A/N: Over on Tumblr, I reblogged a list of 49 prompts that I thought would be really fun to write. I got one prompt for it, from jediserenity82 (thank you!). So, here's the fic for that prompt, for Thane and FemShep. Since I liked the other prompts a lot, too, I'm going to try to write little ficlets/drabbles for most of them, for a wide range of characters (hopefully).

Big thanks to Suilven for the speedy beta!

Of all the things Commander Shepard had expected out of this life (which, frankly, wasn't a whole lot), receiving a huge, luxurious apartment as a gift from Admiral David Anderson had definitely not been one of them.

She'd never even thought she would have a home of her own one day; and yet, here she was now, standing in the living room of this incredible place, showing Thane around as though all this really, actually, belonged to her. It was a concept she still couldn't quite wrap her brain around.

"I can't believe we'll get to stay here when we're on the station," she said, waving her arms in a wide circle as she walked over to the wall-to-ceiling windows at the far end of the room. "Just look at this view. Breathtaking, isn't it?"

Thane made a low, humming sound in his throat. "Absolutely beautiful."

There was something in his voice, something rich and thrumming, that made it rather obvious that his comment wasn't really about the panorama beyond the glass. Shepard turned around in reply, eyebrows raised, the corner of her lips quirked up in a smile, ready to make some kind of quip before she would give him a teasing look and go on with the house tour.

He'd been nothing but a silky, smooth ball of temptation ever since he'd been released from Huerta Memorial and joined her on the Normandy. Not that she was complaining; to be honest, she did enjoy the stolen glances and the carefully orchestrated "accidental" touches whenever they happened to pass each other in some random part of the ship. Nevertheless, it was high time she started making an effort to rein in those butterflies that got loose in her belly every time she saw him, alive and well and full of healthy energy, and make sure she did whatever job lay ahead of her properly, without any distractions. She was Commander Shepard, for crying out loud, not a swooning teenager; if she couldn't get a handle on her heart whenever he was around, how were they going to survive a mission with him by her side?

Right now, though, her mission, as frivolous as it might have been, was to finish showing him the place she hoped would be their private little refuge whenever they happened to have some time off on the Citadel. Ignoring Thane's advances was not exactly easy, but she was determined to persevere. She would be damned if she surrendered to the temptation of just giving up, and ended up dragging him to the nearest bedroom.

Of course, as usual, it wouldn't have been Thane if he hadn't had a plan of his own. As soon as they were face to face again, she with the cocky smile and he with the scorching fire in his eyes, he stepped forward with the graceful speed of a leopard on a hunt, and before she could even utter a word, he'd braced his hands on the glass on each side of her head.

Shepard didn't bat an eye. Allowing him to lean closer, she waited until his lips almost touched hers before she ducked down beneath his arms and slid out of her entrapment. "And here's the kitchen," she said as she sauntered away, grinning at Thane's soft growl of frustration. "It's huge. Maybe even bigger than the Normandy's mess, don't you think?"

Unsurprisingly, Thane was right behind her before she'd made it past the first cabinet. "I don't know," he said, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I only have eyes for her commander."

Shepard shuddered, tiny hairs standing up on the back of her neck, as he nipped at her earlobe and trailed hot kisses down her shoulder, and she stood frozen and helpless, all but forgetting about her earlier, stubborn resolution when he slowly turned her around and gently pressed his lips against hers.

It took the last remaining shred of her willpower to deny entry to his sweet tongue and break away from his intoxicating kiss, but she managed to pull back and place a finger on his mouth. She could just barely make out the dark green irises in the black pools of his eyes as he stared at her, devouring her lips, her throat, her body, with his gaze, and she let out a raspy sigh, not really sure anymore if she still wanted to keep that promise she'd made to herself.

"Thane," she whispered, breathless and flushed with heat from her cheeks to her toes. "I haven't shown you everything yet. But if you keep looking at me like that, we won't even make it to a bed."

Thane chuckled, and leaned forward to plant a feather-light kiss on her jaw. "That is all right. There are more than enough suitable surfaces in here that we can use. Later, there will be plenty of opportunities to try all the beds, too."

He pulled her close, cupping the back of her head, and pressed his lips against hers once more. This time, she didn't resist; she kissed him back with all the desire and longing those six long months without him had soaked into her soul, and held on tight as he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up onto the nearest counter.

Her last rational thought, as his hand slid down her front to the zipper of her pants, was a sudden change of plans and a new determination.

Screw it. Screw it all. Self-control could wait. She could always pick up the shattered pieces of her willpower after shore leave.

She hoped.