Chapter 1: Daughter of the Black Dragon, Acnologia

Hey guys I'm here today to give you a special story I wanted to get back on for all of you again but I'm changing it a bit. I'm taking the idea I had for my old story "Love Between the Dragon of Holy Light and Dark Chaos" and making it into a darker version of it. Enjoy and please comment so I can find out if you guys like to see more.

The sky was dark with black smoke and that area was a village not so far that was bursting into inferno of flames with plea full screams going throughout the night. People from all over the village were trying to find a way out of the village but no one could find a way out until all of them started to die by getting charred to death by the intense heat of the flames.

The smell of death and terror roamed through the air making the evil around just as terrifying but for one being it thrilled and excited him to no end of the darkness that he created when flying over this simple town.

This creature is one of the most deadliest and most dangerous thing that roams throughout Earthland creating havoc and destruction that is unimaginable to the human eye. The name of this deadly beast is been rumored to be called The Black Dragon of Apocalypse and The Dragon King, Acnologia.

Acnologia flew over to a near a forest clearing that gave him a good view of the destruction he caused to the poor village, he smirked evilly to himself loving the sounds of pure and utter terror go throughout the forest and into the mountains so all of Earthland could hear it.

He chuckled darkly before feeling tired from flying all day and destroying things that he laid his head down so he could get some rest for a while before going off again to destroy more things and kill more people for his entertainment.

Before he could fall into a deep and horrifyingly good nightmare he was woken up by an incredible and familiar scent of some kind coming from the forest not too far from where he was.

He was at first was going to check it out but decided that it's no of his business and he wanted some sleep before he goes and destroy more stuff the next morning.

He went back to trying to sleep until a soft breeze blew through the forest and the scent caught Acnologia's nose again and waking him. He got annoyed at the simple but enticing scent that was blowing through the forest that was keeping him from going to sleep.

He got up and started going over to the scent that was getting stronger the more he got closer to it. Acnologia poked his head between some trees and saw something that shocked him in a long time. There was a little girl that was covered in what looked like dry blood and dark bruises all over her body with raggedy clothes crying and sobbing on the ground.

Acnologia couldn't believe his eyes at the sight in front of him, he never in his life as a dragon slayer or as a dragon did he see a girl at her age covered in so much blood like the girl in front of him. He sniffed the air and put the delicious scent he smelled was this girl who smelt like a mixture of vanilla, strawberries and blood.

Before he could go back to his thoughts again about how the young girl smelled wonderful in his eyes he heard a terrified and fearful scream at him, he looked down to see the girl with fear and sadness in her eyes when looking up at him. Acnologia for some reason had a weird feeling about the girl and wanted to take her in, but decided against it and looked back at the girl with curiosity.

The girl started crying and trembling at Acnologia's huge menacing figure; he wanted to scream, yell, run away but for some reason she couldn't move because of the terrifying aura that Acnologia was surrounding himself in when looking at her.

Acnologia was looking at the girl waiting for her to do or say something to him but the girl just stood there frozen and crying from her little eyes and not saying anything at all! Acnologia was growing tired of this little stare off so he got closer to the girl, making her flinch back away from him so she could be farther away from him. Acnologia decided that he was going to get some answers from this girl before he makes his decision to either kill her or let her live.

"Brat, why are you crying so much?" Acnologia asked with hint of annoyance in his voice towards the small girl.

"Go away" the girl cried, as tears started running down her face while she tried backing away from Acnologia's figure.

Acnologia was partially taken back by the girl's response and small hint of rage started to boil inside of him but he contained so he could truly tell this kid who the hell she was talking to and that if she says something like that again she won't see the light of day.

"What did you say to me you impudent little brat?" Acnologia asked, while gritting his teeth so he won't lose his temper and kill this pathetic brat.

"I SAID GO AWAY! GET AWAY FROM ME!" the girl turned to him and yelled at his face while more of her tears started coming down her face. She tries to hide her fear by yelling at him but it was not really working in her favor towards the terrifying creature that's right in front of her.

