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Undertale x Naruto

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Toriel sat inside her home reading a old worn book by the fireplace. She sat alone, the only occupant of her home, no-one else around. It was quiet, peaceful, and lonely.

Sighing loudly Toriel lays down her book and looks to the fire, remembering the small lost child she helped and hoped to take care of in her home. It felt like so long ago she tried to sway him into staying with her instead of leaving to the ruins.

'oh how I miss you, my little sunshine.' She thought as she looks down at her hands.

But as it was she could not force him, he was stubborn and unyeilding but also very sweet and kind. She did not want him to go, out of her own greed and lonelyness along with her latent motherly instincts. It pained her to see him leave. His bright blue eyes that were as whiskers on his cheeks.

It had been so long now, a monster like her ages differently than humans. Where as it had only felt like a couple years to her it could have been decades for the boy,he was only 5 when she stumbled upon him in this palce, he very-well could be all grown up and had forgotten about her, old Toriel, by now.


With a start Toriel was thrown from her musings and brought back to reality by a curious banging noise.

Quickly and catiously she rose from her chair and proceded to the hall.

'Not near the front door or the bed rooms.' She mused as she moved around her house as quietly as she could. Trying to discern where the sound was coming from.


'The basement?' Eyebrows raising Toriel decended the stairs and crept down the hall of the basement to the entrance of the Ruins. The door barred shut and locked for so long now shook with the force exerted on it.

"What in the blazes is this?" Toriel muttered as she cautiously unlocked and cleared the door before slowly, oh so very slowly, she opened the door, and promptly gasped in disbelief.

For there in the door way satanding before her was a young man of around 18-19, standing at 6'2 tall, with tan skin, bright expressive blue eyes, and a wild main of golden blond hair, was the boy she tried to save and take care of.

Her hand flew to her mouth, shaking, her eyes wide and tears ready to flow at any moment, all she was able to get out was a small, hopeful -

"Naruto, my Sunshine?" Toriel asked. Her hand reaching up to gently caress his whiskered cheek almost afraid he would break at the lightest brush of her hand.

The man reached up and genty yet firmly took her hand in his and smiled that bright happy smile she loved and missed so much, and in a deeper and stronger voice than she could have thought but no less kind and cairing, he spoke.

"I'm home Toriel-Kaa-san."

That one small sentence broke her hold on her emotions. Flinging herself at him with a cry of joy she wrapped her arms around his neck and back and held him close and cried, while he circled his arms around her as well and held her in a tight comforting embrace.

"I've missed you so much. I thought i told you to never return.?!" Toriel mumbled.

"A son will never abandon his mother, no matter what or how much time passes." Naruto whispered.

A larger smile crept on Toriel's face as she held him tighter. Her boy, her wonderful sweet boy had finally returned home to her.