Five years ago, Godmother Elena had to turn a certain Kingdom's Royal Family into mice for what they did to their own people. As the only Godmother of that kingdom, she had no other choice. But she fears that the banished former royals have already broken the curse put upon them. None have heard about them from the new King of that Kingdom, and all the Godmothers worry they may be in the town near where Duchess Isabella and Duke Sebastian of Redbuck Manor reside. They can only hope it is young Kyrie who is the one to help the equally young Gunther, who was turned into a Nutcracker two years after Elena had turned the former royal family into mice. And all pray that Kyrie succeeds.

Chapter 1-Christmas Eve (Drosselmeier's POV):

After telling Godmother Elena about my nephew, I set to work on her very old grandfather clock. Seems this thing is older than me by about twenty years…oh, who am I kidding? At least thirty years older. I think as I take out the old, worn out gear that needed replacing and install the new one that I had ordered. I then do what I usually do with worn-out clocks such as these; I shine it up, reset the springs, set it to the correct time and make sure everything works right.

"Phew! Finally done!" I wipe my forehead free of sweat as I climb down the step stool.

"Oh! You are as good as people say you are!" I turn and bow slightly to the Godmother. She gives me a box and a bag of coins after I rise. "Go back to town, I'm sure that there are people who need your assistance. And make sure you do not open the box until you give it to Kyrie. She will know when to open it." She sends me through a portal to my shop. After putting away the coins, I place the box under the toy castle I had made for Duke Sebastian's children. I surely hope that Miss Kyrie isn't too old for toys, otherwise Günter will be a Nutcracker forever. I think as one of the City Guards and his son come up to my shop door and knock. I open the door and usher them in; it is so cold out that even the horses needed to be covered to prevent getting sick.

"Ragnar, what can this humble clock and toy maker do for you?" he nudges his son, and the young boy holds up a half broken toy solider.

"Can you fix him?" the simple question, spoken with such maturity for a seven year old, almost makes me laugh. But I take the toy and examine it.

"Hmm, I can but it will be a long while. If I work on him after the upcoming holiday, maybe before the New Year. I don't have any other pressing matters until after the New Year celebration anyway. Is that alright?" I look at the boy and he nods. Ragnar and I discuss the cost while his son looks around at the clocks. When they leave, I start the magic spell to transport the toy castle, my nephew and myself to the entrance of Redbuck Manor's Great Hall.

Earlier, Kyrie's POV:

After finally getting Mom and Dad to let me deliver my presents to my friends in town, I go to the stables to saddle up my mare, Hona. But she is already saddled with my younger brother's horse, who I call Spitfire for his personality, our governess, Miss Elza and her mule. I still wonder why Miss Elza rides a mule instead of a horse. After I put the gifts in Hona's saddle bags, I get on her with little help from the stable hands and wait for Joshua. As usual, I hear my brother before I see him. "Finally! I get to go to town before the holidays end! Oh, hey sis."

"We must hurry if we are to be back in time for the party." Miss Elza says as I merely shake my head at Joshua. He gets on Spitfire, and then we ride towards the town. The ride to town is silent, but once we are near the gate, Joshua shouts to the guards at top of the gate, asking where Ragnar is.

"Down here!" I laugh a little as I pull out two gift boxes from the nearest saddlebag. "You didn't have to, Miss Kyrie!" I shake my head and give them to Ragnar.

"I wanted to, and the small box is for you to share with the other guards. Thyme's special cookies." He almost drools, but accepts the gifts. "The bigger one is for your wife, as a thank-you for teaching me how to crochet." He nods before letting the three of us through the gate. We head to the town stables, then to my best friend's house and then after all the presents are delivered, we go to Grandpa's house. One of his servants meets us at the door; we go in quickly, for the cold wind hasn't let up since we left the Manor.

"KYRIE!" I hear my step-aunts Pearl and Amber scream before they grab me in a bear hug. "It's been too long! Wait till you see your presents!" they let go of me and the three of us walk into the main room of Grandpa's grand house. Immediately, I see a ball of fur next to a dress box with my name pinned onto it. Joy. Hopefully Grandma Genevieve didn't overdo it this year. I think as I walk over to the dress box and ball of fur. The ball of fur suddenly stands, and I can feel my eyes widening as the tiny wolf cub opens its jaws, yawning.

"I was hoping she wouldn't wake until you all were back at the Manor." Grandpa says as I near the cub. "I found her in the forest with her dead mother on the last minor hunt before the holiday. I hope you can welcome her into your family and tame her." I carefully reach my hand out for the cub to sniff me. She does so and then, surprising even me, she rubs her head against my hand. I tentatively scratch her head and her eyelids droop in pure bliss. I notice then that her fur is a shade of red mixed with a shade of copper. "She's been given a harmless sleeping potion, so she'll be alright until later tonight or dawn tomorrow." I gather up the cub into my arms, Miss Elza gathers up the gifts and the three of us go back out into the cold. I put the edge of my cloak around the now sleeping wolf cub before all of us walk quickly back to the town stables.