Acnologia was now beyond furious and was going to deal with the girl like how he always dealt with things he hates or doesn't wanna see ever again; he kills them.

Acnologia lifted his foot up and was ready to get rid of this little pest by smashing her little body under his foot and six feet under into the ground, but what happened next surprised him and intrigued him.

Acnologia's lowered his foot over the girl ready to crush her making the small child tremble in fear before swallowing her fear and using it to fuel her anger while screaming out. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" the small girl gave off a strong dragon-like roar towards Acnologia.

Acnologia stopped his foot from moving anymore to see the small girl with expression he hasn't seen in such a long time, a look of pure hatred and absolute rage covering the once crying and innocent face of the small injured girl.

Acnologia was still mad but she was also very impressed that the girl was brave enough to talk back to him like that not just once but THREE times! He had people and dragons do what the boy did countless times but this time he didn't kill the girl like he usually did with those others who defied him or talked back at him.

Acnologia put his foot away from the girl's body and lowered his head so he could be eye to eye to the little spitfire of a child and was going to ask him a question that he never thought he would ask.

"Where are your parents?" Acnologia asked the girl.

The girl was shocked that the dragon could talk but it made her tense up at the question he asked her "T-They're d-dead, I'm all a-alone" the little girl started tearing up again at the mentioning of her dead parents and family.

"Did you come from that village over there?" Acnologia pointed out towards the still blazing fire of the village he destroyed just mere moments before. The girl shook her head answering his question which made him wonder where did this girl come from if she didn't come from the now burned down village.

"Where did you come from then?" he asked while looking at her confusingly.

"I came from the town behind the mountain; I have nowhere else to go" the girl said softly with tears still falling down her face.

Acnologia looked down at the girl and felt something inside of him that he hasn't felt ever in his entire life for the girl in front of him; compassion. He shook the thought and feeling out his head for the moment and went back to wondering what he would do with this child that had an enticing smell and had a darkness surrounding her that most dark mages wouldn't be able to get unless they went through something really tragic and dark. It made him curious to see what else this girl would surprise him next with.

"What is your name brat?" Acnologia asked.

"W-What?" the girl responded, shocked that the dragon who was about to smash his foot on him was asking him about her dead parents, where she used to live at and now her name but didn't understand why this dragon would ask all these to her instead of just eating him.

"You better tell me your name or I will have no problem of swallowing you whole" Acnologia growled at the girl for not giving the answer he wanted right away.

"M-My name is L-Luciana Heartfilia, but I usually just like to be called Lucy" the girl flinched back a bit at Acnologia's threatening voice and started stammering trying to say find the words to say so she wouldn't get eaten.

"She's Layla's daughter huh and her name means Light" Acnologia thought, making him pause at how this boy reminded the Apocalypse Dragon of a certain light dragon he once knew back when he was dragonslayer. It fit her face and hair perfectly but he wanted her to have a new name that would fit her for the magic he was going to teach her. Acnologia started thinking up ideas for her name and found the perfect one that he would call her from now on when he ask her if she would like to learn his magic, making him laugh loudly around her.

"What's so funny?" Lucy asked nervously, while looking at the dragon carefully.

"You're starting to amuse me," Acnologia answered calmly. "You just might be worth keeping around" That was when Acnologia slowly picked up the small girl by his claw and held her up to eye level so he could talk to her face to face.

"From this moment forth you will be my daughter" Acnologia stated. Lucy's eyes widened in shock and partially joy at the statement.

"You're going to take care of me?" Lucy asked slowly, worried that he wasn't joking with her and that she was going to get eaten by him.

"Well, I wouldn't say…" Acnologia began, but before he could finish, Lucy happily jumped up, and grabbed Acnologia's nose.

"THANK YOU FOR BECOMING MY NEW DADDY!" Lucy screamed joyfully at him.

