well that settles it. Welcome to the student council Jackie."

"First order of buisness, the school needs to not hire villains without knowing what their motives are. Sure Word Girl saved the day but it was a huge distraction to everyone else. I'm not blaming Word Girl but it wouldn't kill Doctor Two Brains to commit his crimes somewhere else." Said Ms. Jackman.

"I agree Ms. Jackman, he needs to stop being so destructive." Said Tobey.

"Speaking of destructive, why haven't you commited any crimes recently?" Asked Becky.
"Oh, guess I just grew out of it. Simple as that." Replied Tobey. Becky knew that there was a deeper reason behind this but she knew better than to put him on the spot like that.

After the meeting, Scoops, Becky, Tobey and Jackie went to get ice cream.

Scoops looked at his watch. "Oh wow, I need to go see how Violet's doing. Becky and Bob, do you want to come with?"

"Yeah sure. See you guys later, I want to see if she's feeling any better as well." Said Becky. (I made her a get well card while you were busy with the meeting) Chirped Bob.

"Well seeing as everyone else is leaving, do you want me to walk you home Jackie?" Tobey asked Jackie.

"Yes please." Responded Jackie. Becky couldn't help but feel a bit envious but she brushed it off as nothing.