Two weeks after the final battle, Hermione, Fred, George and Oliver married on the grounds of the Burrow. It was a small but beautiful wedding and the guests were family and friends, and Hermione feeling kind allowed one reporter and one photographer to attend the wedding reception. Sirius walked her down the aisle with tears in his eyes, and Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Wood were outright crying in their seats with Harry, Sirius, Mr. Weasley and Mr. Wood being more subtle.

Hermione had been three months pregnant and a small bump was barely visible but that hadn't stopped her boys from resting their hands on her stomach and staring at her lovingly. Hermione had been so incredibly happy that she'd cried more times than she'd thought possible.

It came as a surprise to the world when Theo, Blaise and Draco were seen in attendance, for the most part, fitting in well and interacting with other guests.

For Theo, the outcome of the war resulted in his father being killed, and for Draco, his father had been sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban, and his mother had relocated to France. For Blaise, he was just happy to no longer be under the control of his ex-stepfather, his mother divorcing the man quicker than she'd said 'I do'.

Upon their return from their month-long honeymoon, the newlyweds found time to settle into their new home at Weasley-Wood Manor and find their routines again. Fred and George returned to their shop and had laughter filling the streets again within a week. Oliver returned to Quidditch and did his best to help get the league back up and running again, whilst Hermione returned to Puddlemere United, taking up the mantle of Junior Coach once more.

As time passed and the damage was repaired, Ginny returned to Hogwarts to continue her schooling and she graduated with a trial in place for the Holyhead Harpies. This, of course, meant there was some rivalry between the two teams. Theo and Blaise entered into the Auror Training Academy alongside Harry and Ron, becoming two of the best Auror teams on the force, and Malfoy returned to Hogwarts to finish his NEWTs before officially taking over Malfoy Industries, with Hermione's help, of course. He'd almost cried when she officially signed Malfoy Manor back over to him.

In the first November that followed the Final Battle, Hermione gave birth to four beautiful baby boys; Blake Charles, Wyatt William, Harrison Arthur and Spencer Henry Weasley-Wood. Despite Hermione being able to feel the love her husbands had for their children and that they loved each one as their own regardless of genetics, curiosity had gotten the best of them and a Genealogy test had been done.

The results had surprisingly revealed that Blake Charles was Fred's biological child and he had a head of thick red hair and soft brown eyes. Wyatt William and Harrison Arthur were George's biological twin boys and they both had a head of red curls and bright turquoise eyes. They were identical except Wyatt had a small birthmark on his neck. Spencer Henry was Oliver's biological son with a head of light brown hair and soft chocolate brown eyes. The children were doted on by all, and much to their surprise and amusement, mostly their uncle Draco who just couldn't let them sleep as he was too busy cooing over them. Hermione had never imagined Draco Malfoy as a baby person.

As the quadruplets' first birthday arrived, they'd all gotten a massive shock when Sirius unexpectedly arrived at the party with a little boy in his arms. As it turned out, he'd had a one-night stand eleven months prior, and he'd found the two-month-old left outside his door with nothing but a note. The Genealogy test revealed the truth, and unsure of the child's given name, Sirius had pronounced him Harley Regulus Black. The following day, he'd taken a trip with Hermione to the Ministry to ensure all of the correct paperwork was completed and filed, securing his position in the House of Black.

As time went on, Hermione was promoted to the Head Coach of Puddlemere following Coach Burton's retirement, and only a few months after Oliver's promotion to Captain. Fred and George continued to build their empire, opening a second store in Hogsmeade which quickly branched out into Europe.

Along the way, they added five more children to their family, totalling nine.

Georgia was born in October 2003 and her biological father was George. Annabeth was born in September 2004 and Oliver was her biological father. Next to be born was Olivia and she was born March 2006 and her biological father was Oliver. The next born was Amy who was born to Fred in February 2008, finally followed by the youngest child Frankee, who was born to Fred in April 2011.

Their family wasn't the only one to grow with Bill and Fleur having three children; Victorie who was born in May 1999, Louis who was born in December 2001 and Dominique who was born July 2004.

Remus and Tonks only had one child, Teddy Remus who was born April 1998, and Sirius was also happy with his only child, Harley.

Harry and Ginny had three children of their own; James Sirius who was born in June 2006, Albus Severus was born in August 2008 and finally, their daughter Lilly Luna who was born in January 2010. Ron unexpectedly married Astoria Greengrass and had two children together; Hugo who was born in March 2006 and their daughter Rose who was born in May 2009.

Draco married Luna Lovegood and they had two sons; Scorpius Hyperion who was born October 2006 and Lysander Draco who was born in December 2010.

Blaise married someone a few years below him in Ravenclaw, Isobel, and they had one son together, Daniel Blaise who was born in May 2004.

Theo married Padma Patil and they had two children; Callum who was born September 2003 and a girl, Ingrid, who was born July 2007.

Lee and Alicia returned from America and married and they had a girl, named Layla, who was born April 2005.

Percy married a girl that worked at the Ministry name Audrey, and they had two girls; Molly who was born February 2002 and Lucy who was born December 2004.

And Charlie married a healer from the reserve named Ellie, and they had one daughter called Charlotte, who was born January 2007.

Since their family had grown considerably, they were no longer able to have their weekly Sunday dinner at the Burrow and instead, it was held at Weasley-Wood Manor where tables would be levitated out onto the grounds near the lake and whilst the house elves and husbands watched the children, the wives would be taking care of the food, not trusting any of the men but Remus to not accidentally start a fire. The members of the Puddlemere team would join them along with their wives and children and they would spend the whole day together as a family. Regardless of everyone's busy schedules; they always had time for family.

As Hermione's children grew older, they discovered that their girls all had inherited Hermione's Siren gene, bringing the total up to seven Sirens in Britain. And, just like Hermione, all of her daughters had found their mates whilst at Hogwarts, thankfully, just the one.

Georgia's mate turned out to be Callum, Theo and Padma's son. Annabeth's mate turned out to be Harley, Sirius' son. Olivia's mate turned out to be Scorpius, Draco and Luna's son. And Amy's mate turned out to be Daniel, Blaise and Isobel's son.

Fred, George and Oliver were happy that their daughters were all Sirens as that meant that they would never have their hearts broken and they would also have someone that would protect them and love them unconditionally. Everyone else was ecstatic because although they considered Blaise, Theo and Draco to be family, this development legally bound them as one.

As the children aged, they all started heading off to Hogwarts where Professor Dumbledore returned to his post as Headmaster for another thirty years before he died peacefully in his sleep and McGonagall became the new Headmistress.

Over the years, Hermione and her husbands watched generations come and go, including a further twenty-two Sirens being born into the world. By the time they reached the age of two hundred and eighty-six (they stopped ageing when Hermione turned thirty-five) they decided that it was time for them to move on. They'd lived long enough and it was time to let the next generation take over.

Huddled together in bed on a cold, winter night, the same way they did every night for the last two hundred and seventy years, Hermione's bright, tired eyes looked at each of her husbands one final time.

"It's time, my loves."

That night, they fell into a peaceful slumber that they would never wake from, being met in the afterlife by their long-departed family members.