Acnologia decided to let the human girl have her moment, by the skin of his teeth. Despite what the girl thought that he was trying to do for her was not doing this out of the kindness of his heart. For him, it was more amusing seeing humans try to destroy each other, before he came in to finish the job of successfully killing off most of humanity when he wanted to. If Acnologia could raise Lucy to hate humanity as much as he did, Lucy would do the heavy lifting for him, and it would be interesting to see how a human would destroy humanity in such a fashion; especially an innocent looking girl like her.

"If I'm taking you in as my own then " Acnologia said. "you'll get some sleep and first hint of daylight we'll begin your training" he finished as he took off into the sky with a excited Lucy on his back flying through the air on her new father's back.

(The Next Morning)

Lucy was totally knocked out on a small boulder in a huge cave that Acnologia showed him to when he flew last night. The girl was snoring softly but was also looking content, like there wasn't a care in the world. But of course there always is in reality.

"WAKE UP!" Acnologia suddenly roared in the cave. Lucy let out a yelp as she jumped and hit her hard head on the rocks above her head. She groaned while holding her head, she looked up at noticed man at the entrance of the cave blocking the sun from seeing the figure clearly.

The figure moved further into the cave and she finally got a good look at the man's face. A muscular young man with long, dark blue colored hair which carries a sharp gaze; his eyes have black circles around them. He has dark-skinned, and on his body he bears the same light blue markings he does when he is in his Dragon form. For attire, Acnologia wears a high collared, black cloak (which also bears his draconian markings), sharp red claws around his neck, a sash around his waist, a gold arm ring tightened around his right upper arm, and baggy pants that are decorated the same as the most former article of clothing.

Acnologia scowling at her while standing at the entrance of the cave waiting for the simple minded girl to get going before he did something he regretted.

"I don't know what you are staring so hardly at but we don't have time for to waste on looking at me!" Acnologia said sternly. "We must begin your training now!"

Lucy shook herself from her opened staring and pouted cutely "It's so early, why we are we getting up so early to train when we have the rest of the day to do it!" Lucy wined, trying to wake herself up to start the day.

"You confused me with an individual who looks like he actually fucking cares" Acnologia growled. "Now you have two seconds before I come in there and force you out of that cave!" Lucy groaned and mumbled before staggering when coming out of the cave into the piercing light of the sun and the huge size bump that she got when waking up this morning. With that, Lucy starts her training with her new father.

It didn't take long for Lucy to start hating the training that Acnologia was putting her through. Everytime Acnologia ran her body absolutely ragged, never giving her a chance to take a break or catch her breath before starting over all over again.

Lucy got up from being knocked to the ground by Acnologia's last attack. Lucy stumbled to stand but kept her stance that Acnologia started drilling into her head to get in when fighting and followed his instructions, this time.

Acnologia stood there with his usual glare and his arms across his muscular frame while looking at Lucy with his green eyes that looked right through her, like he knew everything she was going to do before she even does it and for some reason made her frustrated and angry. She growled at him under breath before charging at him with her fist again.

Acnologia decided when training Lucy that he wasn't going to teach her his magic until he saw that same animalistic drive, that anger he saw when she screamed at him and maybe even the pure malicious side to her that must've came out when she killed all those men with that blade she had last night. He wanted her to earn her way into learning his magic and his powers; meaning no using her other magic to fight him, which also intrigued him that for a girl at such a young age had three out of the 12 Gold Zodiac Keys and was able to summon them as well.

He could sense a lot of potential in the girl as mage but still doesn't have enough animal instinct to become the killing warrior machine he wants her to be. He thought if he didn't see any changes from her until then he would destroy her and move on with his destructive life like he planned when he first found her.

She ran quickly and threw her fist out at Acnologia to hit his large structure but had her hand caught in his and was thrown into the air while landing on the ground harshly.

Acnologia put two fingers on the bridge of his nose and shaking his head at how weak Lucy's attacks are, especially when she doesn't even try to use the techniques he showed her to help her out with her fighting skills!

"I don't even know why I even wasted my time trying to teach you how to fight or even taking you in at all. You have no technique, you're too slow, you're an annoying crybaby and the worst of it all is that you're weak as hell. I thought you had some potential but maybe I was wrong and made a stupid decision on letting you live any longer" Acnologia said to her, with his back turned to Lucy.

"If you're this weak then I can't even imagine how weak both of your parents were when they dead" he continued to say but he didn't notice Lucy's body tensed before shaking rapidly from his comment and he didn't notice the very dark and dangerous aura that was wrapping around Lucy's small body like a black blanket of darkness.

"Your parents are pathetic and so are y-" Acnologia turned around to face Lucy and was about to finish talking but was stopped with a small closed fist in his face and being sent flying into the trees behind him.

Acnologia shook his head and looked up to see something gave him two things he hasn't felt in a long time; dark enjoyment and blood pumping excitement at seeing a manifested aura of his magic circle around her body that gave off different forms of deep negative emotions within her. He never gave her his magic yet but he was really now that he didn't because this girl had such a form of chaos that it took everything in his power not to change into his dragon form and fight her with the dark magic coming out from within her.

Lucy's bangs covered her eyes but when she looked up he saw blood crimson red eyes that showed no fear, no sadness, no frustration or anger just pure and utter hatred for the man she was supposed to call her "father" after he said those horrible things about her parents when they did everything they could to protect from that incident from that night.

Acnologia got up quickly and blew off the dust that was on him before motioning a dark and sinister Lucy to come and attack him first. Lucy didn't waste any time trying to decided how she was going to attack him but let her instincts go free like they did that night against those thieves. She practically flashed there in front of Acnologia before throwing a coordinated and powerful kicks and punches at him towards his face and body.

Acnologia caught all of her attacks but moved her out of the way when he started really feeling the strength that was coming from her attacks were a lot stronger and had a lot more force to them than before. He chuckled darkly before moving away from Lucy so he can get better look at her and see what else she can do.

Lucy took one step before launching herself at him and waiting for the right time to strike at her father. She kept her body rigged and tense so she could be ready for whatever counterattack he had planned for her. Lucy started moving in a zig-zag formation before throwing a right punch at Acnologia's stomach, but Acnologia figured this out so he jumped up to dodge her but didn't notice that the girl was in the air with him and she was mere inches away from his body were he couldn't block or dodge her in midair.

Lucy pulled her fist inside of her side and threw multiple jabs and punches to his body before she finished it off with a strong uppercut and a powerful front flip kick dropping his body down towards the ground.

Acnologia was dropping fast but before his body could hit the ground he smashed his fist into the ground leaving a huge dent. Lucy landing gracefully on the ground with her evil side still surrounding her body with bloodlust rage. Acnologia slowly got up before flashing behind Lucy's body, totally surprising Lucy, he grabbed her head in his hand and started squeezing her hard.

Lucy was squirming and screaming to let her go but Acnologia was ignoring her and continued with his work at ending her life right here and now. Acnologia couldn't believe a mere human was able to catch him so off guard and do damage to him when she was just a child. It's almost unheard of in the magic world but before got rid of the girl he decided if she could do damage to him like that she do so much worse with other humans.; that's when he decided that she would be worthy of his magic and his teachings.

Acnologia looked down at Lucy and saw how badly damaged and tired she really was and at first, he felt bad that he did that to his student and daughter but only a little bit.

"Lucy, get up" Acnologia demanded, with his arms crossed over his chest and glare in his green eyes.

Lucy looked back up at him with her blood crimson red eyes were starting to change back slowly to her chocolate brown eyes. He knew if he didn't hurry with giving her his powers she would get his magic and go insane for not having any evil in her heart when he gives her his magic; so he pulled Lucy up quickly and made her stand before he closed his eyes and grabbed her head while he starts chanting a lost and ancient spell.

Lucy was wondering what he was doing at first until she started feeling darkness and negative power flow around the two and wrapping around them slowly with each word he whispered. It was crawling up her body and surrounding her but instead of feeling scared she felt warm and tingly sensation go through her and had boost of her power than she ever had in her entire life.

Acnologia's word were getting louder and finished saying the final word while Lucy was surrounded in a pillar of pure darkness that had a tinted mixture of black and blue. When the darkness started fading away into the sky Acnologia opened his eyes to see that not only did his spell work but that it also changed Lucy in ways he couldn't imagine.

Lucy was standing but her entire aura changed to one of pure evil and darkness while her hair was pitch black with electric blue highlights lining from the roots of her head to the tips of it; she opened her eyes and they showed the same blood crimson red color like before but this one wasn't filled with hate or anger but one filled with the same destructive and malicious thoughts like her dragon father.

Acnologia was calm inside but he was happy that not only did the spell gave her his powers but that he would be able to create a killing machine that would take over all of Earthland if she wanted to in the near future. Her power now was extraordinary and he felt like it would stronger the more she fought and destroyed whatever got in her way. He was a very proud father but he felt like her name didn't fit her new personality.

He was thinking of a name he could use for her that would work for her but it can still be evil. After a few minutes he found one that would be perfect for her.

"Daughter" Acnologia called her.

Lucy looked over towards him and what surprised him that she smiled at him but not a regular happy smile like usual but a sinister smile that showed wonderful thoughts of mass killings, bloody deaths and twisted ways to torture all that get in her way.

"Yes father?" Lucy responded smoothly.

"I want you to know by today your name will no longer be Lucy Heartfilia; your name is now Adriana Dragonia: the Princess of Chaos" Acnologia said proudly.

"Adriana Dragonia: the Princess of Chaos, that has a nice ring to it; I like it" Lucy/Adriana said, grinning evilly.

"I'm glad you like it because that is your name from now on and it will spread terror all throughout Fiore" Acnologia said strongly.

"Then let's get go-" Lucy/Adriana was about to finish before she fell forward and passed out.

"Adriana!" Acnologia yelled out before catching her small body in his arms.

He looked down at and saw that she was not only passed out but her appearance went back to being what she looked like when he met her. He was confused at the sudden change of her appearance but pushed it aside for another time when he started training her and make her become stronger.

Acnologia picked up his daughter into his arms and started walking back to their cave. He placed her down on to the boulder to let her sleep after the intense and successful day she had and was going to push her even harder next time when he trains her with his magic, but for now he would let her relax before the calm of the storm.

He was impressed by her magic power but was blown away with the dark side she pulled out of her when he started talking badly about her parents, it was incredible and it fit perfectly with his magic.

He thought happily that he might enjoy training her to become cold blooded killer like himself and maybe enjoy having someone with him instead of being alone like he usually is.

Acnologia looked down at his now sleeping daughter with pride that he's never shown to any human before but he felt like it was right for him to do it especially with the exciting fight he gave her today. He moved her hair away from her face and behind her ears before he transformed into his dragon form and slept around the boulder his daughter was sleeping on and went on to dream of beautiful sights of death and destruction with his daughter by his side.

I'm finally done with this chapter! I've been working on it parts of it this week but it didn't take so long because I added some parts of "Love Between the Dragon of Holy Light and Dark Chaos" into it and added the rest of it in for my own choice. Oh if you guys are wondering Lucy is five when Acnologia finds her and don't start saying "If she's five there's no way she could be able to kill those guys who killed her family or fight Acnologia so well when he's a dragon and she had no magic to fight with him" because I've already thought about that and it was the darkness she had in her heart that made her do the things she did.

Now that explanation is said and done I wanted to tell you how I got my inspiration for making this story for you guys. I felt bad that I got rid of "Love Between the Dragon of Holy Light and Dark Chaos" but I started reading this story called the "Rise of the Chaos Dragon" by TheHumanoidTyrant. It's dark and has a lot of awesome fight scenes in it, but it's also funny too so you can enjoy it even when people are dying in the story. The story will start before the beginning arc but it will follow it and I may skip some arcs that aren't important or interesting at all to the story.

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